Saad Tasleem – What Does it Mean to Have a Sense of Style?

Saad Tasleem
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My question to you is why is clothing important in the first place? holdings life man, like, you know, we practice we start practicing Islam. So then we, you know, we kind of just let ourselves go

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fade in the suit for the shorewall Khamis. And so and that's it. So it becomes a uniform. Yeah. So it's an annoying one. Why is it is it Do you see it as being a trend, but now religiosity is kind of being more colorful in their clothing, definitely. I think now, like, especially when I started practicing some, it was the same thing. Like I just my sense of style of fashion, all went out the window. And it's like, you just wear whatever. And I remember how this is crazy. I remember telling somebody like, it doesn't even matter. Like you could die tomorrow. Right? Like, doesn't even matter what you wear. This morning, we've been created to worship the last time you wear this. So you like

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the aesthetics? additive? Yeah. And the problem with that is you can't sustain that type of lifestyle. Because Allah has given us needs. And part of that for most people is to express yourself to be creative in one way or the other. Right? Like you have your poetry and this and that whatever, some people, they express themselves through their clothes, and what they wear and how they dress. So you can't take that part out of your life. I mean, sooner or later, you're gonna feel like there's something missing. And we don't want people to get to that place and be like, the problem is, is now because that happened. Some people are like, oh, maybe just always something wasn't for

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me. When the problem is no.

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Wonder this time, so you can't do that. Yeah. And so like, for me, it's like this whole new generation of Muslims that see a lifestyle that they can realistically practice 10 years ago, and folks were in college, you know, they became religious, they throw on the Tobin rock, the miswak, and all that, which is cool. By the way, I got the mindset. Yeah. Right. That doesn't make you a religious folk sometimes, but it's because I want to like it's a part of my culture as well. Like I identify with Arab culture to a certain degree. I mean, Medina for someone. Yeah. So when I wear it, like I with open throat, like a leather jacket on top, not because I feel like that's what a

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religious Muslim looks like. It's because I feel like that is a part of my identity as well. Well, did you see that, for example, insert ad all the time that you were there, for me, having never lived there, you kind of get the image of schmuck white fill message filled with people dressed exactly the same. For the most part, I'll be honest, that's how it was, especially in like this suit of knowledge environment. That's how it was, it's changing now, like now you'll begin to see a little bit more colors, like this styles are changing, like they'll add like a border, you know, like slightly still not, you know, as colorful as it is here. But

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especially like when I was setting there, that was very much the culture there, you'd see all white and all black. Gotcha. So we were just discussing, for example, Elements of Style, I don't really have much like, I'm not the type of person at all that needs to match their shoelaces with their like, so. I don't have multiple cell phone cases. quoted. Listen, though. That's you though, but your style is saying like your style is exactly like one brother today. He was like, Hey, I like your videos. But why do you have like your shirt unbuttoned with like the T shirt under? Like, that's fo pod man. I wasn't gonna say anything. But having your undershirt show is not my

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perspective. Like that's me, man. But that's goofy on my eyebrows. That's not gonna like

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how weird I look. Right? No, no, you look great. Oh, weird. super weird. back down.

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Not roll this. Oh, that's my whole thing. Like, that's fine. Because that's you exactly right. And we all have our own sense of style. And actually, like, I want people to be confident in who they are. Yeah. Doesn't matter. If I have a pair of snakeskin shoes.

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Sudanese called the medical show. Where do you have it? I of course I look. I'll be honest, I actually like them. Yeah, I know. You get a lot of a for them. I mean, but hey, doesn't make me it doesn't affect me at all. Awesome.

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And that's what you're, that's what we should be. Of course. Okay. Of course. Look, the most stylish thing for me is the thing that you feel the most comfortable in.

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But apart from that, I mean, it's still got the Sudanese dust on it.

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Over there. It's okay. It's got this really nice desktop on it. And it's got the red on the inside.

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Real snakeskin, of course.

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hasn't been on will take next shift. Is that head out?

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What is the fashion saying about snakes? Oh, there you go to the class and find out. That's a great response. Oh, boy. No, the response has always has to be you got to acknowledge the question you got to say, that's a great question. What is not a terrible

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my favorite quote is there are no stupid questions.

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