Mirza Yawar Baig – Living Islam – Khutbatul Wada’a #8

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the history and importance of Islam, including the use of it as a complete way of life and allowing individuals to do what they want with their property while alive. They stress the importance of giving gifts and equal treatment for children, and emphasize the need for parents to care for children in their homes and not to give them their own names. The speakers stress the importance of belief in Islam and action in achieving Islam's goals, emphasizing the need for gratitude and thanking oneself. The negative impact of COVID-19 on people's lives and the importance of action in bringing them back to their birthright is also discussed.
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Bismillah Al Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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wa Salatu was Salam ala Shara Philippi, or even more saline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam, the Steven cathedra and cathedra from Nevada we continue with our series of reminders and lectures and classes on the Ford Motor WADA of Rasul Allah is Allah in Salem, the last hotbar of surah. Selim in when he was

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at Hajj, and as I mentioned before, we don't say it is Alaska because that was the last goodbye that he gave, but it was the last as in his farewell Cuba in hajj, and therefore, something that where he left his, what he would have considered to be his most valuable advice for his ummah, who he loves, or above and more than anyone and anything else.

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He said, point number six he said, oh people, Allah has a portion Allah has given a portion to every deserving heir, his share of the estate, and no deserving heir may accept a special bequest. And no special bequest may exceed a third of the estate.

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Charge charged lineage is that of the husband

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who owns the bed, meaning the father and adulterers shall be stoned.

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Whoever claims to be the son of someone other than his father, or a man's man who claims to be to belong to other than his masters shall bear the curse of Allah and the angels and all men, no deflecting of it or ransom for it, shall we accept it from him?

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I remind myself in you that Islam is not the name of a bunch of rituals of worship alone, to be done at prescribed times in prescribed ways. And then we are not left to proceed with the rest of our lives. Anyway, we like Islam is the name of a complete way of life, prescribed for all of humanity, by the one who created all of humanity, and who created everything that exists. And to Him is our return. Allah subhanaw taala prescribed the rules of existence and the purpose of those rules of existence is for us to exist and live in a way that is beneficial for us in this dunya while akhira it is essential to understand the rules of inheritance and to follow them to write a will that is

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against the Sharia is not only not defensible in law, but it amounts to schicke and is punishable before Allah subhanahu wa.

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There is a confusion about a will and about giving to children and others while you are alive.

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A will is that which comes into force, only after you die. So all laws of inheritance apply to the estate that you leave behind

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after you die, your inheritors become inheritors only after your death. Your death is the condition for them to be inheritors. I'm emphasizing this so much because sometimes young people say to me, I'm going to ask my father to give me my inheritance. So I say to them, then you have to ask him to kindly pass away first, because your inheritance does not exist as long as he lives. And also some people say I have two daughters and two sons. And so I'm going to give them their inheritance at the rate of one share to the girl and to to the boy. So I say to them

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the same thing. Where are you planning to die?

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Please don't confuse inheritance with what you are allowed to do with your property while you are alive. While you are alive. Two things to remember number one is as a general rule, you are allowed to do whatever you want with your property. Now, being allowed meaning doesn't mean that you are allowed to do something which is haram. Meaning you are free. Like for example, if somebody says you are free to sin, does it mean that therefore you should sin and then that sin is not punishable? No, it just means that Allah is not made you much more if you

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if you pick up a pen to sign the membership form of a of a gambling den otherwise known as a club, you will not be struck with paralysis. If you want to drive to, you know, to the racecourse or

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or to some gambling place or to your favorite club to have your sundowner without with the sun you think the sun doesn't go down unless you drink a glass of whiskey, you will not meet your and your car will not break down you will not crash. Nothing will happen you are you are allowed has left you free to commit sins if you wish to do that. Now that doesn't mean the sin is permissible. Similarly, when we say that, while you are alive, you are free to dispose of your property any way you like. It means that you're free to dispose of your property anywhere you like. However, the way you do that, maybe

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rewardable And maybe punishable that's also possible because you might end up giving their property or spending their property to do something which is not permissible then obviously that is something which is punishable. So watch out for that. So be very clear.

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You are allowed to do what you want. However

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Rosana Zara Zara warned us to be just to exercise justice when you give you a property to your children. So, and there's a famous Hadith where a man came

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father of

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a nomad min Bashir young sahabi, also Lazarus Allah, he came and he said, yas Allah, I have given a gift to the son of mine. And I would like you to witness this gift. Surah Surah Al Salam said, have you given the same gift to all your children, this a similar gift to all your children? So this man said, No, I'm not given to all the children. As soon as I said and said, then go and find some other witness for your deed because I will not witness injustice. Now this hadith is mentioned in several versions, with some adding that Rasulullah saw the Salem doll a normal father, when he confirmed that he had not given similar gifts to all his children, the Surah Surah Salam told him to take it

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back. And that Bashir did that he took it back in some other versions. And also Rossana Salam said, this cannot be right, I do not witness anything, which is not right. So this is very, very clear.

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It is therefore on this on the basis of this hadith

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the scholars have,

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our scholars have ruled that it is, even though you are as I said, you are free meaning you are nobody there is no restriction on you. But the law of justice is that you give

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equal gifts to all your children. So you don't give your daughters less than you give to your sons. So if you're if you are intending to distribute

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your property, I'm differentiating between estate and property estate would be what is left behind after you die, property is what is the same thing while with you while you are alive. So therefore,

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on this basis Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam on the basis of his ruling, our scholars have ruled that when a person wants to give gifts wants to distribute property, and he has he or she has sons and daughters, they must give equal the same.

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The same amount to the Son as to the daughter only when they die. Then with the estate, the inheritance is where the son gets two shares and the daughter gets one

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it's also clear from all these Hadees that these are heavy who came those Salam Al Bashir

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obeyed also ally so Salam in this matter, Saudi Oba overland, who was a leading figure among the Tsar and he was very wealthy. One day he divided all his wealth between his sons. After his death, his wife gave birth to a son. This took place during the reign of Abu Bakr Siddiq.

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One morning, Amara met our workers, or Delano and he said, I spent a sleepless night on account of this new child of sod because his father left him nothing

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around and said, Sorry, died. So let us go to highs mdsr and speak to him about his brother. They went to highs who was himself as a hobby of resources. And he was a son of

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of Serbia, and a man of honor. And when they spoke to him, he said, As for what side has done, I will never invalidate but I would like the two of you to witness that my share is for my young brother. So

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he's saying that my father, obviously the father probably didn't know that this

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that his wife was pregnant.

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So it happened. But

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when we woke up on Wednesday, the number went to the son of

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sad face being sad being a mother. And on the alarm, he immediately accepted that and he said that I will

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give a share to my young brother who has a newborn baby at that time. This is indeed, the type of understanding that the great companions the great Sahaba of Rasulullah sallallahu had among themselves, and how they worried for each other's akhira. Now, both are working on their lotto, and Amara de la who spent a zip sleepless night on account of a boy who was born after his father's death. They wanted justice not only for the boy, but also for the father, who might not have been aware that his wife was pregnant when he divided the wealth. Maybe the division took place, even before the pregnancy took place. That however, does not deprive the young boy of his right to be

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treated equally with his brothers, nor indeed will it deprive a girl of her right to such equal treatment cases are the Alana attitude is also highly significant. He did not object to what he was told by Walker and Omar Abdullah. And he did not argue that the division of the property took place a long time ago and that he and his brothers were entitled to what they received. He accepted what our worker and over the Allah Juanma told him as being absolutely correct. And as a dutiful son, he wanted to honor his father's action. He said that he was not one to invalidate what his father had done. But he would take it upon himself to ensure that justice to his little brother was done by

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giving him all his share. By doing that guy's rather law who did actually more than what was expected of him. But then he's been sad was highly renowned for his generosity and his benevolence. Now we'll see how the companions of rasa Salem understood this question and how they acted upon it. The scholars of this nation have also given the same ruling hence it is not open to any Muslim to disobey Rasul Allah Salah and to prefer some of his children over others, while giving gifts. bequeathing refers to what you will, after your death.

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In this you are entitled to bequeath 1/3 of your estate 33% of your estate to whoever you wish, apart from those who will inherit your wealth as per the Sharia. So, in the will that you write for the 33%, you cannot include your children, your parents, your spouse, and so on and so forth. Because these are people who will inherit from your

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estate after you die. So they cannot be included in that 1/3. The 1/3 is meant for those who deserve your, your generosity like maybe poor relatives, community members, maybe some charity that you that you used to give, you know, schools and modalities and massages and so on. someone to take care of you, and so forth. So who are not heirs and they cannot inherit from you. Other than that, you cannot be create your estate according to your desires. And you must follow your the Sharia if you don't, then you will be liable for punishment before Allah Samaritan. Now another very important thing, sometimes, and it happens both ways. Sometimes parents say, Well, you know, just one child of

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mine served me very well. So I'm going to give every single agenda we covered that already, you cannot do that. Similarly, you cannot cut off

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a child, usually it happens with children. But whoever illegitimate heir, you cannot cut them off from your inheritance because you didn't like them. So there wasn't this person didn't serve me this person. This child was, you know, didn't know me. Many times it happened, this child married somebody that I didn't like, remember, you have to like your wife, you have to like your husband, not your child, your sons and daughters, husbands or wives that's that's their life anyway. So, all of this, so therefore, I cut them off. If you do that, then you will be punished by law. Samantha, please understand this, you have no right to do that the inheritance belongs to them. If they did

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not treat you as a parent, well, that is something that they should change. And if they don't change that, then they are liable before Allah subhanaw taala for punishment, but that does not entitle you to cut them off from their inheritance. So be very clear about that.

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And Muslims are are also very strongly encouraged to look after orphans, not by sending them to orphanages, but by keeping them with them in their own homes and treating them as their own children.

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Now orphanages are not haram. But it is very important to understand that the whole idea of taking care of an orphan is to give him or her a home with parents. In an orphanage, the orphan is actually subjected to

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even more affiliate fee, even greater feeling of alienation, because they are, it's almost like they have been rejected and thrown away from society. Sure, they may be well looked after materially speaking. In that orphanage, they might have enough to enough to eat and, you know, place to stay and so on. But it is not. There's no family there. There's no taking care of that, that there's no eating together for example, with the Father and Mother children and so on. So taking care of orphans in your own home. This is something which the Sahaba did which is which was done in the in the past until orphanages came into into being. There was a famous story of Avila Madera, Hunter

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Lally, who refused to inaugurate an orphanage because he said that this is against the Sharia. So this said to him, why don't I How was it against the Sharia, we are encouraged to take care of orphans, he said, Yes, take care of orphans, by giving them a home, not by putting them into an institution like this is and this mashallah beautiful understanding of the, of the, of the intention, and of the minutiae of the,

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of the order to take care of orphans. Having said that, do understand and remember that the offer is not your son and daughter, they often will not inherit from you. So this often shouldn't be provided from that 1/3 of your will, that I mentioned, or you must give that orphan some gift, while you are alive. Number one, number two, is that often boy or girl, when they grow to a level of

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when they attained puberty, then they the rules of hijab come into force for them and for you. So if it's a boy, then the

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lady of the house the mother, as well as his sister's,

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meaning the sister means that the children, Daughters of the family, who are above the age of puberty, must do his job in front of him, and vice versa, if it's a daughter, if you're if you adopt,

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come to the word adopt

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it girl, then she has to do his job before the Father. And before the brothers now, the question or adopt in Islam, there's no adoption. So please understand this, when you're taking care of an orphan, you're taking care of the orphan, meaning you're taking care of all the material and emotional and spiritual needs of this child and you're raising this child like your own child, but it's not your own child. There is no adoption in Islam, you cannot give that child your name.

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If you give the child your name, and the child takes your name and accepts your name, then this is haram. Allah subhana

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wa sallam said this is something which is which is cursed by Allah subhanaw taala, that the child takes a name of anyone other than his or her biological parent. In the last class, I mentioned this very clearly. So I'm not going to repeat that. But

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it's very important to understand that because

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it is very important to understand that because otherwise, you know, you end up with the problems. So, make sure the child is known by the name of his or her biological parent, it is you are taking care of the child. So you are

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in loco parentis for the child, but you are not the parent of the child. So do not give them your name and the child cannot act cannot take an accept your name. If they do that, then both are cursed.

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Now, a very, very important thing also, which I've seen in some places, and I strongly strongly one, those who are doing that against doing it, which is that they take orphans into their homes, ostensibly to take care of them but in effect, those orphans are unpaid servants in the house.

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Please, don't put yourself into the fire. Right. The orphan is your son or daughter and must be treated as such. The only exception and order the only difference is that the son or daughter, the other one who you have taken into your house to take care of does not take your name and will not inherit from you. That's it otherwise, in every other respect, that child is like your child, he will he or she will be with you will eat what you eat will you will clothed them the way you clothe your your own children and yourself and they will participate in your life like your own child that child must not feel

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as if they are an alien in your home. This is very, very important. Allah subhanaw taala said

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yeah you are living in harmony with the philosophy silvercar Fatone wallet wo Dotty shaitan. In hola Komodo movie in Allah said oh you believe enter completely into Islam and do not follow the footsteps of Shatta Wale really he is to you a plain enemy. Islam is a practice. Islam is not a theory and like all practices it works only when it is practiced. Just believing is not enough to realize its benefits. The greatest example of practice are Rasul Allah

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and His Sahaba his companions with one Allah He Elohim will remain. If anyone could have benefited from Islam without practice, it would have been them because they were the first people who received Islam, but they are

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the best examples of practice. I remind myself in you that in the end, we will not be asked, What happened because Allah subhanaw taala knows what happened. We will be asked, What did you do? Now believe is critical. Now in terms of Akita, we must believe in the right thing. But once you believe, then you must act on that belief. The fundamental belief is that there is nobody worthy of worship except Allah. But if you say that you believe

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you believe that but when the time comes to worship Allah subhanaw taala you don't worship you do not pray, then you have contradicted your belief by your action. And that is why the Sahaba were agreed upon with the finale.

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That to deliberately leave Salah is to leave Islam.

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As soon as the result hadith is very it's very, very clear. He said Salallahu Alaihe Salam and I had already been an albino Houma, Salah foreman,

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out of the heart for cod, Guevara Kumbhakarna, Elisa to salaam, he said, The dividing line the differentiator, the

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the delineate, delineate,

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the covenant between us and them, meaning between the Muslims and non Muslims, is the Salah, the one who lives it has committed, Cofer has left Islam. So it is it is very, very important for us to understand that that's the reason why all of the Imams of of faith are agreed upon this that a person who

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leaves Salah who does not pray has left Islam they have the only difference in rulings is in terms of the punishment prescribed for that but nobody said that it is acceptable to leave Salah even one Salah even one single Salah we must understand this because today Muslims take it for granted that okay I will pray

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or I will not pray doesn't matter. We will know whether it matters or not when you die, please understand that don't don't leave it to that day. Action is at the bottom action is the fundamental thing in Islam. Action speaks louder than words.

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People don't care what they say until they see what what we do. And Tao is what people see and experience from us, not what we tell them. So, act act act. It's very, very important member of the system that we remind ourselves and each other about this and that we do not live in this world

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they live alone, where we do not act

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was very important for us to understand and keep on reminding ourselves that is why I rationalized and said this he said though the most intelligent of you is the one who remembers his death most often. Now, the meaning of this is not that you know we are not inviting towards being morbid remembering the death means remembering the time remembering that one day we will stand before Allah subhanaw taala and we will be called upon to answer for what we did what we chose not to do this is something which is

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which is a total which which cannot be set aside

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your childhood Okay, Darlene ages which cannot be set aside which is

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something which will happen to every single one of us as I speak to now today. This is the 17th of September and we are still going through the saga of the saga of the death of Queen Elizabeth. The poor thing she hasn't stood out to me buried she's so called lying in state

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you know, I mean magic. This is the this is what the world does.

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Everything is converted and turn to a commercial spectacle, which makes money for those who run this game.

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May Allah protect us, Islam gives us so much dignity, that immediately as soon as you die you are in your buried and the matter is over, we will be not kept there. And

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whether you are a king or not doesn't matter, because that is the reality that debt is the universal equalizer. Everyone dies, those who had within ports, everything in this world, they die and those who had within ports, nothing in this world die. And I'm saying within quotes, because the so called everything in the world is really not something which you have the famous

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Hadees, Alzheimer's and Salaberry said that

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what you eat, and what you wear, and what you send the head of you. These are the only three possessions of a human being. And what you wear doesn't mean the entire wardrobe. It means what is on your body.

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It's it this is what you are this is what what you wear is what you own, and what you eat food that God inside. It's not your fridge and you know, one or multiple freezers in the house, which are

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which are stocked with enough food to feed your feed to feed you and your family for several months. Probably. Not that what you eat. What is there's a beautiful hat is where and obviously.

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One day he and I will go sit here for the long haul and one of them Katara did they went to the house of abou Are you well I'm sorry, the alarm is beautiful. He's I'm contracting it. It was a very hot day. And they went there and he gave them he slaughtered a

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goat and the roasted the meat and his wife made bread and he brought some dates from his garden and and very cool water from his well. It was a very hot day as I mentioned the sewers and Salem and his companions. They

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they ate that food and they drank that water. And as a result I've also sent

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some of that food for his daughter,

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say the father of the Zara or galana And then he said to the Sahaba he said over Coronavirus, Delano. He said Allah subhanaw taala will question you for this. You said Dr. Salah we were so hungry and thirsty and you know we ate this and Allah will question us for this. Yeah. He said yes. He said it is not your right. You start your birthright that you should be given this. People, people or people

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stop for days to get. He said this is what Allah will question you. He said the way to escape that questioning is to be grateful to Allah smarter to be thankful to Allah.

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It's very important for us to be thankful to remind ourselves over and over again to be thankful and more thankful and more thankful. Because

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when we are thankful then Insha Allah we ask Allah subhanaw taala to save us from the questioning, otherwise we will be questioned.

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So don't take it for granted. That you know it is your it's your birthright. It's not.

00:28:19 --> 00:28:22

So we must be very clear in our minds that we

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are always always always grateful to Allah subhanaw taala

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and the way to

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the best way virus way to

00:28:37 --> 00:28:49

express that gratitude is Salah, number one, first and foremost salah, because without Salah it is something that you know, we cannot

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we cannot say that I'm thankful to Allah subhanaw taala when I'm not doing the very basic obedience of Allah subhanaw taala which Allah decreed on me, which is to worship. Please understand Salah is not optional, it is not something which is, you know, I do it when I feel like doing it. No, this is the very purpose of our creation. It's the very purpose of migration and nucleation This is why we were created to worship Allah subhanaw taala and this is the greatest honor this is the greatest reward. This is the greatest gift that Allah subhanaw taala gave us and that gift was given to us thanks to the fact that we are in the Omata Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and because Allah subhanaw

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taala the Salah is to it's our resource, and I say the I will have the nominal Stein with somebody was Salah, we will believe take the help of summer, which is the greatest and most effort that we can make and Salah. So this Allah was given to us as a gift because we need this Allah and it was given to us through Rasul Allah is our salah, and it is the only order of Allah subhanaw taala which was communicated

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in above the seven heavens

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In all the other orders of Allah subhanaw taala were sent down to the earth. Salah is the only thing which is commanded up there. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to enable us to remain steadfast and to always always, always honor Salah to be great to be grateful for Salah to worship Allah subhanaw taala in the best possible way, which is through the Sunnah of Muhammad Sallallahu

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wasallam Allah Allah will carry while it he was I remember how to karma Rahu Salama,

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