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So today we have Babel who sure the chapter on pushover submissive solemnity,

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you could say also humbleness or humility and kindness.

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And in fact, we will go over some of the conditions some of the prerequisites of the prayers, some of the route the prerequisites like conditions, these are the conditions of validity of the prayers.

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first double crochet of the chapter on submissive solemnity, number of

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levina hamano and toxa boo boo music raela

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Hello mighty said has the time not come for those who have believed that their hearts should become humbly submissive and Tasha Polo boom that your heart should have for sure should be humbly become humbly submitted at the remembrance of Allah and what has come down of the truth and what has come come down of the truth in Surah Al Hadid

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then he

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started to the final for sure and he said that who should who moto nuptse moto turbo limita our women our move zill

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Well, who are Allah serata Raja, for sure is the inertness of the knifes and the stability of the character

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before someone glorious or fearsome and it is three levels, for sure. Whoa, whoa, Moodle nuptse. Wha hoo.

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Hoo, moody naps would be the inner darkness of the naps, the darkness of the ego.

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And the humidity bar would be the acidity

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of the character.

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It is it is also important that you notice here that he started by for more than nursery before he started. Before he talked, he talked about who moto turbo turbo is the outer external character.

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And enough is the inner soul It is the ego. So the bar or the basically, who moodiness would be the lifelessness of the ego. The American is the lifelessness of the ego. It is broken.

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motiva would be the sanity of the character.

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You could say the humble humbleness,

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shyness, you know, it's like a character, someone who has like a shy, humble

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sort of broken

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But it is important that we understand that this character is secondary to the internal experience. So the external manifestations of the character are secondary to internal experience. Once your character exceeds your internal experience, once the obscenity of your character have exceeded your internal experience, you're likely going to

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it is likely

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to show except if you are trying to train yourself, you know, in certain regards, and you're truly doing it to basically tame the beast inside. You're forcing yourself to act a certain way you're forcing yourself to act Halim. Although you're not really hiding, you're not really forbearing but you are forcing yourself in order to tame the into the internal beast in order to tame your ego.

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So you are forcing yourself to act patient to act courteous to act for bearing, although none of this is really genuine. But you are doing this not to show off, but to basically tame the you know the knifes inside by forcing it to behave in a certain way, hoping that one day this will become

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second nature for the Nuff said it was become genuine, and it will become effortless. So you're acting as a nominal Murtala Mohammed, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said,

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we're acquiring knowledge or becoming knowledgeable is through learning talent, and becoming a highly more highly more forbearing is through practice of practice of forbearance to handle.

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So if that is what you're doing the many are fine. But you have to be really honest with yourself. And this really needs to be what you're what you're doing, it is not

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basically seeking flattery or praise or recognition from the people.

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But it is to behavior self to behavior enter.

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The default however, is that this character, this outer character, should be just basically a manifestation and expression of the inner state.

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So that is her mood and Napster came first. And then who moved the bar came second homodyne naps, the inertness of the naps, the lifelessness of the ego was accomplished first. And then he moved about the sanity of character, humbleness, shyness, calmness of character came second.

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And certainly if

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there is there is much

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to explain about this. But I mentioned a few things are macabre, the Allahu so

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young man who had his neck bent like this, like talkity andraka, better who he had his neck bent down like this. So he said to him straight in your neck, for sure is in the heart, not in the neck, straighten your neck, like don't act, don't be stop performing. Straighten your neck, horseshoe is in the heart, not in the neck. And that applies to so many things that applies to so many things.

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Even when it comes to attire,

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it is questionable whether we actually should be wearing anything different from the general public, or the everybody else or, or not, and certainly that the scholars have always basically anguished over this issue, that many scholars wars, you know, this think that close that we're known for scholars of their time, so that, you know, that getting them adequate to have the rationale of being

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sort of

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wearing distinctive clothes, so that ignorant people may come and ask you and, and so on. And some of them have also the rationale of given a bit

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to them or respect to the knowledge itself, regardless of their themselves, or their, you know, not not respect to them selves, but respect to knowledge itself. And there were many different rationales, but some of the scholars also said that, that any attire that would look different from the masses, instead of beshara popper used to have this position, that wearing an attire that is different from the masses is basically sound shoura or

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attire, fame,

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attire of fame or attire to pursue fame or seek fame, celebrity popularity.

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And it is quite unusual, but more important thing is that you should give it up every once in a while, so that you're really not dependent on this attire. So that that is he should

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he should wear regular street clothes every once in a while. So that it is it is not a dependency that you have on the supplier for recognition or for prestige or high or high or whatever.

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And the bottom line is that all the external manifestations should be secondary

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to the internal state of being to the internal experience and if they are

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Have your internal experience the sole objective would be to behavior naps your inner self by forcing your units to behave in a certain way, externally because that's what you can do like you can't really work on your inner knifes.

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Internally it is much harder. So you sort of externally force a certain behavior on yourself, hoping that one day this becomes a second nature of my naps, one day it becomes genuine it becomes true it becomes for the sake of Allah, not in any way shape or form for ostentation for potential.

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Then he said this, for sure is three levels of data to una valueless. What is this law more than help him while at the bar only not at

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the first level is at the vandal. I'm showing humble submission to the commands

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Developer Live Show in humble submission to the commands the dollar means he admitted to usual humidity, the commands here it means showing humble submission, humble submission to the commands and humble submission to the commands is that you accepted the commands of Allah without arguing, well, you don't argue with the last

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hand you don't ask for too many details. Like the people of Bukhara, the cow story the people of the cab, Paulo da da, da da, da, da, da da, invoke your lawyer to

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explain to us or clarify for us what it is like what kind of coward is, but you just say something we hear and we obey and you act upon the command with how it can live.

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And without pretension, you just act with sincerity and he act on the command also without technicality. And without,

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you know, questioning that even the Sahaba did not use the question the legal value of everything. You know, this is why this has happened. So on the story of Derrida and Abdullah whoever attended the podcast or the katiba survey is very good. Like this hotel usually is relevant

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to what we have here yesterday, I don't know his name, but his tendency of his hotel and is usually very irrelevant. So he was he mentioned the story of Jerry Redknapp the law

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and the horse, you know, and certainly the story comes in different forms and different variations, but the horse the return of the land the horse

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so Jerry went to buy a horse and then he was asked for 300 Durham's that silver coins and jewelry are set to the man, whether he went back home and came back to the man have different stories, but the bottom line is jr said to the man, your horse is worth more than this. And then he kept on going back and saying to the man, your horses actually were worth more than this. Yeah. And he every time you tell him your horse is worth more than this. He would give him more money until you give him $100 the asking price was $300 He's the buyer and he kept on he keeps on telling the seller. No you don't you don't know the value of your horse. You don't know the value of your lieu of us would do

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this nowadays. Really, like if you find like if someone offers you their house for $100,000 and you really think it's worth you know, $150,000 who's gonna tell the seller you know, you actually don't know the value of your house. I would like to pay you a little bit more. I'd like to pay 120 you'll just jump on the deed and you'll be all excited. But that is this really true nose for and how is it 3d wishing people the same you wish for yourself? Wouldn't you want someone to alert you if you're unaware of the value of your property?

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So true most other content vendor where they would ask we asked him what what are you doing and he said by Arturo sort of miso salmon and musky liquidly Muslim I gave the Bible to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam pledged allegiance to the provinces Helen, one of the conditions of the Bay Area is most which is well wishing it is basically

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to wish to wish them the same that you wish for yourself as well wishing or wishing wishing well being for every Muslim

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Now, so but but at the end of the day, the journey of the match really

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was not really concerned with legal value. Is this macro? Is it macro Tansy is macro to me is it was a must have. But if it is well is there a way out of it and

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and all that stuff is just like you know that they really did this with love, they said and that is valid. It is valid with love to the to the commands of Allah we know that there are a lot of commands of Allah are good for them. And it is good for them to submit humbly submit to the commands of Allah. So it does Allah Amara is not just conformity, it is not just compliance, it's way beyond compliance. It's compliance without questioning its compliance without arguing. It is compliance without you know, hyper technicality. It is compliance without pretension, and it is compliance with love. It is compliance with love.

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What is this now would it help them and then Islam The problem is surrender to the decrease in the heart could be also a problem in your apartment.

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So it helped me the hokhmah of Allah Spano, tala, the decrees of a law could be the LM are the commands and the prohibitions, the soccom also, and they could be the camel, Allah subhanaw taala has universal decrees, which is sickness, wealth, health, you know, poverty.

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And everything that happens to us is, you know, of the decrees of Allah subhanaw taala. So you surrender to those decrees. And that is the standard problem and surrender to the decrees is not counter to taking precautions, making provisions doing your best, you know, planning and all of that stuff. But after he had done all of that, as the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Ah, pelada can

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basically tie it, tie your camel and rely on Allah subhanaw taala, after he had tied your camel, and he had done your, your necessary work, then you rely on Allah subhanaw taala. And he accept what comes from a loss. But it's so beautiful that, you know,

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even if you're

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in it, this is just like a plan, have a plan of success and a plan of contentment and a plan of happiness, joy in your life, to do your work, and then rely on online and accepted that the, the, whatever, decrease las panatela brings down. So you're you're you're up for a test, like an important test here, your LSAT or MCAT out here, this or that,

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or recertification for or your license,

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any anything, then you work hard. With an alliance, you go to the you know, you go to

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tier test, with complete reliance on anxiety, and then you wait for the results results come out whatever they are, you accept them with no content, contentment,

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no rejection, and no resentment of the decrease of Allah subhanaw taala Isn't that beautiful? If we can just get ourselves to do that, wouldn't that be great? Within that be you know, we will work hard, we'll do our best.

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We will not fail ourselves, but at the same time, we're reliant on Allah. And at the end, we're accepting of his decrease. That's it. That's it. That's all you need in this life, when it comes to the terminal velocity.

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And then when the bar will be another real hot bar from other either old means to put down, you like your down.

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Because you know that Allah is watching you that about another attack. So under the sight of Allah, can you imagine how like if, you know, in the good old days, when you spoke with your father, he would, you know, be shy and you'd be like, respectful and shy and so on. And you don't walk into the presence of your father, except with this sort of shyness and respect and humbleness.

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Because your father's is watching you. And because you're talking to your father so you're acting this way in front of your father because he's watched

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Can you imagine if you know that Allah subhanaw taala is watching you all the time? How would you be acting? You know so and that that is basically put yourself down it's that brokenness under the sight of and happy that the true one the only true one the truth, the true one.

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that's the first level. So if we can just get ourselves to basically

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comply with that first level that will be great for us. You know, you're meeting every command with submission and every prohibition with abstention you're doing this humbly without argue and without technicality, you're doing this lovingly without resentment of the commands of Allah subhanaw taala you're accepting all of the decrees of Allah Spano tala with contentment and you are

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broken, not acting broken but you're actually broken.

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Because you are always aware that you're being watched by Allah subhanaw taala that you're under the sight of Allah subhanaw taala and then he said what dadada to Sania para Kubo effect enough's. While Armin we're all equally The fadlan are like, what Ernest Nessie mill Fenner Millvina. The second degree watching the flaws of oneself, watching the flaws of oneself and one's actions. corruptible fit knifes one arm and watching the flaws of oneself and one's actions want to help nikoli the observing the virtue of the virtuous above oneself and their favors? Maybe.

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somebody helped the translation here.

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Well, I'm here to follow the quality found in observing diversity of diverse was above oneself and their favors.

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Roja to finally the

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let's just let's just do them one by one takubo fit enough. So in our mind watching the flaws of oneself among the actions, it is not just observing them, it's not recognizing them it is being on, you know, on the look for them, you're looking out for them, you're watching taco, you're watching fat enough, so alarming. And fast enough the flaws of the self and the flaws of one's actions. Often times we can find we find it easier to watch the flaws of our actions, but the flaws of ourselves are harder to watch. Because we're oblivious to the you know the inequities of ourselves and in justices and we're oblivious to the flaws and shortcomings of ourselves. And it's hard for us to

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basically notice them. But people who are really insightful, they can really figure out the people who are really what people really seeking the pleasure of Allah, they

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reckon themselves harder than the rest of the people, they really hold themselves accountable. They're watching for everything and they're trying to

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to purify their the the

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the trying to reach higher levels of loss all the time. So, those are the people who will be able to discover the flaws of themselves. Part of this also requires knowledge. So reading a lot,

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particularly the books of flap the manners and the, you know, etiquette. The books of purification Ischia and salute to some of these books are particularly helpful for us to have this awareness because when you really need to become aware, otherwise you're not going to be seeing your flaws. A lot of people spend their entire lives not discovering their their severe, crippling flaws and diseases of the heart and they are truly oblivious. They may not recognize them. They're just because they have not sought to purify themselves they have not sought to discover their own flaws. So this product effectiveness is particularly important. You are looking

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For the problems that you have, you know that you must have a lot of problems and you are searching for them diligently. You have to you have basically, to come from the perspective of, I am sure I am certain I have a lot of problems. Unless you come from that perspective, it will be hard for you to search for your problems. So, it will be hard for you to have this therapy,

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watching the flaws of oneself and one's actions. Then he said, we're all here to fog equally the fuddling I like observing the version of the verse was above oneself, and their favors father, or a father in Arabic means what their virtue and their favors. So it is twofold. And here it means both. So

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even if you think that Tom had not been to any favor, directly, he had done a lot of favors, but if you think he had not done you any favor,

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you would still love him and recognize his virtue,

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that he would be deserving of this recognition, this love this respect, without doing you any favor just because of his virtues.

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And then, if he had done your favors, also, that that would be

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a great addition, you don't have to necessarily alarm I have done a lot of great favors for the lawn. So but if you think of like some scholar in some parts of the world, and at some point of time, you did not read any book by them and you did not benefit from them directly in any way, you would recognize their virtue above you.

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But if they have done your favors, also the recognition of their favors, and not failing to recognize and their favors and praise them for their favors is important. You should never underestimate people's favours on you even if they were very small favors, even if they were very small favors. So, you have to the family here does not only mean that you see the favors, but it also means that you recognize the virtue of people that Tim that time comes when you really think that you are the worst of all human beings are sort of like you thinking that everybody

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has some virtue above you.

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And and what as soon as he will find out finer and the chef who's always you know, preoccupied with the concept of Rahim Allah tala concept of finance, we spoke about this before several times and we said, but you know, part of it is virtuous part of it is not part of this part of

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which has to do with leads to throw that the hard leads to Union divine and dwelling and all of that stuff. And this is, you know, this belief form of this belief. But he said that as soon as even finance is embracing the soft Windsor financial nessim is the is the softer blowing wind, that's never seen the same as the softer blowing wind, than as soon as even finance is embracing the softer blowing, winds of fana or self-annihilation, then as soon as even funner is basically when you're so close to taming your ego, you have You're so close to taming yourself and taming your ego. And now you start to smell the fragments of fun. The verse was fun, which is like fun, I edited that and

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find out who it is when you're well conforms to the will of Allah subhanaw taala and then you have no desire, but with that which Allah desires, hot Guna our Buddha barley magic to be until his desire is consistent with that which I have brought forth. Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that until his desires conforming is consistent with that which I have brought forth your you don't desire except that which Allah desires. So your desires vanished. conform completely with the laws, desires until the you have no independent desires, from his desires. And that's that unfinished wood is the management or in, in the creations in your perception, not in their existence, but in your

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Whereby your your actions will all be for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala for the pleasure of Allah you will not be concerned about who's watching you other than Him as

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Whatsoever you're not being concerned about who's watching you other than Mr. xojo whatsoever and that is financial hood or the management of perception. So he says that in this second level you did not get to the third level of debt that's why he says the nostril Nassim infinite set basically embrace the softer blowing winds you're not there yet but you're just giving the some of the fragments for now or self annihilation and have this level

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and then he said that are just valleys that are mine that you can suffer what a sphere to work team in what are added how what did he do, he added felt, okay, so there are just there is a third degree or third level have done for mine that I'm cassava stain respectful during the times of disclosure, basically, during the times of this closure when you have this Mirage and if Allah subhanaw taala allows you this closest Himself to you in the times of monteggia where you truly feel that you're conversing with a loss of chronotype Can you imagine this, like if you are praying you like it's 200 hours in the night. And Allah subhanaw taala discloses Himself to you in the sense that you will you

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feel that you're truly now conversing with Allah. That's, that's mocha shuffle. And then online inspires you to have proper understanding of the words of material reciting the Fatiha itself, the treasures of the Fatiha itself, he discloses the treasures of a Fatiha to you. And every time you're reciting like an ayah, it is giving you like a deeper understanding and a deeper awareness.

00:31:52--> 00:32:11

greater certainty, greater recognition will always lead to greater level of loss. So this is basically mu cash is when you have them on a gel, which is the subtle, soft conversation with a loss protocol. And then you feel all the sudden that you're truly conversing with a lot, you,

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you feel his presence, and then you see, then you all the treasures will start to open up for you. And all of us would have glimpses of that some of us would have a little bit more than others. And some of us would have this more most of the time, some, you know, many May, often less frequently. But it varies. It varies. It is like you know, I now know from Allah subhanaw taala, that He grants the son of his servants.

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But then when this happens, you have to stay respectful.

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And you have to basically stay within the bounds of servitude, you still

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recognize your place your position, your art, you're a servant, you're a slave of Allah subhanaw taala you stay within your bounds of servitude

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and you stay respectful.

00:33:15--> 00:33:19

So and then he said what is fair to work the moral, ethical,

00:33:20--> 00:33:29

free in one's time from any pretension more, you know, we're showing off ostentation, what are other

00:33:30--> 00:33:41

free ones time you're basically 11am said that this is you know, that we have to have to have sort of Milan without a dedicate

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the book that we rely on, mostly for the explanation of this modality just studying by an Abraham Allah. So he Rahim Allah said that this, at this level, it would be strange at this level, this is the third level These are the people that

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you know, topmost or the upper crust. So at this level, that we're still talking about remote like purifying our deeds from pure attention or freeing one's time from any pretension at this at this level, Honestly speaking, you would have been doing this from the first level you would have been trying to purify your deeds, from pretension and you know, purifier,

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had from the first level but at this level, it is basically to hide to hide some of this and

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has one of the rightest predecessors and I think it was a piano Malia in that it

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is basically for your as long as it's available I know you're sad or sad is when your interior is ahead of you.

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an ad is when your exterior is equal to your interior

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in the amount of sunlight. So, as an is when your, you know, your interior is, is ahead of your exterior,

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your, like, your exterior is basically

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basically seeping through like, whatever manifestations that will seep through that all of this goodness, there is so much goodness inside, and some of it, you know, seeps through your exterior. And that is it, I said, So, those people, they hide that for sure they have this issue, but they're hiding the

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last, the flattery of people and their praise distracts them or, you know, causes them a little bit of algebra or conceit or hinders them or prevents them from, you know, watching Allah subhanaw taala and purifying your intentions. So it is basically pro active loss, not just, you know,

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f loss at the time of the action, but it is proactive with loss where you're hiding above your love Your goodness and good deeds, so that the latter year people does not become a distraction for you if they come to know about your good deeds. And that is what he means we're part of what he means here. microspheres and rock them are out of hand, freeing one's time from any pretension. And the chef may also have,

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you know, may intend other other things as well. But this is what we could understand from what he said.

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And then he said, what a Jedi doodle Theatrefolk and observing the grace of God, unhindered

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purified alone, that read meaning only to observe the grace of alone, and observing the grace of Allah hinder the meaning, more, most importantly, that you're observing it without, without thinking that you are deserving of any of it. Like or without feeling any entitlement to it. That's the worst hindrance that's the first hindrance is that when Allah subhanho wa Taala, grants you a favor, and you feel that you are entitled to this favor, that isn't that a huge hindrance, it keeps you from showing gratefulness to the one who granted you the favor,

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or bestowed this favor on you. Like let's say you studied really hard. And then you pass like an important test, you come back home, and you sort of patterns of self self on the shoulder and say, you know, you know, I really studied so hard and it's time for me to celebrate the fruits of my work is not you know, I am not saying that the your your heart study has nothing to do with this

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typical motive

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or is to be my quantum tomorrow, here is paradise you have been granted it, you have been made errors to it, because of what you have done. So it is, you know,

00:38:50--> 00:39:14

it is true that your actions are separate. But, you know, watching this, watching this cause this immediate cause will hinder you from showing proper gratefulness or the appropriate gratitude to Allah subhanaw taala. At the end of the day, all of what you have done, would have not

00:39:16--> 00:39:18

gotten you through this exam.

00:39:19--> 00:39:59

You may have not been able to pass the exam, despite all of what you have done. So who's the ultimate effector who really got you through the test at the end of the day, who got you through this? Allah subhanaw taala. Therefore, let's read through it and to see the grace of Allah unhindered would mean primarily you see that you have no entitlement, you do not see any entitlement to it. It is purely a gift from him. Whatever it is, regardless of how much you work for it, regardless of all of your planning.

00:40:00--> 00:40:47

And all of your approval, the provisions that you made, it is purely a gift from him, many people that are smarter than you may have not been able to pass the test for one reason or another, someone may have studied so hard and then just today with us they feel sick or what they lost a family member or something could have happened to the or they have a mental block. Have you heard of the mental block? So you study hard and you know all you have all the information in your head and you you know, open the answer seat and then all of a sudden, what what are they saying? What are they talking about as called mental block people do have this, you know, so all of this is possible.

00:40:48--> 00:41:05

And you know, if you feel any entitlement to that feeling of entitlement through men, you know, is disabling, it really is disabling, it's crippling, it makes you not show chakra to Allah subhanaw taala and not be truly

00:41:08--> 00:41:09

grateful one

00:41:10--> 00:41:17

that's it for the chapter have an issue. At the end of this chapter. Chi Rahim Allah talks about

00:41:19--> 00:41:49

you know, the Salah without issue and the ruling of the salado for sure and whether it would be acceptable or not, whether for sure is a condition of validity and Salah or not. And he mentioned Edna Hamad from the HANA bin Abu Mohammed proklima. Mullah Mohammed has led the level of his early in the development of Hamlet from Hannah, they both felt that if you have no shorthand, Salah, your Salah is invalid, you should actually repeat it. But certainly I will have that as I do. And Allah, He said that in his book,

00:41:51--> 00:42:28

but not in his you know, in any shafee book, it was either perceived or any shafee book, because in the safaree books, he would have to really abide by the blueprint to the shaft a blueprint, and he can't really like interpolate stuff of his own, but here is his own book. So, he said that in his book here that this you know, Salah without Puja is invalid, but he did not say this in his car, Shafi commentaries, because the vast majority of the scholars did not consider for sure to be a condition of validity. Certainly you have to be aware of the salon that you're praying you have to be

00:42:30--> 00:42:32

you have to be there.

00:42:33--> 00:42:36

You have to have the need at the time of the tech beer at least.

00:42:38--> 00:42:38

And so

00:42:39--> 00:43:05

but the the horseshoe itself is not a condition of validity, yet they they claim Rahim Allah mentioned their proofs. And he said that these are very strong, legitimate proofs, despite the fact that he sided with the vast majority that it is not a condition of validity, but he tried to show us the strength of the proofs of Mohammed and Abraham.

00:43:06--> 00:43:37

You know, the Shafi and the Hanbury scholars, when they argued that Salah without horseshoe is invalid, and you really need to repeat it, you must repeat it. And they saw that, you know, some of the proofs were textual proofs and some of the proofs were rational proof. So but what are their rational proofs? They said, If you compromise, you know, 1pm or promote or this or that or any

00:43:38--> 00:43:48

part miniature part of the art can or the prerequisite of the saliva saliva is all invalid. But if you have no

00:43:49--> 00:44:45

humble in humidity attention, you know, if you're if you're not, if your heart is completely absent, if you're absent hearted in your Salah, would that be valid? So these are some of the rational proofs, but we could apply all of those proofs to the reward of Salah versus the validity of Salah Yes, they are right, all of this is applicable, but when it comes to the reward of Salah, so we will not ask people who lacked for sure to repeat the Salah, and that is the position of the very vast majority, but we will tell people that you're probably walking away as the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said with one, you know, fifth, one fourth, one fifth 161 10th of your Salah or maybe nothing if you

00:44:45--> 00:44:51

did not have any for sure, or your heart was completely absent during your prayer.

00:44:54--> 00:44:59

So it is important that we have this crucial Like I said before, for sure on Salah.

00:45:00--> 00:45:07

is really dependent on the harsh reality or how about silence a lot because saying Allahu Akbar is not

00:45:12--> 00:45:53

saying Allahu Akbar is not like a switch that you have turned on and off and once you say hello, let's say you have crucial, you're attentive, you're humble, you're submissive. You're calm. You're Siri. If you did not have all of this outside of the salon la was not at the center of your attention. Outside of the salon. How do you imagine how do you expect that once he's no longer everything will be fixed? It is not. So in the past who are inside the salon is having issue outside of the salon and keeping a line in the center of your attention and your entire life and then you yourself I will be fashion.

00:45:58--> 00:46:07

The last thing that I wanted to say is if you if you really want understand the meaning of for sure, it is a loss of pinata Island says

00:46:09--> 00:46:12

commonalty mecanizado profesi often favorites.

00:46:16--> 00:46:17

Nevada police a

00:46:18--> 00:46:50

human anti anti Russia one of his signs that you see the art of the earth, the land Hoshyar in a state of Russia and then when we bring down rain to it, it does that it quavers whatever and swells it it gets higher. It does that it whoever's wherever had it swells, it quivers and swells, becomes higher. So horseshoe is opposite to these two

00:46:51--> 00:47:19

qualities, quivering movement. So for sure is about stillness, calmness and the rubber to swell to to get higher. So for sure is about toward or humbleness, humility to be lower, not higher not to be squalling. Some people have swollen egos and small and exist their entire existence just like swallow.

00:47:22--> 00:47:46

But for sure is is opposite to those two criteria. And who can explain for sure better than Allah subhanaw taala and this area to the explains it. So the two words that would explain for sure if you want to words, it would be humility and calmness. He could add to it then submissiveness, attentiveness, fear

00:47:47--> 00:47:51

and all of that stuff. But the two most

00:47:52--> 00:48:17

descriptive terms of who sure would be humidity and communists, because they are one last final thought I implied in this verse. It does that what about it quivers and swells, you should not be quivering and you should not be swirling. You should be humble and you should be calm. And that is what push your means control the other stuff.