Is It OK to Wish for Death

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Salaam Alaikum, warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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Costa Rica, Mohammed and Salalah

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kathira. First and foremost, before I get started with the topic for today, I want to just acknowledge what has taken place in Beirut unless paratime make it easy for our brothers and sisters in noumenon that were already suffering through a political and economic crisis, have mercy on those that have passed make it easy for their families. Truly a very difficult and horrifying, you know, video to watch. And obviously, it's going to take a very long time for them. So we make it out for them as well, I was actually just about to write something on Kashmir, and then that popped up. And it's a reminder of the tragedies that are mounting around the world, we pray for those that are

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victims of these senseless tragedies in the suppression wherever they may be. With that being said, the topic that I wanted to speak about tonight is a very sensitive topic. And I want to seek forgiveness in advance if I say something that further injure someone that is feeling hurt right now. And it really stems from the discussion yesterday. Yesterday, I spoke about, you know, this idea of your improbable birth, how many things could have gone wrong, you were meant to be now what are you meant to fully do? Right, and all of the the ways that things came to be so that you could come to be and trusting the Divine Decree of Allah subhana wa tada and then trying to find your path

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within that guidance within that contentment. And it was very heartbreaking to, to read some of the comments of people that said, I wish I was never alive and people that express

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their wanting to die. And so I wanted to talk about this. And the topic is hard. The title can't fully reflect what it is that I want to talk about, nor will I be able to fully discuss this problem within a few minutes. It is a phenomenon that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us that there would come a time that a person would pass by a grave. And because of what they are going through, they would say, Yeah, leetonia quintos la herb.

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Oh, how I wish that I was the occupants of this grave. I wish that that was my grave. And this would be a person that, you know, on the outside on the surface may seem to have everything going right for them. But, you know, they, they just don't feel that happiness, and they don't have that purpose.

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Or that willingness, the reason to live, they don't feel it. And I want to start by saying that if you are someone that is experiencing these things, may Allah subhanho wa Taala cure you and, and help you through these difficult moments, please reach out to someone to help you. Even if that's just calling the Suicide Prevention Lifeline, you could look it up and talk to someone if it's reaching out to someone but please don't suffer in silence, please reach out to someone and talk to someone and that is part of your that's part of your worship of a loss penalty that doesn't make you less of a person that doesn't make you a bad person to seek help. In fact, if you're seeking help to

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be more whole than that is in and of itself a way of honoring the life that Allah subhanaw taala gave to you and that's a form of worship. So seek help and don't be embarrassed to seek help and don't feel like you are you're taking away from yourself by seeking help. This is something that a loss of habitat has put us on this earth for as well to comfort one another and to help one another what's also been happy with the loss of the soul to support one another and truth and to support one another and patients so please reach out to someone in Charlottetown that can help you and and talk to someone now I wanted to speak about this from a place of

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Is it okay to ask Allah to take your life? Is it okay to wish for death in the way that the prophets like Selim spoke about in this regard? And to express that verbalize that in a do app so we're not talking about a person that's taking their own life but a person that wishes for death and obviously when you read the story of Madame Salaam, Mary the mother of Jesus peace be upon them both monogram it has Salaam as she was driven to the trunk of the tree by the pains that she was experiencing in labor. She said the elite and the mid to qabalah. Were coming to an ASEAN man see, I wish that I had died before this. And some of the scholars they said that Madame it has said I'm actually thought

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that she was dying. And obviously she's a young woman delivering all by herself. And this is you know, and you're

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asking to hasten her death because she thinks that she's dying.

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Anyway, and some of them, you know, said that this refers to the shame that Mario Monti has said, I knew that she was going to receive and of course, why Islam would respond that mentality alerta has any, not to grieve, and to give her a sense of purpose and to give her a sense of,

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you know, of hope in the midst of great despair. And when things seem to be completely bleak. So that's, you know, that's something that we find in Amritsar very raw expression. It's a very human expression, even from a perfect woman, right. And that's something that's profound that this is a perfect woman here. The Prophet slice Allah mentions are amongst those that perfected their fate. Allah subhanho taxes in the last arguable hierarchy will stop

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me This is the woman chosen above the women of the world and a woman that's an example to men and women of devotion, and she expressed this pain. Now, this is something for us to talk about. And there are a few ideas that I want to go through. And then the third part, the supplications, that are allowed, and that which is not allowed the province license, that none of you should wish for death, if he is righteous, perhaps he may add to his good works. And if he is a sinner, then it may be that he may repent in the case that He has given a long life and I'm paraphrasing and just giving the translation because this this narration will be a lot of time who doesn't have the the drought

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part in it. So the prophets lie, some in general talks about this idea of a person not wishing for the end of their life, because every moment that you live is an opportunity to get closer to Allah subhana wa Tada, either through a good deed that you add to your record or through repentance, that removes a bad deed from your record, every single moment that you have, every day that you have is an opportunity, you say and hamdulillah for that day, you praise the last pans out for that day. And you do what you can to get closer to a loss of habitat. And so every moment every moment, the believer is not taught to hate life because life is an opportunity. Every moment of life is a gift

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and an opportunity to get closer to Allah subhanaw taala. To do more good and to repent from whatever bad has been done. So to get closer to a loss of Hannah Montana. And there's actually a narration where the prophets lie Selim found a person who was wishing for death a young man and the prophets lie some sets.

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Are you wishing for death? And I am with you. surprised a lot I mean, you think about the compassion of the prophets, I send them to that young man. Right? Are you wishing for death while I am amongst you? And of course he wasn't wishing for death because he was with the Prophet slice on them. But perhaps he was not recognizing the great blessing of life and particularly, the blessing of living when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was alive I mean being a companion of the Prophet slicin and all that comes with that. And the Prophet slice I'm talking Madeira, and this is one that you know, the prophets lie. Some also says in the following context, he says, Leah Turman, Nana

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hadoken will note min bourlon oslob Let not one of you wish for death because of the calamity that befalls you. The Prophet slicin um, says in Canada would defer Ilan and if a person feels like they have to wish for death, like if a person is to a point where they are going to you know, truly express to a loss of parents out of the desire to no longer live if you cannot get away from saying something of those sorts instead of just outright asking Allah subhana wa tada to end your life or that he takes your life the prophets Allah lice and I'm sad for in Canada with the fact he then fell yakko Allah humma Heaney, mechanical hire to hire only what if any, either candidate was to hire on

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leave the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, let that person say, Allah, Allah Allah give me life mechanical hire to hire only as long as life is good for me. As long as you know that life is good for me. What telephony and take my life either cannot be left to hide on Lee. If death is better for me, if you know that death is better for me. This is also by the way, you know very instructive and that the prophets lie Some said start with life. Right? Start with life. Don't start with asking for death if it's good for you start with the basics. The basis that Allah has put you here for a reason, and that there is good in your life to still be done. Right? So start with hyah start with

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Allah let me live so long as life is good for me. And then get to the part of and take my life when you know that death is good for me. And so Allah subhanaw taala knows when you're going to be at your peak, Eliza knows when you are going to be in your finest form and you know, just like the story of that young, that young man, that child that's taken in the story of sorts of calf with a heart that it is salon and Mercedes salon. You know alaris was a new what was good for that child and a lot knew what was good for those parents. And you might see someone Subhana Allah who is

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You know, an incredibly righteous person, and they're taken at a certain time and you say, Subhana, Allah had they live longer. And it may be that that person was in a state of being with a loss of habitat of their heart was in a place, their worship was at a place where that was the best time for a lot to take them. Because Allah subhanaw taala was blessing that person with taking them at the most righteous point of their lives. And so you see, sometimes very righteous people that die. And you wonder why they died so young, and Allah knows best, right. And the also the default is that the prophets lie. Some said good deeds extend a person's lifespan. But it may be that Eliza knew that

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that was the best moment for that person because of their righteousness at those moments that was a person that would ask Allah subhanaw taala for the time, for the best of endings for the best of their deeds to be the last of their deeds, and a loss of hundreds I took them in those moments because that was what was best for them. Right? So we don't know. And you see righteous people pass away young and that could be the reason indeed so the prophets lie. Some said, it is permissible to say, Oh Allah give me life so long as life is good for me. And take my life when you know that death is good for me when you know that I've reached the time when death is actually good for me. There's

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another element of this, which is that a person you know, sees the way the world is going and a person fears that the fitna will become so tough for them that trial and dissension will become so tough for them, that they will not be able to survive whatever fitness coming whether that is the fitness of an oppressor. That's the fitna of confusion or the fitna, misguidance, whatever it may be, that a person would lose themselves because of the increase of fitna and this is a Hadith of the Prophet slice Allah used to do that the prophets lie some indeed use to make so this is something that the messenger sly Salaam can do he used to make out for this so this is a drought that a person

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can say at all times. The Prophet slice I'm used to say a llama Nia Celica fairly little highlight I'm gonna say it's lower a llama in the Luca, farewell highlight what total Kelvin qalaat will have been Masaki. Many of you have heard me talk about this part of the draw that all I asked you for the ability to do good for the ability to shun evil, and for the love of the poor to love the poor. And then the prophets lie some says what either outright death in nursey fitna, * Britney Lake later, Neptune. And if you have willed that the people will be tested, that there will be some sort of fitna that will come and that this is a fitna that I may lose myself in or that faith may become too

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difficult to hold on to or I might not be able to cling on to it, then bring me back to you, without being amongst those that are worth doing without being amongst those that fall to the fitness pal. Lots of beautiful.

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Why because a person is not asking for death in that point at that point, because of sadness or because of gratitude, but because they want to die in a state of gratitude and they want to die in a place where they're closest to a loss of power. They recognize that this life is merely a means of converting the best possible outcome in the next life. And so, if a person gets to a point where this life is no longer serving that purpose, then they would rather not be in this life, right because if the fitna was to become so severe and Allah knows us, Allah knows our weaknesses. If the fitna was to become so severe that a person would not be able to cling to faith, that a person will

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not be able to cling to purpose, then at that point, * a bit in the Lake opha Tiffany Lake, returned me back to you late on afternoon without being tested or tried in that way. So this is something that we also find these are two drives that we find to supplications that we find from the profits I sell them. In general though the profit slice I'm taught us that the life of the believer is higher, it's good no matter what with the law is with trial is a an opportunity for reward with test and trial comes an opportunity for reward. And every moment that you have is a moment of either Toba or testing be repenting for something that you have committed, are glorifying Allah subhana wa

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tada for His perfection all that he is bestowed upon you. Every single moment is a blessing in the Unreal moment. And that's why the affair of the believer is so strange because whether good or bad come to that person that person is able to convert it into a beneficial opportunity for them for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala and for the betterment of their aka for the betterment of their hereafter so the prophets lie Some said hiatal come, the best of you men pada omoto. What hacer una Okay, mkhitaryan Salatu was Salam. The profit Some said the best of you are those who live long lives and who increase their good deeds. Again, some people die young and righteous. Allah knows

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what's best for us. That's why

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We engage in the performance of good deeds, we try to find our purpose and anchor ourselves in that purpose of pleasing Allah subhana wa Tada. And we trust the loss of hundreds out of that, as we asked him to give us the best ending, that he will give us that ending at the time that we are in the best state of faith. We ask Allah subhanaw taala. To grant that to us. We ask a lot of comfort all of those that are grieving and that are ailing May Allah subhanaw taala help us through our hardships and difficulties. And I want to end on this note, if you feel it on the inside, if you feel that, that that leave that that constriction, that is not a sign of low faith, right? These are

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things that happen, a person will undoubtedly feel a sense of anxiety in the face of great trial. It's not about whether or not you feel anxiety, or whether you feel hardship, or whether you are feeling sadness. It's about how you act upon that sadness, right, that will bring you close to a loss of Hana to Allah, or be in your favor or not. And so don't feel guilty if you're feeling sad, or if you're feeling down. Try to use that, however, to gain the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala and to anchor yourself in your ultimate purpose, your purpose, which is to please allow us to worship Him and to do good. May Allah help all of us through any difficult times and a loss of

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parents out to help those that are oppressed around the world. I know this was a very, very long reflection. I wanted to do justice to the topic as much as I could, I'd recommend going to the trauma series on yaqeen And you'll find a lot in the trauma series that is a lot more helpful than aitana. So just Hello to all of you for tuning in. Santa Monica Rahmatullahi wa barakato