Successful Parenting #04

Sajid Ahmed Umar


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Innocent Minds, In This Age Of Information

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In this day and age, we our children are growing up faster than we could ever imagine.

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Their minds are stimulated in ways far greater than our minds could have been stimulated growing up. They understand at six years old and seven years old things that we never thought of until we were maybe 12 or 13.

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And then they live in an age, whereby information comes to them, even if they're not looking for it. It's true. They're not even looking for it. And the information comes, they're not searching for anything that shakes their belief in Allah. But whilst they reading this email, or surfing this website,

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a pop up comes up

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with an interesting title, and interesting colors. And the child's mind is designed to explore. So they explore, and they start reading things that you never wanted them to read, and even they didn't want to read.

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But because you left gaps,

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because you were about outsourcing parenting, there were holes that were becoming filled.

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And the child is growing up with questions, questions that aren't answered. And then we see the facade and the corruption that comes when those innocent minds that are filled with this corruption, start developing independence, start developing this aura, start developing this confidence that you know what I can. I know and I know that I know. But they don't know. But that's what happens. When you start developing this independent say, I have my own mind. I have my own brain. It's my life. It's my mind. I'm free to think what I can. It's a free world. I read somewhere it's a free world doesn't matter what my parents say. So what happens now? They start maturing these doubts and then

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happen with regards to their faith in other things when they are the biller. May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us so the pressure is there one lie, the pressure is there. The pressure is there, that we as parents, we have to be even more upon the concept of parenting.

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So that we can be true to the Command of Allah when he told us to save our families from the hellfire.