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Okay, this minute. So our topic for today is the blessings of trials. And I picked this topic because I know right now people are dealing with

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a lot of unease there's a lot of anxiety that people have surrounding obviously the Coronavirus and all the other challenges that it brings with it. And it does seem like this is a definitely for a lot of people, this is a hardship and a hardship in a way that we may not have faced before. And I was actually earlier speaking to my wife, and I mentioned to her I said, you know, it almost feels surreal like that, you know, we're dealing with right now it's so out of the norm. To have like, you know, this pandemic, you know, these diseases, it's almost like we're living in like a movie or something. You know, we always see those movies like 28 days later, and like, all those movies were

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like a disease spreads. And, you know, obviously, a lot of the zombie movies as well. It just it all, it always seems like fantasy. And I'm not saying we're doing zombies, but you know, the fact that a disease is spreading so quickly. And we're in the thick of it. And this is regardless of where you live in the world right before it was. You know, I know a lot of people here in America and certain places, when we heard about the Coronavirus, we're like, oh, that's over there, all the way to China, right. So nothing to worry about no big deal. It's just go about your life and then slowly start getting closer and closer and it starts to become more and more real. And so, it does

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feel like this is something you know, like I said, this is feels very surreal for for for a lot of people, that we have been challenged in this way, but the reality of our lives and the reality of our existence is that there is no life that we can live in, except that we will be tested and we will be challenged and we will go through hardships, even a person who has been given everything in life. So they have a great job or they have tons of wealth and you know, whatever other measures of success we have in this life, you know, wealth, popularity, whatever it may be person who has all of that, even that person sooner or later will go through difficulty in their life. And yes, the type

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of difficulty, the type of calamity, the type the type of trials have may be different and they may vary. But all of us every single human being will go through difficulty and challenges and tests and trials. This is the Sunnah This is the way of our Lord of luck that every human being can be created. As a matter of fact, we know that we were one of the reasons we were created. And one of the realities of our existence is that we were created to be tested and tribe, as a lot of kind of Allah says, and that the Harlequin Mota will hire Talia Beluga, come au come in Ramallah, that the one that it is he meaning Allah subhanaw taala, who created death and life so that he may test you

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or try you and see who amongst you is best in their deeds. And this tells us to patent law, that the reality of who we are the reality of our faith, the reality of our commitment to our morals and our ideals, is it really comes to light when we are tested and tried. And even we know it specifically person told us about patience, right? And I don't you know, often say these people talk a lot about patience. And we all think I think we all have like a certain level of delusion that we we all consider ourselves or a lot of us consider ourselves to be patient people, right. And I've heard people say like, you know, I'm a patient person has been that whatever. But the President told us

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that that's that's not how we judge our patients, we judge our patient by the most difficult times. And that's why I said he said, in the middle, somebody has something like a ruler, that the patient is at the onset of a calamity. And the onset of a calamity means something happens to us as unexpected, right? It's always us and we didn't prepare for we didn't prepare to be patient, it just boom, it came upon us. And we weren't prepared. So the way we lived our life and the way we train our nuts are sold to be that the truth of who we are, right? The reality of who we are. That's what comes out in that onset of that calamity. So likewise, the reality of of our existence and how we

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live our lives and, and and you know, and our morality, the truth of it is shown when we are tested, and the truth of it has shown that we are weak and when we are in a situation where we feel like we we are you know, we feel we feel weak and interesting enough for my for my comic book fans out there. And you know, DC fans.

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Some of you may even those of you don't want don't like read comics and stuff. Batman is kind of like a social phenomenon and you

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Those of you who have seen the Dark Knight and i'm not i'm not, by the way, and I have to make this disclaimer, always, I'm not encouraging people to watch movies. But if you have, if you have seen that movie, The Dark Knight, one of the things that the Joker says,

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you know, and and please forgive me for not being able to quote this properly. But I remembered the idea of what he was saying, long part of the movie he says, you know, he says I'm basically says, you know, human beings are basically putting down human nature. And he's saying, human beings are like, like animals, though, what, like when the chips are down, right? When things are bad, they'll eat each other alive. And he goes, you know, I'm just ahead of the curve meeting, I just bring that chaos to the forefront. But that's the reality of human beings that when matters become difficult, they'll eat each other alive, they'll take advantage of each other. And if you remember, there's

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that scene and like the boat, right? There's two boats, and they can blow each other up or whatever. And in that movie, at least, human nature is shown to be good, because nobody, you know, both of those boats, they don't take advantage of each other. They don't they they don't decide to blow up the other boat. Right? They decided to sacrifice themselves for the good of humanity. And as Muslims, actually we don't we don't we don't. We don't believe that the Joker was correct. Because we believe that that human beings by nature, are good that the fifth or the natural inclination, the way a lot is created human beings is that we are natural, our nature is of good nature. Yes, that

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nature can be corrupted. Yeah, that nature of goodness can be changed. We can be affected by external

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situations and circumstances. And yes, but as long as we have a way back to our nature, our fifth law, then that goodness will always remain in that for us as believers as Muslims is the Quran and the Sunnah, the guidance of Islam, as long as that guidance is there, that we will always have a path back to our fifth or our nature of good, right. But the point here is that when we are tested, when we are tried, that that speaks to that tells us it kind of exposes the reality of who we are. And that is why one of the reasons a lot of time to Allah has created life and death to test us. And then as you know, as I said, I would like to see who are you who amongst you are the best indeed,

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when are when when is the reality of our deeds shown? Well, there are shown when we go through a hardship, we go through a difficulty we go through a trial. So today, I did want to mention some of the blessings that that come about, because of trials because of difficulties because of tests. So one of them obviously, as I said, our reality is exposed because of a because of difficulties and trials and tests. Now, but specific blessings. Number one, one of the biggest blessings that we get from a test and a trial is that every trial, every test and hardship, every difficulty, is an opportunity for us to get close to Allah is an opportunity for us to return to Allah who's Pamela

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Dinah. And we see this that When, when, when difficulties come upon us, normally, we go one of two ways. Either we get closer to a lot, or we move away from Allahu Allah, and we see this happen over and over again, in history, and you look at people's lives. When a difficulty comes upon us, either we we draw nearer to our Lord, You know, we seek His help and assistance to what I'm going to talk about that in a little bit. Or that calamity, it pushes us away from what love is power data. And that is why one of the dials that the prophets I send them with me is that he was say, Aloma, a bit thinner in the internet, he would say a lot, keep us firm, when we are tested when we are trying

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right so that we so that that calamity is a way for us to stay firm in our faith, and but returned to a lot of one of those big aspects of how we return to Allah is to what could is reliance upon Allah, when we're in a difficulty, especially when we feel like we're losing control? Right. And I know that's how it feels right now. A lot of times, you know, we think about the Coronavirus and how quickly it's spreading and, and, you know, some of us we live in very wealthy countries, right. And I can speak for myself, I live in the United States of America,

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extremely wealthy country, with all the resources in the world and the best technology and this and that, whatever. But look at what's happening because of the Coronavirus. Look at what our great president has done. As we've had a lot we have no control right now. You know, and it's actually it's chaotic, right. And this makes us understand that in the end of the day, it is Allah who's handling data who is in charge and we need a lot we we have to rely upon. Allah has power data, right? And once we get that, get it get better

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Get down to that that bear the bareness, right, the reality of our life, the reality of our existence, that no matter how much we think we are in control, in the end of the day, we need a look that will bring us closer to a loss penalty. And that is what is known as to what could tell what could meaning taking all the means that Allah has given to us. Right, but understanding that in the end of the day, it is a law who is in charge and is a law who is the controller of all matters. So we put our trust, and we rely upon the data. And actually the person sending them gave us the perfect example of a relying upon a lot how to properly rely upon law and authentic hadith the

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Prophet sent them he said no, and according to what custom Allah He helped Plato akula he said, he said, if you were to rely upon Allah, the way he should be relied upon meaning, this is the proper way to rely upon a lot. The ones that are said that you would be that you would be in the state like the birds a lot provides for. And then the precedent of says that the birds that go out in the morning hungry, and they return in the evenings, full, right. So a lot provides for them a lot give them sustenance. But notice here, this is the perfect balance of taking the means that Allah has given to us we taking doing our part, and then understanding that it is Allah who provides for us.

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So you know, our scholars say that this is a perfect example because the bird doesn't just chill in his little nest and say, oh, Allah will provide for me, right. And by the way, this is how some people when they do TOEIC, when they think to what God is to do nothing, just rely upon Allah, right? Like, just just take no means don't work. Just be like, oh, Allah will provide for me, Allah will take care of me, that's not to look good. I was actually known as quitting, which is an incorrect way of doing to what could tell what good is to take the means that like we do our part, the best that we can do. And we know that the outcome is in the hands of almost hightide, just like

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this bird, or the birds are telling us about these birds. They don't, they don't just chill in their nest saying, Oh Allah will provide for us, the birds, they go out in search for food. And throughout the day as they search for food. Allah provides for that, right? So this is teleco. This is the TOEIC could that we naturally as we're going through trials, as we're going through difficulties, it's almost like if we didn't have telco before, which is totally something that we should have, in all times, right. But it's easy when everything is going well. Everything is relax, and everything is easy. It's it's easy to forget that in the end, that Allah is the one who's in charge, right? We

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go to work, we make a living we provide for our families, and we can get delusional to think that we are the ones who are providing for our families, right? Oh, I worked hard in school, and I got good grades. So I'm the one who got good grades, or I'm the one who guaranteed success for myself. No, you took the means, to what good means you understand that it is a law who provided for you in the end of the day. All right. Yes, we take the means we take advantage of the resources that Allah has given to us. So when it comes to the Coronavirus, and we do everything we can do to protect ourselves, right? We we you know, all of the measures that have been given to us everything that the

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the the, the medical professionals and the scientists and everything that people are saying, you know, social distancing, and all of that, to what good is not to go out in a crowd of people and say, Allah will protect me, right to what good is not to go expose other people and harm other people. And I do want to talk about harming other people as well. That's not talk good talk good is you do everything you can do, to protect yourself to protect others to take to take care of other people, to to to to protect yourself from the you know, the disease, but understand that in the end of the day, a lot is the one who is the true protector. And you know, there's a lot of talk about

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when are we going to have a vaccine, when are we going to have a vaccine, to what could means we do everything we can do. And I'm not a scientist, so I'm not working on this. But you know, those of you who are scientists, and those of you who are, you know, in the medical field, those of you who are in the research field, those of you are working on it to what couldn't be as you do everything we can do to come up with a vaccine, but it is a lot in the end of the day, who will make that truly possible. And even a cure. We asked a lot of data to grant us a vaccine and a cure for this virus as well. And so we keep working, but it is a law that provides that provides a cure, and we asked the

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last time to either to make it possible for us. The big point here is that we move away from self reliance and we move to reliance upon Allah who spanaway

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in actuality last printout tells us that one of the biggest reasons that we may transgress is that we see ourselves as being self reliant can buy in in Santa Ana Yato stunna

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No surely men sees himself as being

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no surely man transgressive because they see this person they see themselves as being self sufficient. Right. So when we feel like we don't need a lot of our data, we don't, we don't, you know, we don't, we are not the ones who are truly in need. This is when we begin to transgress against Allah and are against ourselves as well. But difficulties and trials helps us understand that we need to Allah, that leads me to point number two, and that is that when we go through trials, when we go through difficulties, we begin to understand how we are and how much in need, we are alone.

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And like I said, When everything is going great, we may not understand this, we may not realize how weak and how needy we are to Allah, you know, let us kind of data tells us until football, you know that you are the ones who are poor to Allah, and you are the ones who are truly in need of a lot, a lot of money a lot is the one who is wealthy or a loved one who is free of any need. And you know, this is speaking to people who have even the billionaires, even the billionaires, when it comes to Allah. They're the ones who are poor, right? They're the ones who need the lowest kind of data. So this wealth doesn't mean anything when it comes to this kind of data.

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And so, another one of the blessings of going through a difficulty is that it is through difficulties it is through trials and test.

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It is through trials and tests that our sins are removed. You know, we live lives in in you know, we continue to sin, none of us are free of sin. We all commit sin we all make mistakes. One of the blessings of going through a difficulty of going through a trial is that is through these trials that a lot has come to out of removes our sins. And authentic hadith mentioned in Sahih Muslim. The process that I've said, mermin we'll see but him he said there's not a single calamity or a difficulty. You saw we had Muslim acts that are that a believer goes through in that tough love we have except that Allah removes sins because of this calamity had that had the shoka yusaku. Even a

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thorn that pricks a person. There's not a single difficulty that a Muslim goes through except that sins are removed because of it. Even a pricking of a thorn, even something as small as that removes our sins, that imagine these bigger calamities. Imagine when we go through even bigger and larger tests and trials and calamities. Imagine how much of a blessing it is that we are as long as we are patient and we recognize that it is a lot who is in charge that because of that we have our sins removed. And another narration of this headache mentioned Bahati are several gets a little bit more specific. He said now you see what Muslim meanness I've been when I was up in Walla

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Walla Walla hills in in one other one 100% said, there's nothing that a Muslim goes through from fatigue, from disease from sorrow, from sadness from hurt from distress, Hector shokai, Shakira, even a pricking of a thorn, in laka. For level we have an papalia except that Allah removes this person's Siddons because of it. And you've had a look at the varied types of dis of calamities that is mentioned in this Heidi specifically disease, right? Even a disease that there's nothing that we go through from these from these calamities, except that a love removes our sins because of it, how amazing of a blessing. This is from Allah who's our data. Also, when we go through trials, when we

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go through difficulties when we go through calamities, it is a chance for our rank to be raised with a lot host panel with your honor, it is a chance for us to be higher with a lot of this panel a dialogue. And and and that is why we have the IDS ceremony that I mentioned in some activity in which the process ended. Basically he said, the greater the test, the greater the reward, the more difficulty that we go through, the more that we the more reward that we go through. And then the percent incentive or in the law either have an omen if tilahun that if Allah loves people, he tests them he tries them he puts them through trials. So this is from the sign of a love love. And this is

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a chance for our rank to be raised with a lot. And that is why when the presser was asked, Who is tested the most severely Musha Tila and who is tested the most severely the person that have said an MBA, he said it is the Prophet Thurman unsanctified onset then the most like them and then the most like them, meaning the more similar we are to the prophets, the more severely we will be tested. And as we are tested, the greater our reward is and the greater Our

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Reward meanings. That means the higher we are raised in rank with a loves pedal with data, we get closer, the more difficulty we go through. And when we trust and rely upon a line, we accept the decree of electronic data, and we remain patient, and so on and so forth. In all that process, we are getting nearer to a lot, and we are being raised in our rank. So this is an opportunity for us. You know, like, as I said, Before, we live our lives, oblivious of what is happening in our spirituality sometimes. But this is a chance for us to reconnect with Allah whose credit to honor and understand that is through these difficulties, we can get close to amongst penalty. Also,

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another blessing of going through trials, is that trials helps us appreciate the blessings we have from a law. The sad reality is that as human beings, sometimes you don't appreciate something until it is taken away from us. And that's, you know, it's part of human nature, that when we have something, we don't appreciate it, but when it is taken away from us, we begin to appreciate it, you know, and and if you ever heard of FOMO, but the fear of missing out, you know, we may not appreciate something until someone tells us, you're not going to be able to have it and then we begin to appreciate it. And I'll just say two words. Okay.

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Toilet paper, right? Depending on where you live, right, but I'll tell you where I live there. We never had a shortage of toilet paper. We never had a toilet paper, just one. But many of the things that we take for granted, right, um, hand sanitizers I've had a lot. I know in my life, I can't tell you the amount of times I've seen hand sanitizer, and not given it a second thought, right. And I'm sure a lot of you can relate. There's in especially where I live, there's hand sanitizer everywhere I go to the gym. There's hand sanitizer, go to the doctor's office headset, go. I go pick up my kids from school and there's hands, there's hand sanitizer everywhere. And we don't even think about

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every once in a while we'll go put them in and be like, okay, whatever. We're not good enough, right? We're just like, okay, whatever, know that there was a shortage, know that we need this. We appreciate that hand sanitizer, we appreciate that toilet paper, we appreciate those, those things that we kind of took we took for granted. And when it comes to the blessings of Allah, to Allah, it is all about paying attention. The blessings are always there. And our scholars, they say even the person who is living the most difficult life will be the person who's going through the most distressing situation in their life. Even they have something to be grateful for. Even the person

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who's living the most difficult life has something to be grateful for. It's just a matter of paying attention, being conscious, being aware of the blessings of Allah has kind of led to Allah in times of difficulty, help us appreciate what Allah has committed to Allah has given to us. And this is it once again, it's a wake up call, right? In reality, this is what are these tests and trials are, they're a wake up call. Lastly, and you know, I've only mentioned five or six blessings. There's, there's, there's, there's so many blessings. And if I you know, if I was here for five hours, we could continue to talk about the blessings in the wisdoms have been tried about last era. But I

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wanted to highlight just just some of these right? So lastly, I'll say this, one of the lots of blessings, of going through a difficulty

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of going through trials of going through a hardship are the blessings that we are not even aware of that we don't even know about, that there are blessings that we are gaining right now there are things that we are benefiting from going through this trial, and we don't even know about it, we may understand the these blessings after, right after we go through this trial, how many of us have had a lot have gone through a difficulty and during that difficulty, you didn't realize the benefits. But after it happened, you look back and we say, wow, you know, I learned this and I learned that in actuality. I'm glad I went through that test. I'm glad I went through that trial. Right. So their

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blessing that we're getting right now that we don't even understand and we may understand later on. And this is what it looks like Jada says what I saw and who she was

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that perhaps you may dislike something but it is better for you, meaning you don't realize it right now. But later you will realize and sometimes we don't realize it in this life. But in the afterlife, we realize the blessings of the difficulties that we went through and that was what I was trying to get out. I said what what what I saw crochet

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that perhaps I saw the crochet journal op from kitty rock, they perhaps you may dislike something and alone.

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A lot of goodness in it, right? So you, we dislike it. But there's so much goodness in it that we may not realize in this specific moment. So those are just some of the blessings that we go through when we are afflicted with a trial and we are afflicted with a calamity. And I will leave it at that inshallah, to Allah. And I hope, you know, you all can share some of the blessings, like I said, I hope this talk just opens up, opens up opens us up to thinking and contemplating and kind of pondering this very question the question of how am I I know, it seems bad. I know, it seems difficult. I know. It's tough. I know. And like I said, I understand there's a lot of anxiety that

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we're dealing with right now. And there's people who are not just anxiety, but people who are physical pain, right? People may not protect us, right. But people because we're afflicted with this disease, they're going through physical pain, but all of these hardships, they're always blessings in it. And so that is what the purpose of this talk inshallah tada was to open that door.

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Since I'm here, I actually did want to mention a few things that I had been thinking about as we're going through this Coronavirus, and, you know, we're dealing with this issue as well.

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I was going to make it a separate talk. But since I'm here, I'm just going to highlight some of these points.

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Since since I, since I'm here, right. So and this is this is a little bit off topic, but but I did want to mention a couple things that I've been noticing, especially being online. And I know some had a lot. One of the outcomes of the of the Coronavirus is that we're spending a lot more time online. So first thing I'll say is just be careful. Those of you who've taken my seminar called Philip chillin, we had a whole section on the tip of social media, we talked about a lot of the things, a lot of the problems that we need to watch out for when it comes to being online issues online that not only affect us in our relationships in our in our lives, and our well being our

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emotional and our psychological well being but even to our relationship amongst other data. So I'll just say this, because we're spending more time online right now. Because like I said, you know, because the Coronavirus, you know, a lot of lot of people are self quarantined, and you know, we're staying at home more

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automatically, we're going to be online more. And that's only going to multiply some of these problems that we deal with online. So just be mindful of that inshallah.

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Also what I've seen, so something so one thing to be careful about, and I've seen a lot of

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people come online, and give their opinions regarding certain matters and certain issues. And a lot of times it's like the general sweeping statements. So in the beginning, at least here in America, I noticed that there's a lot of people who are kind of belittling this whole issue, right? People like God, it's just, it's just a virus, it's just, it's just, it's just the flu, it's not a big deal, whatever, no reason to take any precautions, just relax and blah, blah, blah, and Japan a lot. All those people were speaking, maybe not all of them. A lot of those people were speaking, it was just their opinion, they weren't a specialist, they weren't qualified to be making those statements. But

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the reality is they're speaking about something that they didn't have a lot of knowledge of. And the reality is that, you know, when we say things online, we're responsible for what we're saying in this life in the afterlife as well.

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So, we should leave these type of statements, making judgments about the Coronavirus and, you know, what we should be doing to people who are we're specialists, people are qualified in the field, just like with Islam, right? We don't give our opinion on Islamic matters, unless we were qualified in that matter. Likewise, in these matters, we leave it to people in the field, we leave it to the professionals, we shouldn't be making judgments on our own. So just that is something to be careful of. Also people you know, when we were talking about STEM, and notice, because of Juma I, because of last Friday, you know, different communities, they were trying to figure out what to do, and even

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even in my community, the Imam, the board met together and they're deciding whether to cancel Jolla or not. And one of the things I saw online was there's a lot of people giving their opinions, right. Some people were like, Oh, you know, we shouldn't we should definitely cancel and other people like we should definitely not cancel draw. And other people said no, we should do this, we should do that whatever. Number one, as I said, this should be left to the people of knowledge people and the scholars who can seek the counsel of professionals and people in the medical field and so on so forth. But even the scholars and I'll say this, even the scholars and the people of knowledge, I

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know a lot of people a lot of our a lot of our scholars and imams or whatever have have come online and you know, they've made like videos and stuff and given their opinion, right, that you know, we should do this or we should not do that. One of the things I'll tell the average person out there

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Please be mindful that anytime a scholar or whatever is giving an opinion, for the most part, they're speaking about their location. They're speaking about their circumstances, they're speaking about what they what what situation is where they live, it is very difficult for a scholar to speak about what somebody should do, you know, in another country, and even in America in another state, right, because state to state, you know, looking at the Coronavirus, the situation in Washington State is very different than then maybe a different state who is not as affected yet, right. So just be mindful that when when seeking these when looking at these opinions online, now I know one of one

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of my dear friends, they actually in their in one of my dear friends and one of my mentors, this the shift life, although in his community, they decided to hold you up, right. And, and, and they made that decision based off of their community and $100, I saw pictures from the gym that they held, and they managed to take all the precautions, right, they had like wax sheets on the floor, everybody was standing six feet apart, only a few people came and and I was like, Okay, I'm good enough in their community, they were able to do that, that may not be applicable in a different community where once you say, we're not canceling drama, everybody shows up, right? And now it becomes

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dangerous. Now it becomes where I need people, we can be harming other people by showing up for work for john. So just be careful. That's why I'm very if you follow me online, you know, I'm very careful when making general comments about these issues, especially current events. And things are happening right now those of you who follow me online, you know, I stay away from a lot of this stuff. Because I know that every situation and in situations are different. And I can say something and it may apply to a certain area may not apply to a different area. So just keep that in mind, inshallah Tada. And likewise, and one last thing I'll mention a shout out is that is similar to what

00:32:08--> 00:32:53

I've been saying, I'm still hearing a lot of people belittle this issue, I'm still even like, in my personal conversations with people, I'm still hearing people say, Oh, it's just a flu, right? Just go about your normal life. Look, as a believer, as a Muslim, one of our core responsibilities is to make sure we are not a source of harm for other people. So the people who are saying, okay, you know, it's not a danger to me, because I'm young. And you know, for me, it's going to be just like the flu. Maybe for you. It's just like the flu. But we do know, and this is what the specialists are telling us right now. And alongside Tom knows best, we do know that people who are old, people whose

00:32:53--> 00:33:23

immune systems are weak, that this is life threatening for them, right, it can cause serious health problems and even death may love this kind of data protect us. So maybe if we don't take precautions, and we just go about and you know, we go out and live our life is normal. And, you know, we don't practice social distancing. And, and we just like, you know, I know people who are like, No, I'm gonna go and live my life just the way I was living it because it's not a big deal. Or once again, that that incorrect understanding of to walk away alone will protect me.

00:33:24--> 00:34:09

Yeah, you may not suffer, but perhaps we may contract something and give it to somebody else. And I'll just tell you personally, like, I think of the people in my life, who who have weak immune systems or who may be elderly, and I don't think like, okay, inshallah, to Allah knows best. It won't be life threatening for me. But if I contract the Coronavirus, and then I go around, you know, those people who are vulnerable, then it could be life threatening for them. And so, as I said, we have to think beyond ourselves, and, and really, this is a chance for us to show the world what the deen of Islam actually is. selflessness, helping other people. And I've already seen that on social

00:34:09--> 00:34:42

media. So like, I think it's beautiful, that there are those people out there who are hoarding, right. So there's those people who are, you know, only thinking nipsey nipsey. Myself, myself, people go to the grocery store, buy all the toilet paper, and all the supplies and all the needs and they're not thinking of those who may not be able to come to the grocery store, right? The elderly and the weak and those people who have compromised immune systems who can't just walk into a grocery store and buy 10 packs of, of toilet paper or whatever the 100 that we have those people were we're not being like that. They're thinking of others. They're actually going in and helping other people

00:34:42--> 00:34:59

100 nights. It's a beautiful thing. Another blessing that we get to show people to do is the selflessness, selflessness, right thinking about the empathy right now you know, I had, none of you will truly believe until your love for your brother, which you love for yourself, right? So just like we want

00:35:00--> 00:35:46

To protect ourselves, we want to protect others as well. And part of as I said, the core aspects of our Deen is we don't want to be a source of harm for anyone present them said law without the law that there is no in Islam. As a believer, there is no, we do not cause harm, nor do we return harm. Even if somebody harms us, we don't harm them back. Right? This is our These are our morals as believers and the famous Hadith I'm sure many of you know, a Muslim man sentiment was the Mona Lisa and he were the heat that a Muslim is the one who other people other Muslims are safe from their tongue and from their hand meaning any type of harm, whether it be harm of the tongue, harming them

00:35:46--> 00:36:26

with our words, or even physically harming them. So I just wanted to say keep doing what you're doing. I think muslims for the most part, everything that I've seen, we're not falling prey to our base desires, you know, we're not we're not we're not like the Joker said, right? And we're gonna eat each other alive when the chips are down today now we are showing that we are better than that. So keep doing that and keep encouraging, good for one another, right? encourage one another to be patient. And patients by the way, is part of patience is is being patient with one another encouraging one another to be patient as well. So so that's that's that's it that's the last thing I

00:36:26--> 00:37:08

wanted to say. And I know there's a lot more to be said and and as I said, I will be doing a lot more live streams inshallah Tada, and a lot more live sessions and I will be posting a lot more on my YouTube channel. So please keep in touch, subscribe, right? I know. For me, it feels weird saying that right? Subscribe to my channel, like and subscribe and share ball but I'm not saying all that just just subscribe. So as I continue to do these live sessions and we ask the last time to Allah, to to accept this effort we ask the last time to make this a means of goodness and ask the last audit to forgive me if I make made any mistakes or any error in what I have said if I've said

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anything good and beneficial, then that is truly truly the blessing in the mercy of love's penalty Allah and Allah Subhana Allah to Allah knows best