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What Is Muslim Culture

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Saad Tasleem

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Is there a such thing as Muslim culture, the Muslim Institute presents q&a with sad asleep in my new seminar called trends. One of the main topics that we discuss is the topic of culture, and identity. And we put this question out there, I asked the class is there is such thing as Muslim culture. And we hear many different answers. We hear from people saying, yes, there's one definitive Muslim culture, and yet others will say no, there is no such thing as a Muslim culture, because Islam is found in many different cultures. But we take it beyond this discussion, we actually look at the life of the person and we look at examples from the tsunami, to see how the prophets I send them

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himself and the companions, how they viewed this issue. So when you attend the seminar, you can be confident in your answer and you will have a good and clear understanding of this very issue, your identity as a Muslim, is that your only identity we'll discuss that also we talk about general principles and guidelines that relate to fashion and clothing. The guideline or the concept of modesty, the guideline or the concept of beauty, of the habit of not being attached to the worldly life, we go over all of this stuff, not imitating non Muslims. How do we understand that? Also, we then at the end, very end, get into specific issues, haircuts, clothing, makeup, and so on and so

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forth. A list of endless questions, we'll get to as many as we can, inshallah, Allah. I'll see you there. Sit on the line.