Don’t Invalidate People’s Pain

Saad Tasleem


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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of acknowledging the suffering from a loss and not denying it. They stress that hardships are not a excuse for lack of effort, but rather a way to reduce the pain of a person. The speaker also emphasizes the need for a positive culture to alleviate the suffering and loss experienced by people.
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We've seen people go through that right where something bad happens to them. And instead of turning to law, they turn away from a law. We hear people say things like, why would God do this to me? Or what kind of God would do this? Why me? Why am I suffering? Like, why do I have to go through this pain. And by the way, this is not to take anything away from a person's pain, or their suffering, right not to invalidate their suffering at all. But it's about putting it in perspective. And just even when a person understands that a hardship is from a law, that doesn't diminish that hardship, and that's a misconception that a lot of people have people say, Don't tell me that it's from a law

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because you're invalidating my feelings, you're invalidating my pain, it's like, No, you have the right to feel pain. And we shouldn't take that away from people. And sometimes we do that right. When we remind people about a loss, decree their loss other and how this is a purification, it's a way of kind of like diminishing their pain or saying that their pain is not valid. That should never be the case. Right? As human beings, we feel pain, and we go through hardships. But it is also important that our either our creed is intact, that we understand that it is a loving adult, who has put us in this situation, and there must be some good in it. And one of the goodness and there's

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many, many, many reasons why a person goes through hardships. But one of those reasons is that it is a lot of raising our rank a lot raising our standards. And that is why the prophets today he was thought was said on the best of creation. All of them went through difficult times. And by the way, difficult times is an understatement. Because the amount of pain and suffering that they went through, we can't even really imagine. And the best of them is the best example in terms of hardships, the profits of life, send them