Saad Tasleem – Ramadan360 Day 17 – Her Innocence

Saad Tasleem
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On Facebook and YouTube who's joining us for day number 17 of Ramadan 360 with a Maghrib Institute the stories of the unnamed in the Quran. Today we are talking on the topic of her innocence with us as Dania Zubair who's going to be highlighting for us today and tomorrow actually on Ramadan, 360. And I hope that you guys enjoy this session immensely. I do want to take a second and shout out, I mentioned to you guys something about this little earlier in Ramadan, 360. And I was like I was speaking that about, you know, one of our charity partners that was so you know, subhanAllah busy with the work on the ground in Afghanistan, that we were asking them, we like to kind of whenever we

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have partners for a program, especially if they're making the program possible, we'd like to have them come on and just share a little bit about what they're doing. So that we get it, we get a chance to actually, you know, benefit from what was actually being experienced on the ground and get a little bit we get to kind of connect with what's happening, as opposed to just giving blindly right?

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So what Hamdulillah we have, you know, every every few days, or you know, each of our partners, we can give them a chance to come on and we have had HR at Charity, come on, and show we're going to be hearing from Islamic Relief as well. And our partner in the UK forgotten women, we are asking them, can you come on? Can you come on when can you come on, and they were like, you know, we're so busy. There's just nobody to actually tell you guys what we're doing. Because there's everything every hand is needed on the ground and McLennan right now, the situation is so dire. And I'll be honest, this is a newer charity to me. So I looked a little bit into, you know, what they what work they

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actually do on the grounds of huddle. And I'm so excited that we're sharing them today, especially when we're speaking about some woman in the Quran with Wisata Tamia because Subhanallah they are they actually only began in 2013. But somehow the reason they began is that there was * for aid that was witnessed in relation to the Syrian refugee woman. And abuse of women in times of crisis actually prompted the creation of the charity, and I want to share a little bit about them so that you guys can kind of learn as we're starting today's session, inshallah and guys can kind of learn a bit of in the background, but they shared with us that you know, in many areas of the world, women

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are obviously the backbone of society, they nurture, they provide the stability in a family, and they're promoting, you know, the social cohesion in a wider community. This is how a community stays connected, stays healthy. Often they're the rock when things get crazy, in times of conflict, women go off to war and whatnot, women are the bedrock of a society. But unfortunately, women are also the most vulnerable as well. And forgotten woman's focus was to keep to have women who suffered injustice, hardship and neglect, whether it's due to war, whether it's natural disasters, whether it's for poverty, and their objective was to offer women the opportunity to develop their

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independence and to protect their dignity. Every woman reserves reserves the right to a happy and a safe and protected life. And that is the focus of the charity, and I was kind of all very shook. And honestly, there is a trigger warning because there's some things that will be shared in later, later in today's session that may be a little bit tough to hear. So I do want to you know, if someone has been a victim of abuse or whatnot, I do want to let you guys know that but I'm very glad Alhamdulillah that they're sharing this with us and especially in the stories coming from venison, I've not seen this aspect of what's being experienced there by the woman being highlighted. So I

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can't wait for the people who are actually interacting with them to come and to share that with us. I do want to remind you guys, as they do everyday, please make sure that you are constantly supporting, you know their work on the ground. Today, we're going to be highlighting forgotten women so that we can give them a chance to kind of shine and we'll be sharing their link in on Facebook, YouTube, you guys can already see it in the comments, or in the description of the video. Sorry. And here Inshallah, I'm gonna drop it in the chat a couple of times that you guys are reminded of it and please keep them in your the eyes and keep them in your support throughout the month in sha Allah

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and especially for today. And in sha Allah we as a community can make a difference in their efforts as well, especially for coming together mashallah, there's usually a few 100 of us who, you know, a couple 100 that are watching live and then I see a few 100 in the recordings and mashallah 1000s who end up watching the recordings across social media. When we come together, we can make such a big impact for a single cause. It's insane and in the past, mashallah, we've you know, like at one point, I remember we we funded 50 orphans and another point we find that 30 Orphans together as a community. And I know we can make such a big impact. So let's keep that intention of openness and

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given kind of at the top and the forefront of our minds. As we jump into today's session. I noticed that Jamia has been waiting for us insha Allah, this session is going to be slightly different in terms of structure. So we're going to be having about a 30 minute 25 to 30 minute conversation and a lecture from Saudi Arabia, where we get a chance to engage with her, then we'll have a bit of a pause for to hear a bit from forgotten women and then we'll also have a q&a. So we get a chance to ask this that so more questions before we jump into the Quranic Quranic revolution. You can see where I minus two and reflect session in sha Allah and I see some others here so As salam o alaikum

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what happens a lot instead of how are you doing today? Or they can sit down what I haven't Allah Who America to and hamdulillah I'm good how are you? Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah I am super super well I can't wait I was trying to match when I got the shade of green wrong I think yours is a bit more of a like a fort not for this is more forest yours is a bit more like I don't know how to say natural like bright green Mashallah.

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does it actually look green? My hijab? No No your hijab your background your whole okay. I'm pretty sure I'm wearing a purple Is there something wrong with my camera or lighting or something? No, no no it was all good sorry I like to do that I like to keep you on edge

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very excited to have you back very we've been having you and him that we had a chance to have you for on reflection sessions. So it's a bit of a shift of him let's have a have you back or Milan 360 I hope that your midpoint of Ramadan has been going well. Anything that's kind of changed for you over the past few days or any anything that stands out to you as formula

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um every Ramadan is different 100 Allah and you know life doesn't remain the same.

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So yeah, this Ramadan has been very different in many different ways. And hamdulillah I'm, I'm grateful to Allah for allowing us to have different ways in this month to seek His pleasure. There isn't just one way and hamdulillah I'm very grateful to Allah for that you I'm able to see and recognize the different

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ways in which Allah subhanaw taala is so merciful to his slaves that there isn't just one perfect way of seeking His pleasure

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100 in law

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just like luck, Arizona let's jump into her innocence which is our topic for today's Ramadan booster session. Let's begin medical Ico as Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh everyone are with the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim, WA Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah al Karim rubbish Rocklea Saudi UAE a serie Emery, where he will rock that a melissani of Baku Kohli Allahu Madea Kobe was sadly Sani was thrilled to have him at the Kobe Armenian O'Brien Amin.

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So the incident of if, if is slender, a big lie, and really the incident of if is all about a big lie that was invented about the Chateau de la Mourinho. And the main target over here was actually the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam meaning the people who came up with that lie.

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What we're intending to hurt the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam through this slander. In summary, the incident of if IK is that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was traveling and in in his travels, he would take, you know, one of his wives with him. And on this particular journey, I Chateau de la Mourinho was with him. And when they had camped, they had stopped somewhere. I shall do learn more on how when to use the bathroom. And when she returned, she realized that her necklace was missing she so she went looking for her necklace. And by the time she returned, she realized she found out that everybody had left, because when they were putting her seat back onto the camel, it

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had something like a curtain around it. So the so the people who put it back on the camel didn't realize that I should have done more and who was not inside it. And they thought she was inside, they left. And when I showed her the lower on her return to the place where they had camped, she found out that she was she had been left behind. And so she just stayed there and she fell asleep. And this is something very amazing. Because in a time like that when you're afraid and worried and scared. I don't know how you can sleep. So this was Allah subhanaw taala special mercy on our shuttle de la Mourinho that, you know, she was able to sleep and rest at that time. And one of the

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companions that will do Longhorn himself one will Dylan Warren, who he was also behind me, he was not with the rest of the caravan. And the reason is some orlimar say that, you know, he was a heavy sleeper. So he actually also got left behind. And others say that it was his job to actually follow the caravan or the group that was traveling to ensure that, you know, if anything had been left behind, he would pick it up and bring it. So when he came and he saw that I showed a little more on who was there, he just said in Allah who were in a lady Roger Iran, and he helped her get back to Medina. And he did not really talk to her. She did not really talk to him. And when I shall deliver

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on her return to Medina, of course, she went home and she was really tired from the journey. And she actually fell ill and this is very common when you return from a long trip, then you know, you need a few days to recover. And sometimes people actually get sick so they need longer to recover. So I show the little one her is home, she is resting trying to recover from the trip. And she has no idea about what's happening outside. And what was happening outside Abdullah bin obey the chief hypocrite. He used this opportunity to hurt the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and he said

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said something to the effect of, you know, she was not safe from software. And so if one was not safe from her, meaning there must have been something that was happening over there. And basically he accused her off Zina. And the real, you know, target over here, like I mentioned, was actually the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam, because it's not something uncommon that, you know, if a group of people are traveling, one person gets left behind. I'm sure you may have experienced this. I, you know, it's happened with me many times where I've had to catch a ride with someone. And they've, they forgot to take me. And so I call them like, where are you? And they're like, Oh, I'm

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so sorry, I completely forgot. So this is normal. You know, it's it's nothing unusual. It happens in life. And it's also not unusual that, you know, for someone to find another person alone, in the middle of the desert. Even if you know, in the case of the men, they see a woman, they're not just going to leave her and let her be, they're going to help her get back home. And we see that it happened with Santa Monica de la Mourinho, also when she was migrating from Mecca to Medina, she was alone. And some, you know, there was a man who found her. And when he found out that she was traveling all the way to Medina, he actually accompanied her to ensure that she would get there

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safely. And that men at the time was not a Muslim. So, you know, this is not unusual, I'm sure. You know, any brother listening to this, if you find a woman, you know, stranded somewhere alone, you're going to step up to help, right? This is not just, you know, limited to that culture, or that time this is this is very human, that you find someone alone stranded, you're going to step up to help them this is this is basic decency, right? So, so far, I'm not the only one who did what he was supposed to. And you see the hypocrites over here, the reason why they made a big deal out of this, or they use this, they, you know, they accused our show de la Mourinho was basically to hurt the

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And if we understand this, we will understand the rest of the story as well. Because we learned that, you know, for the entire month that I showed below on how was you know, at home, she was not feeling well, she felt like, you know, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was a little distant, all right. And one of the reasons was that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was in a very,

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you know, in a very difficult position where he could not openly defend his wife, because he knew that they were trying to target him. And, you know, they were getting a chance to basically laugh at the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam that look, your own wife, you know, has has done something wrong, your own wife is not loyal to you. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was not really in a position to openly defend her. And

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I shall dwell on more on her, you know, she had no idea and after a month, when she found out she was, of course completely devastated when she learned that even the Prophet sallallahu produciton knew about it and her parents knew about it. And then she went to her family. You know, the home of Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Anhu. And, you know, described how she wept. You know, so much that she she could not stop crying, she was not able to eat, she was not able to drink she was not able to rest. She just kept crying. And when the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam, you know, he, he actually discussed with his companions as to what he should do. So, for example, he asked Osama or de la

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Mourinho, his his beloved as to what he should do you know, what his suggestion was, and Susanna de la Mora, and who told him that you know, this is your family and we have nothing, nothing but but to say about your wife, and it will sound model the LA Mourinho on her new eyeshadow de la hora on her, right because he was the son of ze dragula horn who the adopted son of the Prophet sallallahu already set up so he had, you know, he had seen eyeshadow the Longhorn when he could not say anything bad about her. And, you know, he, he told the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to inquire from the servant of eyeshadow de la Mourinho. But era because Medina was always you know, in

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the company of eyeshadow de la marina. So,

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you know, she so he suggested that the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam inquire from her about the character of Aisha de la Moreno. And when Buddha was asked, but either she could not say anything other than you know, that

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sometimes I shall do

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Lauryn Hill is forgetful, you know, she makes the dough and then she leaves it outside and the goat comes and eats it. And, you know, one of the reasons why she may have said this is because she was trying to show that yes, it's, you know, I shall do Lauren who is a young woman, and it's, you know, sometimes it happens that she tends to forget things. And that's, that's the only bad thing that I can say about her. Nothing at all about her character about her Deen about her integrity, any, there's there's nothing else negative about partial de la Mourinho and when the Prophet salallahu where it is, and an asked earlier, they'll do a lot more in or they will do longwearing, who, you

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know, he was trying to comfort the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And he had seen the distress that the Prophet sallallahu earlier sentiment experienced for so long for an entire month. So he said something to the effect of you know, that she she's not the only wife of yours. So basically, he was suggesting that if this is really heavy on you, you can always divorce her. And the Prophet sallallahu IRQs No, of course did not do that.

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But, you know, he went to the companions in the masjid. And he asked them, you know, who is going to help me against this man who, who is attacking me in regard to my family, and he who's going to save me from from the libel obey the hypocrite, and then there was, you know, a dispute among the companions. And nothing really happened. Until the Prophet salallahu, Urdu southern went to our shuttle didn't warn her now, and he spoke to her. And he said to her, that, you know, if you've done something wrong, then repent to Allah, and Allah is Forgiving, he accepts repentance from His slaves. And if you have not done anything wrong, then you don't need to worry, right? Allah will

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will clear your your innocence. And this was a very neutral statement if you think about it. But this was incredibly hurtful for eyeshadow below more than that, how could you even suggest that if I have done something wrong, than I should admit, and I should seek forgiveness from Allah, any, this was very painful, for I should have the lower on her. And she was so shocked with that, that we learned that she stopped crying. And he her tears basically dried out, because you know, there's a level of grief where you are crying, and then that when that grief is coupled with anger and shock, then you you can no longer cry even. And so she asked her mother to to respond to the prophets of

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Allah who videos of them but out of great respect for him. So the local radio system or mother was quiet, she asked her father, and he was also quiet, and I shall deliver more on her than spoke in her own defense. And she said that you all have heard something which has become so ingrained in your minds, that if I were to say that I am innocent, which I am, you're never going to believe me. But if I were to say that I am guilty, which I am not, you will definitely believe me. So basically, I shall Dylan Warren has said that I am not going to say anything in my defense. And I am just going to say what the father of use of Alehissalaam said for sovereign Jamil Allah when was done or Allah

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matassa the phone, that beautiful patience is what I will observe and Allah is the One who has helped us fight against what you what you say. And you know, in her state of sadness or grief, she could not even recall the name of the Father of use of a salon. And that is your Cooper Lisa, right? She she could not even recall that name. Anyway, in that state.

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Allah subhanaw taala revealed the verses of Surah to noon. And these are many verses, almost two pages in the most half. In which we learn that Allah subhanaw taala says that indeed those people who came up with the slander are a group from among you, meaning this is an enemy on the inside that that has come up with this. And letter Cebu shall welcome Bell Hua highroller calm do not think that this was bad for you, this was actually good for you. Allahu Akbar. And he, this statement is so amazing. He we cannot even imagine the grief that I shall deliver and I experienced right for that entire month.

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You know, sorry, the prophets of Allah who listened to experience

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for the entire month, and then what I shouldn't be long Lauren I experienced when she found out about the slander.

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And then, you know, so many things happened where, you know, for instance, there were people like Hassan Ibn fabric, radula Horan, who the poet of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he also, he actually was one of those people who accused, I shall de la Mora. And,

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you know, he was of those people who said that, that, you know, she is guilty among some other sincere believers, which shows that you know, people can make mistakes.

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And so, the, you know, there are so many hurtful things basically, that happened. So many people made mistakes over here, but Allah subhanaw taala tells us that laughter Cebu sha Allah combo highroller calm that for the entire community. Don't think that this was evil, this was actually good. Because there were so many so many things that came out of this, what are some benefits that came out of this? First of all, we see

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the, that this story illustrates how Allah subhanaw taala tests those whom he loves.

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And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that when Allah intends good for a slave, he he puts him in a trial. Right? I shot Ile de la hora on her was tested with this trial. And yes, this was something very difficult for her. But look at how these Verses are recited, you know, all across the world. And we talk about her innocence we talk about her, her patients, you know, she is an excellent example for us that how she dealt with this difficult time. And you knew how through these verses Allah subhanaw taala is exalting the status of our shuttle de la hora. Alright, we learned that when I showed the Longhorn her was, you know, close to her death, even our best little deal on

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more on who came to him. And sorry, came to her and he wanted to see her and I shall de la noir and I initially did not allow him to come. Because he was afraid that you know, he was going to praise her. But then eventually she she let him come. And when he came in our bus little de la Horne who, you know, he said, that, that, you know, rejoice because there's only death left between you and your your beloved, meaning you're just going to leave the world and then you're going to meet your beloved the prophets of Allah who are the yo Salaam and your father, you know, and she said that you're sorry, he said that your necklace broke and fell on the night of what a part of the Quran was

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revealed because of you. And then he referred to the incident of if, and he said that a part of the Quran was revealed because of you. And then these Verses are recited, you know, all over the world. So, by revealing these verses, which show the innocence of eyeshadow de la Mourinho, first of all we see that Allah subhanaw taala exalts the status of eyeshadow de la Horne, right, that imagine so much reward she got through this. Secondly, a ladder so we shall have a look on well who are highroller comm there is also a lot of good that has come out for the Muslim community through this incident. First and foremost, we learn how the daughters of I shall de la horn her are also

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protected because of what she went through. And who are the daughters of Aisha de la hora. And

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who are they? You can mention that in the chat. Exactly It is the women who believe because a lot of times, women who believe are targeted unjustly by who by the man who believe, right? Where instead of getting support, sometimes, you know we become target targets of verbal abuse or even spiritual abuse or,

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or some, you know, very ridiculous things that people say about Muslim women where they're judging their character, their piety, their innocence and things like that. So when Allah subhanaw taala you know defends I shall do Lahore unhide these verses, it's not just her alone who is being defended, it's it's her daughter is also it's the it's the women of this ummah also who are being protected against slander because you know in one of the verses Allah's pantherella says well hola in Sameer to whoo hoo cool to May a cannula Anna Aneta Kalama be Heather. That why why is it not that when you heard the slander? How come you didn't say that it is not correct for us to say something like this,

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that so

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Hannukah Bhutan alim, that if you didn't see it with your own eyes, how can you just form an assumption and then slander a woman? Right? And, and so often, you know, false things are said about Muslim women just to belittle them or, or or just to,

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you know, dismiss them

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or discount their their good work and their contribution. I'm not saying that men are immune to that, of course, a lot of times men are also target off of such falsehood. And like I mentioned the Prophet sallallahu already said it was the main target over here that he was being hurt through eyeshadow de la horna by his enemies. So letter Cebu shadow, Shadow Allah calm Bell Hua highroller calm.

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And then we see that,

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you know, when Allah subhanaw taala revealed these verses,

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you know, there's a lot of guidance in these verses in regard to,

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you know, how we should behave when we hear some gossip or news that is, you know, for which we have no proof. Right? Allah subhanaw taala says over here is the owner who be ill Synoptical when you were receiving that news with your tongues, isn't that amazing? You don't receive news with your tongue, you receive it with your ears, right? But what is meant is that you were just passing on that news from mouth to mouth to mouth without letting it reach your brain, you know, without checking, without even thinking about that news. Without even,

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you know, paying attention to who you were talking about, and what you were saying. Like, what evidence did you have what proof did you have and you know, this means that we should also be careful that sometimes we just receive things with with what with the tap of our finger, you know, literally, read something, share, read something in a repost, forward, and Subhanallah on social media, this is so common, where false information about people is spread without any evidence, and that information can be so damaging. And this is so sad that, you know, some people, they only find comfort in or satisfaction in talking bad about other Muslims.

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You see, at the time when this incident occurred, there were basically four types of people. All right, there were firstly those people who invented the slander. Right? And that is the chief of the hypocrites our beloved and obey. Secondly, there were those who, who believed in that slander. And who accused I shall do lamorna. All right. Thirdly, there were those who were neutral. All right, they were neutral. They said, No, you know what, I don't know about this. I can't say anything. Okay. And then fourthly, there were those who, who defended Ayesha de la hora. And they said, it's not possible that she would do anything like this. And among them, were a YouTube and sala de la

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Mourinho and his wife, you know, when she mentioned it to him that have you heard and of what you've asked her that? Would you do something like that? If you were in a position like that? And she said, No. And he said that well, I shall de la Horne, who is better than you. Right, that she, if you wouldn't do it, she would never do it. So, you know, it's it's really something to

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something because of which we should also introspect and think that which, which group do I belong to? Am I of those who are just looking for opportunities to pounce at others? Am I of those who use misinformation? And then spread that? Or rumors and gossip and just pass that on? Is that what I find joy in? Or am I of those who are just neutral who are indifferent? Who say, You know what, none of my business, I'm going to stay out of it? Or am I of those people who go forward and defend the honor of the believers? So may Allah subhanaw taala make us of those who who are firm upon the truth, and who respect the honor of our fellow believers because that actually is more sacred than

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even the karma itself. As the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught us

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all right, have said that to you.

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Already, just like a love affair status Subhanallah for that beautiful reminder, Inshallah, we're gonna see more of you in sha Allah, we

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So so she's not going anywhere we have some opportunities. And I know this is a tough topic. So it's important to try and get our questions and our clarifications out because there's some stuff that even nowadays that that really, it's our community doesn't know how to handle when it comes to the issues of a woman and their innocence. So make sure that you do save your questions and drop them in the chat in just a couple of minutes. But before we do that, I'm really really excited to invite on to the stage someone who has been masquerading as a student because she's much benefited from was that they really talk so much. But sister Sadia Sajid from forgotten woman is going to be

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representing and sharing with us and actually, before she starts, I really want you guys to tune in and to focus and to pause and listen because this reminder is very crucial. It's tied into the story that we just learned right now, and I hope that inshallah is going to be a benefit to all of you. So Bismillah, Sr, Saudia, please take it away.

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So I'm gonna go with regard to thank you so, so much to love Manohar for First of all, your mother in mashallah, you've partnered with forgotten women, which is an organization that I'm very, very honored to be representing tonight, mashallah, for those of you who don't know, forgotten women is actually a charity that is run for women by women. And as sister have said, at the beginning, it's because of earlier on when Syria first, the Syrian conflict first happened, we very, very quickly came to realize that Subhan Allah, sixth aid was suddenly becoming something that was, you know, very much rife. And so as a solution to that, you know, as part of that forgotten was set up to

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ensure that they could send women out to the field in Sharla, to be able to be that frontline assistance to the sisters and I personally have been to Syria before. And I can honestly tell you that the impact it makes the sisters to see a sister turn up in their country in their time of need, and hand them the aid that they need, and be able to sit with them and talk to them put an arm around that just console them, brothers, mashallah do a brilliant job. But when a sister can do that, it means so much to tonight that it makes a huge tangible difference. So I'm very, very honored to be representing forgotten women today, by Nicola vehicle, having us on here and talking

00:32:04 --> 00:32:42

about something that's happening right now, many of you may not know, but if I understand right now is the world's largest humanitarian crisis. It is the world record that's coming off the back of Yemen and Syria SubhanAllah. So it really does give you an indication of how big a difference how bigger issue this is, right now, decades of conflict, you've got your back to back military occupation invasion, you've had the worst drought in 27 years, which has affected food production in Afghanistan. And on top of that international sanctions that are very punitive, governments assets have been seized upon on and frozen. And that's led to economic collapse. It's led to mass

00:32:42 --> 00:33:14

unemployment, it's led to no food and decimated healthcare system. As a result of that the 14 million people who are the population of Afghanistan, of that 14,000,095% And I want you to really understand this, imagine your country, wherever you're from Mashallah. It's a very global audience here today, wherever you are, imagine 95% of your whole country is now food insecure, and is reliant on on aid coming into to them. And if they do not receive aid, then they do not know where their next meal is going to come from Subhan Allah.

00:33:15 --> 00:33:53

And this is where forgotten money comes in. Because in female headed households, that's closer to 100%. In female headed households, it's actually a lot closer to 100% of all female headed households, that Subhanallah they do not have food, and they do not know where their food is going to come from. They have sold everything that they own that has any value, and Subhanallah the decisions that some parents are having to make, I'm going to cue up a video and I ask you please to listen to this case study of a sister in Afghanistan right now. She's a mother, like we are you know, subhanAllah we call it I don't know how she's, oh my god we need this is also a sister, a

00:33:53 --> 00:34:10

believer, and I want you to understand her story and how we started I said we need to honor the dignity of ours believe believing mothers mashallah, let's listen to the sister story not just without yours, I beg you to use your heart may Allah open our hearts and understand her plight each other

00:34:17 --> 00:34:25

my name is Tahira. Sorgen. I have four children our life is very bad. My husband died six months ago.

00:34:27 --> 00:34:37

I pay 12 pounds for this little rule or some extra for utilities. So So I loan groceries from the shopkeeper because I can't afford to buy food.

00:34:39 --> 00:34:41

I learned gas for this propane gas stove.

00:34:45 --> 00:34:52

When I cook something, the children rejoice. If I don't cook, they become depressed.

00:34:53 --> 00:34:59

And neighbor used to buy us as loaves of bread. After some time, he said he can't afford

00:35:00 --> 00:35:04

to buy bread anymore. We are just surviving.

00:35:08 --> 00:35:19

Somebody came to our home to buy my daughter. When he saw her, he offered me 400 pound I intended to sell my daughter. I told him I would like to see her some time

00:35:20 --> 00:35:25

said after I give you the money, then you will never see her again. In just a minute.

00:35:27 --> 00:35:28

Actually a call the call.

00:35:30 --> 00:36:00

My sister did not let me sell my daughter. What I told her I have no choice but to sell her. We haven't eaten anything for three days. She said stop banging at people's doors. I said I have been begging on the streets for six months, but nobody helps me. And yesterday I went to the doctor, my little one was telling me that please sell me and get the money and kill yourself. I cried and said I must die before that ever happens.

00:36:04 --> 00:36:42

It's common last panel, I look at the situation of our sisters right now in Afghanistan. And I this news for me broke in December and I had sleepless nights thinking that there are parents right now in Afghanistan mother or father. I don't want to discriminate. But of course, with forgetting women, we are focusing more on the sisters. But there are mothers and fathers in Afghanistan, who are having to make the absolutely heartbreaking decision after sending all of their belongings to sell one of their children in order to feed the rest of their children. And I asked you how is it possible that they can make a decision that they're going to have to live with the regretful for the

00:36:42 --> 00:37:03

rest of their life in order to feed their families for a couple of months. Just for a few months. This isn't a year or a lifetime's worth of solution. It's just ease for three or four months panela they are making such a difficult decision and this does no no parent in the world would ever make a decision about lightly spineless systems. I completely feel your tears Pinilla.

00:37:04 --> 00:37:39

This is the situation environment. This is all about sisters. This is the honor of our sisters and our children in Yemen right in Afghanistan right now. Subhan Allah, they're struggling and they are in need. And this is our small window of opportunity in the most blessing month of Ramadan where we can make not only a difference to these brothers and sisters and young children and mothers in Afghanistan, yes, we can make a difference to them. But we can make a difference to our own lives as well. Because May Allah never ever tested like this ever. But we will inevitably have to stand before Allah an answer for how we responded, what did we do? How did we respond? And how did we come

00:37:40 --> 00:38:11

to their aid? Did we do anything at all? So I pray that we all pass the examination that's going to be the answer that we have to pass. So this is our opportunity, please, to try and help the people in Afghanistan our team are right there right now in Afghanistan. Sonny who is our CEO for what a moment she's there she's delivering a specific service right now, what we needed to do as an unmanned Masha Allah this beautiful on that all of us so international, Mashallah. He has an audience, we can all do a little bit now I can't convert your the British pounds to your own currency. So I beg you to forgive me for not being able to that but do the math yourself inshallah.

00:38:11 --> 00:38:47

But this is what it's going to cost to try and help people in in Afghanistan to give them that lifeline give them that support. And more importantly, like I said, you will be helping yourself in short, over 500 pounds, we'll give 10 families food packs, which will last seven to eight weeks. So for the next seven to eight weeks, but imagine we're in Ramadan, and they've been fasting, the nonstop they haven't been able to stay in a perpetual bath some Annaleigh 500 pounds, we'll give them 10 families are food packed that will last seven to eight weeks Inshallah, the link is in the bio in the chat. So you can make the donation there inshallah. 250 pounds will give five families a

00:38:47 --> 00:39:18

food pack 100 pounds will give to families of food pack and 50 pounds will give one family of food. But now as I said, I can't do the conversions for you for your country. But you know exactly what that equates to. You could just go online, you can make that currency conversion, but give what Allah has given us. All. Alas, he doesn't say good beyond your means. He doesn't say go out and do more than you beyond your means and put yourself into debt. No, Allah is going to ask you what did you do with what I gave you? I gave you wealth. What did you do with it? And he's also gonna say he said it as I said he had the good See, that's a panel that

00:39:19 --> 00:39:57

I was there. I was hungry. You didn't feed me and you know how so and so was hungry? If you had fed them, you would have found me? I asked you Please prepare your answer for that day in sha Allah when inevitably, maybe we will never be tested in that way in this life. But the test for us is on that day in Yama, Yama. What does that answer going to be a please, please, please dig deep deep from your heart and do the best that you can. Subhanallah for the sisters and the young children in Afghanistan. I've got to share something with you that is harrowing, and literally it makes me shake when I think about it, because again really answerable for this since January to March 13,700

00:39:57 --> 00:39:59

newborn babies have died because of hunger related

00:40:00 --> 00:40:37

diseases because of hunger 13,700 newborn babies has one in 10 newborn children. And this is happening in this day and age in our watch. So I pray all of you whether you have the means or not, we all have WhatsApp chats we all have, you know, whatever it might be that you use in your country. But we all have a family group chat. We all have a football brothers group chat, we all have a sister study, circle Bucha, whatever it might be. I'm sure sisters also play football as well. So maybe you have your ancestors football group chat. But whatever it might be, speak to your sister, speak to your brother speak to your networks, and just come together. Each one reach one, no one's

00:40:37 --> 00:41:12

asking you to help all 14 million people in Afghanistan. What they're saying is help one family. And if you can help one family go beyond that. Can I do two? Can I do three? Can I do four? Can I do five? If you can do 10 Bismillah. In December when I did this, I spoke to my family. No one in my family has ever said to me this idea. Why do you always bring these causes to us, they always say 100 Allah, you've given us an opportunity to receive a reward. My intention at the time was 10 families. But Allah teach us and CO attentively was Baraka in it. By the time I finished my fundraising for that we were on 22 families, but I only intended for 10 So I urge you all do not let

00:41:12 --> 00:41:48

yourself be, you know, sort of frightened by the possibility of trying to provide for one or be ambitious, make your big ambitious attention with Allah. And what are Allah provides because He's using you as a vehicle for His mercy on this Misaki and are going to be our vehicle for his medicine in sha Allah on the Day of Judgment. So I pray again, one final time, make a donation, the link is in the chat, it's going to be there it is contained is about eligible, give as much as you can. And as I said, prepare for the day. Inshallah, when we're going to be answering the question, you knew that your brothers and sisters were going through this in Afghanistan, Allah is going to replenish

00:41:48 --> 00:42:18

your wealth, I promise you, he's provided for you all the way up until this day, he will continue to provide, he always will. And he's going to provide for them through you because you are here you're listening to the message. And if not, you, he'll just replace you. But you will have less that lost out on the opportunity. So I beg you for all again, once again, I have absolutely no say begging for the people who are begging for please give as much as you can and also make for them, once you've given make a very heartfelt do out of that alleviate their suffering of them and all of the brothers sisters around the world who are suffering as well deserved motherhood and butter. But luckily

00:42:19 --> 00:42:41

Kamala Harris to Saudia for that beautiful reminder and appeal and you guys have the the the link in the comments as well on Zoom. But keep in mind, those are watching on Facebook and YouTube, especially if you're watching the recording. I know mashallah several 1000 of you watch the recordings, please make sure you're supporting the link there. That was so difficult to hear. And I mentally prepared myself for that. But nobody should have to make that choice in this not

00:42:45 --> 00:42:48

not an AR OMA, nobody should have to make the choice of that.

00:42:51 --> 00:43:11

Sorry, I don't think I can do this. So, link is in the chat. Make sure you guys are supporting consistently, not just today, this campaign has been going on this entire month Alhamdulillah that we are honored to be able to be reminded, and Allah put us in a position to learn, please make sure every time you see that link, you share it, you spread it, and you do as much as you can to support that's just Subhanallah

00:43:12 --> 00:43:22

to be responsible for that to share to share the same earth as someone who's experiencing that. We all love forgiveness. Okay. So I did promise a q&a

00:43:23 --> 00:43:28

with this other Tamia and we have only a couple of minutes left in sha Allah to bring us other back.

00:43:30 --> 00:44:05

So if anyone has questions on today's topic of can't even remember her innocence is the topic, please feel free to drop that into the chat. And we will take as many questions as we can, inshallah. And then we'll transition into our cron reflect for today. Before we actually just while you guys are taking some time to drop your questions in Asana, I actually did have a question because this is something that has happened. It happens in the university community communities quite a bit, you know, and whether it's a woman or a man, people get accused of Subhanallah and it's harder to manage nowadays as well because there's this automatic cancel culture that comes out as

00:44:05 --> 00:44:11

soon as someone is excused accused of something like especially if it's if it's you know, of a sexual assault or is of an of a nature like that.

00:44:12 --> 00:44:43

People just want to distance themselves as soon as possible, right, protect themselves, every, you know, MSA or you know, organization they start to release statements very prematurely before they even know the facts because they don't they don't they don't want to be assumed to be in silent support of somebody in this situation. What is the wise thing to do one as a community member, and one as somebody who's on the board, or in you know, in a decision making kind of role when something like this comes up say someone is there's an accusation of something inappropriate happening within your community, what's the first what's the proper approach?

00:44:47 --> 00:44:59

So I'm sure there are, you know, many guidelines that our scholars have put forth for, you know, different boards and organizations. There's articles you can find on this different scholars have spoken about this matter, but

00:45:00 --> 00:45:14

He openly and I would refer any, you know, if there is ever any situation like this, then refer to people have knowledge as to how you should respond to that situation. Don't Don't be hasty Don't be impulsive.

00:45:16 --> 00:46:08

Secondly, if you know what when you do hear something about, you know, for example, a Muslim that you know someone whose character whose Deen you, you you trust in. And when you find out, you know, in passing about something of this nature, then do exactly what Allah subhanaw taala has said that, it is not correct for us to say anything like this, don't don't be of those people who pass on that gossip. And if you know for sure where you have, personally, you know, witnessed or experienced something, or somebody you know, has been a victim or something like that, then in that case, yes, you you must protect yourself and you must protect the people around you, then you cannot be quiet,

00:46:09 --> 00:46:20

for the sake of saving face or for the sake of you know, just respecting other people's choices and their name, then you have a greater obligation to protect yourself and the people around you.

00:46:21 --> 00:46:29

And, you know, in any situation like this, it's always excellent to consult, you know, people have knowledge people,

00:46:30 --> 00:46:58

you know, of good judgment, surround yourself with them, consult them because the one who consults those around them, and the one who does is declara any such a person is not humiliated, and the person who acts on their own, you know, without consultation, impulse impulsively, and they don't even pray to Allah subhanaw taala for guidance, and they put themselves in a situation where, you know, they will certainly be regretful

00:46:59 --> 00:47:22

so that would be my advice. eautiful, which is that Kamala Harris 13 Yeah, that's very well summarized. Inshallah, I want to ask more and give more opportunities for others to ask, but I'd have no I think everyone's kind of satisfied with today's lecture. I don't see any questions coming in. So tomorrow, Inshallah, we're going to be seeing you back again on Ramadan, CCC, we cannot wait for that inshallah. And the meantime, we'll let you enjoy your evening. And we'll see you soon. For now take care of Santa Monica.

00:47:23 --> 00:47:25

Sit down with with Allah who will cut them.

00:47:26 --> 00:47:30

Alright, Bismillah, everyone does Aquila hair, say thank you, as always, for your kind words, apologies for

00:47:31 --> 00:48:05

just not being able to keep it together for that little bit. I do want to say anything that you connected with in that appeal. Just remember that Alhamdulillah The most difficult thing that most of us have experienced today has just to be learning about their situation. Imagining now being in that actual position, like it's hard to hear. So please make sure that whatever amount that you connected with do as much as you can, as little as whatever it is that you have in your capacity. And I love what Satya said there share the fair if you have a limited capacity, we can only do so much as individuals Alhamdulillah. The Ramadan 360 community is actually quite dominated by women

00:48:05 --> 00:48:35

and the immigrant family in a good way. It means that women are excited to learn they're passionate they they give they invest in themselves. So make sure that you're also investing in these women that we've dropped the link and we'll keep dropping it, please don't take it as spam or just want to make sure that the reminder is consistent. Anybody who's missed in the opportunities come a little later, is able to benefit and also support. So that link is going to keep in the chat. And again, YouTube and Facebook is pinned up there for you and it's easily accessible. Now we do have and hamdulillah as another another kind of reflection session for us to look forward to for today. We

00:48:35 --> 00:48:59

have she sad to see back with us after his vacation this weekend. No way. Is it Tuesday? No, it's still Monday at Hamdulillah I look at it I looked at my clock and I said Tuesday. Chef, we are ready for you to jump in for day number 17 of Ramadan 360 As salam o Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh How you doing today? Well, I was able to get unwell hamdulillah I'm gonna I'm gonna keep calling it a vacation and time on.

00:49:00 --> 00:49:03

I'm not gonna give you the satisfaction of responding to that

00:49:05 --> 00:49:41

kind of ruins and I'll keep trying until I can get a reaction out of you. And if I don't I guess I'll stop. All right, Bismillah which verses are recovering today in solid state? Okay, John out, put it in the chat insha Allah and I put actually a translation as well. I went through a couple different translations and I kind of adjusted them to see what will make it the easiest for you to understand, Inshallah, this particular verse. So you may find different translations or a couple words may be different or whatever. But as I've said previously, a translation is just an interpretation of the meaning in the end of the day. So there's no one translation that you say like

00:49:41 --> 00:49:59

this is the exactly correct translation. Right. So just keep that in mind, Jama data. So yeah, so it's sort of a no verse number 35. Do we have these on here? hold their hand, would you here okay, you don't even try new word. I just run words of their mind.

00:50:00 --> 00:50:25

Um he was here he probably just saw you were coming on and he was like you know I'm gonna I don't know how can we can we can we get someone to recite insha Allah someone who's comfortable reciting this verse it's a it's a little bit of a longer verse but if we could get someone that'd be good shall see if we can get somebody new. I see some familiar names up here. Actually it's asthma I don't think we've heard from you in quite some time as mela tear from you Inshallah, please and recite

00:50:29 --> 00:50:32

the winner if you're ministering upon or gene Smith Allah

00:50:35 --> 00:50:50

Allah knows sama wa we're out of better on water he can be scared to be have a spa and in a spa how few years or Jaja has Sojat okay and go Kevin? Yet

00:50:55 --> 00:50:56


00:50:59 --> 00:51:06

Last or clean yet what I got to be a cat was a to her it was really long term says who? No,

00:51:07 --> 00:51:09

no, no.

00:51:10 --> 00:51:13

Yeah, didn't win Rahimi.

00:51:14 --> 00:51:15

Wait, where do

00:51:20 --> 00:51:21

you say in the early

00:51:23 --> 00:52:04

70s Like last year, my last data reward you for that wonderful recitation. May Allah bless you and your family and grant you the best of this life and the afterlife. I love them. I mean, everyone to me, handled them okay, this allowed 100 allow salatu salam ala Rasulillah, who Allah Allah, He will be here on Wella. So today we are in just number 18, which is covers three sorrows, actually two full sorrows, and one part of a surah. So to me known, all of it sort of ignore all of it. And and for one, from the beginning until verse number 20. And as always, I know I sound like a broken record when I say this, but it's really hard to pick one verse or a couple of verses from any of

00:52:04 --> 00:52:31

these. And this is definitely the case today as well. All of sort of the note is amazing, sort of, we don't have a lot, you know, you could take any verse of that. And I believe last year, we reflected on one of the verses from sort of me noon, and it's just it's all amazing 100 And so it's hard to it's hard to pick one verse, But if I was going to pick one verse, it would have to be this verse. This is the verse, which gives the name to

00:52:33 --> 00:53:15

the name, the name of the surah comes from this verse. So it's called sort of a note. And this is the verse because of the significance of this verse. The Surah, is named by this by this verse. So as our sister recited, I'm gonna go over it. So what I'm going to do is Insha Allah, I'm gonna go over the verse and a translation, and then we'll explain to inshallah Tada and then we'll reflect on it together in Sharla. So Allah has Panama to Allah says, our ministry upon the regime, Allahu Nodus. Samoa, the will of Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth must have an annuity he kemiska the example of his light is like

00:53:16 --> 00:54:10

a niche and I'm gonna if you don't know what a niche is, some people call it a niche depends on how you like to pronounce it, but we'll go over that inshallah. Inside of that niche a fee have Misbah there is a lamp inside of that niche. Allah Miss Baco fuser Georgia the lamp is within a within glass so what what is the lamp is encased within glass Azusa to cut carbon debris that the glass is the glass as if the glass is as if it were a brilliant start meeting the glass itself is is bright and brilliant. You are doing saturating mobile raka zaytuna That which is lit from a blessing olive tree so this this lamp is lit by Olive by sorry by oil from an olive tree last elfia will ever be

00:54:11 --> 00:54:22

neither of the east nor the West and we'll talk about that the Academy is a two and a half year elite who will no lump themselves who now that the oil is and now this Allah is talking about the oil here the oil is

00:54:23 --> 00:55:00

the oil would glow on its own even if it was not lighted even if it wasn't lit even if it wasn't touched by fire neuron Add a New Light upon light yeah dinner Julio Rahim and Yasha Allah guide to his light, whoever He wills, we a bit of a lull and thirdly nurse and Allah gives examples for people will love will be conditioning it Allah is all knowing or Allah is Knowing of all things. So as I said, because of the significance of this verse. This whole surah is named after this verse, even though there's some heavy topics that are found in DeSoto you know

00:55:00 --> 00:55:32

We know the topic of Xena. And the story the story of if you know that involves the eyeshadow, the Allah and there's a lot of heavy topics that are found in the Surah. But, you know we can as we start to reflect upon this verse you can even reflect upon why the whole sutra is takes the name from this particular verse So starts with Allah Who noodle sama Latina, Allah is the Light of the heavens in the earth. And the vast majority of our scholars mentioned that what this means is that it is a law who guides

00:55:33 --> 00:56:06

that which is or whoever is in the heavens and the earth. And there's a narration above some of the love that I know Matt. He said, This means so that the new word of Allah is the guidance of Allah is the knowledge that Allah has given is the, the truth that Allah has promised to Allah has given this is the note of Allah has power of data. So the inhabitants of the heavens in the earth, they benefit from the new order of Allah, which is the guidance of Allah who's Pamela to Allah. Macedo naughty. And Now here Allah gives an example of his light. And this is one of the

00:56:07 --> 00:56:47

principles reflection that we have, I personally haven't gotten a chance to mention a lot during our session so far, but one of the principles of reflection is to pay attention to the examples that Allah gives, or the parables that Allah gives, or the metaphors that Allah has panel data gives. And the The wonderful thing about metaphors or examples is that it makes it easy for us to understand a bigger point or a larger issue that loves to Allah is telling us and for me, Subhan Allah, I remember when I was studying in Medina, and even other you know, classes and things that I've taken, what would separate a good teacher from an excellent teacher. So a good teacher can explain the

00:56:47 --> 00:57:14

topic to you and you know, there'll be clearer in their language, and so on and so forth. An excellent teacher will not only explain a concept to you, but they'll give you lots of examples. Because the examples is really what drives the point home. And subpanel I'm sure some of you have been in this situation as well, where your concept is claimed to you. And you're like, I have no idea what that means, until an example is given and then you're like, Okay, now I get it. Right. So examples are a very powerful tool. And obviously when Allah He must,

00:57:15 --> 00:57:59

he must RMF for Allah is the highest example right? But Allah, Allah gives the highest example, Allah will give the best of examples, right? And if this is a powerful tool, of course, Allahu Allah, Allah will use this tool to drive this point home or any point that Allah is making in the Quran. So when we see this, the especially the word method, right, the example we have to pay attention to and this is also a cue for us to reflect upon the example or the parable that Allah is about to mention here. So Allah says method annuity he the example of Allah's light, or a parable of Allah's light, or a metaphor for Allah's light, kemiska is like, a, a niche, p hat, Mrs. Lot. Now,

00:57:59 --> 00:58:07

if you don't know what a niche or a niche is, basically, this is, it's like a hole, not a hole, but like a carving in the wall.

00:58:08 --> 00:58:48

It is an indent in the wall, in which a, anything can really be placed. But in this example last time, it's out of saying that there's a this niche in the wall or a niche in the wall in which eight, there is a display, there's a lamp. Now I know, a lot of us were not used to lamps, and you know, we just have like fluorescent lights, and so on, so forth, we turn on, we turn on a switch and light turns on. But if you've ever been around a lamp, then then this this will help you understand this issue because there's certain mechanics that are involved when it comes to a lamp versus other license as well, even though some things are similar, which which we will talk about, well, for

00:58:48 --> 00:59:28

example, what surrounds the lamp can help the lamp itself. So in our times, if you look at even bulbs and things like that, they will have a reflective material around it to reflect that light and to make that light more widespread. So the purpose of a niche or a niche, once again, whichever, whichever pronunciation you prefer, is that the light bounces off of the niche and it can you know, it can like the whole room right so that's why it's not just placed in the corner of the room, or just you know, even in the middle of room if it's placed in a niche, then the light can expand from there. So this is what Allah has referred to as saying that the light of Allah is like a niche in

00:59:28 --> 00:59:59

which a lamp has been placed. Now what is the niche? What is the like? Our scholars have discussed this issue in quite a lot, quite a lot of detail. Some of our scholars say that the niche or the niche is the heart of a believer, right the heart of a believer and the lamp is the well it's the light of Allah but in this case, this is the if the verses and the guidance of Allah who has penalty Isla, right so the knowledge of Allah the guidance of Allah, and specifically the Quran, and the Torah

01:00:00 --> 01:00:20

It says of Allah who has power to Allah. And so the heart of the believer is what contains that knowledge but it also acts to reflect that knowledge and to spread that knowledge. That knowledge out and then Allah has power to Allah says Allah Misbah ofis Widjaja that the lamp is within glass. Now.

01:00:21 --> 01:01:00

You know, normally if there's if there's an oil lamp, the oil is not just left on its own. There's glass that surrounds it for you know, some some people mentioned to for heat purposes other people mentioned so the lamp so the oil doesn't spill or if it spills, it doesn't harm other people and so on and so forth. But so Allah subhanaw taala says Miss Black coffees or jajah The lamp is within glass. And then Allah gives tells us of how this glass is as well. And also, as someone said, for beauty, right, and we're going to talk about, you know, reflecting upon these examples, and I want you to start thinking about this right now. But yes, the class also adds beauty. So, so Allah says,

01:01:00 --> 01:01:51

and Mr. McAfee says Georgia, the the lamp is encased within glass as Sujatha to coca when the ray that the glass within of itself on its own, is brilliant, like a star, right? So even if there's no light, even if the lamp is not lit, even if there's no oil, just the glass within it of itself is beautiful, is brilliant. And that's why some translations, some translations won't actually call it Glass, they will call it gems and so on and so forth. But the point is that within of itself, it is it is brilliant, right. And so, what we learn here is that everything about this lamp is is amazing, right? That the fact that the lamp has been placed in a niche, the fact that the lamp is, is covered

01:01:51 --> 01:02:12

with or surrounded by glass that is this brilliant, amazing glass. And then Allah who's Panama to Allah tells us of the oil that is used with this or use for this use for this lamp. And then so the next part is Allah says you do miss measure or Timo Baraka, that this lamp is lit from a blessing,

01:02:13 --> 01:03:01

blessing tree as a as a tuna or so, a blessing tree or oil of Blessed oil of a blessed tree. And then so, so, the oil of this tree, the oil of this lamp comes from a blessing tree. Now, what is the what is the description of this tree? What makes this oil so special? Allah says that Shahida will never be it is neither of the east nor of the west. Now Abbas on explaining this version of the Allahumma he said that if you if you look at if you if you if you have knowledge of an olive tree, right what is the best olive tree what type of olive tree produces the best type of olive oil, it is the type of tree that receives the most amount of sunlight, right so the more sunlight the olive

01:03:01 --> 01:03:38

tree gets, the better and higher quality the the olive oil will be. So this is a tree that is not in is not of the east nor of the west, literally taking that literally even IBISWorld Allah dynamite took this literally, he said that it is because it is placed in the middle so that it's always receiving sunlight. So there's no time of the day where it doesn't have sunlight. So if it was in the east, it only have sunlight in part part of the day, if it is in the West, it only have sunlight in part of the day because you know the rotation of the sun and so on so forth. But it is in a type of place that is right between the two that it is always receiving sunlight. There's nothing even

01:03:38 --> 01:04:25

above says that shade this tree so no mountain, nor no no cave note there's no there's nothing around it that would cause the light to be taken away from this tree. So even Subhanallah the oil of the tree or oil of the lamp comes from the best of the olive trees. And then Allah says Yucca do is a tuna you will be you'll be well Hola, hello longtime Setsuna that the oil would glow shine by itself, even if it wasn't lit. So even if it wasn't touched by fire, meaning that if you look at the oil on its own, and those of you who are familiar with olive oil, or who are connoisseurs of olive oil, I like olive oil I just don't like a lot of it. I'm a big fan of most I love him most. And I

01:04:25 --> 01:04:31

know the custom the tradition is you drown that hemolysin in olive oil, which I'm

01:04:33 --> 01:04:51

I'm totally I'm totally down for that Subhan Allah, but it's just for me it's just a lot of fat and a lot of calories. So I like olive oil. I like high quality, high quality olive oil, but I just don't like a lot of it. But the point is, if you ever seen olive oil, if it's good quality olive oil, it's free from any like

01:04:52 --> 01:04:59

impurities and it glistens right that the sun hits or whatever it glistens. So last round of data says yeah, kudu is a tuna

01:05:00 --> 01:05:47

You can't do say to her sorry not zaytuna Yeah, can you say to her the oil of it? You will do well Hola. Well, I will love them so now that the Zayn to her the oil of it will it will almost glow shine on its own. What? Oh, Liam, Tim says who now even if he's not touched by fire, so this is how pure this this oil is. So once again, everything about this everything about this, this lamp is excellent is amazing. It is the best of qualities. And then Allah who's panela to Allah says new Quran Allah New Light upon light. So what has been mentioned here is that there's not just one level of light, but there's many levels of light. So the lamp itself okay, yes, when you add fire to it,

01:05:47 --> 01:06:24

it produces light. But there is the light of the the oil there is the light, there's the glistening of the oil there is the light or the reflection of the glass there is the reflection that comes from it being in a niche. So every aspect of this is neutron I don't know what it is Light upon light. And sometimes people think that it's just two types of newer, right? No wrong, I don't know, just Light upon light. That is one interpretation of this verse. But the other interpretation is Light upon light, meaning there's just so much light that is the meaning here not just one light upon another light, but noon, I know what it's like Light upon light upon Light upon light. So instead of

01:06:24 --> 01:06:32

saying Light upon light upon light, it's just saying Light upon light, meaning the meaning here is just there's just so much light, right?

01:06:33 --> 01:07:18

In English, I guess a a equivalent really an equivalent or something close to be when when when we say like the cherry on top right? Meaning like the ice cream sundae is amazing. But then you got the cherry on top, it's not exactly the same, right? But it's like it's even better like to get have ice cream sundae. And then you put a cherry on top, it's like it's even better. So, this is what is what is what what what Allah has pointed to Allah is mentioning here, that if that this is Newton, I know and then if you think about, you know, you talk about the the examples that are given, right. So if the if the lamp is, as we said, some scholars have said, the oil or the burning of the lamp, this is

01:07:18 --> 01:07:54

the light, this is the Ayat of Allah, this is the knowledge of Allah Subhana Allah and the oil. Some scholars say this is our fifth chakra, that this is because you know, it is it is it is already contained in there. And our fifth thought is our natural inclination, our natural state of goodness. Someone said he stopped talking about food. I think we do need to talk about food. You know why? Because, you know, especially if you're fasting, you can appreciate this example more, because you're hungry. Right? You may not care. You know, I mentioned him most, and like olive oil, and it was like, sounds so great. If you weren't fasting, possibly mentioned Amazon, you'd be like, Yeah,

01:07:54 --> 01:08:31

okay, whatever. But now that you're fasting 100 Allah, right? You think about this even more, you're like, yes, you know, even if you're not even if you don't like olive oil, like, I'm not a big fan of olive oil. But right now, honestly, that all sounds amazing, glistening in the sun or whatever, right? So it hadn't been handled, you know, those of you those of us who are fasting, right now, we can take these examples to heart even more. But as I said, the oil of the lamp is some scholars interpreted as our fitrah is our natural inclination or natural disposition. We've talked about the football before, how Allah creates us, naturally to recognize good as good. And so the point here is

01:08:31 --> 01:09:10

that if you have that, right, and we'll take that as one of the forms of new rule, and you add the new, which is the light of the lamp, then it is a pure fifth thorough, that can be the best at reflecting the verses of Allah who's kind of like data. And what that means is that if our fifth data is corrupted, our natural state of goodness is corrupted, then it is hard to take in and reflect the verses of Allah who's penalized to Allah right? And when we're talking about guidance, right, so okay, how do you know what type of God you know who can benefit from the guidance and we've talked about this before? You know, it's one of the aspects here is that if we are

01:09:12 --> 01:09:51

free from sin, were free from corrupted corruption of our fifth thorough, then we will be able to get the most benefit out of this light of Allah who was penalized to Allah and you know, this reminds me of an example that my teachers would give to me from Mr. Musharraf very or him Allah to Allah, right. In which to you know, Imam Shafi we know he was not only a scholar, he was a poet as well. He has lots of poetry. Imam Shafi Rahim, Allah data he was known to have the obviously is known to be really, really smart. But part of that was that he was known to have a like a photographic memory. So he would read something, and he could kind of picture it in his mind. And I

01:09:51 --> 01:09:59

know some of you may have this ability as well. And this is something that you can actually develop, especially the whole fall of the Quran. Does the Quran memorize

01:10:00 --> 01:10:35

As they some, some have thought they get to a point Subhan Allah where they can when they start memorizing the Quran, they can envision where the verse is, they'll say, like this versus, you know, the top right hand side of, you know, the the right page, you know, it's always it's in the middle of the page or the bottom of the page. And actually, even for me, I can get to a point like that, like I you know, and that's why my Quran teacher, one of the advice that he would give me is, you know, and there's different strategies for memorizing the Quran. And I used to do the five by five or the 10 by 10, or the 20 by 20. I don't know if you know what that is. But basically, it's you

01:10:35 --> 01:10:37

read a recite a verse five times.

01:10:39 --> 01:10:46

And then you recited the next verse five times, and you recite both of them five times together. And that kind of hooks it into your mind

01:10:47 --> 01:11:24

in terms of how to memorize, right, or, you know, you recite it five times by looking at it, then you cover it, you recite it five times by your memory, you do that with the next verse, and then you combine together the five by five, some people do the 10 by 1020. By 20. I used to do that for a long time until one of my teachers he said to me, he said, before you start memorizing, I want you to just recite the whole page. I think he said, five or 10 times. I said, Okay, so I was like, alright, I'll try it. And so what that did for me Subhanallah is that you get a lay of the land, right? You know, as an you know, as a metaphor, you get a lay of the land, you can, you can begin to

01:11:24 --> 01:12:04

envision where something is on the page. So before you ever start memorizing the particular verses, just recite the whole page, you know, I used to do it like five or 10 times, even though the page is not memorized, but you get a visualization of the page, right? So Michelle, very long to Allah, he had this ability to visualize things to the point where some would say that, if he's reading a book, he would have to cover one side of one, one side of the book, so that so that he doesn't go into his memory, like, that's how sharp he was. So somehow, let me see if I have a book here. So if you take an example of this book, right, so if you open the book in my machete, he would cover one side, and

01:12:04 --> 01:12:20

then look at the other side, because so that doesn't go into his brain, right? And then he would cover the other side. So it doesn't like that's how quickly Subhanallah he would look at something, and it would it would immediately just go go into his memory. So that is how machete was. So the story goes that Mr. Musharraf very,

01:12:22 --> 01:13:01

he had a lapse in his memory. So you know that you started reading books. And he wasn't going in the way that he was used to going on. He wasn't memorizing it the way he was memorizing it. And he was used to memorizing it. And he went to his teacher. And he said to him, you know, there's something wrong with my memory. And his teacher said, Have you committed a sin recently? And Mama Scheffer, he said, you know, the only thing that I can think of is that I was walking, and I happened to glance upon the ankle of a woman, right, a woman who's not Muharram to him, and then

01:13:02 --> 01:13:08

his teacher working in Java, you know, his teacher, he said to him, he said,

01:13:10 --> 01:13:58

he said seek Allah's repentance and your memory will come back. And then Imam Shafi wrote some some poetry regarding that and the poetry goes as the following he says Chicago to either work here and so heavily he said, I complained to work er, which is his, his teacher of my he said, Chicago Toledo here into a heavily I complained to work here, my teacher about my memory or my lapse in memory, he said, a shutdown in Turkey and mouthy, he said so he pointed me or, or told me to leave off sin, alright, well, but I need to be in bed I need to be in my neuron. And he told me that the knowledge is light. Right? The knowledge he told me that knowledge is light. When it Allah He knows that the

01:13:58 --> 01:14:43

outside and the NOR of Allah, the light, Allah is not given to someone who is sinful or someone who commits a sin. So once again, he said chakotay You know, okiya and so heavily, but Asha, Danny in Turkey and mousy. Bharani be under any menorah? whenever ALLAH he now yo, daddy, I'll see. He said, I complained to work here about my memory. He told me to leave sin. And he told me, he informed me that the knowledge is light, right? This knowledge and knowledge of the deen of a loss, right data is light. And the light of Allah is not given to to the one who is sinful. And so in my machete, he said, I repented from that, and my memory came back, right? And so once again, we see here is like,

01:14:43 --> 01:15:00

how do we benefit from the light of Allah? Who is Allah data? How do we benefit from the knowledge of Allah who has power to Allah? It's not it's not just something that is it. You know, people think it's knowledge or your Eman and the reality is that they go hand in hand and they affect one another right?

01:15:00 --> 01:15:38

If one cannot work without the without the other, likewise, we're talking about the oil. And we're talking about the lamp and so on and so forth. They need one or not, if it all functions together, you take one piece out of the lamp, and it won't function properly, any of the aspects we know whether it's the niche, whether it is the oil, whether it is the glass, whether it is the fire to light the lamp, you take one aspect of it out, and it won't work, it might work a little bit, as we said, These things have merits on their own, whether it be the glass or or the niche, or the oil has merit on its own, but it needs to work, it needs to work together. And so some people think

01:15:38 --> 01:16:12

Subhanallah that if you just learn, for example, we're talking about learning, you know, the Quran, or memorizing the Quran or whatever, that if you just learned that all of your sins are gonna go away and you're gonna be the greatest Muslim ever. And that's not how that works. On the other hand, that's so that's one way of looking at on the other hand, there are those who say that are those who think that I cannot learn the deen of Allah until I first become a perfect Muslim. And once again, that's not how it works. We need the knowledge of Allah we need the guidance of Allah subhanaw taala to be a better Muslim. And as we are learning the deen of Allah subhanaw taala we need to constantly

01:16:12 --> 01:16:46

be purifying our enough's. Alright, just because someone learns or gathers information doesn't automatically make them a good listener. So for example, someone can learn how to pray. Someone can learn what to say in the prayer, someone can learn all the code of the prayer and so on and so forth. And I'll be honest with you there, there countries around the world and Muslim countries, where part of your school curriculum is you learn how to pray. And in certain countries and how to learn not only do you learn how to pray, you learn, you actually go to like books of fic in like middle school, and so on and so forth. People have knowledge, but just because someone has

01:16:46 --> 01:17:19

information doesn't make them a good Muslim, it is acting upon that knowledge, it is making the effort to put that knowledge into into practice, it is a process of purification of the knifes it is about removing the corruption from our knifes to be able to truly access and benefit from that knowledge. And that is why I always say a student of knowledge has a responsibility to make sure they're dedicating themselves to the worship of Allah who has power to Allah, and purification of the neffs. My teachers, one of the things they would say to us Subhanallah as students, they would say,

01:17:20 --> 01:17:59

regarding a young lady, I remember one teacher mine in particular, he said, I do not understand if I'm a student of knowledge, who does not have a portion of the night, meaning you're spending all this time reading books and attending lectures and taking notes, and so on and so forth. But where is the action upon that knowledge? So my teacher said, he said, if you're not praying the night some portion of the night means there's some problem there, you need to check your sincerity, you need to check what's happening in your heart, like what's going on here. And subhanAllah in our times, where people seek knowledge for so many reasons, this is even more relevant in our times with the rise of

01:17:59 --> 01:18:38

like celebrity, the celebrity chefs and so on and so forth. There is an urge for some people to learn knowledge for the sake of just as a job, right? Like, I want to be a chef, I want to be a day I want to be popular and so on and so forth. And that is extremely, extremely problematic. Because not only if that is one's intention, not only will a person not benefit from the knowledge themselves, may Allah protect it, it actually may be a means for a person to enter the hellfire. We know that the first three people to enter the hellfire and person I'm told us amongst them is one in one narration mentaI lemon Khurana and NEMA The one who learned the Quran they taught to put onto

01:18:38 --> 01:19:14

others. And then another narration person I'm told us is the one who seeks the knowledge of Allah who's kind of like to and seeks the knowledge of this the right, one of the first people to enter the hellfire. You know, that is a scary Hadith. But that hadith should remind us that this knowledge that we're learning has to be accompanied with practice, it has to be accompanied by by our actions. And honestly, if we look at the world today, we see the importance of this. And I'll tell you to panela, especially if you look at certain countries, right, certain Muslim countries, and I'm not here to talk about about Muslim countries, it's just that this these examples tend to be more

01:19:14 --> 01:19:49

prominent in Muslim countries, because there's more Muslims there or Islam has been there, or Islam as part of their culture. And so you can see this problem being exacerbated. But one of the things that I hear people say is, you know, especially from Muslim countries, they sometimes people look down upon religious people are the religious class, and why do they look down upon their religious class is because they say, you know, they preach all this stuff, but they never practice it. Right? Or the most corrupt amongst the people sometimes is the religious people, or we see religious people getting into politics, and they get into politics. And they're, they behave as a politician, not as

01:19:49 --> 01:19:59

a person of knowledge. And so people say, Well, look, look at this, Dean, right. What is the benefit of this Dean? When the people who are attributing themselves to this Dean, they have these titles shift and they

01:20:00 --> 01:20:36

Isn't that and Mona and I bought all these titles. But if you look at their actions, then they're not good. As a matter of fact that non religious people, you'll see that their actions are better. And this Subhanallah is without a doubt one of the deceptions of the ship on that the ship on will say, look, look at the hypocrisy here. What is this Deen really worth? Right? And that is why it is so important Subhan Allah for us to protect ourselves. And not to say that we have to be perfect, right? And I'm gonna say that point here as well. Those who are religious, oftentimes there's more of a focus on them. As, as someone once said to me had Allah that if you're wearing a dirty shirt,

01:20:36 --> 01:21:09

and you spill something on your dirty shirt, nobody really notices if there's a mark on your dirty shirt, like nobody really cares. But if you're wearing a clean shirt, right, especially if it's if it's a clean white shirt, the smallest mark on the shirt, everyone's going to notice everybody's going to be like, Hey, man, what happened today? Like, are you eating a burger? There's some ketchup on you. Like whatever, right? Everyone's gonna notice that little spot on your shirt. Because you were so clean to begin with. Right? Of course, there is more focus on people of knowledge and so on. Absolutely. But at the same time, New Mexico Luna Mata define why do you say that what you do not

01:21:09 --> 01:21:47

do? Right? So this is a responsibility, once again, it has to go hand in hand. So those are some of the reflections of artists and let me finish this verse I, we didn't finish this verse. So ALLAH SubhanA, Allah says, neurons are no Light upon light that Allah says, yeah, yeah, they love linearity. Make sure that Allah guides to this light, whomever He wills. And once again, this is what we're talking about, right? That Allah guys do this new whomever He wills. And one of the points of reflection here is that not everyone is guided by this light, right? And we're going to talk about why what is the significance of light and I want to hear from you, you know, as light as

01:21:47 --> 01:22:24

it why light as an example, why is it so important? Why is it so relevant? But not Allah is saying Not everyone will benefit from this light. There are those as we said, those who may only have the knowledge, but not the implementation. Those only have the knowledge but the knowledge doesn't reach their heart, right? That's problematic. So yeah, the lonely nobody Manisha Allah guide to this light to his light wherever he wills, where you have the biller. Hello, I'm Sarah, the nurse. And Allah presents these examples for people. Allah will be cliche in our name, and Allah is Knowing of all things. Okay, so now that Allah has given us this example, what do we learn from this example? What

01:22:24 --> 01:23:02

is the importance of the symbolism here of light, and knowledge and our faith? So now I want to hear from you. And I know people have been dropping some amazing gems in the chat. I tried to glance over every now and then. But I want to hear from you as well. So raise your hand and challenge out so you can think about light as we know it to be light. And when Allah gives examples, these are examples of things that we know and we understand, right? So it's not an example that we cannot relate to. Right? We don't know what it is. Allah tells us of light because we witnessed light all around us. Even if we don't have lights in our house. All human beings, they go out they witnessed the Sun

01:23:02 --> 01:23:08

which is light from Allah subhanaw taala. So what do we learn about light itself? Now? Miss Binda?

01:23:10 --> 01:23:15

Already I see Surya has their hand up mashallah racing to the front of the pack. So yeah, go ahead and yourself and please share.

01:23:18 --> 01:23:21

Family come my,

01:23:22 --> 01:23:28

my feeling for this verse was that it is the layers of learning

01:23:30 --> 01:23:44

we started the first layer and as we keep learning, our layers are being exposed and removed, we are going deeper and deeper into

01:23:46 --> 01:23:51

the knowledge and that can only happen if Allah

01:23:52 --> 01:23:58

allows you to go that deep and that that's why the

01:24:00 --> 01:24:02

example of the niche and

01:24:03 --> 01:24:11

glass and the burning of the oil and the light being spread. That is knowledge spreading the knowledge that

01:24:12 --> 01:24:36

Hyundai law and look you know we talked about how Allah mentions pure how there's purity in the oil impurity in the glass and so on and so forth. Every time there's an impurity, it will restrict that light right so that's you know, we're talking about there's or the light can only reach so far I don't really want to get into intensity of the light because I was hoping somebody would mentioned that so I'm just going to allude to it but the intensity of the light no so what does that mean? Very good luck Good luck. Who else do we have?

01:24:38 --> 01:24:58

I know a bunch of stuff was sitting in the chat so if you want to you find a reiterate or just mentioned again what was mentioned in the chat raise your hand inshallah awesome sauce. I see Mr. That's better hand up. And that's a good point shift because a lot of people the chats we catch as much as we can, but everyone who's listening live can't hear the chat. So if you are seeing something profound you feel free to expand on that. I see more hands but Mr. Will let's hear from me first.

01:25:00 --> 01:25:02

Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

01:25:05 --> 01:25:10

I think with regards to the you were talking about the intensity, there are moments like,

01:25:11 --> 01:25:15

like in the month of Ramadan, where we were not influenced by shaved by the bed.

01:25:16 --> 01:25:57

They were not influenced by shape, either the intensity of what we learned or what we exposed to the notion of Allah, that knowledge that light that the just just in general, you know, with regards to the Quran, and, and our deen itself becomes sometimes overwhelming that we kind of step back. And then you are talking about the clarity of oil. So I was thinking of the influences of che thought, yeah, so technically, if depending on the amount of vices that we have, so in my mind, I was alluding to the, the Blackstone, which was initially white. And then because of our sins, it turned back. So similarly, the clarity of the oil would have done or have been, obviously be affected by

01:25:57 --> 01:26:16

our sins and by what we would be desensitized to. So from what we're watching, from what we're seeing, and from people around us, so those kinds of actions will then affect how much we actually affected by and it actually stops us from either spreading what we know.

01:26:17 --> 01:26:36

Or learning more. Yeah, very good. Very good. 100. Exactly. Excellent, excellent reflections and 100 lands, I can love it. Who else do we have? Yeah, so I saw a few new names and then they disappeared all of a sudden, so raise your hand again, if you hadn't raised previously. Let's take we haven't heard from you in a while. So let's see take up the love from Belgium this minute Bob, please mute

01:26:38 --> 01:26:39

this saloon

01:26:42 --> 01:27:15

for me what struck for me because I've heard some other stuff here as well. And it really blends in with what you have said the first thing that came up was actually when is light really beneficial? And I would say it's when there is darkness and I was reflecting upon our state here in the West because Islam especially here in the in Europe, it's seen as something strange is seen as something Yeah, not really well in the in the media. So nor is like, we need it we need to

01:27:18 --> 01:27:47

show show the light of Islam, especially now in this time of darkness and negativity about Islam. And this idea it really Yeah, I had a lot of reflections because to begin with, when you talked about the saints, first we need to make sure we are purified and the glass it really needs to be clean, because if there is dirt on the glass, like meaning if you have since the light will not not not show it will not

01:27:49 --> 01:28:12

glorify it will not spread. And also when after that Northern Ireland war, we know that actually a name for the Quran is also known for me no Biller, he was truly one no than when really the ends. And so there's one thing that we need to purify ourselves to, so that to know our fitrah can can spread. And we also need to

01:28:14 --> 01:28:29

feed it with Quran and knowledge. Because knowledge is also know, like you said, and I think if you have this balance, we can really glow we can really spread our light in the darkness that we live in, so that other people get get enlightened.

01:28:30 --> 01:28:59

Absolutely, absolutely. Yeah. I mean, that point you made about darkness is so relevant And subhanAllah to appreciate the light, you're in the darkness, you appreciate it so much. And that's why you know, someone you see, like, amongst all the corruption and all the crazy stuff that is happening, you find someone who practices their faith and not only just like we've talked about before, not only just like the acts of worship, and they themselves are a good Muslim, but you know, light in terms of light spreading out and helping other people and, and

01:29:01 --> 01:29:18

the spread of light. Right. So a believer is not just light for themselves. They're light for other people as well. Right. Very good. Excellent, excellent reflections. hamdulillah What else do we have? I saw the hand come back, just like whatever raise your hand again, April from New York, Newark, Newark, New York.

01:29:21 --> 01:29:22


01:29:24 --> 01:29:48

so I'm not from New York, but I live here so I don't actually say the name right. It's nor if you live here and arcade. But okay, well, no, I'm not from here because I say north but with reference to the idea. What I got from it is a lot of saying that there's light everywhere and I think the example you gave of the olive tree, being you know, not in the east or the west or the you know, in the Iowa

01:29:50 --> 01:29:59

my my understanding is that there's light everywhere, and it's almost impossible not to be touched by it and the light

01:30:00 --> 01:30:36

His knowledge or understanding? And if you don't, if you don't receive that light, it's because you don't want to, because it's everywhere. That was what I got from it. I shall Allah that's a, that's a beautiful reflection, light does not discriminate, right so Allah subhanaw taala has given us the sun as a source of light, it doesn't discriminate, right didn't say, oh come on only gonna go we're gonna hit this part of the population and so on and so forth. Other than, you know the laws of Allah has kind of data that you know the the how the how the Earth spins and so on and so forth. Other than that laws are set by law that the light does not discriminate. So if there's a problem

01:30:36 --> 01:30:42

Subhanallah it might be our problem that we are not taking advantage of that light and not reflecting that light or not benefiting from that light.

01:30:43 --> 01:31:08

Because in the end of the day, it's not light is not just like light is not meant just for itself. There is benefit that we get from light, whether it be warmth, being able to see and so on and so forth. I'd hope I was hoping some people also mentioned some of the benefits of light and how that would apply to this as well. That's an excellent reflection from our sister from Newark, Newark. That's correcting me

01:31:10 --> 01:31:33

all I know is Newark or Newark whatever you say. Worst airport in the United States of America hands down worst airport. I heard they're they're fixing it up. But worst airport, easily the worst airport, I've had so many bad experiences. There's power. Anyway, go ahead. Who else do we have? Let's take Rihanna insha Allah right now, please unmute yourself, it's gonna

01:31:37 --> 01:31:37

only come

01:31:39 --> 01:32:09

just a short thought that it's only with light that we can see Allah's creation and a lot often asks us to reflect on his creation in order to increase our own mind in order to know who he is. And we can only do this with the collection of light on that creation. If you don't have light, how do we see the trees, the sun, the sky, etc. That's just my small collection. No, that's, that's beautiful, hungry. Allah allows us to appreciate

01:32:10 --> 01:32:11

Allah's creation.

01:32:12 --> 01:32:43

We couldn't do that. Yeah, that's, that's an excellent point that Pamela because there are those who, like we all look at the same creation of Allah, but there are those who benefit from it. And those who don't, right? So there are those who will look at it, look at the mountains and trees and so on so forth and be like, Yeah, whatever. And then there are those who will say subhanallah, right. This is a creation of Allah and I appreciate the beauty in it and so on and so forth. hamdulillah excellent, excellent point. What else do we have? Let's hear from Allah she's been patiently waiting, does that go with her Hola, Redhead, this Mina said, Hemmati go.

01:32:45 --> 01:32:47

I love this, this a actually,

01:32:49 --> 01:33:05

it brings me lots of comfort personally. And I think when anybody goes through a dark time in their life, I have and this idea is just very, you know, very deep in the heart. And I think

01:33:06 --> 01:33:55

I've done you know, a lot of research on this, I, I, I feel like this idea is really talking about how Allah can help you if you ask him to enlighten your heart with with his way through the Koran. And through that, then you really open up and see everything in a completely different way. You see the creation, you appreciate spring you notice so many things that you know you didn't notice before. And of course, the sun is there as also is an example of Allah's light and the moon and the stars. But really, the Nish is really about your heart becoming glowing with all those light and and that's a gift by itself.

01:33:57 --> 01:34:17

Abdullah Zakon lucky. Yeah, I know this is a verse that honestly it's hard to do justice to, it's such a short time because of the so many layers of of meaning that we have here and also like the more you reflect on it, and that's why I wanted to those of you haven't been exposed to this verse before I wanted to just at least share it with you so you can begin to reflect upon it.

01:34:18 --> 01:34:37

Because there's so much whether it be on a personal level, and I think in the chat people were mentioning how you know the different topics that are mentioned instead of the nor the verses of hijab the issue of the head designer, and so on and so forth, you know, the story of the if and like there's so many important issues and how they relate to

01:34:38 --> 01:34:59

this idea, you know, that's all that's a whole nother topic of reflection on its own. But I didn't want to expose expose you to this Had Allah is just the start thinking about to start thinking about this. I will end with just a final reflection and hello to Anna and that is that you know, Allah is finally to Allah referred to the light as new as Newari he right it is

01:35:00 --> 01:35:25

The Yeah, the lovely new reheat that Allah guides to His light, mania shot whoever He wills. So there is an aspect of we are relying upon Allah who's kind of like to Allah, that if we want to be guided, if we want, if we want to access goodness, or live our life upon goodness, we need the light of Allah subhanaw taala. There are people who say, and I've heard this a lot of times, you know, you don't have to be you don't have to be religious or you don't have to be.

01:35:27 --> 01:35:32

You know, you don't have to follow a religion to be a good person. Well, that depends to a certain degree.

01:35:33 --> 01:36:05

That's correct, that that degree of goodness is our fitrah. Right. So naturally, someone had no faith, no religion, they're like, I'm an atheist. Yeah, they would recognize certain things as good, right? Because that Allah has created human being and our faith tells us this, Allah has created human beings with this innate sense of goodness, right? So when we see someone helping someone else, we're like, that's good. When we see charity, and this and that we are we recognize that as good because of our fifth law. But that doesn't mean the fifth law cannot be corrupted. And that is why there are people who will see things that are clearly evil, and and start to think that it is good,

01:36:05 --> 01:36:43

because the light of Allah is missing, right? The knowledge from Allah subhanaw taala is missing. And so, we in order to fulfill our potential in this life, we are reliant upon the newest manager, right? We need the newer of Allah data, we cannot make it on our own right? And that is why constant we need constant connection with Revelation constant connection with the revelation of Allah who has pinata, Allah data items. I know like, like I said, there's a lot more that can be said here. But hopefully this opens the door for you and shout out to reflect upon this more. And even you know, I would talk to your families about this, those of you who attend and then you know, maybe your family

01:36:43 --> 01:37:18

isn't able to attend, instead of you know, especially during Ramadan instead of wasting time doing other things. You know, just say, this is a verse that we discussed today the Quran reflect what do you think about it? Right? Read a simple translation, hopefully you understand you now, attending today's session, you have an understanding of the meaning of this verse as well. So sit down with your family and have them reflect upon especially kids I think Subhanallah kids imagination is so amazing. I think kids do an amazing job reflecting upon versus if you just guide them in the right direction. So hopefully, we can we can you know, we can help others as well. So ask Allah Subhana

01:37:18 --> 01:37:37

Allah, to accept this small effort from us and ask ALLAH SubhanA data to make this a means of ongoing goodness right, that every single person we teach, they benefit and then we get the reward for that as well alone I mean, Allah Allah Allah Subhana Allah Allah will be handed a shadow Allah Allah in and still Furukawa to be like

01:37:38 --> 01:38:06

I just like them I love her I mean to all your the eyes chick said Subhanallah honestly, this has been probably some people were saying that they were this is the highlight of their day or after work when they come home. This is the highlight of of their experience. And I have to agree with you guys have had a lot it's you don't get the opportunity to reflect and engage with the Quran this way. And this creatively and with a community who's also helping you and supporting you and sharing their kind of the intelligence that they have and the creativity that they have. Does that go with her she said for making that possible for us through the Quran reflects series may Allah make this

01:38:06 --> 01:38:08

have you in your facilities Amenia Rob

01:38:09 --> 01:38:40

insha Allah will be closing off today. But just a final reminder for you guys, as you guys Michelle have been hearing throughout today's session. And I hope this is something that struck a chord with you. I know Marshall, and for many of you it did, please make sure that you are staying consistent and supporting the Forgotten women campaigns of how it was let's never forget the Forgotten women let's not us not be those who had the reminder and then we and we were heedless, so please make sure that you're supporting this is not a decision or choice that anybody should ever have to make especially people from our Oma. So I'm dropping that link once again. They're 60% on the way towards

01:38:40 --> 01:39:11

the goal for today and hamdulillah so please make sure you continue to support if you didn't get a chance to this session you're trying to focus and benefit. That's okay inshallah open up the link now make that intention as soon as we close off this call, you'll give as much as you can and share it with at least three people so that you can spread the word and you can get the other of that effort as well inshallah we will see you guys back here tomorrow. Back with another Tamia Zubair insha Allah on the topic of honoring his one's parents and she suddenly back with us as well. It's been a huge pleasure to partner with the Forgotten women people and their campaign on having love

01:39:11 --> 01:39:23

for Ramadan May Allah accept from them and accept from us and they allow us us and not replace us. Does that military once again everyone I mean to all the guys and let's we'll close off here inshallah take care Stay happy, stay healthy, stay safe, and a cinema illegal

with Ustadha Taimiyyah Zubair

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