Haifaa Younis – Ramadan Series Day 29 – The Month of Freedom from the Hellfire

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the upcoming month of Maf, which is the last day of the month and is a sign of graduation from the hellfire. They emphasize the importance of relieving food and doing things that are important to health, such as fasting and avoiding touching sick people. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of remembering that the end of the month is a sign of graduation from the hellfire.
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To lie or that I kept 200 I have a brand I mean and sadly to say it's day 29 the last

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night is tonight and

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it's gonna be 30 days so we have one more day of Ramadan but we have only one night left which is tonight, but one of the names of Ramadan is the month that we human beings will be relieved or be released or free from

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the Hellfire and the Hadith that we have mentioned that many times that one of the virtues of Milan many virtues of Ramadan one of them is the doors of the gates of gentlemen are opened the gates of the Hellfire are closed. The person who wants to do good Come on me about to fail. Come on in that one who wants to do evil go away? Yeah, variation. So and every night, Allah subhanho wa Taala relieve through one person, not one person with every night Allah relieve people from the hellfire. And there is this also is a time of model of when the Muslims are breaking their fat fast. That's how these remember, like in every night, there is people who will be freed from the hellfire. So

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what we are all hoping you're on BMA that we all already from those who have been freed from the Hellfire europian that's the virtue of Ramadan. One thing also we have to remember related to the day 29 which is basically tonight, or it's the night of the 30th the last night of Ramadan is not only about being freed from the Hellfire, but this is the night and unfortunately a lot of us don't take this night seriously as we have taken the last nights.

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This night is the night that Allah subhanaw taala will give the reward. And as a Rasul Allah His salatu salam, he says,

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Swati saw to Sam also among

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great underrated that a lot we forgive his own man in the last night of Ramadan. And they asked Yara smola is the night of the other the night of power. And he said no. But the worker, the worker will be paid his

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salary is what he deserved at the end of the work. So how long and tonight is the end? Unfortunately, sadly. But it's reality. So tonight is the night a loss per dollar will reward us for everything which we then we tried to do. We struggled. We failed but we asked Allah for forgiveness is tonight. So tonight, we should not take it lightly. On the contrary, it's one of the nights one of the nights of Ramadan, that not only we will be freed from the Hellfire because it's one of the nights of Ramadan. But because it is the last night of our Milan where we will be paid what we deserve. You will pay our shins any job we take in life. They pay us at the end of the month or they

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pay us when we finished the job. And this is how it is so I'll move on tonight. Let's take it seriously. Let's not take it lightly nuts let me let us not get distracted by ladies coming What do I need to do? And then we forget everything we have been doing for the last 30 days. That's one thing. The other thing we need to remember right that Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen for 29 days. We were able by His grace Yarrow medical home Dr. Bill Callahan to obey Him fasting standing up in Saudi Arabia and generosity forgiving everything we covered. Let us not make it stop tonight. Or when we break our fast tonight Let's make it definitely tonight part of it but also we take it with

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us. We don't know if a lot except your of the army. Allah is all for giving. It's the month of forgiveness. But we want to show a lot that you were sincere in what we have been doing. And it is not only in Ramadan let us not to be the people who worship Allah in Ramadan only. We pray only in Ramadan. We fast only in Ramadan. We give generosity or we give charity or we are generous only in Ramadan. Ramadan. Ramadan is my training camp. Now Alhamdulillah it became a habit. I am going to take it with me your ob me and the hadith of salmaan that we should do to you on day 12 that the month of Ramadan has

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So many virtues he talked about but what he said is the last night's of the moment with the last part of from what is the month or is the time where a lush pantalla will relieve us will free us from the Hellfire every time we want to think of the Hellfire it's not about skin. So about reality and say no more used to when he brings his finger on the stone and get it very close and of course you will get hot so and he moved it

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moved it away and he used to say Erica Sadhguru

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Can you be patient on this just to bring one finger so imagine what I add the villa the whole Hellfire and all it's at straws cities and all it's it's amazing beyond our imagination. What we need to do is need to remind ourselves in one of the reasons Ramadan is the month of relieving food from the health part there's to remember there is a Hellfire but also to remember there is things we do that Allah pantalla will free us from the health pile and these we will take it with us after Ramadan for example on this all based on heavy of Rasul Allah saw to us, he said whosoever used his feet for the sake of Allah pantalla Of course to fight for a loss pantalla but in general in my

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daily life when I walk, or when I drive to go and help someone for the sake of Allah to teach someone for the sake of Allah to visit a sick person for the sake of Allah that person have an Allah Allah know Allah will make that person body harm on the Hellfire that's one Subhanallah second one easy. Now again, Ramadan is ending but the the goodness of Allah pantalla never ends. anybody whose character is certainly and they say mean he's easygoing. He is not difficult to deal with. That's one of the characters that's the Hellfire Ruby how long that person Let's change let's start after Ramadan and you start that we are going to be focusing on pleasing Allah entering Jana can chew

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doing what we are doing what we have been doing your ob I mean your Allah 100 mu and Allah know your law you're on the actually make our faces and our bodies absolutely head on and forbidden on the house fire y'all Allah make us of those who you have already be cleaned. You have already relieved and you have already freed them from the Hellfire lbn saramonic la la Hoover wabarakatuh

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