Ask Musleh – Tip #2 on Memorizing Qur’an – Clear your mind

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh brothers and sisters This is Muslim icon here for ask Muslim tip number two for memorizing Quran Now think about after we've talked about your relationship with poor n and the goals and wisdom as to why you want to memorize. The second tip that I have for you is thinking poor and what that means is to clear your mind of useless information. alicyclic wa jal says in the poor and at the end of surah earlier and moron in a few Hocus ml where it will not walk the left field at one and a half. Lil Al Bab, so barely within the heavens and in the earth. Allah azza wa jal has placed a bet for the people who are Al Bab Al Bab

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are people who have a sound and clear mind their their minds aren't cluttered with useless information. So what you want to do here at this point, is that you want to make sure that your life is geared towards memorizing Korean so you want to make sure that if you have like really bad friends or you have like a real you know, messed up light words are so much drama, there's so much problems, you need to try to somehow sift all of those things out of your life and start to get your focus in on itself. That's why the next verse after that, Allah says Allah Vina yeah the Quran Allah pm and Walker Odin Wallah Judo beam, wait effect code on a line. So Joel mentions a series of things

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to remember him. He says that the Al Bab are people who remember Allah while standing while sitting and on their sides and they're constantly thinking about Allah. So you see indirectly you're clearing your mind so you can start thinking about Allah. And if you start thinking about Allah, then in sha Allah, Allah The road to memorizing Quran becomes even even easier in sha Allah. So think poor and clear your mind and start that process towards memorizing the poor and insha Allah. So that's my second tip, which naturally will lead us to the third tip. What is the third tip? Stay tuned. Hello hightened salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.