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Representatives from the UK radio network are attending a conference in Birmingham to discuss "immigrant and non-immigrant schools" and "immigrant and non-immigrant schools" in South Africa. They will speak to head teachers, brothers and sisters, and some Muslim schools about the challenges faced by their schools, including the pressure on children to have a high standard of education and the pressure on parents to have a high standards of education. They emphasize the importance of building a strong school and finding the best teachers, while also acknowledging the challenges faced by some families in the UK. The speakers end with a brief advertisement for a future program on Islam.

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Island Osama haben Welcome to Al mushrif unreleased time international it's just gone 18 minutes after 11 it is Thursday morning and I welcome you to our mushrik this morning looking forward to your company today and inshallah Aziz will be linking up was for the Idris camisa. And a little while just after the a break, and we'll be speaking to him as he sits in the UK this morning. And inshallah has he is speaking to a colleague of his as well concerning education. So that's all going to come up on this morning, as he has any questions that you may have or anything that you'd like to ask. It is Cammisa. And if you'd like to pose to him the

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most welcome to SMS 0731738461. You can email me as well on the need to [email protected] Follow me on twitter at zoom, Jeff. So stay tuned to American Radio International coming up. After the break we'll be speaking to Idris camisa

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Radio Islam, Islam The world is our community.

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Welcome back to Mr. Lam International. And it is Thursday morning as I said, My guest who is with me this morning but at least camisa is speaking to us from the UK in Shanghai as he is. And we welcome to this finish on the line. Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato walaikum salam wa rahmatullah wa barakato how are you my beloved molana very, very well, I'm Lila sugar Idris why it's good to hear your voice once again. How are you keeping today? I'm very well, you know, someone asked me the UK yesterday. Do I not miss the warmth of South Africa? And I'm venturing into the coal. Yeah, you know, so I said no, I said the, the warmth of the people, you know, is incredible is

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incredible. And so therefore I'm here with wonderful people. I just embraced one my friend Syrah lamp, He will speak him also, inshallah, and they are here, they have organized the headmaster's forum. But along the line is always a joy to connect my brothers and sisters in South Africa.

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It is why you are attending a principals forum Lee? Yes, it's a principals forum. And so they need a church organization that is also coordinating work. There's also the other organization associated Muslim schools Alhamdulillah doing excellent work. And there are many lessons we can also learn from what they are doing. So today inshallah, these are going to be a a discussion with the head teachers. And there are two topics

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as your three topics the one is, I'm going to speak about moving schools from good to schools. And the other one, Dr. Abdullah, sadly has not come in as yet. But the other brothers and sisters will talk to you. It's called the Quranic pedagogical introduction to transformative education.

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these are all

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this is the whole conference that you're attending.

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This is taking place in Birmingham. This is now the headmaster's from the Midlands area, you know, from Birmingham, Manchester left, both in in all those areas. So Big Al Hamdulillah. And it's so exciting to be amongst the brothers. And what I'm going to

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I'm going to get you to speak to a few brothers and sisters. We will start off with tequila alarm. Who is involved they associate Muslim school. And

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let me just you can say hello to him. And you can ask him the challenges they face here. Right. Okay.

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Okay. So I'll give you a speaker side alarm. He is from the associate Muslim schools. And you can ask him about the challenges that they face here. And the work that he is doing right.

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This is it ag salami South Africa. speak to them is like

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I said mid Kumara de la da here. How are you?

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And hamdulillah sugar. It's good to hear from you. My good. Idris camisa has told me that you are part of the Association of the Muslim Muslim schools in the UK. That's right. Yes. And I you associated with it to any particular school. Are you part of any particular Muslim school day I'm associated with, with the schools actually one of them being amateur and there's another school which is

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a nearby school as one of their schools, but normally associated with those schools and

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we try to support all the schools redeemed in the in the region as well as nationally as well with training programs and sharing the resources and such activities. Okay, and from the law, and what type of challenges do you face as Muslim schools operating in the youth

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I'm sure that in NXT, are quite different to what a South African Muslim school would be facing.

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I mean, there will be similar in some ways, I suppose really, a lot of the Muslim schools in the country are independent schools, which means that they are fee paying schools.

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And obviously, that has economic implications release, our Muslim schools tend not to be a not all of them, really, but many of them do have difficulty with, you know, enjoying the capital that they take from the Muslim school world. There are 1314 schools that are state funded, of course,

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schools, which returned Islamic ethos, and they obviously have a bigger schools, and much better resources really,

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you know, from that point of view, but

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but those are, those are three of nearly 200 schools in the country at the moment, which are registered with the Department of Education.

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And they'll cater for different

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demands, really, from parents, some parents want their children to receive more detailed hierarchy, like Islamic education. So there are much more richer, broader curriculum in Islamic learning. And then others will teach. And they'll also teach,

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you know, aspects of the national curriculum, as well as the main elements of the National Curriculum here, English, math, science, and a few other subjects.

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And then other schools, which obviously have a method raise money content, so they have an Islamic ethos really, so in other words, the spiritual or moral backdrop is Islamic.

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You know, but by way of curriculum, the commitment isn't that take if you live from a curriculum time allocation point of view. So those are the two types of schools that you get really predominantly in the country.

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seeing that you have these different types of schools and the different challenges that you face, particularly with your use, and this is your main focus in the schools, or what sorts of challenges are you facing may

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be very similar to the honest review, in many ways the world over,

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you know, to do with

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raising your children, I suppose, in a society which, in which, you know, there'll be some elements, which are completely contrary to Islamic ethos,

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and challenges along those lines, really, so raising your children upon the Islamic principles and values, when there is so much negative influence, you know, in terms of decency, decency, in terms of sometimes that comes from drugs, sometimes, culture of criminality, I suppose, really, in some areas, and so on. And, and, and those are the normal kind of things that, you know, parents are concerned about, and want the children to have a high standard of education, which will not give them you know, the academic outcomes they might be looking for which are important, but also to have an Islamic character is Western development, Islamic Sharia, to live by the pencil, but Islam, and,

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you know, to move towards a status or a condition of football, really, we're living in the presence of a line that sentence and doing Helen lives rather than Helen lives, really, which obviously, you know, we should affect not only their, and their their plight in dunya, but also in the

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dunya Hasina, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba ba. So it's the journey as well as the

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you know, the three concerns really taking the precedence, of course,

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and filmi. V in your Muslim schools? Do you have non Muslims coming up to the school wanting to enroll and any non Muslims enrolled at HS cause?

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The demand for Muslim cases in Muslim schools actually say the places within Muslim schools

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for pupils actually outstrips the demand for Muslim schools. So there are very few places that, you know, could be given to non lawsuits in that sense anyway, purely because of demand. And Muslims are normally given preference for that. However, having said that, there are some Muslim state schools,

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which actually have children who are not of the Islamic faith background being educated in those schools.

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So so so they are they're, they're educated in those schools. So you do get that. But I wouldn't say the demand is very big or anything, you'll get the Odd Parents here and there who may want to send their child to a local Muslim school because they've heard good things about it or because their academic performances are good and because they've witnessed good behavior, from the children and so on. And they feel that their children would be would say a well relief against that kind of spiritual moral backdrop.

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I would measure the development release into adults.

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Okay. JACK Ma. Sarah, thank you for your time on registan International, we do appreciate it. And could you please ask is this camisa? to come back on inshallah?

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Okay, some Yeah, please.

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Probably, literally engaged actually maybe dilatory you back or something? I'm not sure. Okay. All right. We'll we'll call him back in shoreline, and

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he wants you to speak to him a little bit on the phone as well.

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How are you? We'll send you in a handy metric of whatever your name is. My name is Howard. I'm a head teacher. at the school here in Birmingham, in the UK, okay, Masha, Allah, in order to speak to you and you live on unreleased from international. Can you tell us about the challenges that you face, being a head teacher at that school? in Birmingham?

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What we find is, I must have been a creditor now for the last six years at different schools as an attendant. First of all, the seven deadly faces here in the UK is a lot of them. Some schools are independent panel in South Africa. Having spoken to a few of my colleagues, they told me that the financial situation is better. I'm not sure how to structure the setup is in South Africa. But in England, if you want to set up an independent schools, you have to go and raise the finances, you have to go and ask the community, there is no help from the state or the government in any way. Because the government provides state education. And there's only ceramic elements. And the children

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find it difficult to pray that school there is no kind of controversial prayer, there is no real standard, even though that is changing the law. But so therefore, the community gets together and says, okay, let us open a school now, a primary school, let's open a second schools up for to read from 11 to 16, and a primary from four to 11. So we decided that we want to open up a school. So basically, we have the fees coming in from the parents. And it's not very financially

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impoverished community. So therefore, the parents have to come together. And they have to say, Okay, we have this much money, we can afford, each parent can afford to give data in terms of pounds, it looks at that 1500 pounds,

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or 2000 pounds, and that time is the commissioner for because if you set the fees too high, you have the danger of not including some of the

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parents will come into that as well. And they know that they will get the education. So that's one of the biggest issues we have, a lot of our schools actually found the resource. So even though you have no options, they're not going to, then you can employ the best teachers, you have the best resources. In terms of dependency, you have the younger, the best premises. As soon as you start up, even though you've got the best intention in the world. So you want to do well. Most of us are really dedicated stuff. But you really have to push yourself forward, they have to you have to rely upon their dedication. And I think more than anything else, just for one thing we have, we may not

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have the finances. Amanda, one thing we can say is that the teachers who come into the school who work in most of the same schools are not there for the money in any none of the schools teaches that we have a lack of progress in

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performance management where we, the wages increase as such, but that's not the case with the Islamic schools. The teachers are all for the love of teaching children to go to the main character.

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And hamdulillah. And, you know, I've been following on

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the UK NEWS websites about the position of many of the middle income and low income families who are finding it much more difficult in the light of inflation in the light of different types of taxes and things that are being introduced and benefits that are being that are you finding that the great problem with families in the UK? Are people really struggling that much to make ends meet

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very quickly before. But

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that was that was not a very good question. It's not it's not so drastic in terms of the changes enough or drastic in terms of the people living on the poverty line. I think even when we say we are we don't have material poverty, I think compared to a lot of the Muslim countries and even some of the countries that people come from back home. We are still well off from the law. We still have a lot. There's nobody here who is suffering to such an extent where they don't have any money but if you

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matter of whether you could afford a STEM education and that seems to be the main challenge but it's not adjusted where people are under on the breadline or mid

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level people find it hard to work with but I will give you the Kodak ability to challenge religious versus non confrontational.

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Monica, Monica, Santa Monica, Milan. I gotta call it off now because I'm about to start right. The others are keen on speaking maybe starting the program now. Right. Okay.

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just gone 21 minutes before they'll be listening to our music on radio Islam International. That was Idris Cammisa and his two guests who have come on for a brief period and inshallah we will continue with the program just after the break. Stay tuned for much recovery some international

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welcome back to Al mushrif on radio Islam International. We

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are coming to the end of our program this morning. We've been joined by his comments and his two guests just for a little while, earlier on and inshallah we have a number of aides that need to go out here.

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Part of the problem was our server at the lady's time international and therefore the late start. We apologize for that and it brings us now to the end of our program this morning inshallah We will be back with you on Saturday morning what's on demand inshallah Aziz. Stay tuned for my second video Islam international