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AI: Summary © The importance of the shia bond is highlighted in the Shia's message, and the importance of taking care of one's heart and internal dialogue is emphasized. The workshop on "The Shia shit" is designed to give attendees clarity into the future and provide a sense of control, and live sessions are encouraged. The ship-bitable war has had negative consequences for people, including loss of bodies and negative perception of reality, but the shia bond is important for empowering people and avoiding negative consequences. Live sessions are encouraged, and attendees are encouraged to check out the workshop.
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But it was set on where a lot of Sunni Allahu ala alihi wa sahbihi wa Manuela hamdulillah. We are here for our final live session for the seminar deception, a study of the Shia been, we've been doing a few live sessions to have people understand give them a peek into what the seminar is about, and how we study the shell fun. Before I get started with today's topic, which is prophetic advice to deal with the Shia bond, and I have some very special advice for the Prophet sallallaahu. Send them to share with you today and jela. But before I get started with that, let me just get a quick

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let me get to know you a little bit. Where are you joining us from? In short, well leave it in the comments. I do have access to the comments. I'll try to read that. And I'd love to I'd like to see where you're joining us from. So your name if it pops up and wherever you're joining us from Angela thought that'd be great. I'd love to love to see it. It always

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I don't want to say it doesn't surprise me anymore, but it always makes me feel good that people are joining us from all over the world and we're able to connect in this way. So I see Deena from Portland, Oregon. hafsa from Bosnia, Masha Allah

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I'm sure there's a story there. I'm not gonna I'm not gonna ask what the story is. Right now sister helps lead me in Bosnia. We have a Facebook user Michelle, a Facebook user from Australia. Chris from Belgium, Masha Allah, it's like the corners. For me at least sitting in America. These are like the corners of the world. So it really it is very heartwarming for me to see people join from all over Manchester, UK. I love the UK is a parabola is one of my favorite places to go. And teach to me the UK is just like America, which is flavored just a little bit differently. So there's a lot that I that I connect with when it comes to the the British audience so I love being there. 100 and

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my kids will attend the class insha Allah I'm looking forward to having your kids 16 and 14 I think that's a that's a great age. To attend this seminar. My nephew attended this seminar in in Houston Actually, my brother's son and he was I believe around that age. And he had a good time hunting. And he said he learned a lot as well. At least he told me he learned a lot so that was great. We have Subbu from UK, Masha Allah.

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A you from Birmingham, UK.

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Very good. Very good handled. I see we have quite a few people from the UK. What time is it in the UK right now? I think you guys are about five hours ahead of me, I believe. So it's

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live in 11. Right now. Close getting close to midnight. But thank you for joining us. We have saria from Bangladesh, Masha Allah, awesome, other side of the world. 11 o'clock, 11 o'clock condemn that. So thank you to everyone who's joining us today. It's great to have you. I'm here by myself today. And I'm looking forward to speaking to all of you. So I want to get into the topic. But before I get into the topic, if you don't know already, I'm sure you've heard it by now you've seen all the posts and everything. But this, these live sessions, they're sponsored by this online seminar that we have with another called deception, a study of the shield bond. This is my seminar that I've been

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teaching for years now. And this is, I would say probably my most requested seminar and it's one of those seminars that has a lot of misconceptions surrounding and I think almost all of my seminars have misconceptions, right? People have a certain view when they hear the name or the title. And then they are inshaAllah pleasantly surprised when they attend the seminar. So this seminar deals with the shape of fun. You know, when I say shape fun, people immediately think of, you know, the devil and certain images come to their mind. And maybe the story of the chiffon and people think Yeah, like, okay, that's great to hear about the ship on but really how does this affect my life.

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And for me, I actually refuse to teach seminars when my conditions for automotive is, I will not teach a seminar until it fulfills two conditions. And if you've taken a seminar before, you've heard me say this many times, but the first condition is that I'm personally passionate about the topic. If I'm not personally passionate about the topic, then I won't teach it simply because i don't i don't think it's fair to expect those who are joining me those who are learning with me to be passionate about something that I'm not passionate about myself. So that's the first condition. The second condition is that the seminar has to be practical, and has to have immediate utility, meaning

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we can apply it in our lives right now. And part of that is spiritual growth. So whatever the

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topic is if it's not bringing us closer to Allah, if it's not helping us become better Muslims better human beings, if it's not helping our relationships, if it's not helping our life as a whole, then for me, it's always missing something. And so this is one of those topics that very much fulfills those two conditions. Because Because of you know, as I said, I'm very passionate about this topic, but also, it is immediately practical A lot of times people when they hear of topics like this, that that technically belong

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in the category of theology or IP, the

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you know, people have this perception that it's just like information that has no real practical

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no practical application in our lives and even on a spiritual level, you know, maybe some spiritual benefit but not you know, maybe that not that much. But what people and I've This is my you know, my experience in teaching the seminar is that those who attend the seminar very much feel the spiritual impact of this seminar. And that is really the goal of this seminar. So today, inshallah huzzah I want to talk about one particular one specific advice of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, which is one of those advices of the prophets. I send them that on first read of this particular narration, which I'm going to share today, and some of you may have heard this narration. I think

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sometimes people don't really understand the true implications of what the prophets of life send them is saying. And so, the narration I'm gonna share with you today is the narration of sofiya been three was the wife of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and this is mentioned in Sahih al Bukhari and Sahih Muslim. And so this is an incident that she tells us about, you know what happened, and she says that, one night the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he was making a calf in the masjid and the calf, if you don't know is to spend time in the masjid, for the worship of Allah Subhana Allah to stay in the masjid and disconnect from what is outside of the masjid to worship

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Allah has power to Allah it's like alone time with Allah in the mission so this is what the prophets I send them with doing and Sophia are the Allah and as we said, the wife of the prophets I send them she says one night I went to go visit him and after visiting the Prophet civilize, send them in the mission, she says, I spoke to him for some time, and I got up to leave. And then the prophet SAW I send them he decided to accompany me home. And this is what seems to be happening is this is late in the night. And so the prophets of Salaam send them if you wanted to walk her home, take her home, she didn't, he didn't want her to go home by herself. And so she says that as we were walking, we

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came across two men. So there's two men who saw us and actually she specifically mentioned they were two unsavoury men and by unsavoury men. What this means is they were residents of Medina, meaning they were not in a foreign land. They were This is the city of Medina, and they're from Medina, they there, this is not something strange to them. They're not in a strange land. And you understand the importance of that in a little bit. But she says, we came across to authority meant to outside him and walked by us. And what happened is that as they were walking by, they saw the prophets of life and limb, and they saw Sophia, and they began to walk quickly, meaning so they're just walking at a

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normal pace. And then they see the prophets of life and limb. And then when they see the prophets I send them they begin to walk away quickly. And then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says to them, don't rush for, this is Sophia, this is Sophia, how the Sophia bintray. This is Sophia, the daughter of her Yay, I dented who this is, and they respond and they say somehow and Allah Subhana light, Yasser Allah. And I want to pause here, because usually at this point, if you haven't heard me explained this before, or you haven't heard the explanation of this before, it's it's it's sometimes hard to understand what is really happening here. And it's a little bit of an

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uncomfortable conversation to really talk about what is actually happening here. And so, you know, that's why sometimes it doesn't get mentioned, but I think it's important to talk about what is actually happening here. What is happening here is that these two men, they see the Prophet symbol I said to them, it's like late in the night, they see that he is with a woman. Now because it's nighttime because it's dark. They don't know who this is, they don't know who the woman is. Now they begin to walk away they see the Prophet says that they don't want to they don't want to, you know, get delve into it too much. So they begin to walk away quickly. And the prophets I send them says

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you don't need to rush away. This is my wife, meaning don't think that I'm with some woman who is not related to me. A woman who that I'm not madam to nothing odd or strange or immoral is happening here. And this is why like I said, some people don't like to, you know, even delve into what is one

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It's actually happening, but that is what is happening. And so they respond and they say, Subhana, Allah Subhana, Allah, Allah sodalite meaning, we would never think that of you, we wouldn't think that you're out in the middle of the night with some woman who is not related to you, right? That's something shady is have they said Subhana Allah, we would never think that oh messenger of Allah. And then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam responds, and this is where the advice of the Prophet satellite send them comes. He says, In the sheer bonne yejide mean an insane measure a dump, he says, certainly the shear bond flows through human beings, like the flowing of blood. Now, what

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does this mean? Well, if you think about the blood flowing through your body right now. And what I'd like for you to do, if you're listening to this right now is I'd like for you to think about the fact that right now, sitting here, I assume most of you are sitting, you could be you know, driving or standing, that's fine, as well. But whatever you're doing, as long as you're alive, there is blood constantly flowing through your body right now. Now, the reality of that is a couple of things. Number one, if we don't think about it, we may not even be conscious of it. As a matter of fact, I would assume that the majority of people go about their day. And they don't even think about

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how the heart is constantly pumping blood through our body, that our veins are constantly there's blood flowing through our body, but we're not really aware of it, we're not conscious of it, we don't even think about it, when someone tells us of it, we might think about it. And so the problem is, instead of me saying this is like the ship on with human beings, that just because you don't think about this ship on doesn't mean that you have thought doesn't exist, or doesn't mean that the ship plan doesn't try to deceive us, or to take us away from the worship of Allah and take us away from the obedience of Allah to cause us distress. It doesn't mean the sheepdog stuff, we may not be

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cognizant, we may not be aware of it, we may not think about even though, you know, I'd imagine most people listening right now they've heard of the sheep barn, and they know that the chiffons, a bad guy, and so on and so forth. We all heard things like that. But to be conscious of the sheer fun is another matter to be conscious of the sheer fun and to really think about, you know what, even if I'm not thinking about the ship on it doesn't mean the influence of the ship on is gone. That's the first thing. The second thing is how intimate and how close is the blood in our body to us, like it's literally within our body. Right, it's that close. And that is how the profits otherwise send

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them described the ship on when it comes to human beings. That that is how close the ship bond is, to us, like the blood flows through our body just like that. Right. As I said, first thing being, we may not be aware of it, but something that is so close to us. And we're not aware of it. But that is how close the ship bond is. And also the effect that that has upon us. Right? The reality is that when the relationship between the blood flowing through our body, and the wellness of our body, look, I'm not a doctor, but you can talk to doctors, and they'll tell you, if the blood stops flowing, there's a big problem. Right? That is the serious impact that is the important status, the

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connection of the blood to our bodies. Likewise, this you have fun, can have that type of an effect on us. And once again, we may not be aware of it, but it doesn't mean that that influence stops at the ship, it just stops working. And so these are just a few points of how the Prophet cites the importance of how the Prophet sallallaahu send them described the Shi upon when it comes to us as human beings. And so he says this, and then the prophets I send them he says what in the sheet, he said, what I feared is that the Shia bond would put some evil thought into your hearts. So he says, look, the Shia thought is that close to you? That is the level of impact of influence that the

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chiffon has upon you, even when you're not aware. And so I feared that the shield bond would put some bad thought some evil thought into your hearts. And so now here we are, this is another level. And so what is the Prophet says? And I'm saying here, you know, sometimes people say like, you know, why did and this is, you know, weird to say this as well. But I just want to clarify this doubt, or this incorrect understanding of this Hadeeth. You may hear someone say, Well, did the profitsystem assume the worst in them? Right? Because, you know, we don't want to assume it's not good to. It's not good to assume bad and people write bad assumptions. So when the prophets I send them said, No,

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this is my wife. Is he assuming that they would think bad of him? And the answer is no. He's not assuming bad of them. What he is telling them what he is teaching them what is teaching us the advice of the viruses enemies giving us What are you saying to these companions is Look, I don't fear that you would think bad of me. These are the companions of the Prophet is that sunlight send them there to unsightly mess.

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He said, however, if you're not aware of the shear bond, the shear bond can influence you, where you may begin to have bad thoughts. And I mentioned this because sometimes we've had a lot I know that when someone thinks something bad about us, sometimes it's a it's a close one. It may be a close friend, maybe a relative, sometimes it's the spouse, that they make an assumption about us, they think something bad about us, and we're so deeply offended. We're like, out of all the people like you're gonna think bad about me, right? Don't you know me? Don't you understand me, and someone who has studied this she upon someone who's taking this seminar, they should not and will not. And

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probably, they won't be surprised. Because they know that the person can have the best intentions in the world. But if they're not protecting themselves against the shield fun, then the shield bond can influence the way they think. And so that person may come with it with a pure heart, and hear the prophets of Allah send them he said, in I feared that she upon will put an evil thought into your hearts. And that tells us that the she have been wages, his battle in our hearts, that is the battleground of the ship bomb, that that's where he's trying to attack us. And the reality of the hearts is, no one has access to our heart. No one knows the problems that are occurring in our

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heart. But the sheer fun has access to our hearts. And so that becomes a personal responsibility now, we are now responsible for ourselves, no one can come and say, Hey, listen, you got to fight this ship on and so they don't know what the ship on is doing to our hearts? Who knows? We know. And so we have to take personal responsibility to fight the ship ban. And so here the profitsystem is telling the complainant Listen, you have to be aware, you have to know that this is how close the ship is to you. That he could that even though you would not think anything bad of me. And think about an amazing year, think about who is who thinks that I'm speaking to not an average person the

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past instead of speaking to the best of generations, let's have

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that if they can be influenced by the ship. And then who are we to to live our lives and say, you know, I don't need to learn about the shear bond. And, you know, I'm good to go like I know the story of the ship on I know the ship on the bad guys on and so forth. And even people who have learned about the ship pod, who are we to say I don't need to be reminded, I don't need to refocus my energy when it comes to defeating and fighting against the Shia fun. And the other question is how many different aspects of our lives are affected by those evil are those bad thoughts? Sometimes there's the reality of what is happening. And then there's our perception of what is happening. And

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this is a method of deception that we talked about in the seminar called the distortion of reality, how does she upon distorts reality for us. And sometimes all of that distortion happens inside our hearts. We don't even realize it's happening, we know that that our perception is being molded through what we are thinking and feeling on the inside. And that is where the sheep barn is attacking. Right? That is where that is where a lot of this takes place. So the here the advice of the prophesy centum is take care of your heart, take care of what is happening inside take care of that internal dialogue, take care, be mindful of the whispers of the sheep on in the seminar, we

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mentioned many different methods of deception, how the shelf bot will use those methods of deception and ways that were against us. And as I said, sometimes, you know, the outside world has no idea that the ship bot is attacking us. The ship on is is is is deceiving us because it's all happening in our hearts. So this is the advice of the Prophet Sal. Why send them here? That look, he's saying I don't fear that the two of you would have a bad thought about me. And the other thing here is I've had a lot we talked about, who could who is the person I'm addressing here the companions, right? The best generation, but look at who

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is the one who they could have had a bad assumption about not any random person, this is the best of luck creation, the profits that I send them. So if the sheer fun can influence someone to have a bad thought about the profits of life than them,

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then why do we think that we are safe? Why are we so surprised when someone thinks bad about us? When someone has a bad assumption about us when someone makes these huge assumptions about us? We actually shouldn't be surprised we shouldn't we shouldn't, you know, we should it shouldn't be a shock to us if we understand the influence of the chef on how she upon can influence a person's heart, right and that and that, that when the person is not aware. So so this is Subhanallah This is the advice of the person send him here is take care of your heart and take care of that internal dialogue and be aware of that internal dialogue and that whispering of the ship and then in the

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seminar, actually we go into more detail regarding the whispers of the ship bond and that internal dialogue that we have and how simply

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Being aware of that helps us defeat the sheer fun when it comes to when it comes to how does she upon me attack us. Right? And that helps us it only helps us. It only brings us closer to Allah to Allah, it helps our spirituality. And not only that, it helps us in our relationships, it helps us in our dealings with with other people. You know, I often talk about road rage, and how, you know, when we react to road rage, what is happening there? Right? Well, the problems are happening in our heart. Right? Because that internal dialogue is what is something that may trigger us to respond in, you know, in a bad way. Right. And even, you know, somebody's trolling online, they're mentioning

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bad comments online, or whatever, you know, they may say all that stuff, but the response is up to me, the response is up to the one who's listening to it. So do we allow that? Do we take it? Do we internalize it and say, you know, how dare this person say this and say that and that's so offensive, and blah, blah, that's all internal dialogue. And that may lead to me saying, How dare you and want to feed the trolls, but we don't we don't feed the trolls, right, because we know that's what they want. They just want the attention. But we don't want to give them that attention. So instead, we seek refuge in Allah Spanner to Allah. And we defeat we fight that internal that

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those internal thoughts and those internal dialogue, that internal dialogue and those whisperings from the shear part. And so that is that is one piece of advice that I wanted to share with you today and Jelena data. And there's a lot more that we cover in this seminar. And so you know, today's actually, from what I've been told today's the last day, to register for the seminar, I believe the seminar closes tomorrow, and after this inshallah data, once the seminar is closed, we're going to start our live q&a or live sessions for the seminar. So if you haven't registered yet, go register right now I believe it's online, I believe it's on your on your screen, go check it

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out last day to register, I always have, I always really enjoy teaching the seminar, I find a lot of benefit in it. For myself, first and foremost, I talked about this yesterday as well. But it's one of those seminars that brings me closer to Allah to Allah, it strengthens me, actually, it's kind of like gives me strength. When it comes to, you know, it's it's easy to get overwhelmed with all the things happening in the world. And, you know, whether it be world problems, or personal problems and personal issues, and just dealing with everything that's happening in our lives, this seminar gives inshallah out of the seminar gives us clarity, and gives us hope, it gives us a clear path to a

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large amount of data, and gives us a sense of control. And really the point of the seminar is to is to empower us so that we feel empowered against the Shia Thawne and empowered against things that we may sometimes feel like we don't really have control over. And really that is the purpose of the seminar. So I hope you're able to join me angelic data in the seminar. And as I said, this is the final day. So please register. But I did want to take a few moments in Java to address and address any questions that you may have. regarding what we talked about today. As I said, this is one of the many advices of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam regarding the Shere Khan and in the seminar,

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the beauty of the seminar is that I get to go into detail, detail that we simply can't do in like one quick live session. So that is why you know, this, this seminar is really designed and it was recorded, it was done. For an online audience, it was it's tailored to, you know, those people who may not be able to travel to a city, and actually take the seminar in person, especially during COVID. And quarantine, I think it's 100 lights, it's excellent that our mother was able to, you know, present the seminar online. So I hope you can join me. So in the meantime, as I said, any questions you have, I can look at the comments, I believe on Facebook. And on YouTube, I believe

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they're coming up, they're showing up on my screen. So if you want to ask any questions, go ahead and do so right now. I'll try my best to answer your questions. And I see we have someone joining us from Canada and hadn't been enough. Ken, the chef bon no and read our thoughts. That's an excellent question from Ks. Okay, so this is something we actually discuss in the seminar in detail. And there is difference of opinion amongst the scholars regarding this issue. It does this shift on have access to our thoughts? Some say that no, the ship on simply knows us and any studies our actions, and he studies our behavior. And that's how the Shia thought knows this. And yet other scholars say

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that the shift button has access to our thoughts. And I actually lean towards the latter opinion that indeed the she upon does have, he does indeed have access to our thoughts. And this had teeth that I mentioned today is one of the evidences of that, that indeed, the Shere Khan knows what we're thinking and he knows our thoughts and that is how he whispers to us and that

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That's how he knows what to whisper to try and mislead us. And Allah has panicked and knows best. But throughout more detail regarding this topic, we do talk about this in the seminar in more detail, Chawla Dada.

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Urban said, Can you speak more about chiffon and its relation to blood? Okay, so this is something that we go over in the seminar as well, the issue of, you know, this particular issue of the Shia thought flowing through our blood, once again, some scholars took this literally that the ship on literally flows to our blood, and yet other scholars say that, you know, this is this is the, the process that I was giving a metaphor for the relationship of the ship on to us, so that the ship on may not literally flow through us. But that is like the influence of of the ship on and look, if we don't study the ship bond, if we don't understand the ship on if we don't understand how the ship

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works, there's a whole section in this seminar called the abilities of the ship on that we talked about what abilities does she upon actually have? And this is where it comes up? Do we talk about does this ship on have the ability to access our thoughts? And does he actually flow through our blood. And so if we don't understand the abilities of the ship, and we won't know how to protect ourselves? So first and foremost, that information is absolutely vital for us to understand how the Shia thought actually works. There are those abilities and then we actually take it to another level, we there's a there's a section of the seminar where we talked about the psychology of the

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ship on and we talk about how the ship thinks, what motivates the ship on because my goal for this seminar is that we really get to know and understand the ship I look, you cannot defeat the ship. Unless you know and understand the ship on it's as simple as that. That you know, we there's so many misconceptions as well as so many misconceptions about the ship on and that people simply don't truly understand, you know, how the ship bottle works and what the possibilities are, and even the methods of deception of the ship upon and that actually leads to a lot of problem when it comes to our relationship with Allah who's hunter gatherer because the chiffon then becomes able to mislead

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us. And so, that is why it is vital, it is so important for us to really study and understand the sheep barn. Someone is saying sedums, what was said, will you be covering the role of the padeen? In relation to the to ship on? Absolutely, we discussed that putting who the acqualina are we get we get into that we explain that in detail and childlike data. Excellent question. Someone said that's interesting that she upon listening to our thoughts.

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Sounds true metaphors can be poor. Absolutely. Absolutely. And I think a lot of people once you once you begin to understand this, you know, and I don't want people to feel somehow to look weak against this you have been and so that's I'm very cognizant of that, that this will only inshallah empower you against the shield on that once you know and understand the shield on you know, empower you to be able to defeat the shield thought inshallah data can shape and influence other people to harm or misguide us.

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There is so this is a this is a little bit of a deeper question that requires more explanation than what I want to give right now, because of how short we are in time. In a way, yes, but the detail of this in shallow data we discuss in the seminar, so check out the seminar where we get into detail of how the sheer thought may influence and individual to harm somebody else how that may happen. So definitely check out the seminar to to, to get the answer to that inshallah we can discuss it as well. If you have any further questions. Once you have studied what we have said in the seminar, you can check that out and check out any more questions. I'll take one or two more questions. Before we

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end if we missed any part of the live class, will it be recorded? Yeah, absolutely. Everything that we do live is recorded. And if you sign up for the seminar, I've been told that you have lifetime access lifetime access intelligence anytime you want to go back to the seminar, let's say you take the seminar today. And then two years later, you have children and those children start to get older and you want to say hey, I want to teach my kids about this year bond and how do I talk to my kids about this ship on how do I introduce the topic of this year bond? What is the correct understanding of the bond you want to go back and review what we studied insha Allah Allah you have lifetime

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access to this information into the discussions that we have. So so you can check that out inshallah. Adam,

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how to defeat the attacks of the Shia have been excellent question. That is what this whole seminar is about. inshallah hidin. That is what this whole seminar is dedicated to Brother, Hamad and finally asked this question, excellent question. That is what this seminar is

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About insha Allah Allah I'll take the last question I was told that the shape our lives in the bathroom now I'm trying to keep my house shoe free but I was told that we have to wear shoes in the bathroom, can you clarify that okay. This is something that once again you know this is a seminar designed to answer pretty much any I thought to myself any and every question that someone would have about the ship, I want it to be covered in the seminar inshallah. So, we do talk about where the ship on lives, does the ship on have a residing place, what is that residing place, places of new Jessa places of impurity are pasted places of filth, what is their relationship to the ship fun,

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we get to that in detail in sha Allah data in the seminar. So before I before I end for the day, those of you who have been attending these live sessions regularly it's been a pleasure to have all of you and thank you to everyone who joined us. Thank you to everyone who's been contributing, asking questions, it's been a pleasure for me I look forward to talking with you further inshallah tada in this seminar so I know many of you have already subscribed already signed up 100 and I look forward to seeing you those of you who haven't signed up today's the last day Please go ahead and sign up and I will continue this conversation with you inshallah, in the data in the seminar and for

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me, you know, teaching is not just for I don't like it to be a one way street where it's just me talking to me discussions are very important. I want to hear from you as well I want to hear your thoughts I want to hear what questions and questions you have, what matters you want clarification on or what you may know about the ship bond and how we can maybe clarify what your understanding of this ship on may be inshallah Allah so we will have live sessions as well where inshallah we can get all of those questions addressed and we can have discussions regarding the seminar. So once again, before I close Mohit dot online, go ahead and sign up and inshallah data. I will see you there.

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Until next time, Allah has Panama to Allah knows best subhanak Allahumma will be handig a shadow in the heartland as the hero go to the lake, which is akin to Lao Hara was set on why they come what happened the law, he woke up