What if Your Dawah is Going Nowhere

Hatem al-Haj


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The speaker advises the caller to build up their courage and defend their ID in a negative way if they feel like they are not getting along. They suggest that if the caller feels that they are missing out on a productive conversation, they should just walk away.

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So let's say you're having a conversation with someone you say, well you said to walk away they're having a discussion

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in negative way, but let's say you build up the courage and you try to defend yourself and you try to defend your ID and you feel like you're not getting nowhere Do you just now walk away to say me I love you

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What do you have your as long as you're as long as you're having a productive discussion, carry on with the discussion? Don't walk away.

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If you feel that it feels that this is my disappear pile discussion, and these people are just

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sort of picking around they're moved by their negative emotions and stuff like this rational discussion of irrational people when they are exhibiting get out, you know, kind of rationality is, so that is when you walk away, but if you feel that the discussion is in any way, shape, or form, productive, carry on,

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because I can walk and I was 2100 kilometers away.