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Saad Tasleem
AI: Summary © The host of a fashion and clothing seminar is discussing guidelines and principles related to men wearing skirts and body image. They explain that these guidelines and principles apply to all Muslims, including those who wear skirts, and that they will go over specific issues in a seminar. The agenda is to discuss cultural and identity issues before addressing specific issues.
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Is it permissible in Islam for men to get their ears pierced? The Muslim Institute presents q&a with sad this lame, okay, hold on, hold on, hold on before you lose it before you get mad. We're not going to delve straight into the issue because you have to understand that when we talk about these types of topics, we have to understand some general guidelines and principles and morals that we have as Muslims, for example, in Islam, it's not permissible for men to imitate women and women to imitate men. In Islam, it's not permissible for us to imitate the specific practices of non Muslims in Islam were not supposed to wear things, or were those types of things that would be considered

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ostentatious clothing or often tasted ostentatious style. But the question is, where does all of that? Or how does all of that apply to the issue of piercings for men? And in order for you to answer this question, you must know and understand these principles properly, not just a surface view of these issues, but a proper understanding going back to the Quran and the Sunnah, and see what was actually intended by the prophets. I sent him when he mentioned these principles to us. So in this seminar in trends, we're going to go over all of the guidelines and principles related to fashion and clothing. So the next time somebody asked me this question, you will know where this

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question belongs, and how to go about answering this question. Insha Allah? And if you think pure things for men is a crazy idea. What about skirts? For men? Is it okay for men to wear skirts? Now? Hold on, before you answer that question before you say no, no, that's not okay. Because you know, what, skirts is something that's, that's the type of dress that women would wear, a man would never wear a skirt.

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The few Scottish brothers and sisters who are watching this right now I know, are in disagreement. Because in their culture, men wear skirts, and don't tell them that I call them skirts they actually called kilt. But they're pretty much just skirts. But in their culture, it's not considered a feminine dress, and actually is considered a very masculine dress. So it's the same principle. But now it application has changed based upon the culture. That's just one of the many examples that we're gonna go through in this seminar. So along with these general guidelines and principles regarding clothing, and fashion, we're going to talk about some other topics as well. Starting off

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with body image and self esteem. We're going to talk about the very important topic of culture and identity, you have to understand culture and the place of culture. And then before we can answer many of these questions, and then at the very end, we're going to get into specific issues. And so I hope to see you there to discuss all of these topics and more with you in jail. Like I said, I'm on a coup de la here.

Can Men Get Piercings In Islam?


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