How To Drive Your Childs Islamic Education

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The "by the way" movement is a movement that encourages parents to become the people they want in their families. The "by the way" movement is a movement that encourages parents to become the people they want in their families. It is important for parents to be a mentor to others, particularly children, in helping them grow up and to focus on what is in her control and what she wants to drive towards. A woman named Missy emphasizes the importance of being a mentor to children in helping them grow up.

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I'm about the Allahu Taala and who he used to make dua to Allah Subhana Allah, Allah Hama resiliently shahada de fille Medina. So when the Muslims were going out in conquest and going in different battles, and so many Muslims became Shaheed and they're buried in, in Persia they're buried in Iraq. They're buried in Jordan, um companions and all these places in the sham but I'm one of the Allah Horne who was um because he was leading this as the Khalifa he wasn't going out. And so he used to make this dua or Allah bless me to die Shaheed in Medina. So his son Abdullah Abdullah of intermodal Delano used to say to his father you can die Shaheed in Medina. He says the battles are

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all out there. You can't die Shaheed in Medina.

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And yet I'm gonna be allowing us to pray this door and indeed he was.

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He was killed Shaheed in Mestre nebo, we insula, and he was buried in Medina. So you may, you may be familiar with the story, and you most likely know this story. But here's something really beautiful about this story. And that is Omar will be alohar. And who used to make his dua out loud in front of his children.

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That's what you know what's so beautiful and here in this little section here about companions and how they raise their kids want to share with you like this, this hadith of basil Delano reports on the province of Elias and I'm one out for hij, another famous IDEs but I want to bring your attention to is prophets of Allah Aeneas and I'm said, said to them, men, how Allah Who are these people, they said, We are Muslim and we're Muslims. And then they said to the province that they're coming for hij but they've never met the prophets of alarmism before. And they said and who are you the prophets of Allah Islam said that rasool Allah and the Messenger of Allah as soon as he said

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that as soon Allah this woman thrust supper child into the air, and then she says, Allah, you have the Hajj is their hedge for this child. And the prophets that Allah said and said, Now I'm Yes, and for you is the reward of the hatch. This statement, and I'll show you on another line, and all throughout, as you read the Sierra and you read about the Companions, the children, their children are always present in this amazingness of this year of the prophets that a lot is to them. They're always learning, they're always in those in, not in the shower, say they're in the shadows, but they're always they're being raised. So one of the most important things

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one of the most important things that you can do as a parent, for your children is to raise is to become the person that you want your children to be, is to become the person that you want the children to be, there was a brother in our community, who's whose son memorize the Quran and I heard some of you say that you want your child to memorize the Quran. Yeah, so there's a brother in our community, his son memorize the Quran,

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and then another of his sons memorize the Quran, and then another sons memorizes the Quran, and then their cousin memorize the Quran, and like just in one family, it's like boom, boom, boom, boom, all these kids memorizing the Quran. Why do you think that's the case? Why does like everybody wants their children to memorize the Quran and just in one family, there's like, five of false

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so he was he he was not half a little Quran and actually, I'll give you a little background was just, you know, even from him. He told me he was no he's

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he was overweight. He used to smoke he wasn't really religious that much. The kids started getting you know, they're growing up he made a decision to you know, raise them with Islam and teach his kids so when they started memorizing Quran he got excited to I don't even I'm thinking about this brother. Like what an amazing guy, masha Allah Tabata Cola, and of course, I'm sure his wife and their whole family is amazing.

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So, he didn't when he would drop them off at a Quran school, he didn't just drop them and go to like 711 and slurp a Slurpee and then come back after two hours or something like that. No, he would park the car he would go in the masjid with all these little kids memorizing their dad was sitting with them memorizing Quran with his children. So his children of course memorized it faster. They're younger and they're mashallah very beautiful, very cute. They memorize the Quran for him though he was slower but he was always positive attitude and it became father's father children out

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And because he was part of the process, which is why I'm telling you about the Companions, one of the most important things to help guide your children is to become or to try to go down the path of what you want your child to do. So in the case of Eman, so a man earlier told us that she wants her child to be a mentor to others. So what do we learn from this example? A man should become a mentor to others, or she should learn how to she doesn't have to be harvested, but she needs to be down that path. And when she goes down that path, her children will go down that path as well. Inshallah, Don, so And here's other examples of that, which you are familiar with. If you yourself, eat junk

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food at home, there is no way your kids are going to eat healthy. But if you eat healthy food at home, yeah, your kids you know, maybe they're gonna find some junk food outside or whatever. But chances are, they will eat what you eat. Or if you've ever gone on a diets. If you've ever gone on a diet and you start eating healthy, tell me your children eat healthy with you. Yes or no. One time I was I ordered like, Man, I'm eating too much meat. I need to eat a salad and I got this like this fancy salad. And then my son says to me, he's like, Baba, can you order me some chia seeds? He doesn't know chia seed. But he's like He won't. And even the next day, he's like, can you get those

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chia seeds again? So if I'm eating healthy, he's eating healthy as well. If I'm eating bad, he's eating bad. If you're talking about fitness, if you're doing if you have like a young daughter in the house, and you're doing fitness and you're doing your stretches and you're doing your activities, do you think your child's just gonna sit there on the couch and do nothing? No, your child's going to copy you. And same thing goes with sulla if you're always praying and reading Quran, your child is going to copy you. That's what children do in these ages. They copy

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they copy what we aim for. So the goal don't stress out about raising your children. actually focus on what's in your control and your control is if you get clear about what you want and what you want to drive towards, Inshallah, tada by nature of you going in that direction, your children go in that direction, as well enough