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AI: Summary © The segment discusses the final 10 days of the year, including a woman who wants to be the mother of a daughter. The woman is the mother of a woman who wants to be the mother of a woman who wants to be the mother of a woman who wants to be the mother of a woman who wants to be the mother of a woman who wants to be the mother of a woman who wants to be the mother of a woman who wants to be the mother of a woman who wants to be the mother of a woman who wants to be the mother of a woman who wants to be the mother of a woman who wants to be the mother of a woman who wants to be the mother of a woman who wants to be the mother of a woman who wants to be the mother of a woman who wants to be the mother of a woman who wants to be the mother of a woman who wants to be the
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. This is real words as he would come in to another episode of Rocky Ramadan 2014 they 24 we still talking about the final 10 days of Ramadan. And these are the days where one should be making lots and do so I want to concentrate a little bit on the

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as it is the mother of a daughter.

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I asked Allah subhanho wa Taala to accept our evader and I will see him at the end in this blessed month of Ramadan. mothers and sisters Allah subhana wa tada love to be asked

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and like human beings, you know sometimes you may ask me or you know, I may I may be able to help you. And if you can keep on coming, you know, asking me of things I may I may sort of you know, brush you off or not or ignore you. But Allah subhanho wa Taala he loves to be asked the day when you choose not to ask Allah subhana wa tada he becomes angry at you. Allah subhanho wa Taala says incircle Baccarat is number 186

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Oh they will learn in ministry Tanya wa Jean what he does anybody on the phone in the body but would he woulda waited that either the

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polyester g Bulli, what do you mean ob?

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O Muhammad, you know, they came asking Prophet Mohammed How should we invoke Allah subhana wa Tada. So Allah subhana wa tada if you right away, you know how to supplicate Allah, Allah how to fit the Prophet Mohammed or Mohammed ISIS and Mr. Mohammed if people if my steps were to ask you about me I'm near I'm near you don't have to go through some sort of media to to come to Allah subhana wa tada call upon him directly invoke him directly so I know what I'm near Wu Ji boo that I would say that either I answer the call of the needy when he calls upon me for the StG bully them, obey me, and, and believe in me that I lumiose are doing if they want to be guided. You know, if you want to

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be guided, you have to fulfill these two conditions that Allah subhana wa Taala has put forward, OBEY Him and believe in him. Like I said, my brothers and sisters out there Allah loves to be called. Allah loves to be worshipped. Allah loves to be replicated. In fact, supplication is a form of worship. application is a form of worship of Allah subhana wa tada says in sort of an ayah number 16

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I will humanist shaytani r rajim. While Allah Bo Komodo only a study Bella come in leadin is stuck beervana on a bed at

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a loss is

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what we'll call a book and it the only as you've learned from your Lord has decreed or the Rooney SW Blackcomb invoke me call upon me, I shall answer your call are only as good as you block them. And then the next verse he says

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in the lead in a stack Burana and your eBay that is those who who feel arrogant about my a bad arrogant about my a bad. So here in the worship, like the making there is a bar that allows us to those who feel arrogant about my worship. And the verse before it. He says, If we'll call it a book, your Lord has decreed that you that the book Moroni, only a statue block camino de has decreed that it call upon me I Shan Shan grant You're so so my brothers and sisters out there, invoking Allah supplicating Allah is a form of the art, the art to Allah loves, he loves to be called upon, he loves to be worship, let us ensure Allahu taala make lots of lots of his blessing, final 10 days of

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Ramadan. And remember, you know one of the most beautiful ways to invoke Allah subhana wa tada is to call upon him using his names and attributes, when he let him smell FirstNet federal will be to Allah belongs the Most Beautiful Names. So call upon him using these beautiful names. There are many etiquettes in fact on how to on how one should invoke Allah subhana wa tada invoke him. Like when when when you have something really in dire, like you have an in dire need in your heart and you want that need to be fulfilled. You know, you you you you need some. Let's say like, for instance, you know, tomorrow is the day where you have to pay.

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You have a debt, you know, $100,000 debt, and you need it by tomorrow or you're going to go to jail. So you keep making phone calls, making phone calls, you know, and calling people because tomorrow, you can sleep You can eat tomorrow, you're going to jail unless you bring it at the $100,000 so

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Finally, before you go to sleep at night, very late at night, you know you you exhausted all the options and that's how you made a phone call. Let's say you called me and he says, Yeah, I really need that. $100,000 and they tell you Oh, no problem. You got it. When do you need it? He says tomorrow tomorrow by nicaise tomorrow by eight o'clock you should have it in your bank account. How would you feel? You would feel so relieved? very relieved. I'm a human being I just told you tomorrow you should have your money. So don't worry. And then you go you will have a very beautiful night very you know, Mashallah, in a beautiful evening because somebody from human being accretion

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of Allah has told you do not worry. You got what you've asked for. What in the hell methyl Allah, when you ask upon Allah when you invoke him, you have to have you have to be the same like you know, in the the conditioning your heart has to be in such a way that when you make that call, rest assured that Allah will answer your call. In your heart, you have to be solid, truthful, if you're truthful, Allah subhanaw taala will treat you accordingly. So when you make that don't doubt the doubt if you doubt the other, Allah will not answer you.

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There are many, many other In fact, you know etiquettes about how to make that will share some of them tomorrow in Sharla hooked on to another episode of Rocky Ramadan, and to another episode of Ramadan. 2014 I say I said mid month later, Ira volcat