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Men or women from the color of blood I mean salatu salam Allah

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Allah He also have yet many beloved brothers and sisters in Islam salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Just like a lovely, thank you so much for joining us this episode 42 of our series, The Blissett women around the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And as we reach closer and closer to the 50th episode, which will be our last episode, we'd like to thank you for joining us on this journey. And in fact, in our last episode, we completed our discussion around a mother maimunah, who is the last of the wives of the Prophet was a lamp. Before we begin the return to our series, I thought it's important that today we I am in the world in Cape Town, the ninth of January. It is the

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day that you know many of the schools have started, it's back to school for many of us for some of our kids that are going to high school for the first time for some of our kids that are going to primary school for the very, very first time. In fact, my little one Alhamdulillah started preschool today. There were a lot of tears this morning, most of it from the parents, but hamdulillah we, you know, it's part of life. And it's very important for us to take a moment and to think about this occasion, because we are an Ummah, that began with Allah subhanho wa Taala began the Quran with Accra, and we and Omar that should be synonymous with learning and knowledge and an intellect. We

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are an oma, that our strength comes from our our ability to learn and that we are continuously prospering and improving Allah subhanaw taala. In fact, he mentioned in the Quran, that he will elevate, it's a rule, it's a principle of Allah, that he will elevate and he will raise up in this world and in the next world, people, those who have a man and those who have knowledge, so Allah will always give honor and blessings to people of a man and people of knowledge, sometimes even a person without a man, but he has knowledge, Allah will honor Him. And I don't just talk about the knowledge in terms of the sacred sciences, I'm not only talking about the feet and feet and a pita,

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we're talking about the dunia sciences, of course, everything is divine, even biology, chemistry, this is all part of natural law. But we talk about the worldly sciences, the sciences of this world, the one who acquires it and learns it, you'll find that he's successful. If you look at the countries that are rich, the countries that are powerful, those are the countries that have the most universities, the most liabilities, the most graduates, the most researchers, every time someone learns and acquires new knowledge, it takes them further they rise up a garage, as always fantasies, and even on a personal capacity for a personal level. We know that if we're in a crowded room, and a

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person walks in, we know that is the doctor that is the professor, the person with the most qualifications we give them the most honor, if you look at in terms of your financial well being many, many times, money and wealth goes to those who have the highest level of qualification. So Allah subhanho wa Taala will open so many doors of goodness, through learning and through knowledge. You know, we say this, not just ourselves, and it's perhaps something we should share with our kids. Knowledge is the greatest blessing of the man. And in perhaps it's, you know, it is the greatest blessing after having a man is knowledge and Allah has made this, this blessing, a very unique kind

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of blessing. What do I mean Subhana Allah, every other blessing that you can think of Allah can give it to you or Allah will give it to you for free. even imagine your health you get it for free, you didn't make any effort, you got it, you the oxygen you breathe, you didn't make any effort, you got it. People get wealth without any effort. There are people that are born billionaires, they inherit a fortune without raising a finger. There are people that are born kings, they inherit power, without any effort. even imagine many of us are born Alhamdulillah Muslims, we were born with the kalama one hamdulillah. But knowledge alone will not ever, ever, ever, ever give knowledge for free.

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Nobody is born with knowledge. Nobody gets knowledge free of charge, you can't download information. You know, magically, the only way to attain knowledge is through sacrifice is through learning is through sitting in that class is through challenging yourself and exhausting yourself. And the more you give, the more you will get. And the less you give, the less you will get. So for those of you who are in full time learning, it is a great honor and a great privilege to be able to sit in a class and learn from a teacher from a lecture. Whether it is you know, grade one with is the lowest level or with a UI PhD professor, and you are still studying it is a great great honor and honor.

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There are many, many people that cannot learn full time there are many young people whose knowledge and whose talents are unable to be utilized because they have to provide for the family they have to work and so behind Allah, it is through knowledge that you are being refined each and every one of us we have talents we have abilities. Only through learning will we discover those gifts that Allah has given us only through learning what our our

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Potential behind us. So for those of you who are studying, it's a great honor and a great honor. Please utilize it, please from day one, take this as an act of worship while you're sitting in the class, the angels are lowering the winds in your presence, Allah is rewarding you and giving you that hours that you spend as an act of worship, and so on Allah, you know, we as an oma, are far far behind many of the nations of the world. And this should not be the case. On a big level. There are big problems. We have other other nations or other communities are sending, you know, spaceships into the distant parts of the solar system. They are discovering the smallest of Allah's creations

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in the atoms, they are curing diseases. We as Muslims have stagnated for many, many centuries now. We have stagnated we went My mother was on the forefront of development of science of technology. And we should return to that. And it begins today. Day one of back to school, it begins with those of our little kids in grade our begins with our kids in grade one starts with him. And that progression in sha Allah, if we start and fix things from the bottom than the top will solve itself, then of course, there are those of you who perhaps did not do so well. You didn't pass your exam, you didn't get into the qualification that you wanted. Don't be despondent, remember, not succeeding

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on the first attempt is not failure. It is not failure. It is only failure. When you give up when you stop trying, when you completely lose hope and become despondent, that is failure. Failure is giving up and quitting. If you didn't do it the first time, and many and egg This is a life Listen, very few things in life, especially those things that mean something special, you will not succeed on the first attempt. Many times you will have to try again and again and again. And it's not the one that has the most talent that succeeds. It's the one who has the most perseverance sounds cliched, but for those of us who have been, you know, on this dunya for a few years, and we've been

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through some problems that I've been through many, many exams of my life. Very seldom do you get to pass on your first time. Even your driving exam spatola might take you a few attempts before you get there. So don't give up. Don't quit, continue to persevere. Even if it means you need to repeat a year you need to repeat an exam do so. And perhaps the lessons you learn from failing, the lessons you learn from stumbling and picking yourself up was a greater lesson in succeeding the very first time. So inshallah we hope that Allah blesses all those of us who are studying our little ones that are old ones. I'll grant him till freaking success in the exams and in the studies and all the

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goodness for this year to come. I mean, well hamdulillah back to our series, the blizzard women around the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. In our last episode, we spoke about our mother maimunah and she is the last of the 12 personalities, or the wives of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. There are certain names that pop up in the Sierra, and we'll mention them perhaps in this episode in the next episode. So we see our mother Mae morning, somebody we don't know too much about her. She joined the column in the very latter stages of his life, maybe a year or two or three years before he passed away. And she was very much a lady that I kept to herself. She was friendly with

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everyone else, but we don't know too much about her. Besides that we said she was the cousin of the province of Alam. She was a believer, but she was unable to perform the heater to Medina she was in Makkah, while the Prophet also was in Medina. And when her husband died, she proposed to the viscosa lam via her brother in law, Allah bass Allah bass being the uncle of enemies of Salaam, so she sent the proposal and then to be accepted. So there I engaged the newbies in Medina, my moon is in Makkah, when the professor Salam comes to Makkah to perform and Amara is still a visitor. He's not allowed to be in Makkah longer than three days. He makes his O'Meara and then he concludes the

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marriage to maimunah outside of Makkah, because the Quran didn't allow him to get married in Makkah, so he got married in serif in a place called serif outside of Makkah. Muna goes within of Islam to Medina, and they she remains in Medina until the prophets of Salaam passes away. And she lives a number of years often and when she passes away, it was a dream to be returned to the land of this little place of sidefx outside of Makkah, that's where she wanted to be buried. And Allah subhanho wa Taala allowed it to be buried there. So if you go to Medina in Albuquerque Cemetery in Medina, you will find this special area we all the wives of VDI sharing have saw Zainab Salama the OB the

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inbox symmetry in Medina, but you will find that there are two people missing of the wives of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that being of course Khadija who died in Makkah and is buried in Makkah, and maimunah of the law and who Nijmegen she's buried the inside if So, with this, we conclude our 12 personalities and the wives of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. And once again let's go through that list. And I hope by now you know this list by heart, let's go through them together. We have had Egypt in hoilett being number two sewed up into sama. Number three, I share Binti abubaker number four hafsa number five, Zainab bint Hosea number six selama number seven, Xena bien de ash

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number eight.

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Habiba Arambula Binti Abu sufian number nine Sophia bin number 10 Maria, Katia and number 11 maimunah. Let's go through the list one more time. We have a deja one soda to Ayesha three half saw for Zainab bin khuzaima five. Ooh, Salama number six. Zainab bint jahsh. Number seven, Julia number eight on Habiba number nine, Sophia number 10. Marissa number 11 and maimunah number 12 personalities of the life of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Now, no discussion now one might ask, the prophet Sonam passes away and he has 10 wives. Basically, the Sharia only allows a man to marry four wives. This is by unanimous consent. I also know that a man is only allowed to

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marry four wives. So how can I be so solemn, married more than this? The prophets are seldom understand that there are certain rules that are specific to him. So by and large, the Sharia applies to all Muslims applies to the Navy applies to the child applies to the island, everyone, it applies equally to everybody. So we all pray five times a day, we all have to force in the month of Ramadan. There are no exceptions, except for those who are ill, or those who have a legitimate excuse. So even the MDR the prophets of Allah, remember, they are slaves, and they don't have an exemption in terms of worship of Allah. But there are certain rules which are special to the NBA.

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And I said, I'm playing you know, if you want to call it devil's advocate here, we should always become cautious. When we see an organization, we see a group of people with a man on top the CEO, or the leader of that organization, he has privileges that others don't have the rules don't apply to him. So maybe the president he doesn't have to pay taxes, we say why is that? That's that's unfair. Why should you be free of of the rules if the rules apply to meet you apply to you. So when we see an IV, suspend them getting privileges, we should ask the question, why is that? So? So certain rules, in fact, most of the rules that are specific to the Beatles album, those are rules that

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actually make more obligations on him. So for example, than a Beatles album, every single night dadgad was compulsory on him. He did not only have five Sala he actually had to perform tattooed every single night. We know another rule that was specific to him, he could never him and his family, no matter how poor they were, how difficult things were, they could never ever receive charity Zakah and charity never was allowed to be seized by the prophets of Allah and his family. Because the NBR not allowed to do that. When he dies, the prophets of Allah, all his wealth, will go to charity, and his relatives won't receive anything from it. So these laws are actually obligations

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on him. The only benefit we could see is with regards to his marriages, we know that we said the wives of the personam they had a higher level of hijab that they were screened, and that when he died salsa, lamb, his wives could not marry anyone off team. So these are specific rules. And yes, Allah subhanho wa Taala allowed an obese alum to exceed this limit of four. But how did this come about? Why is that? So we find a story which we began many, many weeks ago in the series about the prophets of Salaam and his wives, and I take you back. So in our studio of maimunah, we mentioned this young world, even a bus remember we set up the live in a bus, the son of Allah bus was mamoon,

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his nephew, and he was a young boy and he would visit in Ibiza Salaam when his Auntie was sleeping over and he would come there and he would learn from going to be Salaam. So the same Sahabi grows up. He's a big man. Now he's a big chef. And he tells us a hottie. He tells us a story. He says, you know, there was a verse in the Quran where Allah says Allah mentioned to him that the two wives have an abyssal asylum, that they should repent because they had disclosed the secret. Allah mentioned the names but Allah says, there are two wives that will be so solemn, they conspired against him, so they should repent. And even abus you know, being a young boy, he didn't know when this verse was

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revealed and who it related to, and you know, it was very curious. So now he's a big man, he finds himself on Hajj was a normal. Also normal is now the halifa. And even a boss says, you know, for one whole year, I've been meaning to ask Omar about this verse. Who are these two women that Allah reprimands in the Quran? Now why is it awkward to ask Omar because one of the wives the referees have saw the dose of armor. So even a boss says Jamar, I want to ask you this question for one whole year. Who are these two women? Norma says yeah, you know what it was Ayesha and hafsa. They were the two that Allah demanded. And Ilan says to even a boss, you know, Don't feel shy. If you want to ask

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me a question. Even if it's awkward. We are in oma of learning, ask the question. It's better that you ask them to keep these questions lurking in your head. Side note here. There are many awkward things in Islam, about particularly females, about women in Islam, and Islam has a reputation and unfair reputation that it is oppressive to women.

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And therefore, after this episode in the next five or six episodes, we are going to talk about the very controversial issues in Sharia. Why does the Sharia say for every one male witness, there should be two female witnesses? Why does the Sharia say that you find in the Quran, Allah actually says that you can beat your wife, what is your How is this possible? So these kind of questions very awkward. We may be too shy to ask we shouldn't be, we should ask because I wish idea has an answer for these kind of questions. So we'll tackle that. And so PP those questions and send them through this enormous history but at best, Don't feel shy, ask your question. And so then say Norma tells

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him a story. He says, You know, I want to tell you something, I used to have a neighbor. And we would one day I would work in the field. And my neighbor would be sitting in the masjid learning from the professor lamp. Then when he comes we shaved the profit of the labor. Then the next day, he would work and I will go and learn and I will teach him what I learned and He will give me some of the money that he earned. So this is our agreement. So he said it was my turn to work in the field that day. And while I was there, my neighbor comes screaming you know, we are in ruin this catastrophe is a crisis. And so it no longer says in our so shocked, I thought we're being attacked

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by an enemy. So the neighbor said it's even worse than as being invaded, or rather, the profits or limb as divorced or his wife. So this was off the medic maimunah meaning he divorced all 10 of his wife's Viola. So Omar Dylan is shocked. And he goes straight not to have salt, obviously, half size his daughter, but he goes to where the professor was saying he was with Ayesha. So he goes to IHS house. And the problem is not the he finds out the Prophet is not in his house. So say normally sees across the curtain, I show it inside the house. And he says, Oh, I shall. What did you do? The Prophet is upset. What did you do must be you you've done something, and I shall cease and we know

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by now I should personality, even though Omar is you know, 40 years older than her he's a senior man. She's still a young, you know, teenage girl. She says, Don't ask me what I did. Even though Bob go ask your daughter what she did. I don't speak to me go speak to your daughter about this. Socially normal runs to his daughter hafsa. He finds it in tears. He's crying. And he seems to have saw what happened Are you divorced? The divorce, you have losses? I don't know. I don't know what's happening. He's decided to leave all of us, not just me, all of us. So say no more now rushes back and he finds out to the promised land is living in an attic on the roof of the masjid to the masjid

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has a little room on top. And he's saying that he's not staying with any of his wives. And on top of that, the prophet has commanded he put a guard at the door saying no one is allowed to enter. I don't want to see anyone The problem is now so salamina is quite upset. He doesn't want any visitors. And Omar wants to go in and the hobby keeps him saying no, he doesn't want to see anyone. So Omar raises his voice enormous. I want the prophets of Salaam to know that Omar is here. And I want him to know that he thinks I'm a year for the purpose of interceding and hofsas behalf he shouldn't think that because I am on his side against so when the person let me yours this, he says

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okay, let's um welcome inside. So when a woman comes inside, he sees the professor lamp sleeping on a mat made of leaves, and it leaves a very hard and they all sort of cutting into his back and say now what feels very sad. And he says, Look at this room, there's nothing in the room, there is only a jug of water skin, and this Max and you are the beast of creation. And yet the imprisoned the kings, they are sitting in palaces. So the prophecy says to him that you know, this is the dunya is for them. This is the agenda, where's our agenda is coming. Now. So it normally comes and he's trying to address the issue. The Prophet Islam is in an upset, moody said. So say now Omar says to

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him, you know, Yasser Allah, do you remember back in the good old days when we were in Makkah, when we were in control of our women, we said what we wanted to say and they obeyed when we came to Medina, and we found that the women here were in charge of the husbands, the women were in charge. And then our women learn from V women how to control us to such an extent that my own wife is now giving me a hard time she's challenging me and backtracking to me never happened before all of a sudden, Medina, this has happened. So so you know. Now there are two things you see these prophets of Allah and His disciple, but they're also friends. They are men who are going through marriage

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problems, and this happens to everyone, even asylum is a thing. And he's wives first aid him so much that he actually leaves all of them. This is basically what's happening. So say normally trying to lighten the mood and saying, Arizona law, I'm also getting it at home. I'm also being hammered now by my wife. It says, you know, she's she's giving me a hard time. So in the past seven years, Omar is in the same predicament like in the process of smiles. And now once once he sees I've changed his mood. He says to him, he understood a lot. Have you really divorced all of your wives have you divorced him, and then a visa system. I haven't divorced him, but rather I have made a promise that

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I will stay away from him for one month, that basically they were hassling him they were the wives of the Prophet ganged up on him saying that look, we want more in terms of money than the rest of the

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The Muslim women that are benefiting that dressing better than us, we want more, we demand more. And he said, I can't fulfill these demands to be my wife basically requires sacrifice. So he became so frustrated with him, that he boycotted them for one whole month. And he said, I've only boycotted them, I haven't divorced them. So, so normally, this is not happy, he feels calm, that he hasn't divorced him. And we will see what was happened after one month. So after one month, rather off the 29 days in our leaves this room, and he comes down first to Ayesha, and I showed his you know, in our house, and she sees him, she says, Oh, I thought you are staying away for a month, it's only

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been 29 days. So the professor says to her amusingly, you know, in a joking way, he says to her, don't you know, some months or 29 days, you get 30 day marks and some months or 29 days. And then he speaks to and he says I shall, Allah has commanded me that to ask my wives if they wish to remain with me. Or they can choose between me and Allah align his or her soul, or the dunya, meaning that Allah has said to them, ask your wives do they want to stay with you as your wife and go through the hardship of being the wife of the grace on them, or I will divorce you, I will give you your freedom, and no sin on you. And you can live your life and you can be with anyone you want. You have

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the decision. So the prophecy seldom says to her, you have the choice. Now, Ayesha, this is an evidence that a man can actually give the wife, the widow Pollock, the option to divorce. So he says to her, you have the choice? Do you want to divorce? Or do you want to stay in the marriage? And she's about to answer and he says to me, I don't want you to answer I want you to think about it. I want you to speak to your father, your mother about this. And she says to him, what is the for me to think about? I accept a line is that I saw and I want to stay as your wife, I want to be with you. And so the promises of MCs and I need to similarly ask all the other wives, Sasha says to him, okay,

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if you're going to ask the other wives, you have to do that. But don't tell them I said yes. Because if basically, if they know I said yes, and they're going to want us they want to stay in, if I should say that I'm saying. So the promise to them basically smiles and says to her, I can't be deceptive. I haven't been seen to deceive or cheat anyone, I will tell them. So the profit goes to all of his wives, all 10 of them, and he gives them the option, divorce in a nice way, or to remain as as my wife. And so all of them and I she says to us, all of the wives of the Prophet told them that he may not the single one of them wanted to be away from him. They accepted to stay with him as

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his wife, and when they accepted Allah subhana wa Tada. Now he reveals verses in the Quran, Allah Subhana Allah says, To them, to the Prophet Salaam and to his wives, Allah says, old prophet of Allah, say to your wives, if you should desire the worldly life, and its adornment, then come, I will provide for you and give you a gracious release open up you. But if you desire a lion instead of soon, and the accurate Indeed Allah is prepared for those who do good, a great reward. So Allah gave them the option. Of course, all of them decided to stay. And when they accepted, and they stayed alone now says, oh, you're an OB, oh, Mohammed, it is haraam, Leia Hilah. That is not lawful

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for you to marry any other woman after this or to exchange these wives for any of them for anyone else. And these are your wives in China. So now Allah has made a marriage and Paula Carranza, Mr. Salim, he Now Allah says these 10 women, and of course Xena pasta always end up in hoceima and hadiza. These are your wives in the dunya and akhira. You cannot change them, you cannot divorce them easily. You can never divorce them, and you can never marry another woman. Actually marriage became haram for them to be so solemn, and Pollock and these are now his women in this dunya and he's women in the era and they are not allowed to marry anyone besides Him and they of course, the

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mothers of the soma. So with this, we conclude our series on those 12 personalities, and as I said, inshallah, the CDs will continue for another eight episodes up until Episode 50. We will discuss some other names that pop up in the Sierra Rihanna, the lady of June. And we'll talk also about interesting and controversial matters between men and women in the shadows. So join us in sha Allah onyx Episode sokola hate any questions concerns with [email protected] Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh