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Riad Ouarzazi
AI: Summary © The transcript describes the final countdown of the Knesset Tower Tower race, which is the final countdown of the Knesset Tower race. The race is a night where the race is complete and the race is complete. The race is a night where the race is complete and the race is complete. The race is a night where the race is complete and the race is complete.
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Some allowed him last summer so that's what America hot light however categorizes reactors as he would come in into another episode of Russia Ramadan 2014 day 22nd. So

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like I keep saying the final countdown of Ramadan

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it's 20 seconds maybe about, you know about a week left off of Ramadan and we're experiencing and witnessing one of the most beautiful nights and the settlement loss in China with that as a law he chooses the creating, chooses, or he creates a he favors and and as illustrated the days and months and years, he favored the month of Ramadan and within the month of Ramadan, Allah subhanho wa Taala has favored the last and that's of Ramadan. And within the last 10 minutes of Ramadan Allah subhana wa tada has favored one night which could be the night of the 27th or it could be in fact any any odd night of these last final days of Ramadan. Allah subhana wa tada says in solid,

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the very word not solid about the whereby the Quran was revealed in an zelner, who feed later to the cutter, we have revealed it in the night of the power The Night of Decree, it here means

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as a lot of sort of penalty decisions what to do when in an zelner houfy lady let him move aka

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feel a little more Baraka We have revealed it in a blessed night which is the night of the power the night of lots of color and was revealed is this night so what night is it you know, the prophet Mohammed ISIS to them as it's been reported in telemedia in the good has a hadith that actually says it is Allah Allah Allah Do you know if I were to know the if I were to know the if I were to know this night What kind of prayer would I say and the Prophet Mohammed ISIS and told her or I should say, allow me to come forward to him but after five one also like if I were to know this night and they said that there are certain people who could be blessed by Allah subhana wa Taala to know this

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night to know what not is at the end of the night of the power I know it never really

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has to do if our to know these days. So there's certain people who know the scans I've explained that there are certain signs that does not have the power house but also there are certain people that Allah will bless with with with the feeding with something that they would know that the night or This night is really the night of

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regardless regardless of that, my brothers and sisters we don't want to play no games or the loss of Hannah with Allah May Allah forbid no patch Allah but we should try to make as much effort in these final 10 days as also allows us to them when you say shut up also not shut them it's all he which means he would he would go and make more effort into a better you know, so should he would sleep less and and pray more and more give more sadaqa in this final 10 days of Ramadan remember you know Josie he said you know that the horses when they interact the racing horses when they see the the the end line they made you know the speed up they tried to run a lot faster once they see the the

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the the end line two so that the you know so that they can reach the finishing line first. So he says Don't let the horses be better than you you know, the end line yeah and the house now is the end line you know is the final final countdown of Ramadan. The final countdown which is again like I said, you know, we have few days left. So it is the final countdown, you can see the deadline or the end life deadline is in only in seven, seven days or eight days. So you know, so here's where you need to put in more effort. Here's what you need to put in more effort to come close and to try to put him to do as much as you can in these final days of Ramadan inshallah to Allah. So, those of you

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who are doing a decaf, maybe if you can send if you would listen to me or if you know someone who's doing decaf, you know, we don't want to be

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going to T calf and he says a lot of people sometimes Subhanallah that wasting time you know, outside of the masjid and and maybe I should maybe consecrate one more, a few more.

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Few more episodes just to talk about the adapt the etiquettes of etiquette for the etiquettes on how should one really take advantage of these funny days

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in the ends and hopefully that is one that I come out a little higher on Monday.

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Fischer how you know this night it is better than 1000 months which is better than 83 years over a better and listen to this 83 years of a better excepted from you. Now, you you you know we worship Allah subhana wa tada throughout our life. We don't know whether our event is accepted or not, but they're a bed of the night of the power if you were to witness that night and make a battle that night, Allah subhanho wa Taala will accept it as if it was 83 years of accepted a better by Allah 1000 months of accept, accepted a better by Allah subhana wa Tada. Like I said, I pray I don't know if my prayers accepted you know today or yesterday or not. But if I were to Charlotte be blessed by

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witnessing the night of the power and make it less of a burden that night, Allah subhana wa tada wouldn't count it as equivalent to 1000 months of worship. May Allah subhanho wa Taala help us in sha Allah and make us among those that will be blessed with this night of the power and remember, the as you look into the as the ultimate they've said and discuss they've said the the, this you know how many pebbles you see on Earth, you know, billions and billions and billions of pebbles. The angels that descend of this night are more than the pebbles on Earth. The angels that descend on this particular night the night of the power is better than or more in more in terms of number of

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more than the number of pebbles number not number of stones on Earth. So this is why spotlight This night is full of blessing Allah subhana wa Tada. grant us the bathmat to be amongst those that will be saved from Hellfire in this place at night of Ramadan, the final sentence of Ramadan. I mean, I mean I mean, until another episode of Rocky Ramadan. 2014 I say I said I might as

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well what a cat

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