Arafah Series #05 You Cant Ask For Enough

Wisam Sharieff


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AI: Summary © The Autoapsis Agent series is about learning from the internet and becoming a professional auto passenger. The series includes a series of questions and answers, including one about a pub and a person named Luca. The series ends with a mention of a future episode.
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Salam Alaikum Welcome back to our AutoCAD ACL series. Today a lot of people want to turn to block and they're like I don't know enough to do was I don't know how to see if I can get from learning it from the video and then be passionate and sincere in my dua. Today let's select a few you'll see and if I can ask series to go deeper into this, but here let's tear away everything safe together. Meaning Allah homer in me as a Luca really mad mafia. What would the pub but what is fun play Yeva Oh Allah I ask for beneficial knowledge, accepted actions and a good source of finance. Oh God, cleansing them and help me to like what you like Aloha.