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Riad Ouarzazi
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. This is real words as he would come in to rock your Ramadan 2014 day 23 23rd

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we're talking about the last 10 days of Ramadan the 10 days whereby one should make more efforts and when we say make more efforts you know when you mentioned the Hadith of the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salim the Hadith that says about the you know that in the last seven days used to tie his you know, shoved them in Salah Layla used to tie his,

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his, that his heart that he used to wear, and then he would stand up on like frame, you know, in terms of a lot of people don't understand sometimes what we say no, we need to make more effort in terms of a better and a better hammer comments, you know, a better has kind of levels, that worships has different types of levels that, let's say, you, you, you build the habit of fasting Mondays, and Thursdays of every month, you build the habit of reciting one portion of the plant like wonders of the world, and that every day, in this final 10 days, all these efforts have to be doubled, or tripled, or even, you know, as much as you can, you know, make. So that's why when you look back

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into the life of the predecessors, like the life of the the schools of thought the scholars, you know, from the school of thought Abu hanifa, and others, in the final sentence of harmonics been rated that a lot of them even looked at a, you know, a mushroom, it used to live all the lecturing, you know, so did a meme chef, and he and I used to concentrate on the visitation of the poor, and some of them would recite the call and, you know, in the last final 10 days,

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every day, you know, they would have 100 miles or 200 miles or three miles and in the final three days of Ramadan a lot more somehow a lot, you know, so this is where when I meant that, in this final 10 days, when did you increase in terms of the a better, whatever you use to do that you build that habit with and now in the final 10 days, you extreme, you know, extend or, or, or you need to double the effort, you know,

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whatever plan that you use to read now in the final 10 days, you need to resolve a lot more that Socrates to give him if he's to give, let's say $1 now you need to give maybe more, you know, in these final 10 days, because the rewards are multiplied in many many many many folds. And again, like I said, it's only 10 days left. And we don't know you don't know whether you're going to be able to witness another Ramadan when the Hadith that says you know, when she asked us why so slim with regard to the type of data they should make he says a long way in the car for wants to hit with FFF when you are, you are the most forgiving, and you love to forgive so forgive me an apple, you

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know, an apple, I'm here in the in the spotlight, I'm here in the

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lounge and traveling, you know, catching flights from Morocco to Montreal, to Toronto, for the, for the final, you know, travel for the night of the 27th to do fundraising. So, like I said, my messages have to come out you don't have to come to everywhere I am every day I have to give you a message. So like I was saying here alemannic, iPhone to hip, whatever for iPhone, you're lucky aren't the oft forgiving, and you'd love to forgive so forgive me

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when they say an iPhone

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iPad, the the the winds have have assets from Apple, if it means the the winds have erased the traces of of whatever, you know, erasing so an apple is the one who erases the sense, not just forgives them, he erases them as if they are never there as if you've never done that. So now you're going to say hello, in the careful here in this. It shows hope. It shows it has many things beautiful things in this car. The first thing is it shows hope what kind of hope a llama in the car for to happen if you are the Forgiving, and you love to forgive talking about the quality of a massive pile of data that not only He forgives, but he loves to forgive

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for any erase my sins, you know, expect my sins. And yes, my brothers and sisters, we do have lots of things that need to be forgiven. We all have lots of hopes that we wish to be fulfilled. We have lots of the heart that we all need to be answered.

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So here's what we need to to really concentrate and, and and make as much effort as we can in Sharla data. In this final 10 days. You have hopes you have needs you have to have you have sins that you know and you are all wishing that you know all these needs and wishes and hopes and

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Since should be forgiven and answered in shallow data in these final 10 days in Armada, he was fine and you know, seven days left

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from this from this beautiful blessing days so inshallah tada you know with your sincerity you know be sada be sincere or lie be truthful Allah subhana wa tada you know he will be truthful to yours What is

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interesting is you know if you're truthful with Allah, Allah will do the same with treat you the same. So if you really go back to him sincerely, I have committed somebody sins and I feel like he says my lesson what not what Allah forgive me. Forgive me you know I am coming to you give me the race my sense

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opened the door so forgiveness for me. I want to come and I'm knocking at your door, open the door let me Norma both of those have been like before me but your door stays open. So I want to come into a lot at the end. That means just like a little girl or your daughter or getting boy who who is crying knocking at his mom's or dad's door you know, open up open up and give some crying grant to the mother opens the door. Likewise, you might keep on knocking on the door of Allah subhanho wa Taala and research should have Allah will open his door that effect that Islam is the one who grants you know success he opens the doors of success May Allah opened the door of success upon you to

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another episode of Rocky Ramallah 2014 I say I said I'm not gonna play catch up.

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