The Mourning of Hamza R.A – The Lion Of Allah – The Firsts

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When they all went back to Medina after everybody in Medina had a deceased person,

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right, everyone had a relative that was killed and in some way, so everyone in Medina was crying. And there was a particular thing called the Nia which was the Wailing ceremony is the morning that the women would do in particular in Medina, mourning over the deceased. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was walking the streets of Medina

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and he sees the crying and the Wailing of the women in Medina

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and the men as well and their Nia and their grief over what has happened. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he puts his head down, and he says, top corner potluck.

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You cry over your dead ones. He said, I'm the Hamza. My uncle lavake

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there's no one to cry over him.

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Like somehow his sadness sallallahu wasallam all these families in Medina are gathered and they're all crying over their deceased ones. He said, But my uncle Hamza, who the prophets lie some cried more for than anyone that they'd ever seen right? The way he cried over Hamza was the deep crying. They said the weeping of the Prophet slice on when it loads out. Anna was massacred when he was murdered that way, said Hamza has no one to cry over him. So what did they do in Medina?

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They went all around the Prophet slice on his house. And they started to loudly wail

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out of their love for the profits license.

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panela like think about their love for the messenger. So the lie so I'm like, like, the we ignored him. While we were crying over our own. We forgot that he lost his uncle in this battle. And he doesn't have his family with him. So I said, I'm better. You know, it's different. And so they all went in front of the house of the prophets, I saw them and they started to cry, and mourn and weep. And this is one the hokum the ruling of a Nia had the prohibition of mourning, wailing out loud came down only after the death of Hamza will be alongside on wailing is to shout to cried loudly at the death of a person. So handled the Alon who was the last person that this would be allowed for