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The speakers discuss the history and importance of learning from past events and moments in Islamic history. They also talk about the return of Islam to Afghanistan and the migration of Muslims to their new country. The conversation delves into the history of Islam, including the implementation of Islam law and the return of Islam to their new country. The conversation also touches on the struggles of achieving immigration visa and the importance of remembering the basics of Islam. The upcoming holiday, including the 10th of Ashura, is discussed as a way to celebrate the tenth day of Mojave and fasting to remove inaccurate deeds.

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sumati Kumara rahmatullah wa barakato smilla hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah

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he was so happy woman Hala Hello Molina myinfo now one foreigner Bhima alum tener NACA semiology with a long linear od became an angry lion foul shot when I've seen Latisha Lang SMA or vanilla to Sapa lubaina. Bad is heading to now habla normally don't cut off in the Intel hub. Probably shortly solder us Lee Emery, one of the top melissani of ko Kohli. JACK Malachy for joining us handler Bill alameen. And today's Tuesday, at least for us still in the United States, it's Tuesday, it is actually the 10th of August 2021. And for the US again in the United States, it's the first day of the 1443.

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The I'm sorry, the first day of the Islamic New Year,

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or it's the first day of Muharram.

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for us as Muslims,

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should we celebrate? Is it something to celebrate about is as lessons to learn about. And it's always good for all of us when there is any time comes in any occasion

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related to Islam, not related to Islam is to learn from it. And that's the whole idea is to learn from

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occasions incidents, blessings, tests, trials, because these are all signs from Allah subhanho wa Taala as a last pantalla said that, at the end of surah juice of support, like I said, beautiful as all the Quran is but specifically this one in he said what can mean it is somehow what you want out of Yama, Luna and a woman How are you born? How many signs in Earth and in the heavens, they pass by it. And they turn their back away from it, they neglected. They don't pay attention to it. So everything around us is a sign from Allah subhanaw taala time specific time specific days specific occasion. All of these are signs from us. So today's topic is about a time and a specific time

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related to us Muslims. Not all the world is celebrating. But a majority of the world 1.7 billion

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people on this planet celebrating

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remembering this day. And what is this day all about? And we titled the talk today it's the month the or I will Yeah, it's actually the month or the day or the date that change the humanity. And why is that? So let's start with some history. I think one of the things we all need to know as Muslims is we need to know our history. We need to know exactly what happened. And then when we learn history, then somebody is going to say

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well, it's history, it's gone.

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Okay, so I learned well, I live in 2021. I live in the West I live in this day and age days of internet and days of trials and fitness. All this what will I learn? And this is exactly what we're going to go to. Let's first learn about what is it? And why this day specifically? And then what does it mean for you and me? What is the lesson? What is the sign that you and me need to learn from this specific incident? major incidents? It's the most one of the most major incident in Islamic history. Like if you look at Islamic history, what is the major landmark of it, of course, is one of our Swati salatu salam was sent as a prophet, then when the Roswell he sought asylum was ordered by

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a las pantalla. To go with his Dawa publicly. Then we have one hate Allah subhanaw taala took him through the journey of this rotten Mirage up to the heavens, so power law, and then comes this one is the hegira the immigration, the immigration from Mecca to Medina. So let's look into a little bit of the history. My focus is not the history, but just some lessons from the history. But then after the history so we know we live in a non Muslim country people will ask us we need to know before we answer, but what does it mean for you and me in this day and age, so number one is

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I was wanting a salatu salam reached a point in his dour calling to Allah pantalla in one of the toughest times. And this was in about the 10th year of the

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10 years of death and the 10, the 10th year of being a prophet, where he lost his wife, where he lost his uncle. And then the once this two were

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gone, then the people of Makkah, absolutely unleashed, unleashed there.

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Hurt, they're attacks on Rasul Allah salatu salam followed immediately by trying to look for other ways. So he went to buy if, as we all know, or let's just remind each other he went to that amazing trip walking with Zaid get their invited them. Nobody responded not only nobody responded, they actually responded harshly, went back as he was walking back. They send their children throwing Glocks on his

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blesseds legs that he starts bleeding, stood up looking at macker and then made the famous draw out of a part of meaning of where I am going to go, yo la, where I am, where are you leaving me to? And then he said his famous word before what I am going through is not because you are not happy with me, it doesn't matter. In lemmya cumbuco hola buenas LA, fell out Valley Subhan Allah look at, it's in the toughest moment of his life. He's talking to Allah pantalla and saying, yo, Allah, if all this difficulty I'm going through is not as a result, you are not happy with me that Saraswati sought to assert that it doesn't matter.

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Anyway, he came back from nothing. And the attacks and the hurt of the people of Makkah increased and increased. And then the order came in, that I'm going to take you through certain steps. And in every step, we're going to say, What do I learn? So the time is came in when I was swatting Assad towards Sudan gave the order

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that the Muslims Leave,

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leave Mecca, it's becoming too hard to stay, leave. But he didn't leave first. He asked them all to leave and save now boubakeur.

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As always submit no honor. We're here and we obey. He was packing to leave. And our soiree sought was Salam said don't leave. I'm waiting for an order form a last panel type.

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And see now what could have stayed for four months, getting already waiting for that moment that he will leave with a roswaal insalata center?

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Why am I why Medina why that migration was to Medina why was not to anywhere else. Right? And this is because a loss it's

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a loss. So a lot chose a Medina, Medina and mana one munawwara. That's why they call it and you know what, the enlightened city? What do I learn? When Allah ordered me to do something, I need to respond semia in Atlanta, and in a Hadith, or a soiree, saw to a sinner, he was telling the Sahaba I was shown the city or the town of your migration, and it is actually between two mountains. And the meaning of you leave, you leave. And most of the people started gradually migrating to Medina people, some of them were already in a senior, they came back from a B senior directly to Medina, the first people who migrated to Medina, a lot of us what they saw to us. In fact, he was the last

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one to migrate was actually Musab Romania, and Abdullah electone masaba blew me away at the youth who was killed in the hood, and Abdullah Maktoum, the blind man who Allah subhanaw taala revealed, Abba said the surah Tabitha, because of him, they were the first two Then came a more a model new Yes sir. They said Nabila, they say you decide this aside now Omar, and then others are Swati saw to sit down

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was the last one and this hadith was narrated by Seder I said this is in a hurry and said the following. He said one day story so I'm going to share this story with you. She said one day

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in the middle of a hot day, of course, maca is

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Always hot. She said in the middle of the day, in a hot day of Swati Sato Sarah came to our home, almost covered. She said this is not the usual time, our soiree sort of sit down, come and visit us. He knocked on the door. Satan Abubakar rhodiola. One opened the door. And our Swati his salatu salam asked him, is there anyone else in the house? And he said, Yes, it's my family. And he said, ask them to leave. I said that Boubacar said they are my family, they are your family. And he said to us, a networker. I was given the order and the permission to leave.

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And I was saying that mobicone said companionship.

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Meaning I'm going to go with you. And Allah Swati his thought was and I'm said yes. As Sahaba companionship. And as I say abubaker took two males.

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And they left. And so you smell his daughter. Look at the family of say now boba took, made food for them. And then she actually had a belt, cut the belt into two pieces to put the food on with each one. And that's why she was called the woman of two belts. And then she put tied the like the container of the food. And they left.

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As you probably all of you know, they went three days went north, three days in the mountain of thought they stayed there. And then Abdullah Abu Bakar, the son of Satan, Abu Bakar, was a younger man who used to come to them in the night, tell them what's going on in Makkah, then go during the day, and come back in the night. And they say that Rebecca had the helper was also a shepherd in the night. He brings the sheep's in the night brings the sheep's torso to the job itself I'm sorry to the mountain and then he actually milk and bring the milk and give it to them. Then notice what he saw to Sarah hired the guide, which you all know that and the guide was non Muslim. And he migrated

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to Medina took roughly 14 days arrived to Medina. And then when he arrived to Medina, the people of Medina welcomed him. He first stayed,

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prayed in Masjid Oba Lamas, Judah, OC, Salah, ta hacohen, taco Mahi, a Masjid that was built and founded on taqwa, his way more help has the right that you pray in it. And then after that, about three, four days, he went and then the camel basically landed on a on a small, empty area where it was actually was like a garden or palm trees were there and it was owned by two orphans and then a crosswalk his mount stood there and he said, that's what we're gonna build the masjid. He built the masjid and then the rest is history.

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What is the rest is history.

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That move.

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That's my gration happened. In fact, it didn't happen in Muharram. It's happened in lobby, oh, well, the third month in the stomach history and he reached Medina around the day 12 or 14 are Fabiola away.

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So why, then we are celebrating

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and and start counting the Islamic year. From that day from today, from the first of Muhammad Allah

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Subhana Allah

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number one reason it didn't happen at the time of Rasul Allah Salatu was set up. It actually happened at the time of saying that Omar. So you know, Omar, had two people came to him. One is in debt to the other.

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And he was telling Satan Armand, I will pay him, I will pay him next Shabbat. I will pay him in the month, not this job and the month before I'm about in the next one. And so, you know, Omar said, what's what here?

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That's when he gathered all the Sahaba. And they said we need to start to have dates, dates, where we can know the dates know the days, and we can actually numerate them, and we can put our covenants and our agreements and our contracts dated by it.

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So the Sahaba stood, the Sahaba gathered around, say no more.

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And they said

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and they said,

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Which What's the date we choose?

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which date we chose.

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And then they had four options. This is a time of say normal. Some suggested the day, the time when the roswaal salatu salam was born.

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Some suggested the time is when there are Swati salatu salam became a prophet or he came out publicly as a prophet or a bit.

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Some suggested the date he migrated to Medina and some suggested the date that he died.

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That was the debate, there was four OPTION WHICH ONE Muslims should use as their beginning of the year. They put their year and the time of the year, the month of the year in that time, which one? When are Swati Sato ceram was born, was an option was a twin or Swati salatu salam became a prophet have received that revelation or when he migrated or immigrated to Medina. Or when he died. The Sahaba debated with say nama he actually asked for their opinion. He wanted mushara as we call it, consultation. Let's see which one

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they said that take the time of the death of Rasul Allah salatu wa salam who don't want to keep remembering it is painful for us. That the year he was send, or the month he was became a prophet or the month when he was born. There's a different opinion about the month and the year Exactly. The year is not but the month Exactly. It was

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different opinion. They said

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let's take the month of Muharram of the year when he immigrated because all of them know the year he immigrated. But why Muharram while we just said he immigrated in probably all over.

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The reason is because the decision to immigrate was done in the harem. Because in the picture the last month of the year. A during Hajj is when the 70 people from Medina came in, met with Allah Swati salatu salam, and they invited him to come to Medina or they told him if you come to Medina, we will welcome you and it will be your city, but he was waiting for the order from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Then he had the intention to immigrate to Medina was in Muharram. But he waited till Allah Subhana Allah sent him the order through the dream, which was in robiola world. So that so they decided Muharram will be the first month of the which is the first month of the year, we will take

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it as the first day is the day of the fourth day of the stomach history.

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Why this month, changed history.

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Why Muharram and I'm not talking about Muharram itself. I'm talking about what happened when when we remember Muharram the first day of Muharram, the beginning of the year, we remember the immigration

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when our soiree sought to sit and decided to move from Mecca to Medina. And this is what I wanted to focus on more today and bring it to our life.

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immigrant migration, this is something not new. We have we see so many immigrants these days. These days. We see we see pictures, we see video clips, we're talking about something happened in this this country in this country and people are leaving, leaving your place to another place is definitely in the Islamic history. And the best example you know vasarely Serato Sara,

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number one. Number two is why we are migrating. Why? And if you look at the LA Swati Salatu was set up and what a las panatela said in the Quran, have shared with you in a minute or Swati thought or center left Mecca to Medina. Not for a better life.

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Not because there's a better education.

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Not because there's more freedom.

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Not because I can do whatever I want. And nobody knows me.

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He left his home.

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He left his beloved city. He left his people

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because there was no more chance

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For him to spread the word the last panel time, and he said it. When he left mcca he looked back at Makkah, and he said, the meaning of it, his Salah to sit on, will lie by Allah inocula hub will be radically, you are the most beloved place on this earth. To me. This is where Swati sought to sit out looking at Makkah, and he said, You are the most beloved place to meet

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on this earth. And if it was not for your people, well hola hola que hace Maharaj. And if it was not for your people who forced me to leave, I will never leave.

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So when I decided to move from one city to the other, as a Muslim,

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the hegira

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the immigration of roswaal A Serato center should be my example. Why did he leave? Why should I leave? I should leave because I can practice my Deen better. I can be a better Muslim. I can support the Islam more Miami because the famous had he that we all know of Raja Swati. Salatu was Salam when he said enamel Armand orbignya. When Amanda Kumari in Manoa for my kind of tea, gelato, it Allahu wa surely Phaedra to call it Allahu Allah, surely

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deeds are judged and rewarded by intention. This is the basic, the principle one of the principles, the dean, Islam is based why I am doing it

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and why I will be judged and I will be rewarded according to my knee not according to what I did.

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And Allah subhanaw taala reminded me and you and this applies to you and me, and I'm gonna come later in a second into where do we emigrate these days? Should I park and go and where do I go? Well, what is really immigration in this day and age? A lot pantalla said to me, sir, when you hide your feasibility lie, yet it will only moral Harmon kathira was

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for me, Hodgman Beatty. mohajir on Illinois he was surely to my eadric remote Judah one of law. Allah subhanho wa Taala said this verse swore to Nyssa when you had your free sebelah who saw ever you and me in anyone emigrate you heard a lot use the word hegira a woman you had your he leaves emigrate, what is immigrate you leave your place and go somewhere else? Definitely permanently. Woman you had your whoever leaves

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she surveyed Illa that's the word for the sake of Allah. What will happen?

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He didn't say going where is the main thing is why she Sabina for the sake of Allah. What will happen your law yet it will all of the Muhammad kathira wasa he will find on this earth

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x you will find the earth expansive and he will find a lot of goodness and higher.

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Even if I don't see it.

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Even if I think there's a lot of difficulty, I need to remind myself I am leaving for the sake of Allah. Allah subhanho wa Taala will make my place where I am going easier, bigger, larger, more welcoming. And then this is what I really love. And this is you can apply it in everywhere in your life. Or in your whole German Beatty Mahajan, Allahu Allah surely also ever leave his house. And he said specifically beta his house, Mohan immigrating to align his Rasul Allah Salatu was set up, I am leaving my comfort zone. Now I've come to this in a second for a lot because it's more pleasing to Allah. And then what happens in I die

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and I die.

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What would happen? Fuck Eduardo, voila, if I couldn't finish it, but that was my intention. Allah will reward me as if I finished it.

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The concept of immigration is an Islamic concept. But the reason for the immigration, we have to look for the Islamic reason. Allah subhanho wa Taala have said to Swati salatu salam, and this is actually for certain resentment and resentment. He said, What's better Allah Maya Kulon. Be patient about what they tell you. Why your home hydrangea Amida stay away from them. immigrate from them.

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and and it's only it's not only a response to a sample immigrated, saying that you Brahim also left and emigrated

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immigration. So what the first day of the new year the stomach near reminds me should remind me of a couple of things but number one, the concept of immigration or migration, the concept of immigration is an Islamic concept. But why I leave is a different thing. Why I am leaving our Swanee salatu salam immigration season that you brought him immigrating. So see nimasa immigrated usually when you are in a place where you are in a in a place in general that you find yourself you cannot obey Allah there is too much temptations. There was so much tests around you leave and go. immigrate and that's what was what he saw to us and said, but then after you of course, you have praised Jihad over the

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last pantalla and wait till Allah subhanaw taala show you but the concept that Muhammad reminded me number one, number one that I need to be in a place where I can practice my Deen I where I can see that it is easier. It will flourish. It's much better for me. That's number one. Now comes to the fact that well, there is no more vigil till Idina I cannot I mean, even if I want it's not easy. This is not something I can do. And that's exactly another standard concept. Look at this hadith of a Seder. Aisha, she said now Hydra combat and Fatah she said I'm sorry, she said or Swanee salaatu wa Salaam said and this is actually then Buhari and Muslim. He said no more immigration physically

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to Medina. La he just don't bother. Once they conquered Mecca, there is no more Hydra there is no more immigrating to Medina. So how do I migrate? What do I do? And look what says when I can Jihad on one ear?

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Rather, what equal to immigration? What's equal to immigration is the struggle that we go through for the sake of Allah and intention. struggle we do for the last panel with Allah and intention.

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So here I am, first day of this month, and I'll come in a second I will end up with that. It is a sacred month Shama haraam, but the first this day today reminds me or remind me that immigration is a constant concept is not only today is not only 14 400 years ago, it is a constant daily, if not every minute concept. And how's that? Look at this hadith of roswaal, a Software Center look at this hadith of Swati Sato Sir, it's also an bajada and Muslim. And he said and this is what actually narrated by Abdullah of nominal Milhouse. He said, a Muslim men said I'm a Muslim when Emily Sani Why are they the real Muslim? The real Muslim?

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Is not the Muslim who just say a shadow and lay down a law or just pray Nope. And Muslim men sentiment Muslim una moneda he will listen. The real Muslim is the Muslim who Muslims feel safe from his stone and his hand.

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The real Muslim is the Muslim who the Muslims are safe from his hand and his tongue, meaning fire him around this person or that person. I know that person she or he younger old will not hurt me with their tongue

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and masala Moomin ad and I know they will not hurt me physically. And Muslim, the real Muslim, the one who other Muslims feel safe from his or her tongue and from his or her hand. Where is that integration here? And now he said, Well mohajir men hedger, man hedorah, man Hola, Juan. And the real one who immigrate

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then the immigrant. The immigrant is not the one who goes to Medina Well, not everybody can do that. And Mohajer the immigrant man had euro mana Hola Hola. And the immigrant is the one who migrate away.

00:29:43--> 00:29:55

migrate away from what our last panel what Allah has made it forbidden, man hedgerow man. Holla one. The the immigrant is the one who

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who stay away from what or

00:30:00--> 00:30:05

migrate away from what Allah subhanho wa Taala made it Haram.

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so how became Torah, Swati salatu salam later on in Medina and he says yada so Allah, I want to give you confidence that I will migrate with you. This is after he migrated to Medina and our Swati site was set up. He said in the hegira, multi Alia the migration to Medina was done by its people. So you want to me up, this applies to you and me We cannot migrate to Medina with the roswaal as Auto Center. But

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don't give me covenant to migrate to Medina rather give me covenant to submit to Allah subhanho wa Taala to struggle for his sake and to do a good deed and to good to do a good deed. What does that mean for me in this day and age? How do I migrate? How do I struggle?

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immigration leaving your place, going to another country going to another city is something not easy. It's something full of challenges. And a lot of people feel uncomfortable doing it and it will take time to settle and feel at ease. So there is a lot of struggle. What Allah subhanho wa Taala wants from you and me when I left today, the first day of the new year. And I remember Allah Swati sought to sit down and I should remind myself, I should tell my family 14 days and he saw that your scenario where he and abubaker only saved novabackup migrated and because of this migration, you and me now are Muslims living safely as Muslims, there is billions of Muslims when our Swati thought or

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sit on did his last hedge 100,000 people were with him 100,000 people would with him after that, after in Indiana

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because of the migration. This number when when the people migrated with him maybe 1000 before him and with him is only here in Abu Bakar but then at the time of Hajj nine years later 100,000 now we are 1.6 billion migration, Guevara, Swati salatu wa Salaam, the safe place, they start off the Muslim nation, for you and me, in my home, in the comfort of my home, in the comfort of my home, I can migrate to our last panel Tyler, without moving without leaving without parking.

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By leaving, migrating away from two things, migrating away from the disobedience of a loss panna hautala in my own home, in my own small society, in my own small place, or, or community and number two, I need to migrate from my own Hauer from my own desires from my own, what I want, I migrate away

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and another or I struggle for the sake of Allah and Mujahid minja had Effie that Allah, the One who struggled, the one who migrate there's a lot of struggle and is the one who migrate for the sake of Allah hegira. The New Year reminds me of my history.

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Whatever Swati salatu salam went to through so you and me can practice my Deen

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with no problem. You and me can say I'm a Muslim. You and me can go to mosques can build mosques especially for us living in in the West. He went through all this difficulty for you and me to to live as Muslims in comfort. So this Deen becomes the second growing

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out of the second followers. number of followers in the world is Islam. Fastest Growing religion is Islam. He went through all this for you and me. The question comes to you and me that question is to myself number one. What did I do for this Deen? What did I migrate for this Diem? Did I leave my comfort zone for this Diem? Did I sacrifice for this Diem? So he drove New Year is the month that changed the world change the world morality change. Look at from the time or Swati saw torsina migrated to Medina till the peak of the stomach civilization you're talking about 100 years later. Look what's happened to the world. Look at the advanced

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Went in everything changed the world. Many I'm not gonna go to this, but many of you know this many inventions, a lot of things mortality, worshipping a loss pantalla, change the concept, a lot of concepts changed because of this move, come to me and you. And I will say, he migrated for me alayhi salatu salam. So you and me become Muslims and live comfortable as Muslims. What did I do for him alayhis salam to have setup. So another thing I need to remember that yes, I cannot migrate, maybe most of us can't migrate to Medina physically. And it's not the same as they did. But I can migrate or emigrate in my home, in my home. And I'll give some simple examples. When we are sitting in front

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of that TV, and most of us are that

00:35:55--> 00:36:11

phone, and we are looking into the internet and looking at things and then things comes out and immediately comes to me, it's the first day of the new year, he migrated for my sake, he left the most beloved city for me.

00:36:12--> 00:36:15

Can I just lower my gaze and turn it off?

00:36:16--> 00:37:07

If he did this for me, what did I do for him? I think we Muslims need to go back. And remember these basics. Maybe what I'm sharing with you today is not something you don't know. But we need to remember the basics. We need to do at least minimum what minimum from what he did for me the concept of a hegira. So the first day of the new year reminds me of the concept of Hydra not only the Hydra, the migration offer Swati Serato Sara, but the concept of the local if you want to call it the local Hydra, the local Hydra inside me the local immigration inside me as an individual and I am alone, but there's nobody else I'm not moving anywhere. But it reminds me of me migrating from the

00:37:07--> 00:37:40

disobedience of Allah to the obedience of Allah. Moving away from what I love and like to what Allah loves, and like, I need to practice as an adult, then my, my children, the youth will know this, they see it on me, and then they will do that. So my greeting immigration Muharram reminds me of this the first day of the new year, remind me of this one. Number two, what else should I remember?

00:37:41--> 00:37:47

How long is one of the month, one of the four months of the sacred month

00:37:49--> 00:38:00

and we read read we need to remember that there is even sacred month in our Islamic history. When we live in a non Muslim world. We don't even know the stomach

00:38:01--> 00:38:48

calendar because we don't follow it because we live in a non Muslim country. I need to do this and I will recommend to everybody hamdulillah with all the technology we are having, make sure you have it on your calendar in your phone to remember it's not the only one looking when is it when is Ramadan, but I need to know it's my history. It's my calendar to be honest with you. It's called the stomach calendar. So Muharram is the first month of the New Year stomach calendar. But also add to it. So here we are is the first month of the stomach calendar. It's the date or the month that roswaal de Soto's made the intention to migrate to Medina to leave completely. And the most important thing in

00:38:48--> 00:39:15

general, is that that month is one of the four months our last panel hautala chose it as a short how long a shorter hole in the shoe the end Allah is now shorter, shorter. The months the counting of the months with the last pantalla are 12 Allah said this is sort of tober when How are Barton home out of these 12 there's four sacred month

00:39:16--> 00:39:34

then it could Deidre Yamaha customer what you will, from the day, Allah created the heavens and the earth, he decided Subhana that there is 12 months, four out of them. Four out of them is are our sacred months.

00:39:36--> 00:39:51

Then it could dinner. This is the straight deal. That's what the law said. I'm still translating the I know what should I do. For now Tom Lehman fee hidden and full circle. Do not do injustice to yourself.

00:39:52--> 00:39:57

Do not do injustice to yourself. Look at this one.

00:39:58--> 00:39:59

And what injustice is

00:40:00--> 00:40:04

to myself, what injustice you do to yourself

00:40:05--> 00:40:27

these months and they are actually three in sequence and one separate the threes in sequence. This is the last one Mahara. In fact, they are the the month, the 11 month of the year. They'll hedger the month of hij, 12 months Muharram, the first month, here we are, and then we have our job.

00:40:28--> 00:40:29

And then we have our job

00:40:31--> 00:41:09

these months, so it's what I need to remember that I am in a sacred month, what is this lack of lumafusion? pusaka? Don't wrong yourself. Don't do injustice, what injustice I do a lot to myself. He didn't say about other people. A war movie her as the scholars will teach us injustice in these months, is when you don't take advantage of this month. What does that mean? Every sacred month, these three together, and Rajab, every good deed, in the sacred month, multiplied,

00:41:10--> 00:41:14

every good deed in these sacred moments are multiplied.

00:41:16--> 00:41:18

And the opposite is true.

00:41:19--> 00:41:21

bad deed is multiplied.

00:41:23--> 00:41:27

So injustice is what let's look at a

00:41:28--> 00:41:53

mundane or a daily concept. If I know if I have $1. And if I am going to give this dollar or I put this dollar in this transaction, right? In this trade, I will get it will be multiplied in a halal way in a business. And I know that, but I decided not to do it is that not the injustice, why I can do it.

00:41:54--> 00:42:47

And what this is how we look at things to make it easier for ourselves, these months, every good deed is multiplied. So if I do one extra, for example, I smile in a face of my sister. If I help somebody for the sake of Allah, that's a good deed. If I was upset because somebody transgressed against me, and I held my temper, and I didn't respond, because I said, this is a sacred month, that's a good deed, and it will be multiplied, then I did not do injustice. versus if I acted like I normally act in other months, then I have done injustice to myself, because I missed that. I missed the good deed for not only movie hinda and for soccer. So number four, what we need to remember the

00:42:47--> 00:43:39

month that changed the world is the month that our Swati Serato, Sarah left his beloved marker, and loved his city and people for the sake of Dawa for the sake of spreading Islam for you and me to be Muslims. Now. Number two, the concept of immigration is a stomach concept. And it doesn't have to be necessarily migrating physically, although physically is also part of it. But in my home, migrating or in my circle, or at work, whenever there is a disobedience to Allah and I leave it to the obedience of Allah. I am in a state of migration. We just shared the Hadith, the the Muslim, the one who hijo Ramana one who migrated away from what's the disobedience of Allah. So when I see a

00:43:39--> 00:44:31

disobedience in front of me, this concept has to come to me, helps me It helps me You're leaving it for the sake of Allah you're migrating like Allah Swati saw to a sinner migrated from Mecca to Medina, to three. This is happening in the sacred month. I need to remind myself, this is a sacred month. I need to take advantage of it. Take advantage of it, do good deeds. Last but not the least, this month, has a say as a special day also. Spangler not the special day is not the first of mahalo, the special day. The first of mahalo is the date that the year start. The special day is Ashura is the 10th of Muharram. So today is the first which is going to be next Thursday, Ashura and

00:44:31--> 00:44:46

what is Ashura the 10th of Muharram What is so special about is one of our Swati Senado. Sarah migrated to Medina, he found out that the Jews fast the 10th day of harsh order,

00:44:47--> 00:44:49

and he said Why do they fast

00:44:50--> 00:44:59

and he was told they celebrate because it is the day that Allah subhanaw taala saved Sedna Moosa from fairground from fear

00:45:00--> 00:45:53

The day that was the you know Moosa left And Pharaoh followed them and then a lot decided what he owed that say now Moshe to use his stick and the whole ocean will be two pieces or to be two separate parts. And so you know Moosa moved and continued, and a lot pantalla maids fit around and his people drown that was on the 10th of Ashura or the 10th day of Muharram. So when our Swati salatu salam saw that the Jews celebrate and honor that day, he said, We are more or Sedna Musa has more right upon us than the Jews, we will fast it also. Note how could we be more salmon home? Meaning syedna Moosa has more rights or us as Muslims more than even the Jews, and we should

00:45:53--> 00:45:54

celebrate it

00:45:55--> 00:45:56

by fasting.

00:45:57--> 00:46:06

Another good concept for us to learn, we Muslims when we celebrate, we don't celebrate with a disobedience.

00:46:07--> 00:46:10

Rather we celebrate with the obedience of Allah

00:46:11--> 00:46:53

Subhana Allah, we do celebrate with disobedience, we celebrate with obedience, that 10th day of Muharram is a day of celebration, because it's the day that say, Musa was saved, and the Jews celebrated by obedience to Allah by fasting, then we and then he taught us and He fasted that he saw to us, and he said, If I live the next year, and there is two narration in this saying, I will fast, the ninth and the 10th, the test will Ashura I will, I will fast the 10th and the 11th, weaker 110 10s I'm sorry, ninth and 10th, weaker 10th and 11th.

00:46:55--> 00:46:55


00:46:57--> 00:47:32

this next Thursday, when I'm going to be fasting, number one I need to remember and also the virtue of fasting that day, it will remove the sins of the year before fasting, the day of harsh aura is a sooner next Thursday. It's a sooner you are following the footsteps of Allah soiree saw to Sarah. He did it, I'm gonna do it. Then I am celebrate, it's a Thursday that's another good deed. Fasting Thursday. Why? Because my deeds, my deeds of the day.

00:47:33--> 00:48:23

I am sorry, the deeds of the of the week will be presented to Allah pantalla on a Monday and a Thursday, and he said that he sought to set up I love that one my deeds presented to Allah, Allah see me fasting, because fasting is one of the most beloved these to Allah subhanho Tada. So this month, next week, I need to remember Thursday, I need to fast and I'm not talking about one, let's make it a family. Let's remind our youth, let's rewind our spouses that it is Thursday, but not only Thursday is a 10th of Ashura. What I always also say to people, invite people for the fall. So to remind them to resuscitate here, give life back to the sooner offer Roswall a site or some if you

00:48:23--> 00:48:41

can, fast, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, that's perfect. That's that's the best if you can fast, Wednesday and Thursday, that's perfect. If you can fast, Thursday and Friday, that's even good. If you cannot, it's difficult, then make sure you don't miss Thursday.

00:48:43--> 00:49:07

For those sisters, who that day will come during the time that they cannot fast. Don't get upset. Don't get upset. Remember, Allah knows that if you did not have the reason that Allah told you not to fast, you would have been among those who fasted which means Allah will reward you

00:49:09--> 00:49:58

remember this, when I am used to do something, I really have the intention to do it. But then something happened out of my control that prevented me, I got sick, I had fever, got the menstrual cycle Gods something I couldn't fast. My intention was absolutely too fast. Remember the near Allah who rewards me? So to recap what we talked about, because mclubbe is going to be very soon here. What we need to learn all of us celebration days is an Islamic concept. So I'm not going to say I'm not going to celebrate. But how do I celebrate? That's what I need to look at it. I need to remind myself, What was this all about? What is this new year? What is this? Muharram what happened

00:50:00--> 00:50:52

What did I do? Have I ever migrated in my life? I'm not talking about migrating from one country to the other for four studies for higher degree for better life. That's what dunya that's what this life. What did I migrate for our last pantalla? Three? Remember, it is not only a day, it's the whole month, the whole month is a sacred month, that don't draw yourself in it. Don't do injustice. Fourth, but not last, but not the least, the 10th day next Thursday, is Ashura. That 10th day of Mojave is the day that Allah Swati salatu salam fasted, and and ordered us or recommended or commanded us to fast to celebrate what the Jews celebrate, which is the day that Allah pantalla

00:50:52--> 00:51:13

saved so enormous profit. And he said, they celebrate this day we should we say the Messiah has more rights upon us than him. May Allah subhanho wa Taala your biani make us among those who celebrate who value who

00:51:17--> 00:52:06

knows, knows and give do rights to the symbols of our last panel Tyler, because a sacred month is symbol of a law. The first day of the new year is a symbol of a law. The fasting is a symbol of Allah, may Allah Subhana Allah make us among those who are able to do that, who who Allah Subhana Allah gave us the opportunity to learn and to practice your ebme coolamon to be higher every year and you are in a good health closer to Allah, more beloved to Allah Yoruba me, may Allah subhanho wa Taala may make us all from among those who will celebrate always celebrate and value his symbols and May Allah subhanho wa Taala accept from all of us and may have lost pantalla forgive our

00:52:06--> 00:52:25

shortcomings and meal loss pantalla your ebme make it not the last year for us on this earth. rather give us more time and more life to obey Him and to serve a more European he subhanak Allahumma Behanding actually do Allah, Allah and Esther Furukawa to bully some Allahu Allah say you know Mohammed one