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The Superstar of Islam – Bilal ibn Rabah (may Allah be pleased with him) was the first muadhin (caller of Adhan) of our Ummah and he was hand picked for this role by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Bilal ibn Rabah (#Unbreakable) – Omar Suleiman

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Santa Monica Welcome to live with the castle Koran weekly This is your brother, honestly man. Welcome back to the superstar series. Today we're going to be talking about one of my favorite companions and SubhanAllah. This is someone who is famous sometimes for the wrong reasons and that his beloved Eben Navarro, the Louboutin and who say the name, the chief of all of the people who give them the teeth of all of them will evidence below the alojado has a very interesting background. And many times we don't talk about that his father and his mother were both actually prominent members before they became slaves. So his father robot was actually an Arab, he was not

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from Abyssinia. His mother, whose name was Hannah was actually a princess in Abyssinia. And they were both taken as slaves on Iman field on the year of the elephant, hence below the law of Thailand who was actually born in Mecca, but born to parents who, although were not born slaves, they were taken as slaves. And so below the law and who grew up as a slave in the Arab world his entire life. And without all the love and hope, you know, fell into the hands of the Royals of Mecca because he was well known for his for his abilities for his strength for the Allahu anhu for his intelligence, built out of the law and who is also a very, very handsome man. So he's described by him a lot, as

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being very dark, muscular had hazel eyes that were piercing. He said, If you looked at his eyes, then you wouldn't want to look anywhere else. He was such a handsome man, strong man, intelligent man. Well, the law on him so obviously, the best slaves were given to the people of the Royal class of Mecca. So he was in the hands eventually of omiya. No, maybe no. Holla was one of the staunchest opponents of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and Bilal the Allahu anhu. One day hears omiya talking about the profit slice on them, and he gathers from omega talking to the others about the prophets lie Selim, that the prophets lie Sanam is calling to tohei, to the oneness of God. And this

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is our fifth Hello, this is what we already believe in it's it's it's inside of us, we're already tuned to believe in one God. So even though they were slandering the prophets lysozyme, in saying what they were saying, he believed in muscle loss, I said, I'm in his message, just from hearing that. And so below the law of title and who started to object and beloved started to say, I had one, I had one, one. And that's something that's very profound, because I'm going to follow the law and who had asked bill out of the law, and who later on in life, you know, once had become established as a great Muslim leader. Why is it that you only said I had an ad one, one, he said, Yeah, I mean,

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oh, Commander for the believers, had I known anything other than one, I would have said it. That's all I knew about Allah subhanaw taala. And for that one, one bill out on the line, who would be tortured, he would be pushed almost to death over and over and over again, and Subhanallah we hear about the stone, but let me take you through a few days of the life of bill out of the law, in that situation. First, they tied him up in the house, and they deprive them of food and drink, so they starve them. And they dehydrated him. And they would put the idols in his face and say, kiss the idol. Worship the idol worship Allah, Rosa, and they would be in his face, and they would humiliate

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him, and they would spit at him. And they would refer to him with the derogatory term Yemenis. So that son of a black woman, because what they were saying to build out is that even though your father was an Arab, it doesn't matter. And that's why that term was so offensive, especially to bill out of the allotted time I know you happiness, so that you son of a black woman, worship Allah worshippers, then bill out of the Allahu taala. And as he continued to refuse saying, I had done I had one God, one guy, one God, he was dragged in the desert. And how many of you have actually put a collar on him? Can you imagine a man being dragged with like a dog collar, he put a collar on him,

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and he dragged him out in public. And he, he spit out the law, he humiliated him, he tortured him, and he whipped him in front of everyone said, say you worship a lot with and without all the law and who continued to say, I hadn't had one God, one God, then they put burning Iran on bilateral deal outside and they were torturing him in front of the other slaves in particular, so that no one would follow his example of the allowed time, below the law and who was was between unconsciousness and consciousness and below the line who was still saying, I hadn't had one God, one God until finally, they tried to even kill bill out of the law of China and by having multiple other slaves pushed this

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big stone on his back so that it would crush him to death. By that time, the Prophet slicin him and heard about the law and went back to the study of the law and heard about the law. So I'll go back here.

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rush to purchase the freedom of bedeviled the low tide and who will back it on the line who comes to me? And he says, How much do you want for the slave? How much do you want for him and omega mohalla. He said 10 dinars. And that's a huge price for a slave at that time. So I will back it with the law and without thinking gave him 10 dinars. And then omega laughed, and he said, if you would have you know, argue with me a little bit and try to negotiate, I would have given to you given him to you even for one dinner, and I will back it on the other hand, her response power, look at the change already, that's taking place in balanced life, how much the Muslims valued him, I will back out of

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the alarm. I know just knowing that the slave was a Muslim said to him while lying. If you were to sell him for 100 dinars, I still would have purchased his freedom Subhana Allah, and that's why I lost my hands. I went back and paid that huge price for below the law and with some of the others, they said, I will back it was only doing that to show off or there was some kind of issue. There is something between him and Bill and he owed Bilaal for something and that's why he did it and a lot defendable, Becquerel, the law and when he fried below the law, when Allah Subhana Allah revealed sooner too late that he only spends it Liberty law, I went here up the hill, and he only spends to

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please Allah subhanho wa Taala for the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala. And for nothing else, there's no worldly gain out of this, but it was they just couldn't get it. It's upon Allah, this man was taken from that situation where he was humiliated his whole life and there's a hekman here, there's a wisdom here, had Bella never become Muslim. Yes, he went through a lot of torture, but had Bella never become Muslim, he probably would have just died asleep, he would have never gained his freedom. But look what Allah subhanaw taala gave him as a result of his trust. He goes from being that humiliated human being who's not even being treated like a human being, to being called as a

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tabula and we used to call him say you do now our master who was freed by say, who was freed by our master, our master who was freed by our masters, wow, look at the look at the paradigm shift. Look at the shift in their mentality are all not all. The Alon who, who was a proud man from the most noble lineage of Qureshi is saying to the slave, a former slave, someone who was just freedom, he's saying, Our Master, who was freed by our master, above and below the law, and who gained such a high status in Islam, and SubhanAllah. You can imagine how below the law and who felt on the day of budget, when he saw many of mohalla, who, who subjected him to that torture and humiliation for his

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entire life and build out of the law and who saw him and he said, Well law he managed to in Niger, he said, I will not survive if he survives, he said, I will not live unless he or unless he dies, both of us cannot live and Allah subhanaw taala below the line which are killed or may have no health after he subjected him to that torture throughout his entire life. But below the line who was so much more than that, below the low tide and who did not just become special in our Deen, because he happened to be black. There are many, many, many black Sahaba and I think that one of the greatest mistakes that we make sometimes that we think that the reason why a lot chose bill out of

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the law and hope to give the advantage or the Prophet Tyson chose not to give the event was some sort of publicity stunt, right to say this is how we treat black people and this is how we bring our No no, no, no, no. He was chosen to be the first person that would stand up in Medina. And the messages of the prophets I saw them and say Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. And he was the first person when the Muslims conquered Mecca when the Muslims came back to Mecca, and

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he was the first person that would claim the Kava, and say, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. And he was the first person for another instance, as well, which we'll get to, because he was someone who almost died saying I hadn't had one one. So who would be more worthy of standing up and calling the Muslims to La ilaha illAllah that there is only one there's only one God and that is Allah subhana wa Tada, who else fits that position more, there are many black Sahaba this is what this this wasn't about that below, don't be alone, and who was there because he deserved to be there. And the Prophet spy son loved him so much, that when the prophets I send him would seclude himself from everyone

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else, they rattle the law and who was the only one that was allowed to be with him when the prophets I send them once you know, before billetto the law on who would even call the A that the law would go and seek the permission of the Prophet slice them first. So he would see the profit slice of them every day, at least those five times a day. He had a very special connection to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and that's something that was given to him and no one else the level that below the law had a connection to the profit slice I mean, having his company no other companion could have that. And so when the profit slice and I'm comes back to Mecca, and and be

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leveled the alarm, who climbs the house of Allah subhanaw taala al Qaeda, and below the line who starts to call Allah, Allahu Akbar. You know, they're some of the the hypocrites and some of the disbelievers they saw that and that racism came out and they said, I'm done us what you have this black slave. You have

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Tucker Canada who's climbing up the Canada but that's what Islam came to crush you know been out of the a long time and who did not was nothing more other than because he was black but he was one of them despite being black, it didn't matter. It didn't matter in Islam, Islam did away with that ignorance. So without all the law and he was the first one to climb the camera, and I want you to do me a favor because there's no way I can cover this in the video, read about the virtues of them as the name of them rather than on the Day of Judgment. And so when they come back to Medina and billetto, the law annual accompany the Prophet slicin back to Medina afterwards, when the Prophet

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sly sudden became sick, beloved, for the love of Thailand who would come to inform the prophets lie some about the salon he would find him sick and below the law and he would start crying and he would say, Well,

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you know, the grief that I'm feeling right now. And in fact, when the Prophet sly someone was about to die below the line, who said the same words that mighty mighty Salaam suddenly turned him into kapa haka. So they wish I never lived to see this day. Pamela, can you imagine how he felt going into the prophets liasons room to tell him that it was the time for salah and the Prophet slicin was unconscious with the Prophet slicin was reading his last, he couldn't handle it all the time. And when the Prophet slicin and passed away, without all the law of Thailand, who actually stands in Medina, to give the event and it was the Salah right after the prophets license and passed away, and

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when he gets to a shadow under Mohammed de la Sol de la Now keep in mind, he was the one that would go tell the prophets lie summits and then he stands up and says, I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah sallallahu wasallam. He got up there and he said he had to and, and he couldn't see. He couldn't even see the name of Mohammed Salah. And, you know, because while he was there, he would just start to cry. He remembered all of the moments he had with the prophets lie Selim. So in Medina, he looks around. Everywhere he looks, he remembers the prophets lie Selim was there with when the Prophet slicin smiled at him when the Prophet slicin looked at him, so he asked double

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Beckett on the lawn, to send him out in battle. I don't want to be here. And it's panela he could not bear to be in Medina, and the next time below the Allahu taala. And who would call the alarm would be on the day of the conquest of Jerusalem of inputs and Amaro, the Aloha Thailand who asked without all the Allahu anhu. to to to share in that historic moment. And he says, oh, Bella, give us the pleasure of hearing your event once again, and bill out of the law and who didn't want to know the law and who pressured him please, we want to hear it. So below the law under the first law other than in Medina, the who climbed the Ottoman Medina and the Harmon Mecca would now be the first one

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to say Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, in Jerusalem inadequates, and he climbs up there and when he gets to a shadow under Mohammed de la sala, all of the Sahaba break down in tears, all of them Ahmed mahapatra de la and his beard became wet with tears he broke down in tears, because they remembered the prophets lie some amongst them just by hearing a shadow under Mohammed, Donal sola, from the mouth a bit out of the land, because they never heard that while the prophet SAW Selim passed away, they never heard that after he passed away on his a lot of setup. And so towards the end of his life, while the Allahu anhu below the line who continued in the conquest of the Sham, and Subhana

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Allah, he actually would pass away in hell up in Aleppo may have lots of parents and make it easy for the people of Hamlet because they are under a horrible siege right now May Allah give them victory and patience, that's a bit out of the law and who was buried, and as he's dying, below the law and who is happy, and his wife is saying the same words that have been out of the law and who said when the Prophet slicin was passing away, his wife is saying, what is now why has now you know what grief, you know that I'm losing my husband, beloved, and below the line who looks at his wife and he says, Don't say that. He says, say, Wherefore Hata say what a great joy. I've had an alcohol

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I had bad hamburger masaba Tomorrow, I will get to be with my beloved again, Mohammed Sai Salaam and his companions Don't say that. It's grief. This is joy below the line who didn't mind leaving behind anything else because he knew that he was going to be rejoined with the prophets lie Selim, and below the line who died in Halloween in Aleppo, and he's still buried there today and Halloween in Syria. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to have mercy upon them to be pleased with him and pleased when we asked the last contact to allow us to hear his event on the day of judgment and agenda. And we asked Allah subhana wa Taala together as with him and the companions in the family of the messengers

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lysosome agenda to fit a dose alone that means as an apologia we handle stuff like that.

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