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Meme Refutations, Aunties_Uncles online, Sliding into DMs, Fine Dining


AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on his work and personal life, including his experience with working in a car and the "monster" culture of social media. He also talks about the "monster" culture where individuals have too much time to create a PDF and use personal information, and the "monster" culture where people are trying to get their attention and get their attention to. The "monster" culture is anti-immigrant and anti-faima, and it is important to have good chef and ambience. The speaker suggests building excitement when hearing things like amazing tastes or great tastes, and encourages people to give their love and slumps to each other.
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Salam Alaikum wa Alaykum wa Salaam wa rahmatullah wa barakato What's up, man? chillin bro. What's happening? they doing? Good man can't complain. This is a nice surprise, bro. Mashallah. Yeah, yeah, look took me a couple years to finally get in touch. That's great man. You know, later better than never right? And in LA you know, I like to call you every couple of years. That does good. Maybe one day you'll return my chocolate to me as well as Yo, yo, where's

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your salary grades, bro?

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I I'm never gonna forget that you know that right? Same here? Neither will I you offered himself or grapes? No, no, no. Didn't want those. Get yourself. Do you like hearing that?

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That's, that's how this works? Well, that's how this one's in. So how is it there at the in the office? in the office? You know, things are pretty chaotic without Michael Scott around. But you know, as a new manager of Dunder Mifflin, I think I'm doing a pretty good job.

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Do you do classes and stuff and with this background? Well, I have been waiting to use this background opportunity. And I was like, today's the day I'm going to use it. So you really caught me off guard, like the first like second or two. I was like, wait, wait.

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You know, I used to use like the Medina background or today I had, like the Haji lecture. So I had like the cowboy background. But I've never got a chance to use this bro. And you know, it's perfect timing. humble enough handle. So what's up, man? How's it how's how's Canada doing? Canada? cases are going up again? Oh, really good things. Yeah, a lot of things are up in the air. I mean, there's not as bad as the states. But like, considering that our numbers were dropping, and then they're going back up now.

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But I guess that's what summer brings, right? Everyone wants to be out in a boat.

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So I guess everyone's just worried about that. Other than that. I've been focusing a lot on my side business as of these days. So I have a chain so it's your side business. This like consulting for like public oceans and stuff. Okay. Okay. Okay. Because of COVID a lot of things I shut down. I wasn't traveling as much. But I'm back to traveling within like, kind of well within Alberta mainly. So did that. So is it driving? Or is it like you get to fly as well. You can fly but I just prefer to drive like the flight situation is so terrible man. Like wants to be stuck in an airplane with some coughing and sneezing next to you don't know if it's COVID or not. It's a very stressful

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situation. Yeah, yeah, I feel I feel like driving a lot better, obviously. Because you're in your own car. And then wherever you're going, like wherever you're going, you can still social distance and stuff. But when you're in a plane, yeah, there's nothing you can do. Yeah, I was asking about Canada because like, from my perspective, like being in America, I feel like nothing can be worse. Like every everywhere else in the world, like things are getting better. And America is the only place like terrible job. Yeah, so I mean, how did you told any country in the world that Kanye West was running for president? Like, you gotta be kidding me. But yeah, America, things like that become

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reality. Yeah, I don't know, man. I just I have like this feeling that we're gonna we're gonna get another four years of Trump. Oh, I can't shake that feeling, man. It's it's like it's I mean, realistically, though. There's I don't feel confident in Biden beating him.

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I think as long as Trump keeps riding the economic wave of like the stock market going crazy right now, and setting like new highs and records. People are gonna vote him back in Go, man, I'll just make the offer.

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That said, bro, what do you do when you live in a shoe move into a booth and get laced row? I don't know what you're talking about. I don't know what that means. I don't know. I don't know where you supposedly went. But that sounds pretty crazy. I'm supposedly What? Were you heard?

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us good, man. It's good to It's good to see you after you know a couple months I think money No, man more than that.

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I think probably around EADS maybe. Nice. Yeah. Yeah. So two months before a

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zoomcar call. No, no, no, no, bro. You remember we had like that late night conversation. All right. We got three hour Yeah, yeah, yes. Yeah, it has been a long time. That was after Ramadan that I'm assuming. Yeah, that was optimal one. Yeah. Are the kids has family and everyone how everyone's living and you know, living their best life? Not their best life. But what does that mean, bro? Like I hear people say that all the time. Like, oh, you know, he's living his best life or she's living your best life. Like what does that? What does that mean to you? To me, it means that nothing is going on in their lives. And they don't want to say that. So they say living their best life. I

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don't know. I was saying like when when someone says that they just mean like they're, I don't know doing the best with what they have. Right? Or they're I don't know they're happy in their situation, but realistically

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Usually, like when someone says best life, it means like everything in their life is phenomenal. Yeah, Andrew, I just don't know how realistic that is, man. Yeah, but it's never. Yeah, exactly. I think there's always something that's going to be like difficult or troubling or not perfect, right? Yeah. Like for sure. Soon. It's only for Jenna, bro. And for social media, and for social media and everything looks everything's amazing on social media. Everyone's like, great. Yeah, everything's awesome. Which is crazy, isn't it? Like? Why do people feel the need to tell everyone that their life is perfect? Like, why do you have to tell people give the people have impression? Like, why is

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that so important? spambot Yeah, I guess maybe part of it is that people, it helps them feel better about their situation. You know, and I think a lot of it also has to do with

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the release of dopamine in your brain when you get likes and comments. And you know, people praise you and, and that feeling like, you know, like, your life sucks, but it's like, at least online. I feel good about myself. I had like this short term subscription to Forbes magazine. And remember, a couple of months back, they had this article on Kylie Jenner and Kylie Jenner, she runs like this makeup company, where the evaluation of the company was supposed to be over a billion dollars. And she sold part of that company, which would officially make her like the youngest billionaire ever. So eventually, one of these big firms did the math to figure out is she actually a billionaire. And

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it came down to that she only had $900 million, as opposed to 1 billion.

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And then Forbes was saying that Kylie Jenner, or actually not Kylie Jenner, but the whole Kardashian PR firm or whatever they use, got in touch with forums with Forbes, to correct the error that she isn't actually a billionaire and not a 900 millionaire. Because that's awesome. And I think that, for me, is a clear, like, manifestation of what social media is like. Like, you have to have this pseudo fake, unbelievably perfect life on social media. I'm always surprised when you see someone who's a little bit older, do that online? Because I don't know. It just feels like it. Don't you reach a point in your life where you're like, Okay, this is obviously like, really shallow. And I'm

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beyond that. But you know, that like, that's the thing like, growing up, you're 20 or 20 3030 4040. But nowadays, it's like 40 is the new 30 and 30 is the new 20. And 20 is the new kid, like, however that works, right? So we're just delaying the progression of maturity, to be young for as long as you possibly can. both emotionally and physically. Do as many surgeries as you possibly can get Botox done.

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And keep living your your young life, even into your 80s Okay, so what about like this surge of like uncles and Auntie's on online now, like on Facebook, and like, even honestly, like even Instagram, so like, how do you explain that, again? Like, I think social media is a phenomenon. It is it has reached that phase where it's become mainstream, right? So you have the early adopters that picked up very early which was like a decade ago, maybe, and now it's becoming mainstream that everyone's on it. And it's become like this way of communication that everyone uses. And I think that's just like product adaptation at its finest. Yeah, communication and I would even say like, a form of

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entertainment, like I know, like, I know. Actually, let me ask you are you on tik tok?

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So I'll take that as a yes. That is an no absolutely absolutely not. Okay. Alhamdulillah So look, I you know, I mentioned this in my last live talk as well but I'll say it again Just so you know, I just so it there's more to you'll see

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I am not on Tick Tock I don't want to be on Tick Tock I will never be on Tick Tock and if I ever do like please remind me that I said I will never be on Tick Tock and please shame me for for doing so. Can I write a PDF on you like you can run a PDF you can you can you can get get get this video but it online and then pause it and be like here he clearly said

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put a video up take dog but no man I don't know. Like I draw the line at Tick Tock. I wasn't even following like there's like this new online culture where you know like during Medina time, if you want refuted you got to refute it in the PDF. But now people are making memes to refute other people. Are you aware of this? Oh,

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yeah, I'm aware of this. Of course. Yeah. It's pretty chaotic, man. Like, it's this, this culture never dies and it just keeps changing smaller. I'll make it easy for myeloma. I mean, I mean, also there's there's like the video reputations. Now I think that's, you know,

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because there's so many

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I don't know if that's a culture, or that's just like a handful of individuals that have too much time on their hands. Right. But I know I know what you're talking about. I know what you're talking about. Yeah, we used to think we used to think PDFs or like, a person has to have a lot of time to put together a PDF, like imagine. Yeah, gathering clips, exactly. And then cutting them where you need to cut them and adding graphics, and then adding another clip and saying, Look here, you said, you know, what's interesting is that you seem to have that skill set. And everything is required to make a video application, I believe you know how to do. Maybe you are one of these anonymous guys,

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Allahu alum, who knows, man, you gotta make a living somehow in the COVID era. That is true. That is true. When somebody tweeted at me today, they're like, I'm, like, some somebody, they're like, oh, he might have an anonymous account on Twitter, G. And I was like, Wait, is that a thing? Like, people have multiple accounts, like anonymous accounts, bro, people do everything in this day and age, man, I I actually, I mean, you know, this, and I say this all the time, but I actually don't even think, you know, public speakers should be given out there. They should have like, one on one contact with especially the opposite gender, you know, of course, private messaging and DMS and, bro

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every six months, there's a new scandal, new scandal, man and what does it always go back to DMS, on

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WhatsApp, private messages. Like that's what it is. And I'm like, man, like At what point like, you know, why put yourself in that position? You know, let me ask you a question. So this is a genuine question. I mean, this in like an inquisitive way, when someone says sliding into DMS is that purely for like the opposite gender? Or can like, you know, a guy say that to like another brother? No, why'd you slide into my DMS like that?

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That's a genuine question for you. You're not serious, or you know, I am, is that

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before I answer this question, you know, that reminds me of, what does it remind me of? It reminds me of that story once told me the word was Oh, tight, tight? Yes. Yes.

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It was in Baltimore at the econo conference. The year before I got to know the year I got accepted into Medina er, got accepted to Medina. And I was at the stand and, you know, they had the Muslim apparatchik anyone with the coding company was called.

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Someone comes to you and they're like, Oh, this shirt is pretty tight. And you're like, No, no, no.

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Bro. Look, man, I wasn't raised talking that language. So I seek out consultations from the people that know first aloha logically put on the moon. That's that's the reality, bro. Okay. Um, yes, a slide in your DMS. Like, it's, it's like you're basically that it's flirting with somebody? or trying to, you know, get their attention to? Yeah, so it's never used

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it? Yeah, it's not afraid it could be used for the same gender. But that would mean something completely different. I got you. Yeah. So, but yeah, sliding and signing. Somebody didn't mean they're trying to get your attention, you know?

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Yeah, that's it that so if a sister comes complaining and she says she's sad, slid into my DMS that obviously wasn't like a friendly thing.

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So that would be a category out of categorically be a lot. I do not do that. However, I'd be like, Uber Hannah, come in. kuntum saw the thing I can affirm that you don't even respond to messages, let alone there you go. There's

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been absolved of all blame. There you go. People people get upset at me for not replying to messages. So what else going on man headed to Montreal in about two weeks on Sunday? For two weeks? You really don't like Montreal? Oh, nah, bro. Weren't you you were born in Montreal, right? I was born born raised. Yes sir. You like to get Montreal? Has someone taught me by Felicia?

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done with it. I have a lot of good memories in Montreal. Do you

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want to say online?

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Your true true true you've been there quite a bit you have been there quite a bit like the brothers they're like really cool. Good guys. Yeah, I've always associated Montreal with you as well. So I tend to have a positive

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positive impression of like I like I think positive thoughts I think of Montreal home you're not and I think like visiting Montreal is a great place to visit but living there is such a nightmare, bro. You know, it was racist growing up and then it became legislation and the legislation is just horrendous Bro. Bro. I was so surprised. The first time I went to Montreal. I think it was my my first trip to Canada was Montreal I think yes, it was actually. And you know, growing up in America

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You always hear like, Canadians are so nice. They're so good by and listen that whatever. And then like at the airport of Montreal, I'm like, yo, like, everyone was so rude. Yeah. And it's like, like I couldn't I was like, This is obviously like propaganda. Right? Canadian.

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Canadians clearly they're not Canadians. Yeah. So that was my experience and my my first experience Montreal is like, like really mean, it might have been really mean to me. I was like, you know, like, what is this? It's just messed up, man. It's like a, this this culture that's very, very anti non French, anti immigrant, anti religion. Right? You know, what I also remember

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is when I met you guys in Connecticut, where when you grow up in Connecticut, and then we drove to New York together, do you remember that? I do not remember this? No way, man. Come on, bro. And again, I think New York. I think this is probably your first year in Medina. I want to say why do I not remember this at all? I have no idea. So what do we do? We had that really stupid wager. Where if you could finish all the will of Germans I teach you a jumia. You remember that at all? I do not remember?

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Because I don't mess it. Good luck, gentlemen. I don't mess with me. It was really impressive. Like I actually feel bad in hindsight. Like, why would I do that to the guy because you had to eat like six gloves gentleman's

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bro. You were

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number four. You're telling me now. Now I'm like, okay, I believe that story because that is what I do. But I think we were walking I want to say in Queens, where like all the DC restaurants aren't Where is that? It were in New York. So

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it's called Jackson Heights. Jackson Heights. Yeah. And I just remember there was like a shadow on like, tag corb. Billboard. I'm like, man, where are we right now? I have no recollection of this. And I'm and then do you really surprised when we were in London together? And

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we were sharing the I think you came for gym s and I can't remember what I was there for. And then we picked you up from gym s and took you to London? And then we had no way of getting to the airport. Yeah, I remember this. Yeah, I remember the London

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incident the

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incident that we're never gonna forget. It's on my list of things that I will question you about on the Day of Judgment. I'll ask for my husband. No worries, bro. So that was that sour grapes. You will be waiting. Freeze me bro.

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I was frozen the whole night, bro. It was so cold. And then I wake up and you're like, that's the thick of chilling.

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Oh, good times. Right. And I just remember trying to get to the airport was so chaotic. Yeah, I'm not gonna make it right. And what was the the thing like? did another none of us have a credit card? I can't remember pulling over for like a cash machine or so. Yeah, yeah. We like none of us had money. And then there was no credit cards. I can't remember what it was. Yeah. Where are we in a cow? I remember being in a cab or something. Yeah. And eventually we pulled over because we couldn't pay the guy. Oh, right. Right, right. That is not gonna happen again. Am I gonna? Am I gonna chill with you in London again? Let's do it, bro. Let's do it, man. So this is a real crazy story. I don't

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know if I shared this one with you. It was my first and only time meeting in California. So I was like, we got to go somewhere nice. So I looked up this steak house. And like, let's go here. I go there. And this was in Mohammed bin Salman was coming to tour the United States. So he was staying at that hotel but arriving tomorrow. But his entourage had already arrived. And they refuse to be cooked for by anyone other than Wolfgang Puck. Wolfgang Puck was there himself cooking all of our food that night. And he was, you know, nice enough to come out to the table, introduce himself and allow us to take pictures and he took me back to the kitchen and showed us all the different kinds

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of steak he had and stuff like that. Wow. Yeah, it's in fine dining right there. Man. That is some real fine dining man. So I was having this conversation with with someone about how I've never had food that I've like, like my mind is blown by like, I'm like, Oh, this is the most amazing. Like I've had good food right and i people like well, you don't you're not a foodie. You don't enjoy it, but I enjoy food. I like food. Yeah, I and I've been to like nice places, expensive places, but I've never had food that that really like, I was like, Wow, that was just amazing. Is it just I haven't been to like a nice enough place or I'm just so there's two things that come.

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We also actually let's say four things. Two of them are extremely important and the other two are not as important, bro You sound like you're about to give them high

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quality ingredients. And you have to have a good chef. Then you have to make the presentation nice. And you have to have a good ambience. That is what it takes to have a good quality experience over food. So I've been to places like that and don't

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get me wrong, like the food was I've enjoyed food, right? But I've never been I've never had food. And I'm not even talking about like, okay, so fancy places. That's one thing, right? I've been there done that. But even like, you know, this hole in the wall thing, which is like the most amazing like chicken sandwich in the world, whatever. And I've had and I'm like, yeah, that was good. I enjoyed it. But like when people upset people overpraise food like, way too much? Like, I don't understand it never, never, never like would do you create reference points for food. So for example, when I have steak now, almost all those reference points go back to this Wolfgang Puck incident. Is it as

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good as that? Right? That's when you know, you had something good that it becomes a reference point that you compare other things to? So okay, I get that right. You compare one thing to another and compare to that it was good. But I've not I don't have something which is all the way up there that I'd say like, you know, oh, something tops this then it would be amazing, because I've never, I never thought any type of food was amazing, right? Like I thought it was like if I was putting on scale. I've never had something which is better than like, eight out of 10 which is good. It's not like oh my god, like that's it and I think me and you need to hang out more. I think bro, I've been

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to some like you've taken me to some of these places and like, I I enjoyed it. By the way. No, I don't think I think our reference point is like xingyang in Medina.

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Like, are you better? Why the robotic? I know how much you loved what people bro, that's my favorite. Not go. You hated that. Please, bro. I just don't like the food to be honest. Like, I'm sorry. Like, okay, once again, let me let me let me clarify. I don't dislike it. But I'm not like, you know, I don't particularly enjoy it. Yeah. And I just I don't I don't know, man. Maybe I'm too simple when it comes to food. Like I enjoy food. But honestly, like, give me like, some nice pizza. Right? Honestly, like, like, I'm okay with pizza. Yeah, you know, hand toss. cheese pizza. I'm good like that. I'll be on my side. Like no one seemed to be a food snob. But also, like, from the

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enjoyments of the derniers is good food, right? No, I agree. And I'm trying. I'm trying to find it. But I'm like, why don't I find Why don't I feel that enjoyment? Like, at least at that level? Yeah, you need to have someone build up the excitement, and then have that excitement delivered on it. I mean, I'll try. I've tried. I've tried everything. Like whenever somebody says like, oh, the most amazing. I'm like, Listen, you need to calm down. Because I've heard that. Almost most people don't know what they're talking about. Right? You can even tie this into like

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colognes and fragrances right? You're like if someone tells you that hey, you know, Polo sport is amazing. Yeah, maybe in the world Polo sport is hating on Polo sport, but you can say that's the epitome of all fragrances, right? I don't know, man. I just, I guess I guess it's relative to me. Like, I just feel like it's relative. Right? True. Like, for somebody like they may enjoy something to like, uh, you know, and our tastes like different. They are true, right? So someone, like, I will never be able to know how something tasted to you. That's true. Everyone knows me. You won't be able to know how something 100% tasted to me. But you can have a similar appreciation. Just like you

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know, beauties in the eye of the beholder. But there are certain things that are pretty objective as well that maybe not all people will agree upon, but a lot of people will agree upon. I agree. I agree. 100 law. exactly the same as good to talk to you. Well, yeah, likewise, man, always a pleasure. Well, I can hear my kids they were out so I can hear them coming back in and there's going to be a storm coming through right now. This my love Please give my loving slumps to everyone and show them I will I will likewise you as well. I will do inshallah, and inshallah Tada, I will talk to you in four months. Sounds good, bro.

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All right, man. Take care inshallah. Samadhi from

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YouTube man, Polycom, salam, wa Rahmatullahi wa barakato