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Setup aren't equal to La evil Baraka.

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It was so that was set up I noticed he

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was traveling. All places belong to Allah subhanho wa Taala freezing you AC is, is assistance, support in all our matches, you sent Peace and blessings upon our beloved prophet Hamlet so that that right at the center of upon his family upon his companions and for all those who follow him up until the last day, my brothers and sisters won't come to Joomla summary. The topic of today's webinar is all up for me and I will respond. This is what Allah subhana metallocenes would only

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call upon me and I will answer is Pamela This is the most powerful of a believer to Yes, a lot of times we as women seem to realize and actualize the power of dua, the Prophet said in the morning, he said that we said beautiful thing he said, Larry,

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is itself is wishing Subhan Allah, when was the last time that you raise your hands and ask ALLAH SubhanA who was added for your well being for your parents, for your family, for your spouse, for your children, for the society?

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At Large, there are so many ways and you know, aspects that you and I would like to look at. But nonetheless,

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we fail to realize to ask Allah, Allah Almighty is always ready, willing to respond. The question is, are you am I willing to ask a must?

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When was the last time you ask Allah for the for the gender to photos? When was the last time that you asked God to grant us access of this woman in Africa? My brothers and sisters in this spirit should be very high when it comes to God because a lot of self uses are only a certain level He commands us to ask Allah subhanaw taala so that he can respond can answer so my brothers and sisters It is imperative upon us to focus in on asking a boss panels either repeatedly without any iota of doubt, without any disappointment without any, uh, you know, doubts panel certainly answers our prayers. So my brothers and sisters, we ask a lot of mighty to help us ask him for whatever we want.

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We ask Allah Subhana Allah to grant goodness and well being to design this humble inside the present Web. Likewise, we asked about MIT to bless and grant wellbeing to all the wonders of the heavens. We ask about mighty to protect this beautiful nation, the UAE from all kinds of ins and outs we are asking us to protect and grant Burstein called the Muslim that we ask Allah Almighty to remove any kind of difficulty and problems that Muslims are facing across the globe. We ask Allah Almighty specially to help and heal all those brothers and sisters who are suffering. We ask a lot of my team and all of us the highest level of genuine witnessing the piece of philosophy.

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And it hadn't been in the appropriate I mean