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Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The recent death of Jana, the controller in Islam, highlights the importance of having a strong heart and being prepared for war. The importance of being a good person for others and oneself is emphasized. The segment also touches on the aftermath of events like the deaths of Allah, Farming, and K bureau. The importance of having a bigger heart and being a good person for others is emphasized, and the need to correct one's hearts and affairs is emphasized.
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seminary Michelle Tanaji Miss Mina Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa ala and one Allah Allah Allah Allah mean for our cleaver to Lynmouth Jacqueline Allahumma salli wa sallam OData Karateka silica Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. While early he was Samuel Selim to Seaman cathedra. So Subhanallah I just got some text messages by the way of some of the sunrises from around the world. Actually, a friend just texted me from Kuwait. A picture of the sunrise and one of the signs of a little Hadith of the Prophet SAW Selim said that the sun rises without rays, weak, red and without rays. And so the pictures are very beautiful. So we ask Allah subhanaw taala that we

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be in a little louder tonight and that we witness it tonight in Sharla Tiana and that we push ourselves so it's a sign for all of us in sha Allah to Allah hopefully to push ourselves further. Not to be lazy for the rest of the month. But that's certainly added motivation in sha Allah to Allah to really make the most of tonight but in the night, Allah from here until budget, keep yourself productive in sha Allah Tada in some form of a bad, really, as I was listening to the beautiful recitation, you know, it's amazing how Allah Subhana Allah to Allah has created those that call to his wake. The heart of a dairy just has to be very big. The heart of someone that calls

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someone else to guidance has to be extremely big, or else the data will be will be ineffective. It's going to manifest itself in harshness. And Allah even tells the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam No, Quinta fallen Valley, the Colombian problem and how look that if you were to be hard, harsh hearted with the people, then they would have left they would have left you in surah. Yaseen, Allah Subhana Allah Allah tells us about a man that went to his people and called them to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah Yeah, call me Toby Ramona studying Oh my people follow the messengers. Follow those people that don't ask you this world follow those people that are here to call you towards that

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which is better for you. It Tubby room, follow them, obey them. They have been sent by Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and his people responded to him how? What did his people do Tim the messenger and Surah Yaseen, who some of the rewards they have even a jar was his name. What did what did they do to him? They killed him. And when they killed him, what did he say as he entered into Jana as Allah subhanaw taala showed him his reward. What did he say? Yeah, later call me Allah moon. I wish my people knew better. I wish my people knew what Allah subhanho wa Taala has in store Bhima Farah Lee rhombi wa Jalla naman and more Grameen if only they could see the forgiveness of Allah subhanaw

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taala. If they could see the paradise that he's prepared for the believers. I wish my people that just killed me, knew what was better for them.

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Look at that heart. That's the heart of someone that calls towards good, a selfless individual, right, someone that's calling people to good for their sake for the sake of Allah subhanho wa taala. And because they care about the people that they're calling, we move into sort of the salt, fat and Allah gives us another person who's unnamed. So we had an unnamed individual that wasn't a prophet of Allah. He was just the man that called on behalf of the messengers, right? He was a Derya he was a preacher and somehow not a preacher in the formal sense but someone that went to his people and call them to Allah's pants on here and so to sort out the last contact says about the people of

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gender. Now this was a man that was calling his people in this world and he was killed. And Allah is telling us about his initial reaction to you when you get to Jana. Is it all good? Is it all done with Allah says next, Sunita sulfat For acapella Varga. Houma Allah boggling yet Tessa alone, Carla in a minimum in the Canary Corinne your Kulu in condominial Musa detain either Mitch now Hakuna to Robin winery llama in LA Medina Carl Hal and to McCauley Arun pan Subhanallah a man sitting with his friends in paradise, his companions in paradise and we ask Allah to make us amongst them Allahumma Amin and he said you know I used to have a friend in the world I used to have a friend in this life

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and dunya and you know when I got religious he started to mock me said Do you really believe in this stuff? Do you really believe in this hereafter and Paradise? And do you do you really buy that? Either mitzner Will could not to Robin when a llama when you know you really think that we're going to die and decay. And Allah subhanaw taala is going to bring this back do you really believe in all this stuff? So he's telling his friends in paradise, his company in paradise about his friend in dunya? And he says * antem more poly rune Do you guys want to go see him? You want to go help me find him? Let's go look for him. And Allah Azza just says felt Paula not footballer who felt Paula.

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He went and searched for them and included to be Rahim Allah says because the other guys were not interested. They said we'll get back to our agenda. You can

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We'll look for your front Thala alpha houfy SOA LJ Where did he find him unfortunately in hellfire, right? But the point is that this man thought about his friend, even in Jannah. He thought about where is he? What happened to him? So Allah tells us about two completely random individuals and then Allah tells us about which two prophets new highly his salaam, and Ibrahim alayhis salam. He goes on Subhanallah trying to talk about Musa and Harun and Ilyas, and all these different prophets, but starting off with new, Ibrahim new the man that called his people for 950 years and got a little over 80 converts, which means you have less than a shahada per every 10 years. No Holly has Salam

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who was hurt by his people for almost 1000 years. But still, he called them and he bore the difficulty of it. And he tried to save them. And he lost not only most of his people, he lost his own son. And he cried out to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah for his own son. But his son was unfortunately amongst those who perished than Ibrahim ani has set up, who called out to his own father, someone he loves very much and tried to save his father. And the response that came to Ibrahim on es Salaam was not just one of rejection. It was attempted murder, his own father tried to kill him. I think his son I'm thinking about the pain of that. I'm trying to save you because I love

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you. I'm trying to give you what's good for you. I love you and this is how you're gonna respond to me. He tries to throw him into a fire and murder him kill him in a very brutal way letting lamb tanta hither our Germanic. If you don't stop, I'm going to stone you, I'm going to kill you slowly. And subhanAllah he plots to murder his own son, yet still. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Ibrahim alayhis salam would see his father on the Day of Judgment in a vulnerable way. And he would cry and he would say, Oh Allah, you know, Didn't you promise that you wouldn't disgrace me today?

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And instead, Ibrahim on Islam would see a hyena being thrown into hellfire, rather than his father in his full figure. What do we take from all of this? If you call to ALLAH SubhanA, which Allah, you have to love the people that you're calling for Allah subhanaw taala to Allah subhanaw taala you have to have a big heart. The goal of your Dawa is not to win an argument. When Ibrahim Ali salaam crushed those idols, it wasn't to make his people look dumb or make them look silly. It was to show them how foolish their theology was. It wasn't to mock them. He wanted to he wanted to make them realize what they were doing. When no Halley's salaam called his people for all of those years. He

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didn't just do it for his own self. He actually cared for his people, when those two random people that weren't even prophets of Allah, when they called to Allah subhanaw taala, to the worship of one God, they called them because they cared for them. So when you call to ALLAH SubhanA, Allah, you have to have a bigger heart. It's not about winning the arguments. It's about winning that person's heart towards what's best for them. Whether it's a co worker, or a family member, or a friend, you want what's best for them. And that if you don't have that, that heart, and you don't have that intention, it will show in the way that you talk to people because your data will will be

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condescending, it will be harsh, it will be ridicule, right, it's not going to come off in a beautiful way. Because you don't have a beautiful heart or a beautiful intention to call people to Allah subhanaw taala. So realize that's our goal here, to save ourselves and to save as many people as we can along with us to call people towards that which is better for them. And you can't call people unless you care for them and you love them. And that's part of our function here. You know, in this society in particular, and I'll end with this, you know, you when you're taught when you're living in a non Muslim society in particular, right? You have to have that care for the people. You

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have to want what's best for them. And a Muslim wants what's best for people in this world and in the hereafter. Now, what do you do Allah Slava, all I want is the betterment of your situation and your society, both in the spiritual sense in the material sense in the economic sense generally alpha in the, in the happy alone, Salim Yusuf alayhi salam fixing, you know fixing the people's affairs, you should want good for the people that are around you. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to guide us and to guide through us to correct our hearts and to correct through us to rectify our affairs and to rectify through a Salam Amin Zachman located on Santa Monica homes along with the

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