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Should men cover their head in Islam?

Saad Tasleem


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Covering the head for men. Okay, right. We don't have a narration of where he uncovered his head in public key tactical turpis for covering your head right like this is something I didn't realize until I came to Houston. If you're outside for a little while, it gets hot man. Yeah, okay. Yeah, exactly. So I may not be comfortable wearing a you know, 10 gallon cowboy hat or somebody No, but like a fedora will do. I have my own thoughts on Fedora, but I'm not I'm not gonna get in. I'm not gonna go there. I'm not trying to offend anybody who wears Fedora.

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He's talking about No, I'm just you know, anybody wears Fedora? I'm not trying to, those are Fedora.

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here's a here's a thing of Fedora. For at will have an entire coat rack of Fedora is hanging out right over Look man, if you if you you know, as I was saying, if you'd like it makes you feel good. If you're comfortable in it, have the rocket and be and be proud of it. You know, I think we will grab on right now and then please don't do

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