How should a Muslim dress?

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The interesting thing about your style side is no one would be able to identify you as a Muslim. Like what would you have to wear? To be identified as a Muslim? You need to have a shirt that says Islam. That is That doesn't mean necessarily that you're Muslim. Possibly. I mean, maybe or you could dress up like a Jedi a Jedi Knight. Yeah. Okay, well, it depends. Do you want to be Sith or you're revealing your nerd card?

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Or you can dress up like the Elven kings of Britain. Yeah, that's it. Now you lost me. You went too far. What the Lord of the Rings or the S 222 foreign keys.

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Or you can dress up like the professors of Hogwarts. Like there's Lord of the Rings, even far less you've crossed the boundary and then come on. Oh, you are in tune with exactly what I'm saying. Harry Potter Potter. No, I said Hogwarts. Is that Harry Potter? Well, he happened to go there. Yeah, same same universe. Is it? Okay, or you can get a tattoo of Allah on your chest? Yeah, right. So yeah, I'm sure you edit this out later. So we're so off topic. No, but you're talking about Islamic dress, right? Yeah, exactly. Okay, what would I have to wear? Right? In order to be identified as a Muslim? Maybe so like, depending right, so. So now my follow up question would be who is to say that

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that is the definite Muslim dress? Because the prophet of Islam were short. Oh, right. I forgot. commercial work.

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You know, sometimes you wear a job and that's completely false. Okay, right. He did. He definitely didn't wear it thought okay. Right. His normal clothing was actually you know, what people wear for hygiene around the head on

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two sheets of cloth one at the bottom of the tub. Yeah, I mean, look here. So the bottom part your bodies covered? I'm not going that far. But and then you have a sheet on top right? And then other times, you know, the person would wear and he's off, you know, the bottom sheet and then you'd have a shirt on top. Okay, actually, what what are Bengali brothers and sisters what they wear, they'll probably probably be you know, closer to the sun of the of the process. And then

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when the person did something, how do you know if it's just something he did or if it's heart of legislation