Yahya Ibrahim – Guidebook to God #23 – Make the Qur’an your companion

Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the title "has been" and its significance in relation to expressing one's views on issues such as extremist Turners. They emphasize the importance of learning to read and understand the title and warn against reciting it. They also mention the use of "monster's image" as a reference to a person who is a companion of Islam. Additionally, they emphasize the importance of regular daily reading for one's understanding of the title.
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The citation and memorization of the whole an is one of the greatest aspirations that every single one of us, man woman, Arab non Arab, should have as an aspiration to become from those who are guardians of the word of Allah half of the hole and half It doesn't mean memorize the Quran alone, it means protector Guardian that you protect it from the changes, alterations of Miss pronunciations, misunderstandings that may have arisen in the thoughts and minds and citations of people. I ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to make us accompany in the Quran and the Quran accompanies us in this life, so that it can accompany us into our grave and on the Day of Judgment,

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said, that slaw he will call on the one who is a companion of the Koran, they will not have any sadness or sorrow. So a lot of us tell them that it is assumed that when we are in isolation, it becomes our best friend, that when we are buried in our grave, it is elderly society, it will be someone who will sit with you in your grave sit with you in the confines of the next life waiting for the judgment of Allah to come. It is the reason of the brightness of faith at face on the Day of Judgment, not little law hoby he would you hand me a lot bright in our face with the reading of the Quran? Did you know that every area of the Quran that you

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read and recite and memorize correctly will be a higher level in jedna that you ascend? Did you know that the reading of the Quran is that one of the quickest ways for you and I to amass a massive amount of reward that for every letter of the Quran, not a not verse, not surah not just for every letter of the end Alif Lam Meem Elif on its own lamb on its own meme on its own. Each of them is a letter, each of them is given a reward multiplied by 10 at minimum, and it could be even up to 700 if you're struggling with it, and that's where you get the Hadith of the Prophet I sell them in the hadith of Lima Muslim olevia Corolla, on the one who is Maserati and Carmen Bharara, the one who is

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fluent in the reading of the Koran is at the level of the angels on the Day of Judgment. Were levia for all Khurana why you Tatiana Tara, Tara v reads a foreign stumble bubblebum Bulls in it messes up some of the readings and is struggling to learn it better and better each and every day. Level A gerat will have double the reward twice their reward two times the reward. It's not just one to 210 it could be 100 200 700 times in comparison to the one who reads it with fluency. They can amass a massive amount of reward because it's difficult for them. It's a journey. It's a journey, and therefore the reading of the whole and the memorization of the Quran has always been the pursuit of

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every Muslim. It must always be returned to you and I in our heart that the Quran is an aim for myself and you to seek nearness to Allah subhana wa Tada. It is a vicar al Hakim the why is this remembrance in Scripture, it is the protection in this dunya and alcohol. It is the words that we read to protect ourselves spiritually and physically from ailment she felt when the masses subdued, it is a healing to what troubles the heart, it is a healing to the illness illnesses of the body. How would you say in Haryana be healed Koran and then Allah natadola be the Imam ukemi says of the ways that we've turned away from the Quran is that we don't seek to cure our life and our reasons

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with it, that we don't seek a healing through the book of Allah. It is begun with the Fatiha and ends with anass It begins with an opening and continues with the final chapter which is about our relationship with Allah as humanity. hula hula verbenas I asked a lot to protect me He is the protector of of his creation, humanity. So Hannah, what to Allah? Why is the foreign significant because it is the word of Allah that has been revealed upon Mohammed Salim that when you recite it, you earn reward and no other text earns a reward. No other book that is ever read earns your reward like it. It is brought down by Juba de la de his Salaam to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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it is collected in the Muslim world today is a part of our belief. And it is metabo Dubey. Tila, it it is something that has been shared with us and has been conveyed to us in so many oral traditions and writings, that is undeniable. It is not a book of science, but it is a book of wisdom and you will find allusions to science in it that which we have discovered and that which is yet to be discovered. But it's not meant to be read like a journal. It's meant to be read to affect our life and bring change and to give us clarity in times of hardship and darkness.

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In the Quran are parables and examples that give us hope and patience and resilience and, and trust in Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, and I want you and I to make this commitment that each and every day there will be a new verse each and every day there will be a new attempt that either we learn to read it and memorize it or learn to understand it. And do not ever be dissuaded by the fact that you might not understand the photo and because you're non Arab in nature. In fact, I'll give you a secret as an Arab that there is a vast majority of the photo and that when Arabs read it, they don't understand it. The Quran is in the newspaper. Why else do you think we have something called tip

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seed? Why is there tip seed of Nika feed and they'll put to be an tabari and and others why because the four iron is not self evident in all of its different perspectives. I mean, who is to mark him at some of his verses are clear cut and easy to understand? *? Allahu Ahad, it doesn't matter which language of the world everybody understands it. But Mutasa behad there are verses that are ambiguous, hidden, not many people will be able to understand and it requires training and knowledge and study to understand its meanings. That's why you have extremists who will twist the meaning of the Quran to their agenda, and you will have people who are usurpers of the knowledge who will twist

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the meaning of the Quran to diluted and watered down to make it seem like it says something that it doesn't actually say. And both of them both examples are extremists in their pursuit of the knowledge that is the student in the practice of the Oregon center yourself with the reading of the book of Allah, be familiar with it, establish a with a regular daily reading a regular daily amount you memorize that there are regular daily reading of its meaning and a regular daily acquaintance of its interpretation. And I hope that all luck and allow us to contribute towards that for your betterment and ours and our families. Well, suddenly lahoma wa Sallim wa barik ala Sayidina.

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Whenever you know Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam your brother your Hey, Rahim. Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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