Mirza Yawar Baig – Ramadan Reminders – Day 29

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the acceptance of da and the reward of actions, including the need for regular service. They emphasize the importance of facing limitations and not giving up, as well as the disaster and need for regular service. The speaker also discusses Allah's acceptance of the word "naive" and how it can help explain his acceptance of the word. Additionally, the speaker emphasizes the importance of continuously making laws and making decisions to avoid negative consequences.
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Alhamdulillah Bill alameen wa salatu salam ala shuffelin bagel mousseline

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Muhammad Rasulullah, sallallahu alayhi, wa sallam to Sleeman, kathira and kathira my brothers and sisters, we are coming to the close of this, this is the 29th of Ramadan

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on the island

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in the light Allah tomorrow might be the day read or the day after, ask Allah Subhana Allah to accept your all your devotions, all your worship, you kill out the Koran, your fasting goes God and all that you did to praise Allah subhanaw taala I ask Allah subhanaw taala to perfect it and to accept it in a state which is pleasing to Him.

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We were talking about da and I think this is a good topic for us to also

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talk and complete today inshallah. And that is the question now comes as I was seeing to the last two days.

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The fact that Dwyer itself is a brother. So just making God itself is the God of Allah, it is a brother and it is rewardable Wellness monitor and Allah will reward you for making.

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giving you what you want is a different issue. You're talking about just the reward just as a way of making one number one number two

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is that the conditions of the acceptance of da is obedience to Allah subhanaw taala and having faith in Allah subhanaw taala and not giving up making that. So we asked and we continue to ask if there is a delay in in receiving what we have asked for we don't stop making though we continue to make do and that's why it is good to remember that Dwyer itself is a bother. So no matter what whether you get it or you don't get it or you get it now we will see later. The fact that you are making dua is adding up totting up the account in terms of your service and reward and benefit from Allah subhanaw taala. So that's the second

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part of

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making the note Don't give up, continue to ask Allah Subhana Allah will give in his own good time and Allah will give if it is good for you.

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Third, as I said, obedience and so correcting your life correcting our life making sure we make is the father making sure that we ask seek forgiveness of others.

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This is very important for us to make sure that our dries accepted. Then we ask Allah subhanaw taala in keeping with his grace and majesty, we don't put our own constraints and our own thoughts and our own fears and apprehensions and our own and our own doubts in the mind when we are asking Allah subhanaw taala We ask Allah without boundary, we ask Allah because we know that Allah subhanaw taala can do what he wants and he can do it however he wants.

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the issue of

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the wires

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and their acceptance, this have asked me to

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summarize them sometimes we make

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and we find it is accepted. So you know for example, somebody is lost a job, he wants a job he has go look at me or give me a job or like getting a job. So this is one way of so he said they said the Ursula We ask Allah Subhana Allah and Allah gives us so we know I asked this, I got this. But they said that many times we ask and we don't get.

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So now Allah, Allah said only yesterday Blackcomb asked me I will give you I will accept your da

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would you put out a diet or dine in the diet in in soda bottle? So let them ask me I will give a point is the service area so that bird we find that we ask and we don't get so what is the How do you reconcile these two things? We know the word of Allah is true. But how should we understand this? I don't give a very, very good explanation. That's what was said that Allah subhanaw taala accepts. There's no doubt about this, because Allah said I you asked me I will give you you asked me I will accept.

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But the way he accepts the sudo Zed is in three ways. Firstly, allows rather accept in the way that you ask him for something and almost gives it to you. So that's a straightforward thing. We can see it we know it happens.

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So the second thing that was said that you ask a dua and Allah Subhana Allah does not give you what you asked for. But at that time in your cover which Allah

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Allah knows in your destiny, there was a disaster, there was a calamity that was to be for you.

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And because you were making, and that da Allah vadodara for his hikma, because of his wisdom, Allah did not want to give that to you. At that time, Allah subhanho wa Taala removes that calamity from your path

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in exchange for this,

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right? So you were asking for a job, you did not get the job. You're asking for a job in a particular place, you didn't get the job. But maybe there was a calamity, meaning that you were it was in your destiny, that you would be driving down the highway, and you would have an accident, Allah subhanaw taala removed his accident. So you drive that drive down the highway, you're safe.

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So this is the second way in which Allah accepts the dog even though he didn't give you what you wanted. Allah, Allah gave you something else, which was even more important because obviously, to be saved from a calamity is far more important than getting whatever we asked for. And then as soon as he said something amazing, he said, there is a third way in which Allah accepted

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and that is that Allah subhanho wa Taala does not give you what you asked Allah subhanho wa Taala at that time, when you were making the draw in your cover in your destiny, there was no calamity that was to be for you.

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But Allah does not want to give you that da in this life, or at that time. So Allah subhanaw taala keeps that door with him. Listen carefully,

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Allah keeps that door with him. And then when you meet Allah subhanho wa Taala on the Day of Judgment, Allah subhanho wa Taala will tell you, Allah will say almost live, you asked me for such and such and I gave you

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then Allah will show you the calamity, he will say, you asked me for such and such I did not give it to you, but at that time, this thing was going to happen to you at that time, you will be told and you will be shown what calamity it was which was deflected and removed because of your the second one, Allah said, Allah will remove the calamity and on the Day of Judgment, he will show this is what you asked me this is what this is what God removed. And I did not give you what you asked me but I removed this as Alhamdulillah

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you're very grateful to you and thankful to you. Then Allah subhanaw taala will said will say oh my slave, but you asked me for this particular thing. I did not give it to you in the in your life. And there was no calamity at that time to deflect and the Wolf, that door is with me. Now ask me whatever you want and I will give you now ask me whatever you want. And I will

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know soon as a result of having said this, he said sallallahu Sallam he said if you knew if you realized if you understood

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the value of that,

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that on the Day of Judgment. Allah will keep the doors that you made which he did not give you in this life. You will keep them with you with him. And on the Day of Judgment Allah subhanaw taala will tell you and this is not just one day, you may have asked for a million dollars you will have $1 million waiting for you. On that day Allah will say now ask me what you want and I will give you

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a brother and sisters what is the value of that? On the Day of Judgement Allah is giving you a blank check and saying write what you want Ask me whatever you want and I will give you for like imagine all I give journal to my parents all I give journal to my children all I give journal to all of you Mata mamas.

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Allah will accept those.

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So if you make continue to make the make dua with is covered with with steadfastness, make dua with great hope in the mercy and generosity of Allah. Never lose hope never stop making to continuously make

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and when you are making some laws and they are not being accepted, remember Allah subhana wa jal hamdu lillahi wa sallam said if you realize this, if you realize the value of this da which is not accepted in this world, and it is waiting for your the Day of Judgment, you will wish that you continuously make dollars in your life and nothing is granted to you in this life.

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He said that you will wish this that you continue to make the after the after the after.

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And nothing is given to you in this life and they are all waiting for you on the Day of Judgment of other sisters.

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What a fantastic What a beautiful thing that is.

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ask Allah to give you what you ask in this life with higher and Baraka and Avia and to give you even more from his generosity and grace, but ask Allah smarter to keep some of your grass with him. So that on the Day of Judgment, Allah subhanaw taala will give you that door and said, Now ask me what you want, and I will give you

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and at that time I request is at least one of those guys. You ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive me and my wife and my family.

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Life and advance was really good. He was he was happy doing

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what I'm doing.

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