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Hasan Ali
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a session in which a man named[SPEAKER Mona Adams was given a chance to become a prophet and become a messier than[SPEAKER the Prophet of Allah Hollis. The speaker explains that while some people may argue with the speaker, others do not. The speaker also mentions that while some may say they don't agree with the speaker, others do, and that the speaker's "helpful" approach to the topic of "helpful" is a reflection of his own actions.
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35 years ago in 1989 I remember attending a session in Jami, Masjid Lester, where Montana Adam saw him who just passed away but Allah grant him a high place in early and and also a pacing for those I mean, who is the father of multi international custody? Mana Adams I was giving a tough session. And he was the Imam of the masjid and he said, you know, he's given a Tafseer of Surah Baqarah surah number two animal 148. And you the ayah talks about the whole context is that allah sallallahu sallam was told to change his Qibla from Masuda Aqsa to the Kaaba, and he did so. And the Jewish people in Medina made all sorts of accusations against the Prophet of Allah Hollis and telling him

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how he is not a legit person to be a prophet, because he's supposed to keep a muscle Aqsa as his permanent Dibbler. Anyway,

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the ISS well equalling, which had to Who am one, that every person has their own, you know, way, their own direction that they're heading in these are, you know, this is the direction that they're set in going towards, and they're arguing with you because they want you to join them, you know, they're not, they're not happy that you haven't accepted their way of thinking and their mindset, and you're not heading in their direction. And they will always argue with this, and I will argue with you and moron, I was saying that you're always gonna find every point of your life, there are people doing this with you. But he says what's really important to remember is histological

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hierarchy, the Quran in that ayah says, You should raise one another in the goodness that you can achieve now Subhanallah in the midst of all the arguments that you've got, people have different opinions, you know, okay, Islam, look, Islam is something that has so many different opinions sometimes. And, you know, it's time allowed, you know, obviously, we follow Sharia, we follow a fake, we follow, you know, a must have and so on, that's fine. But within that there are differences of opinions and differences of opinion. And you have, you know, sometimes people will say, Well, I don't agree with you, and therefore this and therefore that, and what and I said, You know what, the

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best thing to do is just don't forget festival hierarchy, you've got your own things that you need to achieve in life, the goodness, just carry on doing that carry on doing that. And Maulana is actually a reflection of that in his life because no matter who was you know, against woman, I knew what he was doing in the early days. When I just carried on he carried on doing what he was doing in a humble life you go to less than Java C lesson today, you will see the work that they're doing over there. Marshall humbler is a very, very long way away from the 1980s when I attended the session, but what I want to say subhanallah people will always be there to argue with you for whatever

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direction you're taking, you know, you gotta remember as long as you follow the Sharia you're following the faith and properly and so on. humbler just move just move you know, you've got your own opinion somebody else is different in some other small opinion, just move in a good direction. And Allah bless all of you may Allah grant Mona Adams I have genitive with us.

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