Zoubir Bouchikhi – Seventy Major Sins In Islam 01D

Zoubir Bouchikhi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of being honest and not being racist. They also criticize media discussions about terrorism and the Middle East, calling them "slack." The speaker also talks about the need for privacy and human rights in various industries.
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challenge number five, they know the prime, why they don't bring this verse in CLM

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verse in Surah

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Surah five, verse 32.

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What is it? What is Allah saying that

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mean as the garlic we have written upon the children of Israel, that is that if you kill one innocent life, on

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earth on Earth, as if you killed all mankind, and us if you save one life, if you are a doctor and nurse, an ordinary person, you save a life. You save a life, you find someone about to guide, you rush him to the hospital, you find the child drowning in Sudan, you jump, you save life, you do anything. You you save a life, as if you say to all mankind, this is who we are.

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This is the Muslim.

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But in the media, what do you see as

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healers? Is that that's what the West wants us.

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But we are not that.

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We, ourselves feel that it's alright to be.

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No, no, no, no, no. That's, that's wrong. Why, again, because no one is teaching the right Islam. I mean, not not no one, very few.

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And the ruler who speak the truth, we don't want them to speak. Why? Because sometimes they, they, they bother us.

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You know, they may say something we don't like it's okay.

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But I know that it is very healthy for the community why I shut him down and make someone a puppet? Because he will say exactly what I want. No, we need to be honest. I agree that there are people who in the name of disturbing do horrible things, but how many?

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How many in 1.7 billion, while you paint the whole? 1.7? Am I one of them? Are you one of them? You're not so why they say every person is there is a not every Muslim is terrorist, but every terrorist is a Muslim.

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If we compare how many people are killed by Muslims, versus how many people are killed by non Muslims or by Christians, or Americans, just Americans we will see it was the terrorists.

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Don't accept that. And you stop people right there before they continue discussing with you. I don't allow you

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you cannot allow them to further the discussion. Because that they have one. That's it.

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One of the best media discussions I have seen in my life was between the ambassador of Lebanon and CNN, right after 911. And they brought this guy and they wanted to know cnn sorry, Fox. And he wasn't very smart. This diplomat was good. I don't think he will ever return.

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Every question they ask about terrorism and the Middle East, he says Shannon is that terrorists?

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Is my is the terrorists. Yeah, but I'm asking you what is it? Well, you brought me I have five minutes I have to say whatever. They want you to say something and then based on that, you know they will capitalize on it. He was very strong. He was very smart. Whatever question he said Shannon is he's right he is occupying Muslim men. That's because why there is the standard whatever wherever they go. So he was smart he didn't answer the question he used that five minutes live

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very well. How many of us as as that's my

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view human rights in the Muslim world What are they

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the rights of people to do whatever they want? How about my rights to go any anywhere in any industry? No.

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But someone can can drive Jonathan Jalan jalan at for eight Emmys okay. I'm just giving you the West the rights the human rights they need white rights. If you are poor and poor a you have rights. If you are Arab or African or Middle Eastern or Asian you have no rights. So please, when they say human rights they need to pay

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This is the continuation of the lectures by Sh Zoubir on Shirk & Murder as one of the 70 major sins in Islam.

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