Are You Emotionally Selfish

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Are you emotionally selfish? You're watching hashtag sad asleep.

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A person who is emotionally selfish, always wants more and more and more, they need their own emotional needs to be fulfilled. They want to be acknowledged, they want their emotions and their feelings to be acknowledged. But they never reciprocate. They never give back. They never do the same for the other party. So a quick way to fix this is to check in because you know what, a lot of times we don't realize we're doing this. We all have a lot going on in our lives. We all need a lot. We need someone there to support us. So it's easy to forget about the other person. So just check in ask the other party. Are you doing okay? Do you need your emotional needs to be fulfilled? Do you

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need support and this and that, and we asked the last printout to make us that person who's balanced in our lives in our relationships. I mean, and I lost out on those best. Until next time, I said I'm on a comb what I meant to lie about