3 Things To Do For A Successful Ramadhan

Muhammad Abdul Jabbar


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The segment discusses the challenges faced by Muslims in the current pandemic and the need for change. The speakers emphasize the importance of praying for Islam and giving charity to benefit others. They also mention the upcoming return of the Prophet sallran Al harmami and the upcoming return of the goddamn sallran Azza wa Jalla.

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The month of Ramadan has come

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and it's only around the corner

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but in spite of people

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talking about how to prepare for Ramadan

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many Muslims out there and many messages I have received

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and they are talking about how DMX left this world

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how DMX the rapper

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left this world and sending rip rest in peace

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Allah hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah here on Bella Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala CL Mursaleen. While early he was heavy here Jemaine woman Tabea home BSN Illa Yomi. Dean Abba. After praising the King of all kings, the Master of the Day of Judgment, the one the only Allah Azza wa Jalla, the mighty and sending solicitations on the Imam of the Prophet, leader of the Prophet, the messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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all Muslims

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the month of Ramadan

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has come

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and it's only around the corner.

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But in spite of people

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talking about how to prepare for Ramadan

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many Muslims out there and many messages I have received.

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And they are talking about how DMX left this world

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how DMX the rapper

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left this world and sending rip rest in peace.

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The situation around the world is

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that many people have come and gone

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if you look at the past,

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there were people who are bigger than DMX. There was the likes on Qarun there was the likes of Amman, they were the likes of prayer around

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they had weight,

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according to society.

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Allah as the mighty save,

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every soul shall taste death.

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Allah does not care who you are. What city you belong to. What nation you belong to. how successful you are in this world or not. Allah says the every soul shall taste death one by one

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many great men I've come and great men have gone why cuz the Promise of Allah as our Gela the mighty, we come to pass and that is

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every soul shall taste

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so when DMX has left his world,

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you don't mean nothing?

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Why? What have you prepared?

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For your Akira? What have you prepared?

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For your great? What have you prepared? When you will stand in front of the Lord of the universe? Master of the Universe, Allah azza wa jal at the mighty

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Are you confident

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that you will stand on that plane of resurrection?

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That Allah will be happy with you?

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Are you confident

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that you will enter your grave and you will sleep

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just as a bride and sleeps on the first night as a Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Those who obey Allah.

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This is how they will sleep in the grave.

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Are you confident

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that there will be people out there?

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You have not broken their trust. You have not insulted or backbiting or slandered Are you confident that when you leave this world that these people aren't they will make dua against you because you oppress them

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This is why my brother's are Muslim. The month of Ramadan has come, the gates of Jana have flung open, the gates of Johanna have bolted close

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shape on

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and the leaders of the shell team the free

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they have been chained up,

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they are chained, they are being chained up, they are locked away. Now this is the challenge

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in Ramadan

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Are you ready to make that change? Are you confident

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you will try to make that change because you know what the scary thing is.

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And that is

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that when we commit sin by night and day in Ramadan,

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realize this

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that it was not shaped on who made you doing.

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It was yourself.

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Your true reality shaytaan has been practicing

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to destroy mankind

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from the time of other malaise alarm right in this present day right in the day of gentlemen, but in Ramadan shaytaan will be chained up the hen and the general form amongst the gents will be chained up.

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will be an individual that you can make dua to Allah and Allah will forgive.

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You could be the individual that in the month of Ramadan if you raise your hands towards the heaven and say Oh ALLAH forgive my sin, Allah will wipe your slate slate clean. Three things I want you guys to do in Ramadan and insha Allah you will be successful. No doubt, three things.

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Three things you do in Ramadan and you will be 100% successful. Number one,

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recite Quran whether you understand it or you don't understand it, every letter you read, you will be rewarded on another level. Number two, make Toba why? Because you make Toba of your sins and the gates of Jannah are flung open and the angels of mercy are everywhere.

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The sins that a person commits, this is the month

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that Allah Azza wa Jalla the mighty, could be possible that you make that Toba and Allah will forgive all your sins. Number three, that you give charity, and you give charity in the name of Allah and you pick a charity and you give charity in the Name of Allah, Allah Allah He this will be your savior on the Day of Judgment. Why? Because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that whoever gives charity then this charity will be a shield against the fire of jahannam. And a quick description if you do not know what the fire of Jahannam is. It is a block surrounded by four walls. One wall is so thick that will take a person

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100 years to cover is distant. The fire of Jahannam is black. It is black at this moment of time, and the fire of Jahannam is raging 70,000 whips around Jahannam on each rip day 70,000 Angels dragging Jahannam why because Johanna is angry like never before Wallahi I swear by the Almighty Allah if you fulfill three these three things in Ramadan you will indeed be successful. I pray to Allah Azza wa Jalla the mighty the Allah forgives our sins and makes us from among those people who will benefit in this Ramadan and makes us from among those people that Allah Azza wa Jalla accepts our Ramadan accept our Salah accept our first so till next line Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi

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