3 Healthy ways to get rid of envy and jealousy

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Three healthy ways to counter and overcome feelings of envy and jealousy. Number one, before feeling envious of something that someone has, remember that what they have could actually be their tests two examples that Allah gives us in the Quran in Nima and wailuku. Allah do come fitness certainly your wealth and your children are but a test number two gratitude for what you already have. The more we compare ourselves to people who have more than us, the more we're going to feel like we need more so all we have to do is to start comparing ourselves to people who have less than us. And when we begin to do that, we can recognize that we already have so much to be grateful for number three,

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remember that envy and jealousy are negative emotions, and they're heavy on the soul so we can counter them with a positive feeling and a positive emotion and that is actually praying for the person that we may be envious of. And this is what the prophet Sal I sent him instructed us to do. He said, If you see something in your brother that you like, then you should ask Allah to put blessings put Baraka in it