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Now hamdulillah Ahmed who wanna stay in who want to study he wants to Pharaoh wanna want to be law him in Sudan fujinami sejahtera Melina Maja de la hufa dama de la oma, you will further hodja who are shadow La Ilaha Illa Mahara hula sharika wash Madonna Mohammed Abu rasuluh Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallim ala hamata Sleeman kathira Amoeba, all praise due to Alon His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that Allah is the only one what are the abortion and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam has lost on Final messenger.

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And ultimate up near Amina rhodiola and Paul Paul to Yasuda la men najat column column m Lika. Ra Kelly Sonic.

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I'm sick illegally cernak. While Yes sir. Oh cabaye took webcad A hoppy ethic. Allahu

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Allah, what tirmidhi who had eaten hasn't that rock might have been amor asked the prophet SAW Selim. So how can a person be saved? Because then they'd be so Salam was talking about what will happen in the end of the days, the Phaeton and the things that the changes that will happen in the end of the days, and part of these changes that nepeta salaam told us

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in as

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as we going closer to the Day of Judgment, and as we go and farther away from the time of the process on them. And we do know exactly how far the Day of Judgment is, could be a million years from you now can be a 1000s of years, hundreds of years, who knows. But the point is that as we go farther away from the time of the problem, as we come in closer to the time of fitting trials, and hard trials, and these trials, in general are of two types, fit and fit Deanne will fit and fit dunia will abandon or may be her that this trials either has to do with your religion. So you start losing the religion by eating ideologists. Take people away from the religion or the sins became so

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accessible and so easy that it will take the person's religious people suck was a lie by committing all these sins, or by the lack of knowledge and the spread of ignorance where Kleenex will fit and within that you don't have access to knowledge. You don't know how to worship Allah, you don't know what is correct what is wrong, and people mislead you when it comes to the religion or that you're not able anymore to practice things from the religion. Allah take away from your ability, you your ability to practice things from the religion. For instance, one of the Phaeton that initial Salam told us that there is a day when people who cannot be Mr. Hodge anymore, there is a day will come

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and people can give soda anymore. Nobody accepting the soda Panda and there's a cat that's not studying that's you're not able to practice to pound a lot today, we witnessed us that that thing that you were taking, we were taking it for granted that I can just come to the muscle at any time is not the same thing. You can do them the Juma is not something for ya. Not only not and I said this before even shaking the hands even saying Salaam and coming to uni

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socializing with each other's that used to be bring a lot of rewards for us and take away some of our sins. We can do it and the heart is

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telling me about that how they're even doing this week and the last week and a couple of people talking to me telling me that their parents who died they can't even go wash their bodies or they were not able to have no access to the body and even can't go to their uncle's funeral and things of that nature.

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And areas where is restricted the number are not allowed to for people for a large number to gather

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that people ask me left and right. Are we allowed to do salata law even someone who died from my relatives if I can go attend their funeral

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today I am supposed to

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marry a couple's

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guess what

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The family can gather together to celebrate the marriage. As a matter of fact, I have to be broadcast to five different homes

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to do the marriage

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it's amazing how your ability for things that we take for granted is not anymore. So the Phaeton that comes this test and trials that also I put aside, some of them has to do with our religion, things from auto and sometimes this test has to do with the dunya, this livelihood live that we have.

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And that the spread of sickness, the spirit of death, or the spread of fear, unstable society.

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People became miser, stingy, the spread of lie and rumors. So, you know, the basically, it's hard to

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the basically a Navy so saddam said at one point, that 450 woman will have one man to take care of them. Live became very hard. Very tough.

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So these are the tests that the lasala put us through. So I said jasola men nejat How can a person save himself when he or she witness something of that? He said,

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control your tongue?

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control your time? Because sometimes, you know, giving like I don't know how people can't watch their tongue in such time like somebody saying, Oh, these days, the medical fatwa is everywhere. Everybody telling you Oh, I have the cure for the Coronavirus just take half a lemon squeeze it over salt water and you'll be fine you know you do this and everybody giving you to these days I'm sick Annika Sonic Hold your tongue? What if somebody you know, as smart as you believed you and did what you did? What you said thinking that that does well save them.

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So when we say emphatically all people give federa and religion

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Oh, it's not allowed to close the mustard is not allowed to you know we must pray in congregation and in large numbers and it could lead to disaster.

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Hold your tongue don't control your time is spreading rumors on society.

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A spreading rumors to the society or to the to the member of the society.

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It is something that's carefully should be watched, watched in the time of fitness.

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And sometimes in a certain type of fitting words enough to start words, enough to make people lose their lives.

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So control your turn. Also, I found it very interesting in our I will make this headings more relevant to us while we are home, control your tongue.

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We get angry, we're frustrated. We're scared.

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You know, we don't know what's going to happen. So make sure that you were

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saying what give optimism would give hopes.

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Don't be saying words which is make everybody more depressed or more scared. Also, watch how you talk to people. at the same point in this time, when someone especially in your family members, or community member expressed their concern and fear. Don't dismiss their feelings.

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Don't ignore their feelings. Don't just tell them hey, don't be paranoid. Isn't nothing gonna happen. That doesn't help by the way. That didn't make them feel better. You just making worse. Tell them hey, I'm here for you.

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Hey, we will face this together.

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I'm always going to be next to you. No matter what happened. I know it's hard. But you have done you know, you faced worse situation than this before. We trust you and we trust the law. Hey, we will make your act together this kind of force that what's your spouse your wife needs to hear your husband needs to hear your children needs to hear your parents needs to hear from you right now.

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Watch your tongue what you say.

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Also, planning to be so solemn while you're so committed to stay at your home

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are a perfect advice that we've been saying to people today. You know, no large gathering. We should not be socializing and interact wikibot social distance we in Texas we expecting that this the peak of the US according to some of the models that I've seen by the end of April anyway not even yet.

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This is coming

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Coming up

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one of the brothers shared with me a message from his relatives in New York it's really make me made me feel very sad. Haskell is wanting to make it easy for them

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we're funeral homes are filled Muslims

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the said we receive four to five bodies every day

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according to this brother

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who's a relative of one of my friends

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so that's something you know

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it's it's a serious so those who are dismissing the importance of staying at home and famously leaving the Navy so solemn said

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yeah and our bow hum sadhana Allahu Allahu Allah will guarantee security of five kinds of people. And he mentioned one of them. Mandela Sufi Beatty, for semi men who nervous, what semi meanness one of them a lot granted security for somebody stayed home. So he will save people from himself and he will be saved from people. And NW so someone said about the plague. If you stay home sobbed, that's it.

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If you stay home with suberb patient and you're seeking the reward from Allah subhanaw taala and you're not going all over the place and panicking

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in the visa salon and that person stay forever Shaheed is like Shaheed

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so that's the adviser Mohammed Salaam and the time of plagues and epidemic like this is to stay home isolated.

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Then NW sallallahu Sallam said webcad Anahata yogic cry over yourself

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as a golden advice, because that's the time if this is not the time for us to make Toba when we're going to repent.

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If this is not the time you think about or think about all the Haram things that you did

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was worth it right now.

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Is it worth it right now. Now, your main concern is enough's enough. So what if the real moment comes, which is the death

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and the moment of death and the moment of judgment? And the front of the last panel? asked Eliza Jelinek can be heavily on Yeah, can I bet it Salaam masala man and Amina Mohammed Al

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hamdu lillahi wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Milena, Viva Hobart my brothers and sisters I know so many of you listening to me today while you're at home.

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And I want to tell you that being at home,

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this is yourself because you want to solve save yourself and save your family and community and society at large is a good deed. Even if that means that you missing tomorrow today and ask a Lost Planet Allah to reward you for it and you pray the Lord and inshallah Allah reward you for doing and taking the right course of actions.

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It's not true that we can sacrifice that safety of the human beings just for attending a prayer and putting other people's lives in risk just because attending the prayer.

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And as the Sharia cares for the religion, it cares for also saving the human's life. And if hamdulillah you're not missing the Salah you pray at home and there is no such things as three Juma is the maximum of three no three Juma has nothing to inshallah you pray 20 Juma at home alone, it doesn't make a difference. The three Juma has no do with the situation that we are in the three Juma that didn't have you. So someone said to somebody who doesn't care about Salah doesn't care about Juma and for three ones Allah seal their hearts. But the number three here is not a mean carry any specific meaning. It means this person like very careless that even for three consecutive he didn't

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care, nothing changes his heart.

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But we're not talking about that we talked about someone who's for a valid reason not able to attend tomorrow.

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While you're home, I want you to remember that you every one of us is a leader. Everyone's inspire the members of their family to be better. Help them to feel safe to feel happy. I know it's hard, especially those who have kids at home. But make sure that you take a break so you can continue doing this because this not gonna doesn't look like ending very soon.

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So it's a time for you to communicate. Please don't let yourself and your kids everyone in the corner just on a gadget looking at their iPad or a phone and not connect with each other.

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Maybe we need another virus that tick attack the gadgets

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so we can use it looks like the only thing

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So this is something like to make us talk to each other, spend some time together, do some activity reading together, you know, make sure that you guys pray together, make sure that you make their act together, make sure that you do that as part of the morning and the night together.

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As much as you can read in Koran and memorizing together,

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stories together, especially Ramadan is coming soon, make sure it is a chance for you to know how much your kids really knows about Islam, you will be surprised, even if your kids went are going to some schools, you'll be surprised that even basic things like pillars of solid pillars of tawheed, they don't know.

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So it's a time for you to talk to them about these principles. And please don't pick on them, don't be harsh on them.

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Be nice, because they are stressed like you even if they don't, if not, they're not very eloquent to show it through words. But that's your kids are very stressed out. Especially the young one.

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So make sure that you spend some time and have fun things together. One of the things that I found it very interesting that there's about 12 museums, you can make a tour and a museum virtually online.

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You know, there's a lot of books that you can read and you can listen to stories listened to not all the time. And unfortunately, many people this is the time were consumed by movies, and saw barbarism and stuff like that. And very useless and not no benefit in it.

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No, you should look for things if fun. And it benefit you

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even there is adults books for for adults to coloring books and puzzles and stuff like that you can print online and do it with your kids, some games in the backyard if you have gardening, you know working in projects together.

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You know, it's all these card games and you guys know better than me, but make sure that you do sell the stuff together. So you can have and also at the same time you need breaks from one another take some breaks, go biking, go hiking, ticket for fishing.

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You know

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somebody was telling me yesterday that here in Texas, the made it announced fishing and hunting is illegal because they consider it an essential you know, business Yes, like they call it the grocery Gods grew up free grocery store, you know, you can go hunting or fishing and as long as you have the license for that, you know, exercise regime.

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So this is also something to stay healthy. I don't want us to save ourselves from virus and we ended up with other more complicated, you know, diseases because of that bad habits of eating.

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My brothers and sisters in the end

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you know, it is so important for us

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to be for one another at this time. Before your muscle organizations What are your messages for stole supporter mustard support Muslim organization are suffering, make sure that we look after our neighbors and there is need, make sure that you make their app special. And thank for those health care workers putting their lives at risk every day. And I asked the last panel data by his names to protect them and to heal the sick among them. And ask Allah subhanaw taala to heal all the sick ones and ask Allah Subhana Allah to protect our community and our families and our community and our society. In our city in our state and our country in the world. We ask a lot smarter to bring a

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quick and fast relief to the world. From the evilness of this virus. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive and to give the status of Shahada for those who die among us with this disease and to give sovereign strength to those who the family who lost their loved ones to this disease. I ask Allah Subhana Allah Allah to give us a good ending. And we ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive our sins, and our last pyaara if you're not angry at us, yeah Allah we ask you your we asked you from your mercy for your kindness. You are the most loving kind Lord yahama rahimian we asked you a lie yamawaki mean Yeah, hammer him in yada yada yada dude, the other gelato economy and tofana alum and

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you know that becoming Delta cachaca

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para la minion Ruby kamisha Mattila de la manera de we can offer you a Nutella min Tatiana Naruto became incredibly sharp Naruto.

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become incredibly sharp not to become incredibly sharp, no to become incredibly sharp alarm phenomenon in Edina, Latina Latina Latina Latina de Janeiro economic dinner lady who is a marina whilst learner Daniela latifi, Hama Hashanah. Allahu merasakan alien fusina Parvati Allah hamara technetium kushina tava tine llama magic, aloha McCullough magic along McCullough magic along maphack raffia to hear

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me on our

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sofa in LA in LA in La ilaha illa Anta su Kanika in Konami, Nevada mi La ilaha illa Anta Holly will Karim yada yada yada yada you your economic, economic, and non

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economic Aloma john optimate has an MBA in Ohio law major activity in a fire alarm activated in Ohio law

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in Ohio,

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possibly law most in demand and Amina Mohammed