Nadim Bashir – Elite Followers #34 Umar RA pt 9

Nadim Bashir
AI: Summary © The history of the region where the Muslims were supposed to conquer city cluster is discussed, including the loss of leadership from previous leaders and political chaos. The speaker also touches on the importance of following rules and regulations to avoid offenses and the struggles of the United States and the UK to fight Islam. The speaker discusses the reasons behind the success of the Islamist movement, including the belief that only Allah's success is due to actions and the loss of leadership from previous leaders. The importance of praying outside of church during prayer and keeping the holy water out of church is also emphasized.
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grandmother in Ireland tonight in the country and Hakima bizarrely Saturday, we are certainly only one of the melissani Africa who Cote.

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So we continue with the Sierra and the life of Oba, vamos Ababa, the allotted line. And as soon as we completed the part where we are talking about how amaro the ultra ion has the Sahaba of the ultra I'm home through the instructions given by Alma Rhodiola. today and how they were able to defeat the Sassanid Empire, which was the Persian Empire. Now came next the the the Byzantine Empire, or the the Roman Empire, and how I'm gonna do a lot and I and they were able to defeat them, and remove them from those lands, especially the beloved the sham area, the Syria area. And when I say Syria, it doesn't strictly mean, this the country Syria that we see today on the geographical maps, because

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during the time of the Prophet sallallahu, it was setting them in the years after the Prophet SAW Allah hadI was selling we're talking about the other Sham, and the Byzantine Empire that controlled Egypt. At that time, he was, firstly, there was no such thing called Israel that time. And then you had all the countries above that, which was

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the areas near Syria. And when you have a Nexus theory, you have Iran Iraq, that's where all that is where the Sassanid Empire was. So you have the Muslims taking over the SAS Empire, and now they're focusing on the Byzantine Empire.

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One of the very first things Amato the allotted on he did was that by this time, before, now, if you want to say about the Byzantine Empire, you have to go back all the way to the time of the Rosewill. So Allahu Adi was Saddam. And the battle of the book, when the Prophet saw love, it was sent a went to the Battle of the book, in anticipation that he will come he will come in conflict or he will come in front of the Byzantine Empire, the Byzantine Empire never showed up. And that is one thing that we don't many of us we are under the misconception that there was a big battle that took place in the Battle of the book, there was no actually battle that took place in the Battle of the book,

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The Battle of the book was an expedition that everyone had to participate all the Sahaba of the Allah on whom the hydro participate, no matter what the Circa circumstances were. So they went through the book, and when they did not find their opposition, this in itself was a message to the visiting empire, that these people the people are Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the Muslims are no laughingstock and there should they should be taken extremely serious. So it was from that point onward that the Muslims that they had this they had this they had put their their put their themselves in the presence of these these super super powers. And these super powers began to

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recognize who the Muslims were now coming from Fast forwarding all the way to the timer I'm going to Viola tonight obika The alotta and passes away Khalid bin Walid on the Allah Allah is in Syria at that time, along with aboral Beta Abner Gerardo the Allah tonight and the other Sahaba of the Allah to run home. Omar are the Allah Allah Allah Allah sends a letter to them saying that alberca has passed on he has passed away and he is no longer amongst us. And from now on I am the one who be the Khalifa I'm the one who will be giving all the commands. The very first thing that's 100 Yalta on they did was to accept the fact that oh my God, Allah Quran was the Khalifa. And as I've mentioned

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before, that there were many there were many decisions that were made by obika. Viola that I'm that I'm one of the alotta on did not agree with and that's absolutely fine. I talked about this before, that if Muslim leaders disagree with one another that's absolutely fine. If people disagree with one another, that's absolutely fine, but people cannot disrespect one another. Today. When you look at the situation of our Omar today. There are many disagreements and that's absolutely fine. But unfortunately today those disagreements become much more than just disagreements. We take it a notch higher than this this agreement Subhanallah when you study the lives of the Sahaba the lies of our

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orlimar they always taught us that how we should disagree with one another or am I saying that they always agree to always agreed Absolutely not. But they did agree on the fact that when the Khalifa says something then we have to follow that. There were times when Oba Cody Allah Allah he will make a decision that Omar was not in agree we was not agreeing to that that decision. He was not he'd never accepted that but he realized that obika The Allah tonight is the Khalifa and I have to show my loyalty to him had Amara yawata Not shown his loyalty to overthrow the Allah to on you

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You would have overclocked your data and would have had another problem to deal with. You had he had to deal with a riddle wars, those who who tried to change the course of Islam, those who tried to change the meaning and the name of Islam, those who try to accept others as prophets and you would have had another problem to face Oh my God, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah and the people who may have sided with Ramadan, the Allah tonight that is why I'm gonna be Allah on from day one. He set this standard, that even though I may disagree with our burqa, but I need to follow his orders. This is something that the Sahaba they understood and therefore, after Omar became the Khalifa, one of the

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very first things he did was that he removed Khalid bin Walid, from the position of leadership. And many people they say, why did he do that? And one that the the main reasons that are given by the orlimar is that a woman or the alotta was a man of faith. And he always want to explain to people and make people understand that it's not because of people that things happen is because of only Allah subhanaw taala that things happen and this is why he said he said he told the people that if Hollywood is remains in power, and the Muslims are able to conquer city after city, eventually people will not attribute the success to Allah subhanho wa Taala rather they will attribute the

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success to Khalid bin Walid. And that is something that Allah says that almost all the time did not want to happen, and he's not one people's faith to be damaged. Now the very first thing that happened was that he said to abort obey Majora in command. It said that when the letter came aboard obey them and Gerrard did not know how to break the news of Khalid bin Walid. How do I tell Holloman Walid that he is no longer commander in chief and rather I am the one who was commander in chief. He never approached colleagues and colleagues and what he found out through another source the that he has been removed, and Subhanallah one thing that we learn from the Sahaba is characteristics of

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leadership. One of the things that we learned is that Hollywood as soon as he found out he was not offended at all. He did not tell obika Viola i He never sent a letter to Almighty Allah Tala on that, don't you see my success? Don't you see my accomplishments, what I have been able to achieve? He said he explained to Amara the he never said he never said anything drama or the Allah Quran. But he told me about obey the image Allah that when Omar has appointed you, as the leader and leader or the Commander in Chief, you should have come immediately he said to Abu Zubaydah, that how many times do we pray a lot and I lead this a lot under the assumption that I was the leader whereas I am

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not the leader anymore, and therefore obey that do not take that offensively either. He said that look, I did not know how to approach you. I do not know how to break the news to you I thought that you may feel offended but have been what he said that look I'm not offended. And since then, if you even study history, even under the rule or the guidance of of what way they meant Majora Halloween what is still played a very vital role and Islamic conquest. I mean, he was there nearly in every single battle wherever a war aprobado would tell him to go there were no questions as he will never say that this is my opinion. Yes, they will say this, but if I were obey them made his final

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decision. That is where hoping would he would go now Amara, the Allah Tehran, he instructed the Sahaba under the under the guidance of obey them an agenda to go in conquer Damascus. Now why Damascus, because Damascus was your key central figure area for that entire area, when you study Surah Surah operation, the elf operation and how the out of the will travel for business purposes. You know when Allah Subhan says that she that he was safe. In some times of the year they would travel to Damascus and sometimes the year they will travel to Yemen. And when they want to go to Syria, they were stopped in Damascus. Damascus was your main central area. Damascus was a place that

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Islamic institutions began to arise. It began to you know begin to take place in Damascus. You have a key central buildings or business business dealings taking place in Damascus. And so the higher law even we know as part of our Islamic faith that when a Saudi has some comes back on earth, He will come down where he will come back in Damascus. We know that even right now when we look at the situation of what is happening happening in Syria. We know that there are other areas of Syria there are being destroyed. And as a Muslim, it did hurt us. But it hurt us as a Muslim Omar even more when we came to know that Damascus the MISC this this this sacred area or this key central area was under

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attack this actually hurt Muslims even more than any other place is because this place has had a very has had a position historically speaking on

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amongst all the ages and all the ages, this was a city that was under the Christian empire for such a long time the Roman Empire, and has been under Islamic empire for such a long time. And so this is why, on one of the allotted time, he suggested that we should go and conquer Damascus now, when the Muslims had conquered Damascus, and I'm not going to go through the entire story, because it becomes irrelevant here. But what happened was that the areas around you have, there's a place called Fair Haven, there's a place called homes in these areas, the Byzantine Empire began to recruit other people to launch an attack against the Muslims, and I will obey them in general, he was able to

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defeat all these other people and all these other armies, and all these small areas and slowly and gradually, the Byzantine Empire when they lost Damascus, it was as if they lost all the other cities, and slowly and gradually, every single small, small, small city fell into the hands of the Muslims. Now, even after the Muslims took over, it was business as usual in the city. Nothing actually changed within the city. This is something extremely important to understand is that the Muslims never came and made a drastic change immediately. There was no change in the in the overall leadership of the city, there was no change in the overall function of the city. The churches

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remained in place, the leadership in the churches remained in place, and everything was business as usual. It was it the people who were living in the city were living their own normal life. Yes, now it was under the Muslims control, they had to pay Jizya which was slightly different. The Muslims had to pay zakat. We've already had this discussion about Jizya and zakat, so I'm not going to repeat it the next thing that the Allah on did was he ordered the people or he ordered on this hello the alotta on home and especially the sahaba. I'm living to ask you Allah to iron while he was living in Jerusalem to start launching and started taking seeds of that city. When the you know in

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the story is very extremely long. But what happened was that I'm gonna be allowed to understand husband Walid and others to go and support the Muslims in Jerusalem, in Jerusalem, the leader in Jerusalem he said that I will not surrender the city initially he went into the city he had locked himself and the and they were at siege for so many for so many for so many days. Months. I mean, for so many weeks weeks turned into months. And eventually he gave a letter to the to the leader of the Muslim saying that if you want the city of Jerusalem, I am going to give it only to a person whose name is Alma your name is not Ahmad, I'm not going to give it to you. When this news reach Ramat or

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the hola to nine on whatever the Autobahn came himself now before this Alma Rodon had gone to Syria, physically himself, he left Medina, he put someone in charge of Medina, and he went to Syria on his way on his way back, if you look geographically of Syria is right next to currently Israel at that time, once again, it was Philistine he crossed by Philistine and the city or the the leader of the of the Byzantine army there in Jerusalem, they gave the keys of the city to Oman or the Allah to the eye. Now what's very fascinating about this story is that when Ahmed or the Allah Tanana was coming inside the city, you know, you have to understand that even though he was a Khalifa, Ahmed Hassan

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was all about justice. And I've talked about this before, too, that even when it came to His own family, he never tolerated people breaking the rules, even if it was as his own phone number. While he was on his way to juice and um, he had another person accompanying him. And he made an agreement, that after seconds, after, after a certain period of time, you're going to write the animal and I'm going to hold the reins of the animal. And then he says, After a while, that I will be on the animal, and then we will and then you will hold the reins and Subhanallah look at the Justice Norman or the Allah on. He said after after a certain period of time, you and I are both going to walk and

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no one's going to be on the animal because the animal needs a break to the animal has rights. And if each one of us takes a takes a turn to write the animal, the animal will get tired. I mean, think about the justice, and how common are the unthought about animals to So nonetheless, it said that, Coincidently, when they were entering into the city of Jerusalem, it was a little later on who was holding the reins of the animal, and it was the other person who was on the animal. And when the people of Jerusalem saw this, first of all, is that I'm going to ask when he saw this. He, you know, he held his head, like in sort of, like, you know, out of frustration that he wanted a sort of a

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grand entrance, a grand entrance of Amara Viola on into Jerusalem, because as soon as he was entering the people of Jerusalem, assume that the one who's sitting on the

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Animals OH MY GOD, ALLAH Tala Han, and the one who's holding the reins is probably someone else. So initially, they came to the person who's writing the animal. And they began to approach him as if he is the leader. Then they were told, but I'm gonna ask that No, he is not the leader. The one holding the reins actually is the leader. And something else that was quite, you know, unusual for them was that number one the leader is on is, you know, he's the one who's walking. He's the one who's holding holding the reins of the animal. But number two was that when they saw that the Libous, the garment of armor of Yola, that if they saw so many patches, on his clothes, and they felt like that,

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how can it be this man because I mean, in their mind, they're assuming this, this person who is writing an animal, and he's wearing the he's wearing a very expensive garment, who actually looks like a ruler and a king. And here you have Omar, who looks the complete opposite of their expectations. And so when Amara Dawn, he comes to the city first of all, this is a shock to everyone that this is the person this is the person who has taken down to visit into visiting Empire and the sassy empire. He's, I mean, look at his dress. Look at the way he's he's conducting himself. It doesn't seem like he's a ruler, but this is why we learn we learned something from the Sahaba

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Violetta and him that it was never about appearance. It was never been I've never about appearance, it was never about the wealth. You look you go back to the live photo Suazo Allahu alayhi wa sallam, when Amara Liotta and visited him while he was lying on a mat. It said that while the person was lying on the mat when he got up, there was marks of that man on his back and almond Oka on he cried. He says that look at the other leaders and other rulers, the palaces that they reside in and the luxuries that they experience on day to day basis and look at you here. You are Rasul allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the province I'm total Amara on a very valuable advice. He said that

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it's not about this dunya is always about to occupy the province on taught us to in Hola Hola, yo, Andrew isla. I just saw me como la isla Suwanee comm we're lacking Andrew in Abu Dhabi. Allah does not look at how much we have, he does not look at the race that we belong to, he does not look at the color that we that the color of our skin, he does not look at our financial status. The only thing that Allah Subhana Allah sees is our heart and our armor. And this is something that Aminata and he took for us was Allahu alayhi wa sallam and he exhibited at the highest level. And so, when Amara dawn he came into the city, the very you know, the of course they gave him the keys of the

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city. And till then till then, it said that when Amara dawn came to the site up Hassan will talk about this inshallah next week, in more detail, but when he came to the Aqua site, remember that there was that rock over there which is called the Dome of the Rock, and if you I have not personally been there, but people who go to the Dome of the Rock they told me that and you know, based on what I've studied, is that the Dome of the Rock is is beneath is not actually is people say that it's like a floating rock isn't actually a floating rock a pie, it's it's on the ground level. So what happened was that when there was a Sahabi there by the name of Gavi, Allah Tala, and he

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asked he asked him that, where now, he asked goblinoid of the island where the where should we build an aqua Sol where should we build a la casa now we will talk about the history of La Casa later on, but what we need to know is that look Sol was initially I mean, some say that it was a Majid already built it was already destroyed an automaton he rebuilt it and then during the years, I mean during the above, or the Omega Dynasty and the Fatimid dynasty they even restructured the Missouri Arkansas and later on the Dome of the Rock was built he asked that where should we build this build this Majid where should we build this Majan that he said it doesn't build it in the back does build it

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behind the rock? And I'm gonna have the answer no, no, we're not going to build it behind the rock. We're gonna build it in front of the rock. Now if you look at the the position of Dome of the Rock and Aloka saw

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come you know, geographically speaking, it is it may seem that the Dome of the Rock is more North situated and an aqua is south of it. But if you look at it compared to Mecca or you know from the angle of Mecca, actually it is an Arkansas that is more closer to Makkah then Dome of the Rock, and that's something that you know, one thing that we have to understand is you know, even this is something that I I grew up with this impression, and it's something we have to teach our children is that many people believe that the Dome of the Rock is an Arkansas you know a lot of the kids they actually believe this You know, if you look at majority of the pictures when they talk about the the

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the the luxurious Masood, or the masjid that everyone pays attention

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Do it is down the rock and slowly and gradually, you we have to understand that this is a tactic by the other by other groups. They want the Muslims to completely forget about an episode. They want to forget they want us to forget about Allah cosa so that they can go on with their plans and they have many other plans when it comes to Allah cosa, but every single time the word Allah Prasad comes, we think that don't the rock is a la casa. And that's not the case. So on another time when he came to that site, it was by that time a garbage in a dump site. It was a dump site. Why was it a dump site, because the Romans are the Byzantine Empire, they never liked the Jews, they were the ones who

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actually removed the Jews from that area. And as you know, in a way to show their disrespect to the Jews, they made that land into a dump site. So when America and he came to that land, he said that this is a place where this was a law, he was saying he led all the MBR this can no longer be a dump site. So he cleaned it. And he built a small budget over there and then slowly and gradually expanded, later on came down the rock. And it said that when Amara dawn came inside the city, at that time, there were only Christians Jewish people were not even allowed. It was only after almost all of you Allah Tala onda, you conquered the city, that the Jews began to live in Jerusalem before

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this Jews didn't really exist there. And this is why it hurts us as Muslims, when we see the state, what's taking place today, that how the Muslims are being, you know, they're being pushed into the corners of the country, and their lands are being taken away from them. I mean, you know, they don't realize they don't, they don't realize that before it was the Muslims who actually gave them a place in that land. Before this, they were they were, they were non existent in the state or in the country of Philistine it was almost the anvil gave them a place to live over there, because he realized that they were from the unlucky tab. And if we do permit the Christians to live there, and

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the Jews to stay out, it would be unfair with the other group of the unlucky 1000 He permitted them to stay there. The at the time of war, the time of the horror came around. And the leader of the the leader of Jerusalem said to Amara on that wanted to go and pray in this particular church. There was a church over there, why don't you pray in this particular church? I'm going to reveal to hon he refused. Now, what church was this? This was a church that they believe to be the place where esigning Islam was buried, He was crucified he was buried, and then from there he was resurrected. Of course we don't believe in that, because we believe well not but aloo masala boo when I can

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should be alarm. Baraka Allahu La. So this is what Araki that is when it comes to a Saudi in some ways that he was neither killed nor crucified, rather, he was taken up and there will be a second coming of reciting a cinema. So almost all the time, he refused to pray in that church now. Why did he refuse to pray in that church? Many of the owner Ma, they say, because the owner of the alotta and when he was asked, why did he refuse, he said that if I were to pray in this church, eventually the Muslims after I leave, or I may pass away, the Muslims will convert this church into a masjid. And he was looking out, he was looking out for the interests of the Christians who do not want their

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church to be taken away from them. I mean, once again, look at the look at the justice of Omar Abdullah on caring about the Christians. He says, I don't want your church to be taken away from you. Therefore I'm going to pray right outside and or somewhere around in that area. And that's why even till today, after that they build a masjid, which is called much the Homer if you go there to if you go there in Jerusalem, totally, there's a place called Mirage, the OMA. Now there's a very important lesson in this for all of us to

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the Almighty say that Omar of Yatta. And even though he did refuse to pray in the church, because he thought that the Muslims could possibly take it away. But the the orlimar also mentioned that there's a very valuable lesson in this and which is that Muslims are not allowed for for whatever reason, it is, unless there are dire circumstances Muslims should not be praying salon in a church, okay? Muslims should not go to a church and pray this up. Now. There are some cases here in America, where Muslims, they do not have a place to pray. I believe this happened. If I'm not mistaking Tennessee I believe or in Kentucky, where the Muslims had needed a place to pray. It was Ramadan,

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the church opened up their their facility to the Muslims. It was their multipurpose hall area where they they conduct other events, not the main prayer hall where they conduct their their weekly programs, but it was their multi multi purpose area and the muscles were able to use that facility. So that's absolutely fine. But as far as you know, going in

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siting inside a church and praying. Now some people may see as it see it as not a problem. But we have to understand that if only Allah, Allah and Allah they say the hydrometer or the Allah on prayed in a church, it would have set a precedence for forever that Muslims are allowed to pray in a church and think about it. You know, this is something that I really think about time for time. What if Amara liotta on had prayed in a church besides the fact that the Muslims probably could come and take over that church? But think about thinking about this that if he had prayed, I really believe that Muslims today would have felt that why do I need to go to the masjid if there is a church

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around my home? I can simply go to the church and pray it's a lot over there. What was the need to come to the masjid? I mean, the forest sign is one of the alotta ions simply is amazing and is astonishing that the forest scientists that he had when it came to this particular matter. Now when it comes to of course we're told that we should not pray in a particular area which is designated as a church. But what about like a chapel when you're traveling through airports or when you're in a hospital you want to pray in the chapel? You know, a chapel is a place where every anyone of any denomination or any religion can come and pray over there. Can Can Can you pray over there?

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Absolutely. There's nothing wrong. There's nothing wrong because it is not considered as a designated church is considered as a facility that is open to other religions. I would recommend that if you're ever in an airport or ever if you're ever at a hospital and you have to go to the chapel or pray then I would suggest that if you're praying and there's like you know you see like a cross in front of you do not pray exactly in the direction of the cross try to move on the side. Try to pray over there. This is something that the OMA have discussed. So Jerusalem has now been taken. Jerusalem is not under the control the Muslims. Now next comes Egypt and slowly and gradually So

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Muslims took over Damascus, all the areas around Damascus they took over Jerusalem now comes Egypt. So inshallah next we will talk about Egypt, but I'll talk about a little more about an aqua saw and Dome of the Rock because you know after this, then you you come to the subject of the crusade or the Crusaders, and they come and they take over. So inshallah we'll talk about this. Some of these topics next week inshallah I pray to Allah subhanaw taala He gives us the ability to act what's been said and heard does that Kamala Hey Soheila Hamdi subharmonic Allahumma will make sure to allow you to enter a selfie Luca wanted to be exact Malachite, Islam while it won't lie Brocato

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