Saad Tasleem – Does Hard Work Equal Success

Saad Tasleem
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of hard work and not giving charity to the machine. They give examples of individuals reaching home and getting pulled over for speeding ticket, and explain that increasing Baraka means the value of art and attention can increase. The speaker emphasizes the importance of being aware of the value of our time and relationships to achieve our commitments.
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Does hard work equals success? You are watching hashtag asleep.

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Even though hard work is a necessary is a very important part of the equation, meaning without hard work and it's hard to sustain to attain success, there is a factor that many people miss out on. And that is what is known as buttock, or the blessings of last patana. You see, without the blessings of Allah Subhana Allah, our hard work can actually go to waste. Let me give you an example. There's brother a and brother B. They're both at the masjid. And they both are asked for a donation for the machine. And they both have $100 in their pocket. Now, brother a, he decides for himself, he says, You know what, I need my money. I need my $100. So I'm not going to give anything as a donation. I'm

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not going to give anything as charity to the machine. Brother be on the other hand, he says, You know what? I know that the President told me that giving charity never decreases well, rather it increases it. And so he gives 50 out of his $100 in charity. Now they both leave the machine that night, but brother a leaves before brother B. And as brother a is on the highway driving home, he gets pulled over and he gets a speeding ticket for $100. In the meantime, brother B is driving behind him. He sees that he gets pulled over and he slows down. Now at the end of the night, they both reach home brother a who started off with $100 he ends up his night with $0. Brother B started

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off with $100. And he ends up with $50. What happened here is that a loss penalty put barakah in the money of brother B and so his $50 even though leaving the machine, he had $50 less than brother a because of the blessings of that charity that He gave His $50 lasted a lot longer than brother is $100. Now this is just an example of how Baraka can add to our life, Baraka in time and Baraka and money. Like the example I gave, even the time that we have the time that we spend on matters, we have to realize that increasing Baraka means that the value of our time can go up, it means the value of art money can go up and so on and so forth. We see this happening in the two of the profits

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that I send them he made the art for the oma his home in the morning time. The profits I said to him, he said Allah, Almighty people Korea, he said, Oh Allah put Baraka for the blessings for my oma in the morning time. And this is why you may have noticed this before, but sometimes when you do things in the morning, you're able to get more accomplished. Why is that? It's it's happens like that because a lot puts Baraka in that time. And so it is very important to be aware of this aspect of Baraka and what we can do to add Baraka to our lives, the more submissive we are to last era, the more we worship a last kind of data, the more we take care of our obligations towards the last

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person to our fulfill the commandments stay away from the prohibitions. We're adding Buttercup to our life, to our time, to our wealth to our relationships, and so on and so forth. And we asked the last artist to bless our lives and the lives of everyone else with tons and tons of Baka alum I mean, and the last kind of dominoes best until next time, inshallah Allah Assalamu alaikum. What happens aloha

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