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The speaker discusses the difficulty of building a building and the importance of knowing the goal and steps involved. They emphasize the need for a clear goal and a strong sense of purpose to build successful projects. The speaker also mentions the importance of being a neighbor and not just a successful person.

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What did we learn?

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In our lives we discover things

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are one of the things that we discover as

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that to bill is difficult.

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And to demolish, is easy.

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To build

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is so difficult

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but to demolish

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you don't need to think about demolishing in a structured way.

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You will want to place the foundation of how to demolish anything but rather you just destroy the building once for all.

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You want to take much time

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for when you want to build.

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It is very time consuming.

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Very precise.

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You need the time you need the energy you need the thoughts you need a clear goal to build

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anything you want to build.

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And the most difficult things to build.

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Are once you say the most difficult thing to Dell is you

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and the most easiest thing to build is you

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you can make it so difficult part of yourself

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that you don't see success are all

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you have done a huge walk over your head. You can see clear but at the same time with the permission of Allah. It is so easy to see clearly. I'm just saying this is my goal. My goal is Jana.

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I don't care anything else.

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My aim is to please Allah subhanho wa Taala my service in Jana. I want to be a neighbor who Hamlet's on the lawani you are selling them. I don't want to be anywhere else. I don't want

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I will fill those in.

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Because when you say this,

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you know you're building

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a person who is successful ingredients of success. What the other speakers spoke about. This is what it is