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Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The transcript describes Jana's history, including the end of Surah Zoomer and the return of the people of Jana to Jannah. The transcript also describes the importance of forgiveness and returning home for oneself.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. My dear brothers and sisters, Welcome home. Welcome to Jana. Now one of the most beautiful ayat in the Quran is the end of Surah Zoomer in which Allah subhanho wa taala. Speaking about the entourage of the people of Jana, forget about the people of Johanna, but the people of Jana, how they're going to be taken to Jannah in large numbers this quarter to those of Ginetta gates of Jan Allah subhanaw taala says, What's your Kalinina Takara bomb it'll Jannetty Sumatra, and those who fear the Lord's panna whether we're conscious of the Lord, they were taken, you know, escorted to Jana Zoomerang groups together, everybody's Marshall working

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with a group had a deja vu they had a Wawa until they arrived and the gates were opened upon arrival. While Carla has to Assalamualaikum and the ushers will tell them peace be with your Santa Monica libitum but Hulu holiday. Come on, and you're so good, and you deserve it. You earned it. Come on and enter Jannah it turned into your eternal life. What a beautiful, beautiful site to be in Hmm. Ramadan is your chance to go home to go to Jana. You see, there's an interesting observation from some of the Allameh where they talked about We are all immigrants in the studio. Because we all came from Ghana, our forefathers our father, the first man Adam Malasana. He came from Ghana so the

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origin is to go back again the original thing for us is to go back again to Jana. We're all immigrants in this life. We need to go back home that's all And subhanAllah we've been given a ticket after a tender ticket after another ticket unanderra Ticket like many tickets to get you to agenda many tickets to get your agenda. One of the is month of Ramadan inshallah Tabata, Kota Allah and Hadith the epidural the allotter and vada the messenger of allah sallallahu Sallam he climbed the steps of the member of his of his masjid

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and when on each step he would say me and the second he said me and the third one he said I mean is Hubbard Alana was surprised the prophets of some are saying I mean, but they will not hearing any DUA and his obligation that you say I mean for so when he was asked he said energy real attorney Gibreel came to me and he mentioned three things for him. And each one of them deserve for this person to be humiliated if you don't earn it. And the first one the prophet saw some you said that you bill Kevin, he says Colorado Amphoe Manduca and dofollow masala Alec, pull me. He says May his nose be wrapped in the dust someone who hears you mention your name Muhammad and doesn't say sala de

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la masala Muhammad Ali Muhammad and also Allah says me and the second he says call or the man from an Adela Kovai and del Kiba fella Michaela, hold Jana. She has made his his nose built up in the dust someone who lives long enough to see his parents grow old and he doesn't get an agenda because of them. May his nose be wrapped in the dust say I mean, he says I mean and the third one he says called What are the man for man ADRA karma manda Corolla Ramadan, someone who enters through the month of Ramadan fell a mule for Allah. And he doesn't get forgiveness since at the end of the month of Ramadan say I mean so he said I mean Salah Nanos and three things. Number one, the sensor lewat

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upon the Prophet Salas and frequently, number two, we have old parents and you're not taking care of them. Good. Then they fed us that's going to be the provision from from Jana. So taking care of them in their old age will get you into agenda and the third one is said Salah Salem Ramadan, you enter the month of Ramadan. So you've been given another ticket to Jana, and you don't do enough to guarantee Jenna for yourself in the month of Ramadan. And that's what the Prophet SAW said that what a loser basically someone who has the opportunity to be forgiven every single Ramadan and you won't get that forgiveness. So my dear brothers and sister to get to agenda is to get back home and we

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need to get back home in as many ways as we can and one of them is month of Ramadan. Insha Allah Tabata Kodaira make sure that you dedicate this month of Ramadan to be the target for you is to intergenic How do we do that? So the a lot of a bilateral Hamdulillah that we do in Ramadan, you will Quran you seek forgiveness from Allah subhanho wa Taala you give charity you make a lot of there's so many things and obviously seeking forgiveness and repenting back to Allah subhanho wa Taala if you do so, I hope that Allah Subhana Allah will grant you your wishes. Specifically in the last 10 nights of Ramadan, there is one single night, little other, make sure that you've you've

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done enough in Charlaine the last day nuts of Ramadan that you catch this letter other the worship in that night is better than worshiping a lifetime more than 1000 months as Allah subhanaw mentioned in the Quran of good deeds imagine that How come then a person enters Ramadan and gets out of Ramadan without being forgiven? That's why we say that wood comes to Jana handy a lot of blood I mean it's home but you need to go into that path at least to agenda on Ramadan is one opportunity to get there inshallah to Allah Kota Allah. May Allah make us among those who listen to this

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Speech and follow this video but I mean I'm Ella facilitate a path for us in this Ramadan to go to our home back in Jana As Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato

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