Said Rageah – Feb 08.08 Khutba #3

Said Rageah
AI: Summary © The conversation discusses the differences between Tila's actions and the legal boundaries of the Bible, including the use of words and following individual laws. The history of Islam is also discussed, including the origin of the title Islam and the dangerous notion of a culture. The speakers stress the importance of following laws and following individual laws, while also acknowledging the dangerous notion of a culture. The use of rasool Allah as a means of achieving spirituality is also highlighted.
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While he was sending them, you will see a lot of differences.

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You will see Tila left and right.

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You will see people you calling us in things that we may not know.

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And some of them we know if we are familiar with

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people according to the law.

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You have to follow this person

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and you have to follow that individual

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and we have battled sort of lice allottee he was salam when Allah subhanahu wa Tada yakun

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enough in the Quran, but in quantum to hipbone Allah, ha ha.

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If you indeed love Allah subhanho wa Taala then follow me. Follow suit allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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Allah subhanho wa Taala woman UTM Masuda auto Allah and we were based on Messenger of Allah he you need obeyed Allah subhanho wa Taala wherefore Allah subhanho wa Tada Wayne totally Ruta Do any of you follow him some of the wall while he was son, you will be guided, while you're all along subhanho wa Taala in so many different ions in the Quran, so many different ions. What can you contact, I don't follow Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. But nowadays, what if

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we stopped following individuals?

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And I say you say oh, if my wife texted me, I lose the mind. Whoa. Another person says no. As a matter of fact, you can lie down with your wife and just on your shoulders intact. As Alchemilla

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explain this to a new Muslim.

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Tell his new Muslim. My deen is that apart? That one's telling you by touching your words accidentally you lost your widow. The other one is saying no. You can like be with your wife. As long as there is not actual sexual *, your oldest intact

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Do you think rasool Allah is Allah Allahu Allah He was a will leave us in this confusion.

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Do you think one of us will say this is halal and this is haram? In the same subject explained to Neo Muslim?

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What if Allah

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Allah did not leave us in that state of confusion? It is us who are putting ourself in this. We have a hadith and maybe some Allahu Allah He was salam. And we say no, this is my mother.

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I told him one of the people I said Subhan Allah,

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the correct way of making Moodle is you take the water and you take one scoop of water, some for your mouth, and some for your nose. At one shot you don't do three and three. This is a Hadith sahih al Bukhari Muslim.

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You know what he said? He said, Wait,

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and he called the man with his mother.

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And he comes back and he said, it My mom doesn't know that it doesn't exist.

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I Say Subhan Allah.

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Al Bukhari will Muslim and you telling me your email, you know, what we doing in reality? Also makes a statement and we say, Wait, you're the honey but what do you think what he's saying?

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That's what we're doing in reality.

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We say Yara Salah Wait, I love your respective Sharpie show. I agree with him. Man actually I agree with him. This is with our own action. This is how we are doing but in reality

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it was sort of more he said he was certain say something we should say summit now.

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When the buzzer on the hola Juan as a young man. He objected to the statement of Robert Gura.

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And the end of our era said, Yeah,

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of course. Allah is Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam.

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What the only Anna

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either had to come Rasulillah fella thought What

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is it? Oh my nephew. I'm telling you rasool Allah said this. And you give me your views and your opinions. Oh, my nephew. When I tell you about a sort of law, do not use your intellect. We use a we hear and we obey as done the hadith is authentic. And from the books of Allison

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A Muslim he should not say anything but submit now why?

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Because we love Rasul Allah and Allah says in the Quran In Kuntum to hipbone Allah, if you truly love me, then follow me sallallahu alayhi wasallam

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that's what I was talking about what did he say? Pay no money or issue income for Sahara

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how many groups do we have? How many Muslims do we have?

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was on your show Sharpie

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lady, none of that. They all follow rasool Allah is Allah Allahu Allah He was then he said, What if Allah that a combi Sana T

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in this situation when you see differences and among them when you say I'm right and say this claim that is right. And Muhammad is saying I'm right. I'm always on hold on to my son and the Sunnah of a horrified and mushy

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other work anyone with a one on one want to Manwani you know, the law one,

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the whole machine on us Allah Allah Almighty He was

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I had a him in our Yanni bite that with your back teeth, don't just say no binary when you're back to hold on to that, because this is the success. Well also Allah is Allah, Allah wa they he was setting himself to the Sahaba, my alma, my nation, were divided into 73 different sects. The Sahaba upon the hour Soon Allah, He said, except to one day would be saved, are we are a sort of Allah describe that group to us. We don't want to know about the other 72 sets. We want to know that group. You know what he said to them, some Allah Allah He was in them. They are our partner and Allah He was hurting they apart what I am, and my companions, my son, and the son of my companions

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of Allah while he was one of the along

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and then he says Allahu Allah, he was salam, what you can

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be aware of the knowledge that has been introduced to the Ummah,

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the new thing, new practices, new additionally new that we are we inherited from our forefathers, or from sometimes from the Christians, over doodle, follow me over on different share set, no

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for inoculum, that that's even better. Every innovation is a better and every bit nice individual to the two gentlemen

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of tender age, what if

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a person who follows a bidder, and by the way, if you read even the books of the people before us, when Allah subhanho wa taala, open the gates of mercy, and the gates of repentance to the people,

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the followers of the bliss got very sad,

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very concerned. And it leads told to the told them, I will make them commit that they will never sin, I will make them commit a sin that they will never make Toba.

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They say what is it called if Tiida

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I will beautify innovation to the for them. And a person would think that he's doing a bad but in reality, he's purchasing his land elsewhere other than

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elsewhere other than General Motors. What if

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a person will practice

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does innovation is one of three myths one, either he thinks

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that he is standing the place on the position of Allah subhanho wa Taala and he can do to share himself.

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And this is very dangerous,

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very dangerous, because he will add himself

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among the shoe should a car should occur that in a shadow Muna de man and then the Illa

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and that is very dangerous.

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He thinks that his time is incompetent.

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And this is very dangerous, because Allah has stated and he'll MacMall Deena comm JJ I have perfected your religion for you. Or he thinks that are sort of my some Allahu Allah. He was a lovely day.

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not convey the hot message

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and he hid some of it from us. Therefore this move. He's saying this word also did not tell you so I'm giving you new way that will bring you closer to Allah rasool Allah is Allah Marathi. He was salam said, there is no hate, except that I let you to, and there's no evil except that I warn you against.

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So be careful Allah Allah.

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Don't say this is the 15th of Shabbat. This is a neither will Israel will mirage. This is a celebration of the birth of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in any of these existed. Then the first person to proximately rasool Allah, and the whole of fire Rashid in and the Sahaba of Nabi SallAllahu, alayhi wa sallam Addlestone Allah is clear about this Sophie Allah concern concerning your deen and he talks Hola. Hola, mahasiddha Samoan Muslimeen widely covered

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