Haitham al-Haddad – The Capitalist Firaun #1 – A Post-Fajr Reflection on Surah al-Qasas

Haitham al-Haddad
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How to

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study the study of Peru. Okay.

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Now, I thought the Imam would read the story of our own but anyway, in between those stories, Allah Allah Allah commented on

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the cover of the people of Musa

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the cover of surrounds and the cover that will come

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after that the cover of or the hood of how our own who used to be sorry, our room the who used to be among the people of Musa as we will see inshallah tomorrow. Allah Allah Allah Allah started to comment by saying the first verse that was read today. Well it was Sunnah the humble Allah allow me to decode means we reveal the Quran, we revealed the Quran in

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the Quran was revealed, according to or it was revealed throughout a long period of time. And it contains so many admonitions, so many examples, yet, despite all of this, they don't want to believe. So Allah Allah, Allah, Allah commented on that. And in between Allah, Allah, Allah Allah mentioned, a very strong, powerful verse.

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Of course, we cannot go throughout the verses, but we can select some verses that can describe the discussion. Allah, Allah Allah mentioned, one strong verse woman.

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When I couldn't

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have done a bath if you only have a stool and yet through Allah him i Athena, one couldn't normally kill Allah

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Subhana Allah, the justice of Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah does not destroy towns, or cities or countries in this life, except after Allah, Allah Allah sends to them, prophets or warnings, enough warnings.

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And what I noticed that there is a difference between the punishment in the Ophira and the punishment in the dunya.

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The punishment in the dunya is mainly related not to suffer, but to boom.

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That's why whenever there is a disruption that Allah Allah, Allah, Allah sent upon nation, or individuals in this dunya Allah, Allah Allah always and check, okay, when you read the Quran, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah does not link it to Cofer Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah links that to what

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to any kind of to certain types of injustice world, which means that even if the people were Muslims, but because they're committed to loan or injustice or corruption, they might be punished in the dunya. Now, this helps everyone because this is this serves as a reminder for everyone that Oh, listen, you might receive your punishment immediately for the the sins that you have committed, okay, towards other people or towards the sins that have that you have committed, that are related to injustice, okay. This is one principle that was mentioned in those verses, and other principles that was mentioned in those verses. What book

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were top Mecca and Allah,

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Allah creates whoever he wants, and Allah selects or chooses whoever he wants, no one has the right to create, no one has the right to what to choose. Now this is a very important principle and it summarizes so many things even in

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that there are three writes for Allah and Allah Allah related to hope. Yeah,

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he is the one who creates he is the one who changes the creation and he is the one who gives or specifies certain positions for the creation.

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Okay, that's why IBLEES when

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Allah Allah, Allah, Allah expelled him, okay of His mercy. He said, that the aesthetic or the other is when our moral norms were taken than an arm while arm or

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lay your a urine now, Allah So Iblees took upon himself to that he will command you

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Human beings to change the creation of Allah Allah Allah. So one of the grave sins is what the change of the creation of Allah, Allah. So remember this, no one creates what Allah no one changes the creation of Allah, Allah Allah except himself and no one gives any status or decreases the status of the creation of Allah Allah Allah Allah. Okay? No one has that right? It is Allah, Allah Allah is the One who does that. And this principle helps us to understand so many things in Sharia, for example, just just an example, although we don't want to discuss it now.

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For example, the one the prophet Sallallahu Sallam prohibited women from certain Okay, from certain things they do in order to beautify themselves. The Prophet sallallahu sallam said Allah and Allah Now Masako, McDonough Mossad, et cetera, Al Maha year RT the Hulk Allah. Yeah, those who knock the plug the eyebrows. And then at the end there, Allah was given what those who change the creation of Allah dilla for example, when the scholars said,

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don't celebrate other than their IDs. Why they said this, many people did not understand the logic behind it. They said because all these are what?

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Equal in the sight of Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah is the only one who what? Who gives special status to this creation or that creation? So if Allah Allah, Allah, Allah made all the days equal, no one has the right to give preference to one day, over the other days. Did you get that? Because this is the right of Allah dilla this is just a point. Okay, to be mentioned, and then

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the last thing Yes, subhanAllah very powerful ayat.

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Allah, Allah, Allah is again, addressing

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our minds our hearts and everything else from a rational perspective. Our item in Jan Allahu Allah accumulators are Madame de la yo Mel Piaba min Illa. Who Allahu Allah here in Cambodia. I've heard this in my own

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Subhanallah very powerful. He is saying, imagine

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if Allah Allah Allah Allah were to make days and nights are what as knights? Yeah, Black Knights, Dark Knights.

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Until the day of resurrection, who is able to work to give you daylight?

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Don't you?

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Let us know. Don't you hear?

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On the other side, Allah, Allah Allah said okay, if Allah Allah Allah Allah made all the day's daylight, daylight who has the power to give you a night in which you can sleep and have rest?

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Can anyone do that? No. Then the Allah Allah Allah said If Allah took zero Don't you see this? And then he said one Marathi Jaya Hola, como Lena, one liter scruffy, will it have double fin min family. This is out of the Mercy of Allah, Allah Allah that He made days and nights in order for us to rest in the days and to work and days time to rest in the night and to work in the days in order to get our provision. This is out of the Rahima of Allah, Allah, Allah Allah. Again, the Quran was using rationality, in order to what to prove not the existence of Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, it is done. It is proven, okay. It is part of the fitflop but to what to establish His greatness that

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needs to work, to establishing his oneness, and that needs to worshiping Him alone. Does that mean love it

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