Memorise Tabarak #24

Yahya Ibrahim


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The 24th verse of solten week the 67th chapter of the Quran Allah who will levy Kula who will levy there are a comb that all

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that all echo now it's not there it's that so your tongue should emerge from between your teeth that all echo pull whoa well levy Make sure your hat is pronounced ha hola hola levy there are echo that all echo olho will levy that all echo fill out ob

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Allahu alayhi wa akun fill out will be

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Allah who will levy there are a comb fill out will be where he lay his shadow, where he lay he to shadow not to two Shahrukh Khan who will levy zero fill out Obi Wan lie to Sharon. Ha ha ha

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ha. Sharon olho well, levy they're all ekholm fill out all the way la chartreux cola Whoa, well, levy they're all fill out all the way la scharoun olho well, levy they're all fill out all the way LA to show Sharon cola who will levy vero a company out of the way Li e to scharoun cola who will levy that or fill out the 111 e to Sharon who will levy their or fill out Obi Wan Isla he Sharon? Allah who will levy vero accom fill out liwa li e scharoun

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Allah who will levy that will fill out of the way la he shuttle. Hola Hola. Levy vero accom fill out Li Wei Li E. Sharon. Hola who will levy vero comm fill out all the way he Sharon? cola who will levy they're all accom fill out the one la show Sharon Ola who will levy accom fill out Li y la Hito Sharon Kula who will levy

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fill out Li y Li E to Sharon olho well levy there are feel el de la la he to shadow. Allahu Allah Viva la fille de la la he to shadow