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Brothers and Sisters and sootel Bacara which is a Surah that came down early in Medina. And this is relevant that after the Muslims were patient with religious persecution for over a decade in Mecca, Allah finally permitted for them to migrate to the city of Yathrib or Medina, where there were other people living. There were some people that become Muslim people that are still idolaters there were many Jewish communities there. And so in that climate suit Al Baqarah came down perfectly pertinent to that dynamic part of what existed and suitable Bukhara is this area I began with well after the Alim to Medina Domingo visit, and you have come to know those who violated who breached who

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trespassed among you, on that famous Saturday, the Sabbath the substance.

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And so it's understandable that because there is a Jewish community there that is reluctant to accepting Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam as their prophet, Allah is making a passing brief reference, you know, what happened to those people, your ancestors who rebelled on that famous Saturday against God and His laws? That's it. What's interesting, that's understandable. What's interesting is that much earlier before they ever came in contact with a with a community of Jewish peoples, a descendant of the Israelite family line bloodline, you have an elaborate telling of the story of the people of Saturday to the Muslims.

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The majority of what we know about the story of the Sabbath was told to us earlier in Mecca, in Sudan on off and we will cover lessons from this story, but that is the whole point that the primary audience of the stories of the Quran are for those who believe in the Quran.

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Everyone else we may make a reference here or there to you, but why would the Quran spend the bulk of its narrative addressing people that don't believe in it to begin with?

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And so this is not a story for Ben. Oh, it's Robin. This is a story about Ben who Israel for the believer who would actually take heat. That is the secret.

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And that is why the early Muslims never got confused about this issue. You know who they are one of the senior companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he started hearing people point fingers at the Israelites at bento Israel, man they messed up here and they messed up there and we hear about this and that he used to say to them Nirmal were to lekin been to Israel, Ben was robbing. These are some excellent brothers you have in Ventura eat.

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In Canada at Kulu Marinela. Whom will Kulu who was in lecom that they have every sour quality belongs to them. And every sweet quality belongs to you. Me This is really nice. You guys have brothers that accept that everything negative is about them and everything positive is about you. He's being sarcastic here. He signed them. Do you think anyone would accept that you think they can't point the finger right back at you? Do you think that's what it's about demons and angels? It's not rather ALLAH is talking to you about what could very well be you

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and will in fact many a times be you.

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You know, Bob also that the Allahu Anh in his biography, you read that how much he would weep passionately upon coming across a certain verse and Sutala half when Allah subhanho wa Taala said,

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while you will know your Arado Lavina Cafaro Allah Now recall to them on Muhammad when Allah will present subject the disbelievers to the Hellfire on that great day the day of reckoning. And then Allah will say to them as they stare at the fire before they enter it as habits into your battery comfy hierarchical Madonia are some data on BIA, you have used up you've consumed all of your pleasures, your enjoyment, your niceties, you've used them all up. They've been expedited to you in the first world in the shallow world in this world. What's that? That can be a you've enjoyed it. Fairly Elma to Giselle? Not either but Hoon and today you will have to experience the most intense

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torment be my contempt stack be Runa fill out of the belated happy aubema Quantum tufts sukoon because you are so arrogant on Earth and because you are so rebellious. There is something Allah is saying about disbelievers. So why is one of the greatest

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Believers crying, because I'm going to do better. He knew that this verse is not just about this believers because they happen to be disbelievers. It was because of certain qualities that they had that he is talking about. So if we have a share of those qualities, we have a share of that threat in this world in the next. That's what it's about. It applies to us all. No, hi horsing here.

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And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on many occasions would remind me of this. And he said, for instance, in the Hadith and Sunnah consider me the fee Almighty because the phone was phone was that in this nation two, it's not just the parents perish nations in this nation to there will be stones that shower down from the sky, and there will be earthquakes, massive earthquakes, and there will be people who get turned into animals.

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And they said Mehta when would this ever happen? This is not long time ago. When would this happen? They even noticed surprise. And he said either Valhalla to Cana to all merciful, were surely battle hormone. When singers rise and musical instruments become prevalent, and the drinking of intoxicants wine, alcohol becomes widespread.

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And he said sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the well known Hadith a more famous Hadith that you will surely fall into, fall into or follow every footstep of the nations before you inch by inch.

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Even if they were to go into a lizard told me something as crazy as illogical as obviously dangerous is that go after a lizard into the dark hole? You would do it too. They said, who you are sort of Allah are we going to follow so blindly, so recklessly their footsteps, they said, the Jews, the Christians, the Romans, the Persian, they mentioned all of those, and he said Furman, who else you think I'm talking about? It's all these nations in the past. It's not just the people you see nowadays, peer pressure and sort of socializing all of that you will do history will repeat itself.

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And so let us from there now with a new lens begin our journey in this hotbar for as many Jota sermons as Allah allows for us life and ability to offer on this, the story of the people of the Sabbath for us, not to point one finger at them, but to notice the three fingers that could be pointing back at us as they say. Allah azza wa jal says, What's Eliel Parian Sutala off and it was an annual Korea and asked about the town and let he cannot help the doctor. That was by the shore, ask about them see the Jewish community wasn't there in Mecca, go ask about a town from Beto in Surat, in that used to be on the shore. They used to live on the shoreline. They were a town that

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lived on the shore, naturally, their source of sustenance and their occupation became fishing. That's where the food suppliers asked about the town that lived by the shore. If they are doing if we separate, that violated on that famous Sabbath, the Saturday. So how did they violate they were fishermen. That was their occupation that was their livelihood. And then they were forbidden by Allah from fishing on Saturday.

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Why were they forbidden from fishing on Saturday, as a punishment from Allah for neglecting their daily worship? You see, they were neglecting the bit of worship, that everything needs to stop for in a believers day. Allah gave us 24 hours in the day, and then 20 or 30 minutes, perhaps at the Listen needs to stop, for example.

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And they're in Windows, it's flexible, you see how it is right? Within three hours I got offered these five or 10 minutes. There's daily worship, they too had daily worship, and they neglected it. So Allah azza wa jal held them to that by saying there's an entire day now that you have to dedicate to worship, a day of worship, no work allowed on that day. That day was Friday, that day was July. That is the sacred day, the most blessed day use it for worship. So what happened was that if they started neglecting on Friday, and they wouldn't stop working the entirety of Friday, because if I wasn't doing a bit every day, I'm not gonna do an entire day. So they became even more negligence.

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And then they said, You know what, Friday is not let's just push it to Saturday, we'll do a makeup day. We'll do it on Saturdays, not Fridays.

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And so Allah gave them what they wanted.

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And the following prophets came and said, your day of worship is Saturday.

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That's actually a part of the consequence. That's part of the punishment, that the best day now you don't have. It's going to set them on Saturday because you disputed with Friday, your stubbornness, and so you will not have the same reward. It's not as blessed today, you will have Saturday

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and so

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It settled on Saturday.

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And then even on Saturday they after a while they refuse to dedicated solely to worship and to abstain from working altogether, even on the Saturday.

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And then they went one step further by justifying to themselves why it was always Saturday why it's supposed to be Saturday, why Saturdays the best day. And they did that by forging a heinous lie against Allah azza wa jal. And they said, this was the day that God finished creating the universe, and he was so tired that he had to rest. So that's why he honored us by telling us we should dressed as well on this day and worship Him on that day as if the worship nourishes or benefits God in any way. And that is why the Quran came and said two different things you want to notice in nama Jo ala Saba to Allah Latina fella foofy this Saturday was picked for them because they disputed about it.

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So they got pulled from Friday to Saturday downgraded and then elsewhere the Quran says well after the Halacha semi well it will Aldama but you know who Murphy said that the uh, yeah, I mean, when Mama said I'm in loop, and we created the universe by the way, the sky is the earth everything between them in six Days in six days and no exhaustion hit us the way they're saying.

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In the verse after that one by the way says phosphate Allah Melia codon. So be patient on all the taunting you receive on Muhammad, meaning because there used to be people in the past who you say worse things about me. They say I needed to rest. They say I got tired. They say I was fueled out I was down for the count. So they forged this great lie against Allah azza wa jal because of it. And all in all, this is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he was speaking about Joomla, this Friday, this day of Friday, he said this is the sacred day that Allah obligated them to honor. And so they neglected it. And they disputed regarding it. And so Allah Who granted it to you, he

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restored it back for you. Because with them, they chose Saturday and made up this lie about it. And a few generations later, some historians say this was Constantine the creator of modern Christianity. He said push it further and it became a Sunday. And so now the Jews honor the Saturday and the Christians honor the Sunday when it was always Friday and Allah reset it for the believers.

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But it's not an unconditional privilege. He told you I have granted you that Friday is your day of worship. And on top of that, I have reset something else that it's not all a Friday that you're not allowed to work as graciousness from Allah. He said either new de la sala Timmy Yomi. Juma FSL. When the call to prayer for this here, prayer, the Friday prayer is made rush take it serious don't take it for granted. It's privilege rush to the remembrance of God for either called the salah fan tissue, the verses continued to say when the Salah is over scattered about you don't have to rush it's up to you go back to work or not, it's completely yours. And so it became for us Friday again,

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and became that we're only not allowed to work for that one hour per se a Friday.

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But remember, don't fumble your daily worship don't fumble this one hour, or else everything that was warned to us about to them the people who violated on the Sabbath can very much apply to us and you may Allah teach us from the wisdom of the Quran and guide our lives by its guidance Allahumma Amin a call to Allah will start from Allah Allah Emily welcome

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Al hamdu Lillahi wa Salatu was Salam ala Milena via Badshah to Allah, Allah illallah wa ala Sharika who eyeshadow and Muhammad and Abba who want to be you who are solo.

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And so this OMA of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam you want to notice about it, the great favor of Allah only one hour prohibited on Friday from working because this oma in general will be more committed. It's not unconditional. This oma in general will take the book more seriously. We'll take God's law and his code of living more seriously. But that does not mean that every last individual in the OMA will or every last sector or generation in the OMA will and that's why you have the story of the Sabbath in the Quran. To remain as a timeless story timelessly relevant as a warning. And you know, we will proceed into the story in sha Allah in the coming weeks. But what is the timeless

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lesson here? What is the warning? The warning is that before you justify the wrongdoing, as they eventually did, right before even

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doing what's right becomes difficult to the whole day instead of an hour, your life itself will become difficult. Because the people of the Sabbath were a people that chose to push to Saturday. And then they saw that the only time to make money was on Saturday. They were by the shore and pushed it to Saturday, our rest day. And then Allah started only sending the fish to the shore on Saturday.

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And so this is a profound lesson, that many of the times you think, Oh, I can't do Dean, I'm busy. Maybe the punishment was being busied.

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Maybe the limitation of the halal if you will, was a consequence of not taking Allah's gracious favor for granted. taking it seriously and instead you take it for granted. And this is why the prophets Allah Allahu Allahu Allahu wa sallam said in the Hadith and Sunnah Timothy, that Allah the Exalted, has said the abna add them to fall groggily, a bad 30 Oh, son of Adam.

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Dedicate your yourself to worshiping Me. That's the real work life balance. You can work cover your bases, take care of your family, you should not just you can but life really what is life? It is about prioritizing Allah. That's work life. You being a servant of Allah is a career lifetime occupation. So dedicate yourself primarily to worshiping Me to devoting yourself to me then what did he promise? He said, em, let southern rocker Renan wear a suit difficult. I will fill your chest with riches, you will feel on top of this world with the contentment Allah who will pour in here and I will take care of your poverty you will be taken care of for as long as your life term will be. No

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one lives without food. Nobody lives on oxygen, so long as you need to be here, the food and the oxygen will be there.

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And he said, Well, Attabad honey, and if you don't drift from me, otherwise, I will fill your heart with poverty. You'll always feel like you're in need. You'll always feel like I gotta be chasing. You always feel like the grind isn't grinding enough isn't producing enough. While I'm so difficult and you're never going to feel like you're you haven't covered. You will be afflicted with busyness. The hadith says em let ya Daga Shula well I'm a suit the *. I will fill your hands with busyness self inflicted, and I will not cover your poverty.

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And that is that first verse with it, we closed the people of the Sabbath. Allah says asked about the town who lived on the shore, who violated on Saturday when the fish would come breaching the water surface coming from every direction on Saturday. And whenever they don't go out on Saturday, whenever they come out any other day there's not a single fish in the water. What did he say to end the verse that he can Abbulu whom this we tried them with? We afflicted them with be mechanical, you have sukoon because they were so rebellious. May Allah continue to allow us to privilege being from the home of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that had so many of these constraints lifted from

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it. May we never take it for granted. May we never assume it unconditional may we never believe in the facade that being busy away from Allah who will ever satisfy and be it Nila. The topic has a continuation