Does ‘Manifesting’ Exist in Islam – Q&A

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The speaker discusses manifesting and meditating as a way to remove negative emotions from people's lives. They encourage people to believe in XYZ and not just try to achieve something, but rather pursue something that is best for them. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of learning the Quran and being a accuses of it for personal reasons.

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What happens in manifesting is, I already know what's good for me, what that removes from the equation is Allah

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first of all, thank you, my question would be if manifesting and meditating is acceptable in Islam

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manifesting is, I'm gonna get 100 I'm gonna get 100 I'm gonna get 100 I'm manifesting. And man, it's gonna happen. And this whole, this whole industry is one of Think positive and it will happen, right? And just believe in XYZ and it's just going to become a reality.

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What that removes from the equation is Allah.

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Right? This is going to happen, and I just know it will happen. No, you don't know it will happen. What happens to this taharah? What is this Takara is the economy's yalla if this is good for me, allow it to happen. And if it's not good for me, then take me away from it and take it away from me. Right? And that means I'm humbled to the fact that stuff that I want, may or may not be the best thing for me. I'm humbled to Allah, Allah, Allah will want to let Adam to head Bucha and Mahershala shadow intercom while Santa Clara who shall invoke Allah Allah want to not ask them what it might be really like something but it's no good for you. It might be really hate something but it's actually

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better for you. Allah knows and you don't know what happens in manifesting this. I already know what's good for me. I'm not gonna, I'm gonna meditate and just get it. Right. And that's why that's where I say it's a little bit unhealthy. But should we have a positive attitude and Allah will see us through for what is best Yeah, that we should.

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