Veganism In Islam

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How Do You View Veganism In Islam?


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So first question is,

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I'm told that you get a lot of questions about vegetarianism.

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Not a lot, but a fair amount of questions. Okay. I'm curious. And this is different than the question of being vegan. No, I mean, vegan vegetarian, this actually comes up in the class because we talk about personal preferences of the prophets, I send them, okay. And we talked about how you can have personal preferences, that Sam doesn't have a stance on, okay, right. So

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sometimes the issue that's it's, it's, it's allowed, Sam doesn't say yea, or nay, it's just something which is permissible. And so you can have your personal preference, just like, you choose to wear a particular type of shirt, because it's, it's your style, right? And some doesn't really care. So people, you know, and then sometimes people ask, like, Look, you know, Is it wrong to be vegan or vegetarian? Because it's my personal preference, okay. But some might argue the opposite, right? They might say, hey, it's actually better to be vegan or vegetarian. Is that to be consuming all this animal meat? Right, exactly. So that's when we that's, that's when we that's where we have

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to differentiate the two and say, Look, are you when you say better? Are you speaking from a religious perspective? Because if that's the case, and you need evidence for that, were like in the Koran or the sun. Now we're told, hey, don't eat meat, and it's better, right? And there's nothing like that. But if you're saying, look, for me, I choose not to eat it, or because of how animals are treated today, or for an extra reason. And as long as you're not attributing it to Islam, think oh, Islam tells me I have to do so to not necessarily make it a religious reason. Right, or attach spiritual significance to it. Exactly. So someone says, look,

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you know, Sam tells me not to be crude, and wasn't the norm right now in the meat industry, is that, you know, there's a lot of cruelty towards animals. So because of that, I, you know, I choose not to eat meat. So that's very different than saying, hey, eating meat is bad. Or, for example, somebody says, Oh, it's bad to kill me.

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Oh, because animals have feelings and exact thing like that. Exactly. But that's something of a religious significance. Yeah. Okay. That's fine. So we have differentiate between the two. Me personally, yeah. about vegetarianism or veganism. Yeah. Well, I, I personally hold like, for me, it goes back to an issue of I mean, it's a feed in factors, obviously, we should care about how animals are treated. Right. So if that's the solution, which I don't know, it is that, hey, if you stop eating meat, then we'll can make a difference in the meat industry. I don't know that to be the case. And it could be right. I'm just not, I would say very openly, I'm not informed enough to make

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that decision or to, to come to that conclusion.

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But from a health perspective, Islam always is for moderation. So look, you know, we know that when we eat

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a lot of red meat. Yeah. It's not healthy. Red Meat is a particular classification. Exactly. So for me, I'm like, okay, so that I can I totally get that, you know, moderation in red meat.

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Especially with a sedentary lifestyle. Exactly. Right. And what about this kind of meat, right? Like this? What will this fall under? They're so beautiful, man. Why would you do anything to them? Well, they actually want us to get rid of them. We were actually joking here, about how I was like, yeah, let's set up a barbecue. I know a friend who has a Vietnamese duck recipe.

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I don't know, man, you know, I'm just look, I don't, I believe that there's an Islamic way to slaughter, which is totally merciful towards animals and all that. I'm just personally. Like, if I see an animal being killed, I have a tough time eating that animal that's totally has nothing to do with Islam. It's just a personal thing. I remember. When I was a kid, we slaughtered a goat for ate rice. And I remember, like, a very vivid memory where, you know, we're, um, we're like playing with this goat. Right? And then we got to slaughter it. And then, like, an hour later, there's like, some food made, and there's like me, I'm like, wait a minute, I was just playing with this dude. And

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like, psychologically, that messed me up because I was like, I can't eat this. Because my sister during the we had we went to India, we had some goats that are playing around with it. And then the goats disappear. Right. And then, and, you know, we had cooked it started to everybody. And my sister's like, Where's the goat? My dad's like, it's in your plate. Oh, man. That's pretty much what happened to me. And so like, I couldn't bring myself to eat that. You know, but but that's just that's just me. I don't know that was creeping up on you.