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Why don't we know

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when I will be nothing I'll leave him shortly and footsy now on in CRT Amaya and yes De La La La MaMa

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Merci de

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la una serie

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y center

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be who was a little

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while he was lucky he wanted me soon as he

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me will see from what I've seen

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to Part

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What's up

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everyone I'm

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in LA again. Eva llamada tada yada yada Lena temple la own Golden City de you'll set

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Why don't

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we begin by raising the last panel which we thank him we praise Him and we recognize that he is in no need of our thanks and praise because he is an Hamid Subhana He is the one who is praiseworthy, whether or not we praise Him, and we recognize that regardless of how much we thank Him, we will never thank him and also

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we bear witness that he is the only one worthy of worship and he is the only one worthy of unconditional obedience. And we asked the lots of highwoods out of the sentence Peace and blessings upon His messenger will have been so long while he was Sunnah we bear witness that Allah subhana wa tada sent him with the truth. And that is our example. And that in following his Sunnah, we will show on how to achieve the highest level of gentlemen to the for the dose in his company. So a lot of it was set up, we asked the last kind of dive into some of this peace and blessings upon him, his family, his companions, and those that follow and we asked the last half hour to make us a lump sum

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alumni, I mean, the brothers and sisters a lump sum payments, Allah says in the

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first quarter only

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remember me and I will remember you be grateful to me, and do not be amongst those who are ungrateful and this leavers. That's how a lot I mean, dear brothers and sisters, a loss of cottonwoods Anna. In the

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many times we can find something very subtle, but it has a huge meaning. And when a loss kind of runs out, it gives us the attitude of the person who's raised up on the Day of Judgment, having ignored his lords.

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Having ignored his meeting with a loss of Hannah Montana, his entire lifetime, what a loss of Hannah Woods Allah gives us the details of the exchange, we need to take heed, we need to listen very closely. Because in the way that a person talks, is a very good indication of his character as the mountain Empire walking along described that the tongue at the heart, the example of the tongue, and the heart is like a spoon, and a meal and a plate of food. So the tongue represents what is in the heart many times it gives you a pretty good indication the way that a person talks, the way that a person carries himself, his, his character, his inner beauty, or lack thereof is demonstrated many

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times in the way that he acts. And on the Day of Judgment, Allah Subhana Once added gives us the exchange in many different parts of the world. But in one particular part, a lot of some kind of woods out of size, one out of one law, the key that he marries until one can I do whatever it turns away from my remembrance, he will have a miserable life. Not just a miserable life Marys, and no one can

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It's like the world is closing in on you, somehow a lot like the person is sitting inside of a room and he feels like the walls are you know that the room is shrinking and that the walls are coming closer to him, and that he can't breathe. He feels like this dunya is choking him. Why? Because he turned away from the remembrance of Allah subhana wa Tada. The only time you remember the last time wins out is when something bad happens. When there's something negative in his life. Then all of a sudden, he remembers that he has the Lord. All of a sudden he remembers you as a creator. And instead of looking to that creator, to thank you, he says, Why didn't you put me in the situation?

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Why did

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he do this to me? Right? Why is this God of yours? He goes to those who remember last time and frequently. He says to them, why is this? A lot of that you always remember why is he doing this to me now, but he never remember the last time was Adam. And other times in his dunya he only remembers the last pilots Allah as bad times, while not not online lately, but

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he feels like this life is suffocating him when I sure will.

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And we will race him on the Day of Judgment blinds, you will learn how to love in this world. He was built for the remembrance or lost in the woods. He was blind, his heart was blinded from a loss of hand was added. And now he's raised up on the day of judgment in this hectic scene in this chaotic scene blinds when I'm sure when we open up reality.

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And he says to a last pattern what's out God has shown to me.

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He says panicking on that day. Oh my Lord, why did you raise me up blinds? And I used to be able to see, as Pamela. In those words, you can already tell the attitude of that person. Look at the difference between the way he asked the last panel, it's out of the way that he describes the situation of health in a situation of illness and looking at the attitude of abroad he

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is when he says what he's

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been who used to be when I become sick. He is the one who heals me. He's the one who gives me the cure. One person attributed only the bad part to a loss of having one child. He did not say oh, well, why why am I being why was I raised up blind, what I used to be able to see. And he so he did not attribute you know, the the the scene that he used to have to a loss of Hannah Woods out. And he only attributed to a loss of his blindness on the Day of Judgment. You see, somehow there's an inconsistency everyone.

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When I became sick, he attributed all his good to a loss of 100 Tyler but when I became sick that Allah Subhana

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Allah was the one who cured me. And this person is saying to Allah subhanaw taala Why did you raise me as lions, when I used to be able to see not that you used to grant me the ability to see know what God did when to vasila and it shows you the attitude of this person versus this person. Right? One person feels entitled to the good in his life. When Allah subhanaw taala gives him a blessing in this life, he feels entitled to it. And the only time you remember the last time out is when that blessing is taken away. Then he says Why me? Why me? Why was this taken away from me? Why is God doing this to me? And the whole concept of be honest, he comes in right? Why does God do bad things

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to good people? Why do bad things happen to good people? Why do you know good things happen to bad people? Why me? Why me? Why me? But while he had the blessing from a loss of hydroids Allah, he never looked to the person who was in Somalia who did not have something to eat or drink. And he did not look to the person who was unforeseen. Who has to worry every day about someone trying to kill him about a soldier in front of his house who has to worry about a missile coming upon him. He did not think when he looked at those people why me in the sense why me why out of the privileged me Why did the last kind of Tyler give me these blessings and how do they love me

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he didn't take a loss of hands out and saying Oh Allah thank you for not are

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left out of luck on cruises due to you for not putting me in a situation where enough to worry about the pressure. We're not putting me in a situation where I have to worry that today I might not have a meal that today I might not have something to drink. The only time he remembers the last pattern which

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is whenever what a night What you got

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from it is the same person who would say

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things are going good. Oh, you know, rugby. Right? Everything is good with a loss of patterns. But if

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it is, his sustenance becomes a means to, you know, to restrict also becomes a little bit restricted. Right? He didn't go into absolute poverty, a lot of pilots did not put him in a situation where it was life and death. But it becomes a little bit, it becomes a little bit restricted. What is he saying?

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said, My Lord is trying to humiliate me. Why does God do this? Why does a lot put me in the situation? Why? Why is this happening to me, I used to have this I used to have that I used to have this, I used to have that. Right. And I'll give you an example. You know, I was in Louisiana, and many of you may remember Hurricane Katrina when it struck.

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Now it was close to seven years ago.

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So I can just remember the behavior of certain people, right? They lost their power, their electricity in their homes, the food in their, in their, you know, their refrigerators that all went to waste, all of everything was going away. Right. And whenever they were calling onto the onto the welfare services, when they were calling upon all of these different, you know, when they were calling the electricity company, the power company, what would they say? I was supposed to have electricity. I was supposed to have power two weeks ago, what is taking you so long? In teittleman, right? This belongs to me, all of this belongs to me, I was supposed to be in the United Kingdom,

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right? I was supposed to be able to go to university to go to school, I was supposed to be able to have food and drink I was supposed to be able to get all of this was again, I didn't manage to make the last kind of salad for that. Right? That was all given to me. The only time you remember last time what's out is whenever you get your your card, right. And then now the car is not starting. You did not remember our last having worked out and thank him when the car was starting for two to three years, every single day. He did not say that. But whenever the car doesn't start, why is this happening to me? Why is this happening to me? But the believer remembers the last panelist at all

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times. And of course,

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he was someone says something very powerful to not bounce on the low tide. I couldn't not unlawfully

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be with a loss of high winds Island in good times. And Allah will know you in bad times that is applicable to this dunya and the AP Euro in this situation that we are in right now. There is not a single person that could you know that could not call upon a loss in Highlands Island ask him for forgiveness and repentance is Stefan is open for almost as long as we are alive. We can make your own loss. Or we can call upon a loved one.

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Such a loss patterns Alice's commands call upon me, I will answer you. What do you got? Very bad. Do I need a new ID? Or do you put that one down? And if you're serving us about me that was concerned me telling them I am or I am close enough. He doesn't even say I am close to him. I answered the call. And whenever he calls upon me, I'm close to him and I answered him. But you know what, on the day of judgment, you cannot take that for granted anymore. And the people in Hellfire, what will they be saying? They won't be they will not be able to call upon the last half of what's out anymore. So instead of saying yeah, a lot from Hellfire, they would say to the keepers of hellfire.

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Can you call upon your Lord to make things you know, to just lightened up the punishment, punishment from us just one day to paddle up just to lift this punishment for one day? Why he never asked the last World protection in this life. Because there was no word there were no warning signs in this life. Right. He only asked the loss of handlers for a protection when he was in Hellfire when it was too late to talk directly to a loss of heaven without him. You had 6070 years to call upon the loss and asked him for protection from hellfire. Without seeing Hellfire with a loss of high metallic promise you that just as his Paradise is Germany's Hellfire is true The only time you remember last

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time when he is in Hellfire it is too late to call out.

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You have to ask the angels to make draft for you. You have to ask the angels Can you ask your Lord to just lighten up the the punishment promise just for one day? Pamela, whereas in this world the loss of habitat gave you an opportunity. remember Allah and Allah Subhana Allah will remember you right on the Day of Judgment, a loss of habitat will remain

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Are you every single time you make Dr. Losses? How to what to add? Even if you did not see the answer that the way that you wanted to see it in this world, a loss of data will turn it into an easy to knock it off. But it was not forgotten. Anytime you make a loss kind of data is not forgotten. Anytime you remember last hour, it is not forgotten. So that is true in the year after. And that is true in this world, when you don't remember a loss in good times. But when bad times come around, when you did not remember a loss of habitat and prosperity and then adversity comes around, then all of a sudden, you realize that you have not built your last panel to withstand the

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storm. And think about this. This is the problem essentially, that people tend to try to turn into a loss kind of two out of only one things get back. Right? That's like saying that I'm going to try to build my home. When the tornado comes or when the hurricane comes, that's when I'm going to start building the home. It doesn't work that way. But only a critical remember alone, everything is good. And when everything is easy, a loss Catalans, I will remember you. And that is true in this life, and the next life. Don't just try to turn to a loss of accountants out when all of a sudden things are bad. And don't blame a loss and how to tie that and say why me when things are bad. In fact, we

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should be saying why me right now because there are some people that do not even have the privilege to pray so out of generosity. There are some people that are prohibited from praying so often join us today. And we are amongst the few that have lost handbooks added shows. So we think Allah subhanaw taala for the name of Islam, we think a lot of candidates out for the neck not being able to come here and remember him we think he lost his hand without ever making a strong Muslims, what can we have in America, and that is enough of a blessing. That is the greatest blessing the last pediments out has given us and we asked a lot of candidates out of

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the necessity a lot, me,

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me, whatever one, not a lot, I mean, without being a local somebody was selling without a

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whole lot of it. Why?

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Because the law, the brothers and sisters, when you remember last time, what's your good times, you will find that your times of hardship also become times of ease. And your times of God will also become times of good because you will be in a state of making it up, you will be seeking the reward of that, because you will understand that Allah subhanho wa Taala has given you enough to be thankful for at all times, and you will be content and you will have Sakina and tranquility. And you will not be left feeling like the world is closing in on you at all times. And why is this to me? And why is doing that to me? And he knows how

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many times we question our own drop. And while we are making their own, we already have a sense of hesitancy we already have hesitation when we're making is not really going to answer this job. Does this job really work? And by already having that hesitation? Is this going to work and will last kind of answer me, you have already killed your job. Because as long as you have certain certainty with a loss of confidence, you have the appeal of the loss of a love will never disappoint you. And I just want to leave you with one story in that regard. Because the loss of data says after a loss.

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The irony for anybody, would you put the data down suddenly so that he really when you mean will be random? You're just like you want Allah subhanaw taala to respond to your response to the column the last time which

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you know, is the burden on the one who was small, smaller than the one who has less to give her is the burden on the one who is bigger and has more to give. Think about it that way. You know, whenever you go to the marketplace who has to pay first, who has to pay first, right? Who do you receive the product? And then you pay? Or do you pay in that you received the product, if it's an expensive product, if you walk into a marketplace, that's an expensive product, and you have a quote that's worth you know, 40,000 pounds, that you have to pay the light before you receive it. But if you walk into a grocery store and you buy you know a chocolate bar, you'll get a chocolate bar that

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you pay right after that, but you first get the chocolate bar in your head with a loss of Hollywood's Allah Allah is everybody a loss of honey, he doesn't need us. So his product, his answer, his law, his pleasure, that sense of tranquility and his blessings that is expensive. So we have to first look for everything we have in the last song you know what many of us have kind of diverges from the believers themselves and their wealth behind that

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as well.

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Allah subhanaw taala will give them gentleman. But before you receive the expensive product, you have to put forth what you have. And I'll leave you with a short story that truly demonstrates that.

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You know, people live in areas a beautiful story about the month after washing a whole lot of time. And then a

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lot was the most famous amount of his time. And somehow a lot of them

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out of his generosity, although he died in one day, and he was very, on the same day that he died and is generous, and there was 1.3 million people. The Pope did not have 1.3 million people is at this funeral. Right? And that's without mass media. And that's without getting, you know, this is just by word of mouth. That's how much the people loved him. In one day, it traveled all over and people were coming together to pray so often.

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People were locked out. So the mountain The Joker came along, he wrote a book about the virtues of an email.

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He says how to love that one day you

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travel to an area where he was not known. I mean, he was known by name, right? He was known by name, everyone knew him. But back then the management did not have a Facebook page. Right. And there weren't newspapers back then there weren't emails and things of that sort. There weren't t TVs, you know, for people to watch the map. And so people knew email. But they didn't know how to

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save 100 or a lot, had travelled to an area to sell. And he wanted to stay inside one of the massages. He walked he walked into inside and he didn't know anyone in that area. Right? And he wasn't going to burn anyone and say, Hey, by the way, so people can come open their home for him. He went and he tried to sleep.

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So he was the one narrating the story. He said, so how does the guy that came to me? And he told him the message closing right now you have to get off. And he told him he said, Look, you know, I'm I'm a traveler. I don't have anywhere to stay. I don't own one. He says no, you have to get off. So he says I wouldn't know. And I slept at the entrance of the masjid. I said the house came and he sent you have to move and he said, Look, I don't I don't have anywhere to go. What do you mean, I have to move. So you have to go. So what did he do?

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He loves us. He picked me up by my lens. And he dragged me to the middle of the street. And he knew who he was doing this to. Right? He did

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beat him by his lights he drives into the middle of the road. I remember though He did not say Do you know who I am? How dare you.

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I can't do anything about this.

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There was a baker across the street, right Cabela's, who was making his brand he was making his dough. So he came to him and he says, Listen, you can stay inside my shop until the morning you saw what just come stay inside our shop. So

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inside that shop, and he was sitting there baking, you know, putting the dough together, putting it inside the oven, and he's baking and he's putting the right together putting all the notes together. Right? And the entire time he's saying somehow La,

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la de da, de la la la,

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la, la la la la la la I

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was shocked. Because you know, people get tired from making data, or making videos, you know, what do you say, I'm gonna make those

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times I'm gonna respond to those losses. Usually, you lose yourself somewhere in the middle, and you just okay, well, you know, you forgot, right? Something came in to strike the dude who said this guy was focused, right? He was consistently doing that for hours and hours, man, I

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was so touched. So he said to him, he said, put that on to how long have you been one that he had? He had? How long have you been in this situation? He said he had one situation, so to speak. Constantly remembering the last time he came to speak internally, right, since How long?

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He said, I've been doing this for years. I've been doing this for years. You know? And

00:24:12--> 00:24:32

look at the question that he asks. He says, What is the result that you've seen in your life? You know, you've been making to speak into your entire life? Have you seen the dream of Gemini or something like that? You know, what is the result that you've seen in your life? He said not down to love and he say in our bond, the I have never been drawn to a loss or anything except the news and

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shopping. He says

00:24:37--> 00:24:52

in our marketing, I never made go out to a lot of stuff that he didn't see. And he said, I have never made a love for anything, except that he gave it for me. He said except for one thing. As Dr. Antonio. He said, I'm still waiting for the answer.

00:24:54--> 00:24:56

And he said What was that? He said an hour

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that I would one day get to see

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So they have a lot of grace somebody said how will law but

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you don't realize he

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said here is a loss of cottonwoods bringing us men dragging him by his feet to your shop meeting as you would not have made your audience or wants to come to see me I would have slept in peace at the

00:25:23--> 00:25:53

old journey would have been okay. Right, but somehow a lot of loss and title is entering his job, even a job like that. Right? He didn't have the means to go and see an email. He said, I just want to see a lot of some edits out of the rotten in that way, that whole series of events why because he was consistently in remembers the last like grooming approval, what school you went through and remember, Allah wants some kind of tangible number for issue, maybe due to a loss of talents and good times and in hard times along

00:25:55--> 00:26:30

alongside and how to how to will answer those arms either in this dunya or in the hospital, but she will never be forgotten so long as you remember him some time was added because there is no person who goes to a loss of habitat except the last time it goes to him even further. But in that time he and she has a to one of my surgeon comes to me walking I go to him rushing so Pamela This is how our Lord is so we asked the last hand of Allah to make this from the deputy was being asked the last couple of times made us from those who remember him frequently and who thanked him frequently and who received the reward of that in this dunya and in the

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last one

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that was a lot more.

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A lot

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along. He knows he couldn't imagine.

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A la

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la liga La Liga.

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Let me tell you what about me.

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But for the longest, what

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is it? What are the long, the long