Human Rights, Racism And The Christchurch Bombings

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Alhamdulillah hahaha what's Ramallah Milan Viva La Mulana v una

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de la vida kitabi will actually aka Bhattacharya D and

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E in Elmina

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for Australia obeying

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what Allah Allah Allah Ramune sakalava nazeem

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respected elders and brothers.

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Obviously today there has been

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many factors that are calling for our attention to speak about.

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The first would be the tragic killing of our Muslim brothers and sisters in another part of the world, in Christchurch in New Zealand.

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And may Allah subhanahu wa taala elevate the status of those who have become martyred. Allah subhanho wa Taala make it easy for the families and that Allah elevate the status. Allah subhanho wa Taala would deal with those who have done this deed and we have done this act appropriately. We also have in our country. And I thought I will relate that to this coming week, Human Rights Day.

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And given the fact that it is humans right Rights Day, there are many organizations in our country, which have coincided this human rights week with the anti racism message, that this is anti racism week. So I thought that we will speak about the importance of human rights in Islam. Normally, when today when we look at human rights, we look at it from a political angle. And we code that in 10th December 1948, the United Nations General Assembly passed the Human Rights charter, which was adopted and opposed. We are we are looking beyond human rights from a political field political aspect, because human rights in a political aspects has led to many wars more wars than ever before,

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unfortunately. And it has created a situation of the powerful marginalizing those who are not powerful and has created a hegemony of the powerful states over the week. But that's a different matter a different subject for a different day. Here we want to talk about what Islam had said about the rights of human beings. Islam has given the rights of human beings as greater importance is the right of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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or Allah tala name,

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warmia da Jo kukula k barabara shyed akeley has said

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the rights of human being is equal or even in a way in one way, even more important than the rights of Allah subhanho wa Taala. In what way when we violate the rights of Allah, then it is we are dealing with Allah subhana wa tada and Allah subhanho wa Taala. For Rahim, Allah tala is very forgiving, very merciful. So if you violate the rights of Allah, you are dealing with Allah subhanho wa Taala. But Allah subhanho wa Taala is also declared and proclaimed, if you violate the rights of human being, Allah won't forgive you until the person whose rights whose rights you have violated, he doesn't forgive you.

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And human being is not so forgiving.

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human being is not so forgiving. Allah is more forgiving than what human human beings and therefore modern autonomy actually used to say one of our great scholars overall in San kissy komaneka human beings very seldom does He forgive anyone and even if you forgive someone, he keeps a register of it in his memory one day he will remind you, you you did this wrong to me and I forgive you

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Allah tala when he forgives Allah tala doesn't keep any type of memory with regard to it Allah wipes away everything at a womanism common law or am I right in that particular way to violate the rights of human beings is even perhaps more serious than violating the rights of Allah because Allah tala for him

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In our in our Sharia, we know that human human rights and fulfilling the rights of human is an important part of Deen. You know one day a person came to a great scholar and said Son and Buddha, Locke and Nakata worship Allah as if you are seeing Allah otherwise emotionalizing you I got this particular feeling in salad, thinking that the star would praise Him that was that said What did he say? He said, this is not enough. Bring bring the state of a sun Allah is watching you. And otherwise you are watching Allah subhanho wa Taala bring that particular state, in every relationship with every human being you have in a relationship with every human being. That is also

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part of the this is also part of deal that is why our beloved Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam one day say Allah Mira can be upset at me lately.

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Oh people should I not tell you a deed which is even more greater, even more greater, more in reward than performing salah and keeping Rosa Sahaba said balaia rasulillah della Sera Sera la novia Karim saw some said Alicia who that'll be lbn to bring human beings together to bring human beings together is even more rewarding than performing salah and giving charity. And then the via cream sauce. I'm sad because when you fight, he'll harika it shaves and I don't say it shaves off your hair. It shaves off your deen and that is why this is such an important thing that the people who do good in this regard and I will reward them and the people who do wrong in this regard. Allah

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subhanho wa Taala gives great amount of punishment and warnings of punishment with regard to it. Anyone who does good in terms of human action, human interaction fulfilling the rights of human doing good to human beings, or law if you own a lab, McConnell adonia fee, Allah will help you as long as you are helping other people

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kooskia daggy cuckoo kalibata daggy sahab who's Cuckoo Cuckoo, about chiappa dykema Sabha or na da May I miss samlede that is why this is what nebia Kareem Solomon said. If you do good to human being if you help them Allah subhanho wa Taala will help you. And then nebia krimson Allahu Allah was Allah. And Allah subhanho wa Taala warns with regard to not fulfilling the rights of human being right and loving you can

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have you seen those who deny religion? Have you seen those who deny religion for radicality only at one

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time in miskeen. Now you and I some talking generally of the rights of human beings, you and I will say those people who deny religion who don't make rebar that those people who deny religion, perhaps who do not give us but what is Allah tala says those who repelled the orphans and who do not encourage the feeding of the poor to do with human rights is one very interesting incident. I read about one very famous Muslim ruler who ruled over Persia, right. And he was very well known for his justice. One day he soldiers, his army, they took away the cow of a woman. For them, it was just an ordinary animal, we took a cow and they made, you know, they made a bride with it, they made they

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made matcha tea, their entertainment was it. But for her, it was only his sole means of income. Someone told her that you know that this ruler is a very important and he's a very just ruler, go and meet with him Go and tell him what his army had done. Maybe he will come to you assistance. So someone told her that the king is going to pass one road in which there is a bridge. So she stood on that bridge. When she stood on that bridge, the king came and she told the king, this is what your army did to me yesterday, they took my they took my animal, they violated my rights, they took in yourself my property, they you set my wealth. Either you sought me out on this bridge, or otherwise,

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I'll take you and take account from you on that bridge.

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Either you fulfill my rights here. Otherwise, I'll get you on pulsera and that's a reality. If you don't fulfill the rights and you violate the rights of people here in this world, Allah subhanho wa Taala will take account from you on the day of

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and then furthermore, our alumni that this is an important point, that the blemishes in this regard the blemishes and the shortcomings in regard to about the rights of human need.

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cannot be made up with the budget.

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But the blemishes of the budget can be made up by doing good to human beings that let me explain to you this and let me give you an example.

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of this, the via Karim shala. While he was still in one day was told that a woman in the neighborhood, she is very pious. But she is at odds with everyone in the neighborhood. She fights with everyone in the neighborhood.

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Right now via cream sauce them said, if this is a situation and she remains in there, she will go to jahannam.

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She's making the budget, but she is not fulfilling the rights of human beings.

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And then they'll be occurring. So Sarah was asked about another woman. And that particular woman, it was said that she makes her fries, but she doesn't make notes about it. But she is good with everyone in the neighborhood. Now via creme de la de wa sallam said, if this is a situation, and she remains on that she will go to Janet, what am I right, that blemishes and shortcomings in a bar that can be made up by being kind to human beings

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can be made, but the blemishes in fulfilling the rights of others cannot be made up with extra budget. And the settled I'm saying the blemishes of the body it can be made up by being kind to human beings. But the other way around, it is not like that. That is why one of our great scholars

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who say if a person severs ties, causes difficulties to others, violates human rights behave arrogantly to people, no matter how much he's invited, he will not enter Jannah

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No matter how much is abandoned, he will not enter into gender. This is how Islam has told us

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with regard to the rights of human beings might be respected by others, unfortunately, today, we don't care. And when we talk about human rights, I'm talking about the rights of our family. I'm talking the rights about our community. I'm talking about the rights of our Muslim brothers. I'm even talking about the aspect of rights of people who are beyond our faith. Islam has given us such great, you know, emphasis with regard to human beings across the spectrum across the ethnic barriers, Islam has told us fulfill the rights of each and every one of them.

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When I will be able to be a criminal law, Salam on one occasion, a janaza was going past.

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A janessa was going past in Libya, Karim sauce lamb got up and mentioned is made in the rewires in other words to Sahaba. Also in Syria, they did the same thing. And when they were asked, they referred to the via Karim saw some action. Someone said jasola it is the janessa and it is Amelia and it is a corpse of someone who is not a Muslim via cream sauce and said I know it's not a Muslim. But isn't it a human being? Isn't it a human being? It is the dignity of a human being that I am showing respect to Allah in the Holy Quran says Allah Quran napanee Adam, we have granted respect and dignity to every child of Adam alayhis salam, every child of Fatima salat wa salam, He is worthy

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of respect because of this ayat.

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And then this particular who Coco a bat and rights of human being must come across, even with regard to people across the faith spectrum. And even with regard to people who are in different color, color, the color barriers. Unfortunately, we find today that that particular religion, and I think they say this with great hurt, that that religion which came to take a stance against racial discrimination. Before it was be trendy, to talk against racial discrimination, discrimination, and talk about racial equality. It was our beloved maybe a cream sauce alum in the famous law of attraction widow who said law

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monogamy in our opinion, there is no superiority of the Arab over the non Arab or the non Arab over the Arab or the white over the black or the bright black over the white there is no superiority except on the basis of taqwa and piety and conduct. Islam came to eradicate racial discrimination. And not only did he do so by theory, nebia cream sauce lamb did it by practice, maybe a cream sauce and I'm sure people in a time when they were such great racial prejudice. When people look down upon people of color, maybe a cream sauce lamb don't

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go up on the Kaaba and going give the call of Azzam when the Arabs of that time So believe it or not, and have been given that honor. Many of them who are not Muslims, they said if only if only we would not have left to see this day. And when maybe a cream sauce lamb came to know that this was the what was people were saying maybe a cream sauce them came down and gave a special a special sermon to tell people yeah, you are nice enough Allah.

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Allah has created you into different tribes into different races for the sake of identification and not for the sake of pride in regard yourself as superior to another person, on the basis of your ethnicity on the basis of your tribe, on the basis of the color of your skin. And that religion which has come to eradicate

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And not only eradicate nebia, cream sauce from brought people from different backgrounds together in one single unit in one single oma, today, if people have that religion, and that religion has to be accused of racial discrimination, it is a tragedy upon the oma. And sometimes it could be that is exaggeration. But if the people of this religion with made such a great stance against racial discrimination, that that particular religion must be accused of people or the adherence of that religion must be called out for racial discrimination. It is a great tragedy, and not only a great tragedy, it is injustice that we have done to our religion.

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So this is the aspect with regard to the the point of what we have, we believe with regard to his human rights. Now, of course, we know let us come back to the situation with regard to what has happened in New Zealand this morning. Again, it is very tragic, we have made mention of it in the beginning of the talk, but let us look at about one or two things, one of the things that we can speak about in this whole particular aspect, the one point that is such a great importance is we see throughout the world, there is this rise of right wing rhetoric.

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And it's not only in New Zealand, it's in different parts of the world. We find people who have you know, raise the bar, or raise the rhetoric, raise their emotional slogans, and they have raised this throughout the world, were against immigrants, against Muslims, against people of color against different people of different backgrounds. And then you find that this particular rhetoric has been gaining ground. Now, it is the result of this rhetoric that has become part and parcel where individual now feels because of the rhetoric that he needs to take some action or he needs to do something. And it is motivated by this rhetoric. And it is not surprising that when I read this

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morning, that when the person who had written a whole particular type of motivation of what he was doing, he said in that particular motivation, and it is revealing to see what he said in that motivation, what was the motivation, he said, that I regard Trump as my hero, and I, I keep with him, because he has reestablished white supremacy and white identity.

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Now, this is the type of you know, right wing rhetoric. And of course, Today, many times Muslims have been stereotyped throughout the world of being terrorists. But the stats have revealed that the greatest amount of terrorist acts that are committed today in the world is because of right wing right wing elements, but because they have a certain degree of superiority that they feel, or they have a certain degree of influence, it is what brought to the fore of this is a reality that we are facing with, and how do we deal with it is something that we as an oma need to deal with it, I firmly believe, and this is my belief, which I've always mentioned format, that we in our country,

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we have, we have that particular aspect of the Islamophobia is something that we have addressed previously and we will address it again, it is an Islamophobic attack. It is the Islamophobic type of mindset and mentality that has caused what is happening today. And while they might be an elements of the media, that are afraid to call it so it is worse than a terrorist act. It is a terrorist act which has been done in a place of safety, a place of sanctuary, a place of worship, where normally every sane, intelligent human being will show respect to say the lie in the Holy Quran, woman de la Cana Amina, whoever comes into a place of worship, whoever comes into the Matura

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haram and by extension at the masjid, he would be safe, a place of worship, worship is a place of safety. But in that particular place today, this has been carried out. And while the media or certain sections of the media would be hesitant to call it out, it is an act of terrorism.

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Another aspect is many times you and I we feel that we must go and do what the other people have done. We never believed in that we don't believe to do with others. What they have done to us is a very interesting incident that has been made mentioned about Asomugha karate ultra No, one day, a General of the Army, the general of the Muslim army, after defeating, you know, the non Muslims in a particular battle. He is he took off the head of the opposing gender. And he sent it to Abu Bakar, viola Toronto. So in Abu Bakar, Yamato, got it and he said that this is the head of the general of the opposing army. So someone asked him, he said, Why did you do this? Why did you send me the head

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of the general of the opposing army? He said that in that particular region where we were fighting, when they if they were to defeat us, they would have done the same. They would have cut off the head of the Muslim general and said

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To the leader. So I have also done in the similar thing. Do you know what over Korea LaDonna replied? He said, since when must we make them leaders in our actions? Don't we have the son of Nivea cream sauce for them to lead us? Maybe a cream sauce them didn't teach us this. Nivea cream sauce them didn't teach us to kill civilians in war, maybe a cream sauce and didn't teach us to kill non combatants. Maybe a cream sauce lamb forbade the mutilation of bodies. Although it was the norm at the time in war, maybe a cream salesman forbade the mutilation of bodies given in war. So he said, for example, maybe a cream sauce liftgate we don't need to take them as an example. If they do

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that we will not do that we will do what our beloved maybe a Korean Allahu alayhi wa sallam taught us and maybe a cream sauce from the Quran has taught us to show respect to human beings and to show respect to places of worship. Another very important point that I thought I will highlight in and this is something that you just have to keep in mind. See, many people go to these countries because the places where they are staying are not safe.

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We all know that. So people have gone to New Zealand people have gone to Australia, people go to other countries, because many of them come from places like Syria, which are not safe. And people they go to places where the civil strife things are not safe. So they say let us go to a place of safety. So they go to New Zealand, right? We all see this and something for us to start thinking about. Now there when you go on for the sake of safety and security. There also you have not been able to achieve safety and security.

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So safety and security comes from Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. The point I'm making is low bar jacker producer, Mr. Malik, Malik machaca, among chata

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Recep bacteria here, Captain he can apply his job.

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So, the point is, you are going to another place for us to achieve safety and security. And that is not guaranteed. And we've got in that situation it is not guaranteed, then what we need to do is where we are staying make that a place of safety. And how do you make that a place of safety make it a place of safety by playing your role to make the community and society you are living in harmonious and a place of society play your own. It is difficult it is increasingly difficult. In our country. We know there is corruption there is crime someone made mentioned he said the poor go to Sasa the rich go to kasasa

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we all know that. But the only way what we need to be able to play our own, you know, make your own places where you are living a place of safety. Play your role in making the place where and don't while there will be religious differences with people of other faiths. And in that we will not compromise we will not be apologetic with regard to our faith and with regard to our teachings. But in terms of common issues, we must reach out and we must be we must we must cooperate with people to bring about things that are better for the community and the society that is the responsibility of every Muslim that is in this country. And lastly I would say one thing you know is sometimes very

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amazing we sometimes take for granted our massages

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I sometimes many times people tell me that as you come in for Juma go puja karaoke bar Joker a

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low bar say Majid many acid

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or this

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or what happened Majid may look shaky Jarrah. You can sometimes come into the masjid on time you take your time and you sitting in your you know, sometimes gossiping and catching up with the with the news of the of the week. In other places, these people who went to the masjid, they have been made Shaheed in the masjid

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value the masjid My dear respected brothers value our value our symbols. Let us take lessons with regard to all of these things which I've just heard some of which I put forward to you may Allah subhanho wa Taala grant the safety and security wherever we are. Hello my Nana circle alpha one alpha one alpha today McAfee Dini, Daniela Sara Lee Jamil mininova, Minato Muslim in our Muslim and Allah make it easy for those people. What great difficulties, you know the families must be facing. I just saw a message that came this now just before I was coming. There was an appeal made for Muslims in the region to come to this place Christchurch, because the current marriage with regard

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the current marriage with regard to providing relief and atella granting relief, Allah tala grant them a better reward with regard to what has happened and will actually make it easy for all of us who have settled down and