The Muslim Family #25 – Invest in Your Children and Reap the Rewards

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The segment discusses the importance of children as a source of income and the "immediate of Islam" category, as well as the "by the way" title used to describe "immediate of children." The "immediate of children" category describes the "immediate of children" category as a way to describe the "immediate of children" category. The "immediate of children" category describes the "immediate of children" category as a way to describe the "immediate of children." The "immediate of children" category describes the "immediate of children" category as a way to describe the "immediate of children." The "immediate of children" category is also discussed as a source of income.

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What are kulu filco Ronnie nyjah he

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to four who will carry mouza lu wha colocar La la la de la Lu well Mustafa al de

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leeuw and hamdulillah him neurobion alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Abdullah he was holy Nabina Muhammad wa ala early he was happy edge main Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakato We begin by praising a lot by asking a lot to exalt the mention of grand peace to messenger Mohammed salam, it will send them to his family and his companions. We're continuing on with our theme, that children are a gift from Allah, and a blessing from Allah azza wa jal and they also and so what we're going to move on to in this episode also that our children are also a test. And that means that there can be difficulties that come along, as well as goodness and and blessings that come

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along as well. And we have to be careful that we manage that situation in the right way. So we're going to continue on talking about the fact that our children are a blessing from Allah azza wa jal by mentioning the iron which Eliza which will spoke about the Prophet Muhammad, Ali Hassan

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and ally So Joe told us regarding what Nora said, faculty to staff a funeral Rob back home inner who can have a follow your silly summer Isley commit Aurora while you did a pm while in web any way a gyla comm generating way gyla come and hurt our morale alert up giornale, he worked harder.

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In sort I know a lot. So he told us about what No, he said. And the North said, I said, seek the forgiveness of your Lord. No, I said to his people, seek the forgiveness of your Lord.

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Your Lord is always forgiving. What will happen if you seek the forgiveness of your Lord? And this is one of the virtues of mystic fire by the way, from the virtues of asking Allah to forgive you. It's very important. The prophets I seldom said toolbar toolbar that made the paradise or a tree in paradise before the one who sees in his in his sahifa in his scroll, a lot of is still fall paradise for the one who sees a lot of istighfar in their scrolls in their in the scroll of good deeds. So there's many virtues to asking our last forgiveness here, no advisors, people to seek the forgiveness of a lifestyle field or ask your Lord to forgive you in the home can have a father he's

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always forgiving two things here. First of all, he said Cana which hear the word cancer, you feel that it's Demerol. It tells us that this is a constant is never it's a constant description of a lie. It's never something that goes and comes. And the word of God far is it has he se automobil ever. It is in the form of emphasis. It's given emphasis, the word of far is in itself emphasized that allies always immensely forgiving, always allies, immensely forgiving. What will happen as a reward of that will sit a seminar I'll equal Madara the rain will come down upon you time and time again allies whichever will cause the rain to fall down from the sky. William didukung, BM wiling

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where Benny and Allah will give you an increase in wealth and children, Allah will give you an increase in wealth and an increase in children. And this again shows us that if wealth and children and having an increase in them is related to estate, then it is a blessing from Allah azza wa jal so we can take it as a blessing because Allah azzawajal is giving it as a reward for so far. And we can also learn that one of the ways that we can improve our situation in terms of the matter of dystonia, in temporary enjoyment of dystonia is to make a lot of mistakes,

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and allow will make for you gardens and allow will make for you rivers, then Allah azza wa jal said Myrna community have drawn any language. Why is it that you don't give Allah as a gel, his just status that he has?

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Why is it that you don't give Allah azza wa jal status that he deserves subhana wa Tada.

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And so again, this reminds us that all of these things come from Allah. It reminds us that is still hard and it gives a benefit that is still far and asking a lot of forgiveness and seeing I still feel law and so on with sincerity and really realized

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The mistakes that we have and turning to Allah can be a reason to be given these gifts. And he emphasizes to us again that children are a gift from the gifts of this worldly life

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and alike so he said, we're Telkom including the muscle to move. We're in Tarot do near metal law, he never talks to her in an insane lava lumen caffeic

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Allah azza wa jal said Allah gave you from everything that you asked him.

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And if you count, or try to count the blessings of Allah, you'll never be able to enumerate them. Indeed, man is extremely oppressive and extremely ungrateful. Now, I want to ask you a question here. What does this ayah have to do with children?

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And I'll give you a warning might be might be a little bit there might be a little bit of a trick question in it. But let's see how many of you get the right answer for this one, there might be more than one answer.

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I mentioned to you the translation of the eye again, um, he gave you from everything that you asked him. And if you count the blessings of Allah, you will not be able to enumerate them, you will not be able to actually reach them you even if you try to count every blessing that you have, you wouldn't be able to actually get all of them and bring all of them. Indeed man is very oppressive and extremely ungrateful. Okay, that being said, What is this I have to do is children have a pause of the video maybe if you've got your family watching, you can discuss it among each other. Maybe you can even look up the IRA and almost have the eye is solid, Ibrahim, which is the 14th surah is

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number 34 Have a think

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so inshallah you pause the video, I hope you had a think actually the reason I brought this ayah to be honest is because of either ayah that comes after it. What is Karla Ibrahim or Abidjan her that is Bella the Armenian which nobody urbania and nabooda us now

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and what I wanted to show and even though you could have mentioned that this is from the things that children are from the things people constantly ask Allah for, it's one of the most common errors that were like if children can be righteous children, and so on, correct my children and we're going to come to some of those two hours inshallah to Allah as we move on through the course inshallah. But actually, that very next ayah. The very next ayah talks about the dua of Ibrahim to protect his children from making a partner with Allah.

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And not, to me, there is a direct link between those two things, that the children are a blessing. And when Allah mentions his blessings, the very next is after he mentioned, you can't count his blessings, he mentions children. And he mentions protecting your children from falling into schicke from falling into polytheism and making a partner with Eliza which and so to me, I actually was thinking about the IoT, there's more than one ayah in the Quran where Allah talks about the name of Allah, and you can't count them, you won't be able to count all of the blessings of Allah and thanking the blessings of Allah. And I was thinking, which is should I use in the course which one

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should I present to the students, which one is the most appropriate, and then when I thought about the eye and sort of put him I thought immediately afterwards that this is the right one to use, because this is the one that immediately afterwards Allah subhanaw taala speaks about the blessings of children and a lot of protecting Ibrahim's children. And Ibrahim is concerned for his children. So Allah as much as I tell him in Colima cell to Allah gave you from everything that you asked. And then in the next ayah, Allah talks about the Tao of Ibrahim, where Ibrahim asked Allah make this city safe, and keep me and my children away from worshipping idols. We're going to talk about this

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later on shallow to add in more detail because we're going to come again, on the topic of the rights of the children, but I just want to emphasize it. Ibrahim, Kali Rahman, the more the close friend of the Most Merciful to one who is the most among the most beloved to Allah azza wa jal. And this enabled him this door that he makes this tada he makes, and he asks a lot and begs a lot to keep his children away from idols. Subhana Allah does not show you how.

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how scared Ibrahim was that his children would fall into schicke his children would fall into into polytheism and into idol worship, even though it's married, and his heart were prophets. They were prophets from the NBA RMS Serato setup. They were profits and yet Ibrahim was so scared of * falling into polytheism that he would ask a lot more lucky my children away from

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worship and keep me and my children away from worshipping idols.

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Ibrahim is a prophet his two children are prophets and he makes to our to Allah azza wa jal to keep him and his children away from worshipping idols. And that's why really you see the wisdom of putting this ayah in Bible Hoffman Sheikh in the chapter of fearing check, that you look at the fear that Ibrahim had that his children would fall into polytheism. But I actually wanted to bring this out for a different reason, which is that immediately after the alarm, mentioning that he gives you everything you asked for, and that if you counted all the blessings of a light, you wouldn't be able to count them. Then Allah azza wa jal mentions the blessing of children and allies protecting you

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and your children from falling into a shake below. He has so much and making a partner with Allah as origin.

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And when x is we're talking about children as a blessing and a gift from Allah as origin. We're going to talk about the beginning of sorts of Miriam Eliza which has said calf her Yeah, inside, Vicar or Mati Rob Baker aberdare who zecharia is nerd Rob Bell who NIDA and huffy call Rob be in your hand and Alamo meanie was Starla Russell shaver welcome come be eco Bishop here. We're in the lift to the Mohali I mean what are you what can it be more it clearer? The heavily meaning I don't care Walia URI Tony. Why are you so mean earlier? kooba Allahu wa Pirata. Yeah. Subramaniam from the first IRA to the sixth ayah. Allah azza wa jal mentioned the Roth Nakata in the beginning of sorts,

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Miriam, those broken letters that Allah azza wa jal knows best about their meaning. And they are a challenge in reality to the Arabs who were experts in poetry and language to bring that they can't they even though these are just letters, they can't fully explain and understand the meanings and they can't bring the likes of even though they are, they are the same letters that they use in their speech. And that is from the better things which are said about this, these letters, which are the broken letters in the Quran, and then ally, so it says about the mercy of Allah towards his servant zecharia.

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And then a lot of soldier talks about how he gave that Korea, a child and he gave me a here. So the first thing we want to take from this series of ayat is that the child is from the Rama of Eliza, which

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the child is from the Rama of Allah subhanaw taala. And that's why Eliza just says Deke rometty Rob Baker aberdare who's Acharya, mentioning the mercy of your Lord to his servants, Acharya, EvenOr, Dara Bonita and coffee when he called upon his Lord with a quiet supplication silence application.

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And this one he called upon a lie in private, and he called upon a lie, so a gel, this supplication, it was from the Rama, the mercy of Allah, that Allah gave him Yeah. And so children are from the Rama of Allah azza wa jal give him the gift of being given a child is from the Rama from the mercy of Allah azza wa jal. He said, My Lord, indeed, my bones have become weak, and my head has become gray. And I have never been towards your Ashoka. He's never been neglectful of allies or gentle or without hope or despairing and he's never been in a state of this of wretchedness and turning away from Allah Subhana Allah, rather, he has always been diligent in his calling upon a light in fear

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and hope, and has always been hoping and expecting for an answer from Allah subhanaw taala

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he said and indeed I fear and malaria meanwhile IE I fear those who will inherit after me and they said that I'm only here are the other relatives not like for not descendants of his because he didn't have any children. But they were from the you know, for example, the the uncle, the the uncles and their children and so on, you know, that the more distant relatives that he feared from what will happen after me, what can I do it RPR and my wife is barren, she's not able to have any children. There haeberli, melancholia, the head, give me the gift of an inheritor who comes from me, give me for me an inheritor

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and hear the inheritor.

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As he said, Here he funi Why are you so mean? Alia coupe, he will inherit me and he will inherit, inherit from

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The family of Yaqoob.

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Now what it seems here is, first of all, we want to highlight that he said heavily for heavily melancholia. Give me the gift. Give me the gift of having a child who will inherit from me and from the family of Yaqoob. And that appears to be a reference to not only inheriting in terms of wealth, but in terms of prophethood

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because the prophets didn't leave behind DNR and delta as the Prophet size and told us they didn't leave behind him you already thought DNR on Well, I dare him. They didn't leave behind a DNR or a Durham gold or silver coins. Black and White are thrown around but they left behind knowledge. So when he says to inherit from me the prophets didn't inherit it and leave behind dinar under but they left behind knowledge and Prophethood.

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And that knowledge is what he wished for. You're here to inherit, which al-hurra Bureau the year and make him or the year make him so that he is pleased or Alize pleased with him. And he is pleased with allies which are like we said all the to Billa he robber or bill Islami Dena will be Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and Abby I'm pleased with allies, my Lord and Islam is my religion, and Mohammed Salim as my Prophet, and likewise for Allah to be pleased with him like allies, which I said Robbie Allah who and whom what are the Allies pleased with them and they are pleased with him. So make him or Allah or Leah, make him from those who are pleased with Eliza gel as they load and

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making from those who are pleasing to Allah azzawajal. So this, these are a lot of benefits we can take from this, the fact that is urashima the fact that our children are a gift, and the art of Zachary zecharia, to have children die that he made to Allah as origin. And this is also mentioned elsewhere in the Quran. For example, Eliza which I said was actually a nerd out of rugby that a lot of the follow den will enter hydrotherapy and Zachary when he called upon his Lord, my Lord, do not leave me alone, alone, meaning without a child, and you are the best of everything, you are the best of those who inherit. And here we have a two hour which is one of the two hours that is legislated

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to make for children. If you don't have any children, to say, Rob Bella has our new photo, then we'll enter hydrotherapy. But the reason I brought this here is actually to show that if this is from the eyes of the prophets, Allah himal Salatu was Salam. Then this is a blessing from Allah azza wa jal because the prophets only asked for that which is good. And that which brings them near to Allah subhanaw taala. So he said, Robbie, let me follow that Allah Don't leave me alone IE here without a child without a child. And one of the benefits we didn't mention this in sort of money and we could have also mentioned it is one of the benefits of the children as they carry on the work

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that you do. Shall allow Tyler we hope the good work that you do, carries on through your children.

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First day job and Allah what will happen Allah who your hair will also Hannah Allah who soldier in the home, can you set your own a few highlights were their own and our Robin What ohada? What can we learn a while sharing this is in salted MBA between 89 and 90 allies we just said and we answered him, and we gave him the gift of your hair. What will happen Allah we are here we gave him the gift of

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soldier and we made his wife, right II we made her able to bear children. Indeed, they used to rush to do good deeds, or they used to call upon us in fear and hope. And they were submissive and humble before us. Subhan Allah, if anyone ever and I really believe this is a benefit, it's worth writing down. write down the reference to this is sort of MBs which is number 21. I sort of number 21 is number 90. And this is the answer why so many people's two ad is not answered. Or the reason why so many people do is not answered or why is it that people's talk is answered. So when I look at the description, look at what decades ago he was old, his wife couldn't have children. And yet they had

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it they were given a child after that. Someone says Wow, how could that happen? The reason is that a lie so just said in the home can we use a drone fly right? They used to rush to do good deeds. They used to make to our to us in fear and hope they used to submit with humility and humbleness and complete submission before a lie surgeon and that is the situation you need to be in if you want your daughter to be accepted. It is not only this is not only said about

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Acharya but about all the profits that were mentioned prior to that in Salta, MBA YouTube is mentioned. Yunus is mentioned a few but he was saved from his extreme sickness and loss of his family and poverty that happened to him, because of the shape line as a test from Eliza gel. Ayub Khan is to answer, Yunus when he went into the belly of the fish or the belly of the whale. And he was spat out onto the shore when he was extremely sick and allies which are sent him back to his people. All of them accepted Islam, and his two hours answered. And then zecharia when he was an old man and his wife couldn't have children, and then they had children his daughter was answered, why,

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in the home, can we you said it a lot, because they used to rush to do good deeds were their own and our Robin wall Ahava and they used to call upon us in fear and hope, what can will enter harsh terrain, and they had that humbleness and submission, and sure to an Harsha towards Allah subhanaw taala they had fear of Allah they had who sure they had humbleness and submission before Allah. All of that is the reason why Allah azza wa jal answered that. And so if you want your daughter to be answered, try to reach as close to this description, said diwakar, to do the right thing and come as near to as you can, you will not be able to reach it but do the best that you can to be from the

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people who rush to do good deeds, and who call upon a lot in fear and hope and who are submissive and humble before Allah as origin. And the closer you can get towards that, the more it is that you're going to find that to are that you make that it seems almost impossible that that could be answered and nothing is impossible for Allah, you will find that inshallah light will be answered the closer you will get towards that description. And the more you strive to be from the people who this is their description, they rush and race each other in doing good deeds, and they call upon our line fear and hope and they are completely submissive and humble before allies origin and likewise

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about Zakaria in sort of La Mulana lies which I mentioned also hoonah Dakota as a carrier I cannot be heavily Midleton Calgary yet and tie eba in NACA semi or.

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And when Zakaria called upon his Lord in that place, that bless it place which is the miracle of the area, the prayer area, where he would he had Maria when Maria was there, and Marie and she would find that her food and her risk that was being it just came from nowhere, I guess a gift from Allah subhanaw taala and zecharia in that place who an early coda is a carrier about he called upon his Lord, he said, My Lord give me from you the ri attend pi yerba, re attend pi yerba, righteous or Good, good offspring, the re attend tayyiba good and play is a description of everything which is good and everything which is pleasing, pleasing and good. offspring in SME are. So again, the fact

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that he said Oh Allah give me it's a gift from Allah azza wa jal, who is Allah herb, the one who is always bestowing always giving to his servants, give me the re attend tayyiba offspring that are good. And that was one of also a variation of the draw of zecharia for children. And allies I just said in sort of before Klein is number 74. We're living in a UK una robina hablan. I mean, as Gina was Ria Tina kurata, ru and Roger anelli tokina imama. And those who say Our Lord, give us from our spouses and our offspring, those which will be the pleasure of our eyes pleasing to our eyes, and make us an example for the pious. And here again, the fact that you're asking a lot to give you this

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gift. It shows that our children are a gift from Allah azza wa jal, the fact that our children can be kurata. They can be though that which brings pleasure to our eyes from the things which bring us pleasure in the dunya and if we manage it correctly, bring us pleasure in the accurate as well. We bring us pleasure Yokoyama, as well, and make us an example for them to make as an example for the for the people of taqwa. And that is for us and our children want us and our children, all of us were dynamic, all of us. An example, that the people of taqwa that an example of what it means to be from the people of attack, one's a social for call it number 74, as we said, which also highlights

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the same point. analyzer just said, Well, I could also note also that mean carbonica, which agnello home as well as your Maria, and this is in salt, all right, in Iowa number 38. And we'd already mentioned this on the topic of wives, but we want to highlight this point again, on the topic of children

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That we have certainly sent messengers before you, and we made for them wives, and we made for them offspring. So having children is one of the swinnen of the MBA one of the things that the prophets did. And so that tells us its importance. And the fact that it is a blessing from a lot as well. And the fact that it's a means for nearness to Allah, because the prophets only did that which brought them near to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And so this is from the Sunnah of the NBA to get married, and to have children is from the Sunnah of the NBA. And that is another proof for the blessing of our children.

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And allies, which has said and certainly sat in a number 11 Aba or whatever. Now it will come later on at your home, a karabo lacuna for your father's and your children. You don't know which of them is going to be nearer in benefit to you.

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We brought this actually to show the fact that your children can be a great benefit to you in this world and in the hereafter. And that's why Eliza just said about welcome whatever now welcome lactide orona au Han acaba, Lacombe, you don't know which one is going to be the one that really benefits you. You don't know which one of your children you might actually think that there is a child who isn't really, you know, like, didn't do anything for you in the dunya didn't help you anything in the dunya they didn't do anything for me in the dunya or they didn't get the didn't serve me or help me in the way that I wanted or get me what I wanted from them in this worldly life,

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but you don't know your Makana, which is the child that is going to benefit you, or which is the any the person in your family that is going to benefit you the most. And perhaps your children would be from the people and this is why I brought the idea that perhaps this your children could be from those who benefit you more than anyone else about welcome whatever an outcome that had grown at a young Acropolis. Your father's and your children you don't know which of them are going to benefit you are going to be closer to benefit to bring you the benefit and ebihara narrated from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said, either Merton insertional inkaterra anhu Anna Lou ilminster

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sada Katyn Jerry jariya our admin interface will be a wallet inside the Henrietta rula

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this hadith narrated by the man Muslim from the noble companion abhor IRA or the law of mind the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the person dies, all of their deed cease except for three continuous charity

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or knowledge that is benefited from or a righteous child that makes to offer you and I brought this egg after the howdy after the ayah in Salta, Nisa to show you one of the ways your children can benefit you and you don't even realize it. About what I said when a person guys all of their deeds finish. Everything that you did, it is closed and sealed and written for you. If it's good, it's good. And if it's bad, it's bad. That's what you have to put before Allah azza wa jal when you stand before Allah, that's what you have what you did in your life, except for three things

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that can continue to add to your scrolls, and to your good deeds, even after you die. One is sadaqa jariya continuous charity, that is a charity you gave, but the benefit of that charity continues after you die. So for example, somebody built a well, when they were alive, they paid for the well and they built the well. And the well continues to have water drawn from it. As long as that well continues to have a benefit. The rewards continue to go to the person. And it's not just a well, whoever gives away a must have for example, or whoever builds a Masjid or whoever builds a school, whatever it might be, that is done for the sake of Allah azza wa jal, as long as the benefit

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continues, that person continues to get reward for it. Our in minion test our way, or knowledge that is benefited from somebody wrote a book or perhaps left a some lectures, some audio lectures or video lectures and people continue to benefit from them. Then they continue to be rewarded for them even after they die as long as people are benefiting from them. And the third one is the one that we wanted here a while inside a hen yet a ruler or a righteous child that makes to offer you

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not righteous child that makes to add for you can be a reason that righteous child that makes to ask for you can be a reason to benefit you even after you die. And what a blessing that is to have children. And not just in here the word word is covers boys and girls. So it could be a boy, it could be a girl, you could think that only my sons will benefit me. What benefit is my daughter going to bring to me like the people in J. Haley, I used to believe they used to say what benefit is my daughter going to bring to me my joining my sons will bring me benefit my sons will work for me serve me helped me, you know, they will benefit me. They will continue my lineage what benefit will

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my daughter bring for me? Perhaps it is your daughter's do r that will be the reason that you energen perhaps your daughter's two are when you thought that daughter wasn't going to benefit you anything like the people in JD and it's not an Islamic concept. But what do people enjoy? Haley, I used to believe it until today. Still, until today, that people don't leave this idea that their daughters are not going to benefit them and their daughters are a burden and so many people still have this false jaylee belief. But look at this, that daughter could be the one that makes drama for you. And that could be the reason you enter gender

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or that child that you didn't think there was any good from them. You couldn't see any good from that boy or girl. You said oh what this boy What's he gonna do? You know he's not he hasn't benefited me anything. He hasn't gone and got a good job. He has helped me in my worldly life, perhaps that one child would turn to Allah and make dua for you and that will be the reason you antigen. Ultimately, our children that shows you there they are huge investment that we have, with a big hope of return. What is the return we want our investment it's not a worldly return worldly things don't concern us. What concerns us is the our children, when we die, are there to continue to

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make to add for us and might be a reason for our deeds to continue and to continue to get good deeds even after we pass away and that could be our children, it could be our grandchildren and so on, who stopped people from their lineage that carries on and they make for us and Allah subhanaw taala might enter a person to gender or forgive a person or raise a person's rank and gender because of this, do our that they make and that is confirmed for us and emphasize for us in a hurry. So ebihara robiola whining is narrated by a Toblerone in his book on da and lb hockey, that Allah azza wa jal abhorring, rich from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the la junta Baraka water Allah,

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layer of Pharaoh Leo gradually de Raja via kulu anally ha de fer kulu B to E while at callek IV hooray all the Allahu and he narrated that a lot of Allah Kota Allah will raise a man's levels up in Jenna, yo, Mo, Kiana ally xojo will raise him up levels. So he will say what is this? Where did this come from? Where did I get this? I didn't do anything. I have seen my deeds. I've seen my schools haven't done any How am I so how have I been raised up so many levels? What have I done to deserve this raising of my level? And Allah will say to him be Do you well, ad callek because your child may do ad for you span a lot. Even then it might raise a person up levels in paradise because of the

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drama of their children for them. So that's what allies would have made easy for me to mention and I still haven't got to the point where we are going to talk about how our children are a test and a responsibility that's going to come up in the next lesson inshallah to Allah. We will hopefully inshallah we will get that far. But up to now we still have been talking about our children as a blessing and how we have to show thanks and gratitude to Allah azza wa jal for that blessing as inshallah to Allah what Allah made easy for me to mention in this episode Allah knows best or Salatu was Salam Urbina Mohammed while early he also happy ajmeri salaam alaikum. If you're enjoying these

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